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The NRA doesn’t like to share. So you’ll have to click here for a sneak peak at Red Jacket Firearms’ new AR. It’s The Mother of All Marketing Tie-Ins—excluding James Bond’s Walther PPK, Dirty Harry’s 44 Magnum and bunch of other TV and movie guns. Uh, anyway, the question must be asked: other than star power, what does this new piston-driven modern home sporting defense rifle bring to the AR game? No se. Will Hayden no say either. What could Will and his dog shit-scooping minions introduce to ARland these days? I’m certainly not buying that shotgun/rifle hybrid Red Jacket thingie. No suh. About the only way cool thing I’ve seen recently AR-wise: SureFire’s new canted rapid transition sights for Three Gun competitions. Still, you know we’ll be watching . . .

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  1. I am trying very hard not to dislike this show… I have DVR’d and watch most of the shows now… While I like some parts, there are other parts of this show that ANNOY the shit out of me… Those times seem to revolve around Miss Too Much Eye-Liner Steph and her crooked teeth… but I can’t seem to put my finger on it…

  2. Yeah, I can’t help but DVR/watch the show. But it sure has a lot of WTF moments. Sometimes, whole WTF shows.

    Last week he built dual water-cooled M16s, cobbled together with some plumbing supplies from Home Depot, a bilge pump, marine battery and couple ammo boxes. Not quite Mil Spec. Does an Army lieutenant have the authority to start his own little weapons system development and procurement program?

    They like to sell a lot of customized / suppressed Saiga shotguns, ostensibly to SWAT, LEOs, and paramilitary security firms. AFAIK, LEOs and SWAT trust their lives to pump shotguns. Mag-fed SA Saigas are for mall ninjas.

  3. The semi-annoying part for me is that they seem to manufacture drama. (Taking on “impossible” deadlines every single week.)

    Still, its a good show and there’s nothing else gun-wise besides watching guys competition shoot on Outdoor Network/Sportsman Channel. Some of the stuff they come up with I’ve only seen in video games.

  4. It looks so familiar, I can’t quite…Oh, like my Ruger SR556 without the adjustable gas piston.

  5. It’s a reality show. This is how they work; this is what they do. Kill your television so your brain may live. It doesn’t take much — neither stopping power nor bullet placement are terribly critical. .22LR anywhere in the screen area will easily suffice.

  6. These guys are a bunch of monkeys with their grinders and sparks a flying! It is my understanding the Military no longer uses Beta Mags. Why would they try to sell anything with this mag to the government? Water-cooled m16s? Give me a break!!!
    I feel they are making a mockery out of honest gun owners with their red neck bullish-t! I still watch the show when I can to see what kind of garbage they come up with next. Alligator Dispatcher? I wouldn’t want my hand that close to an alligator’s head!
    What about some actual ballistics on the integrally suppressed AK? How much energy is lost? I could go on!

  7. It’s a pretty fun show… but I look at it as just that – entertainment.
    The Red Jacket crew has quite the enthusiasm for firearms – I do find it infectious.
    What I’m curious about is what Tiger McKee has to say about this, since Red Jacket is supposed to be making/selling his “Katana” iteration of the AR.

      • The Katana incorporates Tiger’s ideas on what an AR should be – no forward assist, lightweight but well made, and devoid of “tacticool” accessories.

  8. I’m holding out for the Red Jacket versus Top Shot reality remake of The Running Man. Now that could be fun.

  9. I don’t believe that a business owner needs to go for a tux, but I’m not buying a $2000 firearm from a guy that looks like he woke up hungover in his t-shirt after too many rounds with the shine. Somebody iron him a button-down shirt resplended with the ‘Born to Pork’ logo. Then scrape the dog doodie from underneath his fingernails and I’ll buy his gator killing wang gun.

    Should be fair.

    • Have you looked in a mirror lately? who are you to judge? Sounds like you have a case of gun envy. Who gives a sh_ _ about how a guy dresses to buy a gun. get a life dude. How about a “Born to moan like a B_ _ ch” logo for yourself. You sir need mental help. The show is great and you have no control over that. Do you always sound like you are pissed off ? How does that make you feel ? You sound like you are the dog doodie from underneath Will’s boot.

  10. Well the show is for entertainment doesn!t matter wheather you like or dislike turn the channel it is that easy. Maybe you could invite the old man from OCC down to shoot some guns sure he would enjoy that.

  11. It’s reality tv. Give em a break. It’s a machine shop, do you wear your nice clothes to do yard work?
    It’s a fun show.

  12. I am just happy that there seems to be a peek in peoples’ interest in gun shows. Hopefully custom gun shops will be the next “biker build off”….
    Two shops compete to make the most accurate rifle… or whatever it might be.

    The only show that had me a bit confused was the Master Key, Saiga rail mounted to an AR. I believe I heard them say they were the first to do it?
    However, we found a Patent of one from 2002. We posted it on the Firearms History and Patents page of our forum.

  13. I have never seen so much disregard for firearms safety in one place. Lets forget that the company was founded to give the guy’s daughter a job for a moment. Let’s also forget that they are all about show ratings too. The fact is that they disregard every rule about firearm’s safety, from walking around swinging the muzzles in peoples faces to firing tracer ammunition into brush knowing it will start a fire. The idiot with the tiny fire extinguisher was dramatic hype but complete negligence.

    You want to know why there are so many gun laws? People watch this show and think most gun owners are just like them. Loose with safety, trigger happy making hobby guns no one would dare bet their life on and all that. Thanks Discovery Channel for yet another forumla TV reality show. Another deadline to make, more abuse of the people working there (notice how every show they make degrades into nothing more than shouting matches and cursing?)

    This show is a farce and degrades firearms enthusiasts everywhere.

  14. What are you bitching about look at you guys. Where are you? do you have a buisness? Do you have A TV show? Or do you live a mondaine life like every other Zombie in the world? I happen to enjoy the show. I wish I at least had my own buisness like Will does. On top of it they don’t disregard saftey rules or they would’nt have the Shop and the TV show. there was only that one time they shot blanks in the work shop, but thats just it they were blanks. so I say WTF!? people? WTF!?

    • You should probably shut up.I was there,I built the set and am the guy who fixes the damn war wagon.Its all bullshit,everything.All staged,all faked.No scenario shown has been near reality nor will it ever be.The range was built in the shop to stop bullets from leaving the building when they test fired guns.They did,have,and do fire live ammo in the shop, the only difference now is they can do it safely.Support them if you wish,believe what you want,its your right as a human.Just don’t tell others what reality is when you haven’t a clue yourself.

  15. We don’t care what any of those other “L.O.P.S ” say about your show, we love it, and it is very informative by good professionals that all know their trade to the Max ! And oh by the way, we also like Steph. She is a true professional and cool and makes the show more interesting……………….Keep your powder dry !

    • HAHAHAHAHAHAHA , “good professionals that all know their trade to the Max !” If you only knew!

  16. haha look at J being a hater YEAH SURE!! your the guy who did the set and all that BS hahahaha i bet you have never even met the people from red jacket or the people on the set just a hater!

  17. To all the people who put in there negitive 2 cents in about the show. Grow up, get a life and find something else to bi_ _ h about. We are Americans, we have the right to own guns but also to learn more about them. If this was a show out of another country you all would be kissing their a_ _! I not only like the show but as a gun owner I stand behind them 100%. And Steph don’t take the neg things to heart about you. You are a beautiful woman and these men can’t stand it that the women up north are not beautiful like us Louisiana women are. /

  18. watch the show when i can .after seeing the shows on the twin m-16’s & the 1000 yard ak-47 if they would really like to do something for our troops especially marines they should come up with away to lighten up the m-249 (s.a.w) and try and sell the idea to the marine corps. considering the corps wants to do away with it and go to some autcmatic rifle which i believe would be a tactical mistake .any ideas?

    • The Army doesnt even use the 249 as a standard issue anymore fyi. Just sayin! I enjoy the show too by the way!

  19. I love the show myself,I would love to be able to have my own personalized Gun built

  20. Actually this is a cool concept show. I for one am totally tired of people who can’t sing screaming through prime time.

    Plus, the concept guns are cool.

    BTW: heavy eyeliner is in and Steph wears it well. n00b!

  21. To all those negative commentators, KISS MY …! These folks are trying to make a living, and doing something the majority of you buttheads have no idea about. To Will’s daughter, hang in there and don’t pay those fools no mind. You are doing a great job! Will and company, keep up the good work Love the show

  22. the show rocks , all the heart & brains make me crazy hot!!!!!!!!!!!!
    theres nothing like family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Okay I’ll admit that I enjoy the show. I don’t take it too seriously, it’s just fun to see some interesting things being done with firearms. I wouldn’t especially want to own any of their product line though. I’ve all the boom sticks I can afford to feed as it is!

    I would like to see more serious engineering, less seat of the pants, design as you build it on the fly. If it’s going on, they are not showing it.

    As for people knocking the owner’s daughter, that’s just rude and uncouth. The young lady seems like a good person and has the most serious business mind among them. More often than not she strikes me as the most grown up one in the bunch.

    I do agree on the eyeliner / makeup thing though, never have understood why any woman does that stuff to her eyes. Just not attractive to me. Not saying anything about the woman’s character you understand, like I said, seems to be a good and smart individual.

    You know, on second thought, that modernization they did on a Thompson sub-machine gun would be cool to own … not that I could afford all that ammo!

    Oh heck, I’d need a bigger safe if I bought one more gun anyway . . .

  24. I could only take 3 episodes and I was done. And that was pushing it. It’s quite annoying how they think they are the “First” at doing so many things, yet lack the knowledge of what has been in use over the last 50 years.

    “I love the suppressor on this AK so much I think I’ll just leave my finger on the trigger while I turn my head and talk to you! Doesn’t matter, it’s a set-up video shot anyway.” What a swelled head it takes to think you are the first person to do just about anything. It’s been done.

    I have better things to do with my life.

    BTW, I certainly have sympathy for those whose lives have been destroyed by Katrina, but why so many “reality shows” based on hicks from New Orleans lately?

  25. Tell ya what. Make your own reality video haters. If you all get together and pull your resources together and go buy some spy shit like a hidden camera, mic etc… Go to Louisiana and walk into Red Jacket and see if its real or not. Buy one of the Rifles, put it through a torture test and see if its shit or not. Show proof of the purchase. Film it, post it and be real. Let’s see if you all are Bullshit or not. Come on, you could shut down the show for good if you can,” nutt up” ! I myself will be waiting and I bet everyone else here will be too.

  26. While the show is entertaining, and I do watch it, some of it makes no sense. Tazer mounted on a shotgun? A LEO under pressure might just squeeze off the wrong trigger, that one should be called the BART special – total liability. Shootrite Katana, cool concept, but not worth $1800.00 . $1800 will put you in the top of the line AR category (La Rue, Noveske, LWRC, etc) For about $1000, a BCM can be had WITH a chrome lined barrel and right around the same weight, and BCM makes a FINE rifle.

    The guys in the shop seem cool, but honesty, nothing I have seen so far is “Game Changing” and some firearm safety should be preached/practiced more often (ie, no shooting blanks in the shop, launching arrows with a shotgun in the shop, etc)

    I will continue watching when I have time, but a bit disappointed in the show overall.

    BTW….I cringed when they “Tapco’d” the Thompson, that was sacrilege

  27. The people that seem to like this show are the same who are fascinated with OCC motorcycles. Star-struck sycophants fawning over abusive narcissists. Both companies make products that are so cobbled together as to be legally dangerous. OCC has you sign a “no ride” waiver, indemnifying them, as their custom bikes have catastrophically failed at the welds causing crashes. Red Jacket never shows the BATF inspection and approvals of the monstrosities they make. Everything episode ends with an explosion that obfuscates the poor performance of their design/workmanship.
    All RJ is interested in is your money. About 60% more than list price according to their web site.
    Understand, anyone with a clean record and $200 can get a gunsmith license. There is no requirement that you know what you are doing. Same with a $1000 manufacturing license. These people are not engineers, nor are they competent gunsmiths. I would like to see certificates from accredited schools.

  28. I know these posting are a little old, but I kind of like and hate this show. I mean do you really think anything is happening spontaneously?? A guy pulls up, ” hey my name is so-and-so” Will says ” hi so-and-so how can I help you.?” Like he doesn’t know, the guy pulling up in his truck is already mic’d up and the camera in position. I’ve worked on some of these reality shows as a cameraman and to be honest, MOST of it is carefully staged and planned. They have 60 minutes to give you an enjoyable show. So they plan everything out. They have a project that they pitch and find a way to make it someone else’s idea, and then they usually have a “customer” side project. Not saying that the customers aren’t real, but they are picked ahead of time and know exactly what’s going on. You are not seeing them plan it out before the camera. Then they throw a little personal stuff in there, because without that you wouldn’t care about the actors/workers. We just assume its all real, and it can still be enjoyable. Most reality shows follow the same direction. “pawn stars” is another one. Guy walks in already mic’d up with something to sell? ” So what can I help you with” rick says, like he doesn’t know. Not to be a hater, I still enjoy the show, but know that it is not 100% realism, keep that thought in your head.

  29. All right, after recent shows I am thinking they are scripting in some of the drama. The dating thing with Stephanie for example. The constant camera shots catching Kris checking her out, telling some guy on the phone the flowers didn’t show up, all this stuff about asking Daddy if he can date her.

    It looks like a dumb act, I don’t believe it and ain’t interested in it. I’m looking for interesting things done with implements of destruction, not soap opera. The soap opera stuff is wasting my time.

    And they bought $300,000 of CNC machine tools and no training on how to use it? No one to design products to produce on it? What the hell is that about?

    I have programmed for CNC, do 3-D CAD/CAM design. Any company making that kind of investment wants one of those machines cranking as non-stop as they can get!

  30. Some of these comments that I read really chap my ass. I personally have known Will for years and he is a brilliant man. He is sharp, well read and I know of few men that put their hearts and souls into his business as he does. He learned all that he knows by hard work and many questions and much trial and error. I don’t always agree with him on a personal level but when it comes to guns he’s the best of the best. You do not earn the respect of fellow N.R.A. members by being a boob. You do not get approached by a National Syndicated Television show by being ignorant. He has the admiration and respect of all that have come to know him,his co-workers,and family alike. So next time you’re sitting in your recliners criticizing Will, take a look at the steps that you have made to make your “dreams come true.” He has never taken credit for any of the firearms that he has not been directly responsible for, by the way.

  31. I’ve read the show is really scripted, edited for content, and staged.

    If true, he can’t possibly be the brilliant, sharp, well read person described, because he lets the Discovery Channel paint him as narcissistic, quick tempered, condescending, arrogant and dim-witted.

    Why would anyone allow themselves to be portrayed in such a bad light, if they weren’t really like that. That’s libel, defamation and slander on the part of the producers.

    Everyone who has seen these types of reality show, knows the producers look for on-the-edge type of people. I think a program featuring successful companies such as Knights Armory, Dillion or Barrett Firearms would be entertaining, but not as a weekly feature. All started off the same size as RJ, there’s just a difference in leadership and professionalism.
    People tune in to see the high-jinks and buffoonery at RJ, hoping to see some conflict or hostility.

    Others want to see something “blowed-up good”.
    “O’l Boudreau, he’s just like us, not those fancy pants, book-learned Yankees!”

  32. I love the show I love history and know a lot about guns. My uncle served time in vietnam as a tank driver. I love the show and also kind of like american guns also.

  33. First of all, obviously a reality television show is going to have some staging involved in order to actually make the show possible to put together. They obv have the ideas for the guns that the customer want already known before their camera shown interaction, but it does not mean that the overall concept is all set up. Someone comes in with a good idea and they tell them to come back when the camera crew is there to try and make it seem as legit as possible, which it all is with some things done to create entertainment. They are really building these guns, and prob just pick the most interesting ideas out of a group of people who really want to be customers.
    As for pawn stars, they always have cameras in the shop and when someone has something interesting they get the cameras out and just re do the initial interaction, and everything following it is not staged at all. These shows make reality tv as “real” as they possibly could. There is always going to be little things done to make it possible to be shown as a television show.

  34. The overall concept of the shows like OCC, Sons of Guns, or Pawn Stars, are to show these stores from what goes on behind the scenes in order to make the store possible to run and make profit. It’s not about seeing how many customers come in, or when they come, or the exact way they try to make sales. It is to show a summary of the customers requesting something they actually want, and then the actual process these stores go through in getting the job done.

  35. have you you donre any hing with an Ah fox i have one it is god shpe no rust or dings i would lve to see rebuild on for prosparity

  36. 1 The Red Jacket Gus Show is a Very good Show too! They Abided By all Federal Gun Laws & State Gun Laws too! of Mfg is (010) Licences Or Selling the Fullauto Weapons agreed! With a Class -03 is Type-09 Licence is Legal too! By theGuide Lines A.T.F . Laws of Class-02 Regulations Laws & Class _03 is Selling to of Stricked N.F.A . Regulations Codes of Laws agreed ! They Did not Break any Gun Laws Regualations too! They deserve a second Chance agreed!!!

  37. Huldra arms already has a good gas piston AR in various calibers. (Built around Adams Arms gas piston). Curious as to what Red Jacket comes up with.

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