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After earlier refusing a plea deal offered by the city of New York to settle felony gun possession charges, former Marine Ryan Jerome accepted the same misdemeanor plea deal yesterday that Tennessean Meredith Graves took earlier in the week. says, “Jerome insists he’d checked a gun law reciprocity site on his smart phone, but a formatting error made it look like Indiana-registered guns are ok in New York, rather than the other way around. ‘As far as Indiana goes, everybody’s grandma’s got a gun,’ he joked.”

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  1. Which proves that the pro-gun voices who said Bloomberg uses laws like this to punish gun owners were wrong. These laws are about gun trafficking and these two dopes don’t fit that bill, hence a slap on their wrists.

    • I think it proves that hizzoner didn’t want a marine or a nurse to be the test cases that dismantle the unconstitutional Sullivan laws.

    • No, Mike. Bloomberg fears creating gun-law martyrs. He likes to be able to run his serfdom as he sees fit, and doesn’t want to give HR822 proponents anything to work with at the moment. If it were up to him, they would both be headed for prison.

    • Which proves that the anti-gun voices who said Bloomberg must use laws like this to punish gun owners were wrong. These laws are about gun ownership rights and these two Americans don’t fit that bill, hence a slap on their wrists.

      Mike, you really need to run spell checker more often

  2. This is selective enforcement, a nasty thing that usually results in big dollar law suits. Example, a white Marine and a white nurse each get a slap on the wrist, then a black rapper gets the full load of the law, and then there are problems dealing with unequal treatment under the law. Rev. Al Sharpton shows up, people march in the streets, hizzoner gets his knickers in a twist and soon the crap hits the fan. If the law is so bad that it needs to be selectively enforced, then it is a bad law, repeal it, before the riot.

      • I just hope that when it does happen, it’s an all-encompassing riot against the latest unconstitutional legislation that finally went too far, not something stupid and pointless like a rehash of 92 LA, which just plays right into the government’s agenda of keeping the American people divided instead of united.

  3. I’ve been hoping that one of these people would refuse any kind of plea bargain and stand up against this injustice to the bitter end, but sometimes that’s just not an option for people, unfortunately. It’s easy to wish they’d fight it when I’m not the one paying legal fees, and pulled away from other responsibilities.

    • After Cy Vance got his ass beaten like a red-headed mule in the Jonathan Ryan case last year, the brave courtroom giants of the DA’s offices have been reluctant to bring felony charges against the innocent but uninformed caught toting in the City. So, in these highly-publicized cases, they’re offering tasty plea deals.

      Faced with a choice of paying $200, losing a gun but going home, or maybe spending a year or so with the cream of modern society in Rikers or the Tombs, most clients with greater than a room-temperature IQ would plead out. It’s the smart move.

  4. I’m happy that they didn’t get locked up, but only a moron would bring any firearm into NY.

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