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  1. May not be the best man stopper, but it’s lightweight, you can carry literally thousands of rounds without breaking a sweat, accurate and everyone in the family can shoot it. I always tell my wife, if we have to bug out for real, make sure you grab the 10/22.

    • You can make fun of zombie squirrels all you want, but don’t forget I warned you when a couple of them climb up your leg and start discussing whether to eat your nuts now or save ’em for winter.

  2. Looks to me that Ruger has incorporated my “plastic thingee” aiming aid (as some refer to iti), in their gun.

    Stop the video at .47.

    Will have to check with them about that.

  3. Zombie historians should remember that the .22 is THE preferred weapon for putting down ‘Zeke’ without excessive recoil, muzzle blast, or highly infectious brain-splatter. It has to be true; I read it in ‘World War Z’ by Max Brooks!

  4. I’ll be finished with my Red Jacket Twin Zombie-Squirrel Guns as soon as I get 1 more roll of duct tape and attach the bayonets…

  5. On looking at a blowup pic and listening to the video sound, it’s a Blackhawk product. In the video the symbol on the stock looks a lot like an R

  6. I read a lot of books on surviving nuclear war back in the mid-late 80s.
    One of them was written in the late 60s, and the author suggested the Nylon 66 and buying many bricks of .22 ammo.
    It certainly is lethal enough, and much better than nothing.
    If nothing else, you can use it as suppressing fire as your more well-armed comrades outflank an enemy.

    • Hey, the Nylon 66 was my first gun — that was fifty-one years ago. I guess I’ve always been ahead of the curve. 🙂

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