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From SilencerCo

SilencerCo is excited to announce the release of their new low back-pressure suppressor, the Velos LBP. It offers exceptional sound performance for the 5.56 caliber with minimized back pressure to host firearms. As a result, shooters will experience less gas blow-back. The Velos LBP will be available soon through SilencerCo dealers.

This hard-use suppressor was constructed through a unique manufacturing process utilizing a 3D printed Inconel 625 core that is fully welded to 17-4 Stainless Steel front and rear modules. This makes the Velos LBP unlike any other low blow-back suppressor on the market. It’s also SilencerCo’s most durable suppressor yet, partially due to the inclusion of their patented Hoplon Blast Baffle. The Hoplon Baffle deflects debris, increasing the lifespan of the suppressor on short-barreled and full-auto firearms.

“Our goal was to bring the best balance of sound performance, strength, and reduced impact to the host firearm’s operating system. We’ve created a product that does just that. There is no compromising sound or flash performance with the Velos LBP. The inclusion of our Hoplon blast baffle design and no barrel restrictions confirms the Velos LBP will handle whatever you choose to throw at it. It’s the low back-pressure silencer your semi and fully automatic firearms have been waiting for. ”

The Velos LBP is finished with a V-Series Cerakote to withstand extremely high temperatures that come with high rates of fire. It also ships with SilencerCo’s new Internal Charlie Flash Hider Front Cap to minimize flash while maintaining a flat front-cap look. To top it off, the Velos LBP is covered by SilencerCo’s lifetime warranty.

Product Specifications:

  • SKU: SU5059
  • Measures 5.98” in length
  • Weighs 15.2 oz.
  • Rated for 5.56mm calibers
  • Full-auto rated with no barrel restrictions
  • Constructed out of 17-4 Stainless Steel and a 3D printed Inconel 625 core
  • Compatible with Charlie mounting accessories
  • Ships with an Internal Charlie Flash Hider Front Cap, a Charlie ASR mount, an ASR Flash Hider in ½ x 28, a spanner wrench, a Charlie tool, and the owner’s manual.
  • MSRP of $1174

For more information on the Velos LBP, visit To find the closest SilencerCo retailer, click here.

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  1. My Rugged Obsidian 45 suppressor Eform4 took a few days short of 9 months to process.

    I want to suppress my POF P308 SPR and 20″ barrel AUG. Refuse to do so until (at a minimum) approvals are processed in under 90 days, or (ideally) suppressors get removed from the NFA entirely.

      • Some estimates say up to 40M braces exist. There are 8 people who process NFA forms. At 5M, if they work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, don’t take vacation or breaks, and only spend 1 minute per form, it’ll take 5 years. If it’s closer to 40M, these inspectors will return, new ones will start and retire before finishing them all. Realistically, it’s several minutes to do the backgrounds, even more with trusts. The team would process about 1000 per week, or about a century at 5M. That alone could be the death knell of NFA.

    • lol. Looks like you are only getting the can you already have then.

      Not that I disagree… 273 days for mine from day 1 at the kiosk.

  2. $1,200, why are suppressors so expensive. It’s not like there is a whole bunch to making one.
    I suppose the high price keeps them out of the hands of the criminals (NOT), definitely keeps them out of the hands of the working class hero though.

    • Because this one’s brand new, and there’s more to making one of these things to handle rifle pressures than just buying a shitbox MIG welder and putting some popcorn on washers in a tube (iT wiLl hOlD! I’z a WeLdeR nOw! Nah, grandpa, you’re not and neither are the dipshits you see on TV. We call you guys “miggers” for a reason. Now, take your overpriced hot glue gun over to the corner and STFU while actual welders talk about if your IQ exceeds the current air temperature, newsflash it doesn’t because you bought something that does the work for you and you still failed to run a bead). Add to that the fact that with the NFA this thing needs to last for life because replacing it is a PITA and it’s overengineered to Hell and back.

      And because the cores on these things are often exotic. This one’s sporting a core made of Inconel 625, which is $45,000/ton these days, compared to Titanium at $3700/ton (but which is much harder to work with), making this sorta like lenses for thermal optics. But mostly just because it’s new, so they’re hoping to sell via hotness.

      But there are numerous 5.56 offerings that are FA/SBR rated for less than half that price from reputable companies. My local gun store has offerings from from SiCo, GemTech and Dead Air in the $499-$549 range if you’re will to accept direct threading instead of QD.

      QD options are often $699-$899.

      Silencershop is no different. They have offerings right now from $425, and those come with a break/QD-ish mount.

    • Another reason for the high price is the limited number of people they sell to. As the comments show, even suppressor owners don’t feel like going through the hassle again, which is the point of the gov regs. This can is actually less expensive than their direct competitor.

  3. Say what you want, but OSS (who came up with the stupid HXWRX name) really did change the game, and how we see backpressure.

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