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We don’t normally note the introduction of new law enforcement-directed gear, but when the new SafariVault retention holster was dropped off by the Big Brown Truck, we were pretty blown away.

Not only is it incredibly well thought out and designed, but it’s built like a freaking tank (I think it might actually survive a car driving over it) and has two independent retention systems that will frustrate even the most determined gun-grabber.

Even with that level of redundancy, though, it’s easy to access your pistol quickly when you need to.

Plus, plenty of people carry openly and the new SafariVault would be a viable choice for those wanting to both ensure retention of their pistol while protecting it against damn near anything that could damage it.

Here’s Safariland’s press release . . .

SafariVault – The strongest holster body Safariland has ever built. Its increased
structural integrity withstands higher forces and impacts from any direction. SafariVault’s improved ALS™ design reduces flex and increases crush resistance.

The all-new self-clearing optic cover accommodates closed and open emitter pistol optics, while a magnetic holstering guidance system stabilizes the slide while holstering.

The intuitive design speeds up time to target and ease of reholstering. SafariVault’s open muzzle design provides clearance for threaded barrels or compensators and allows debris or brass to pass through.

• Increased structural integrity for increased impact resistance.
• Improved ALS™ design reduces holster body flex.
• Self-clearing optic cover accommodates wide range of pistol optics.
• Magnetic guidance system aligns firearm while holstering.
• Minimal learning curve for those with Safariland duty holster experience.
• Pass through muzzle design for threaded barrels, debris or brass.
• Compatible with all Safariland 3-hole pattern accessories.
• Available fits for Glock 17/19/34/45/47 and Sig P320/P320c X-Frame and standard frames.

MSRP = $216.50

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    • If ya’ll want an OWB Hoslter with good active retention that allows optics get a BlackHawk T-Series holster for a lot less. Unless ya just intent on paying $200.00’ish for this Safariland.

      Don’t get me wrong, Safariland makes a good holster, I have some, and they are a standard for a reason. But for the price, and comparably, the BlackHawk T-Series has them beat.

      • A good holstein is made out of leather.
        plastic I dont like.
        Everything is plastic and plastic comes from China, one sanction away from disaster.
        Chess is an easy game to win when your opponent gives you the Queen.

  1. A pic with a weapon in the holster, and/or a description of how the retention works (e.g., what does the operator have to do to release the retention) would be useful.

  2. $190 for the holster body. Once again, Safariland leads the way with pricing on polymer holster.

    What’s with the magnets? They’re everywhere on products these days, and they suck everywhere. They pick up all manner of grit, debris, metal shavings, etc for minimal to no benefit.


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