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Former Massachusetts Governor and aspiring President Mitt Romney has chosen Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan, whose claim that he was mugged in D.C. is sure to receive some major journalistic investigation, is solidly pro-gun. reports on the gun-related voting record by the pol from the Eat Cheese or Die state . . .

– Voted YES on prohibiting product misuse lawsuits on gun manufacturers. (Oct 2005)
– Voted YES on prohibiting suing gunmakers & sellers for gun misuse. (Apr 2003)
– Voted YES on decreasing gun waiting period from 3 days to 1. (Jun 1999)
– Rated A by the NRA, indicating a pro-gun rights voting record. (Dec 2003)
– National cross-state standard for concealed carry. (Jan 2009)
– Ban gun registration & trigger lock law in Washington DC. (Mar 2007)
– Allow reloading spent military small arms ammunition. (Apr 2009)

Make the jump for Ryan’s video statement on gun control.

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  1. That’s great and all, but I’d still prefer Gary Johnson for prez.

    Romney is a sellout who will do anything the highest bidder wants, so I’m not sure if Ryan’s views will even matter that much.

    • The thing that legitimately scares me about Romney is how different his platform is from his record as Gov. It’s obvious he isn’t an ideologue, which makes me question what he REALLY wants to be president for (i.e. how thinly veiled can it be that he wants the position so that he can enrich his friends at the expense of the nation).

        • Oh for Christ’s sake! Lower taxes for the super rich? Where are you from, the Huffington Post? Half of US citizens don’t even pay federal taxes but they sure as hell feel entitled to suck it up at the government trough; and they spit at the other half who are paying for it. Take your envy and shove it.

          In the early ’70’s I took 2 trips to the old Soviet Union. They used to have a newspaper called “Krokodil” that was comprised of cartoons. The cover usually had a drawing of an evil american general with bloody fangs
          or a jewish looking fat businessman right out of the 1920’s in a morning suit with spats and a top hat. That’s the sort of caricature liberal democrats now have of those successful people of whom they don’t approve. Of course they make allowances for corrupt bastards like Buffett or Soros or those Hollywood limousine libs.

          Stop it with the class envy crap. “Rich” for envious greedy little democrat jerks is anyone who has more than they. And they’ll do anything they can to pull people down who have worked their tails off to be successful.

          A russian woman told me the difference between the American and Soviet systems was that: “In America you have wonderful washing machines. They don’t break down and they clean clothes real well. But they’re a little expensive, so not everyone can afford one. Here in the Soviet Union the washing machines are always broken and don’t clean well when they do work. But everyone has one so no one feels left out. Except of course for the apparatchiki, they have the same washing machines you do.” It seems like that’s where we’re headed in this country. The democrats determine who is worthy of having something and they’ll use other peoples money to reward their supporters and rape everyone else.

        • Well, I don’t. If people worked hard for their money, that’s okay, but these tax cuts are dishonest and will contribute nothing to a “trickle down economy” which is just a bullshit ploy to pocket more money instead of reinvest it back into the nation’s infrastructure, or hell, just simply give it back to society, like any responsible citizen should.

          If you can’t detect that Romney’s tax plan will rape YOU instead, it’s not about being envious, it’s about voting in YOUR interest. To do otherwise is to fall into someone else’s schemes to get you to part with your money and give it to the rich. I mean, seriously, get real.

  2. I really like Paul Ryan, but the problem is that if he’s such a great force for good in this world, how is he going to be effective as the completely powerless vice president?

      • How? He only has one duty, and that’s to vote in the case of a tie in the Senate. The president need give him nothing to do, like Roosevelt did with Truman.

        He’ll get a minor pulpit to speak from, but in the House I think he would have much more power.

        • If Paul lives up to his record, he is going to make Mitt listen to him. My hope is he would be outspoken and loud, and give constitutional conservatism a voice.

        • LOL. Paul Ryan’s voting record for the Patriot Act, Tarp, bailouts, increased welfare and unemployment benefits would suggest he knows absolutely nothing about being a constitutional conservative. There is nothing conservative about the Republican party except its tired ideology of upholding the church’s wish on instilling its beliefs onto all supposedly FREE Americans thru unconstituional laws.

  3. It appears Mr. Romney has just addressed the erectile dysfunction problems conservative Republicans were having with him.

  4. Good. It’s as positive an indicator as any that Romney intents to actually listen to those who would put him in office, rather than greet them with some degree of mild disdain.

    Christie, et al would have sunk him. This was a smart decision.

    • Concur. SOLID Conservative Tea Party pick. About damn time the GOP leaned Conservative instead of Leftist Lite.

      Old GOP Slogan: “GOP – We Grow Govt SLOWER”

      New GOP Slogan: “GOP – Learned from Past Mistakes”

      • What’s “Tea Party” about Paul Ryan?

        He’s a big-government neocon who loves NDAA indefinite detention, the Patriot Act, endless wars, doesn’t mind Americans having the freedom to die in Afghanistan but doesn’t want those same people to be able to gamble online, and his “conservative” budget plan calls for increasing the debt trillions of dollars and not even balancing the deficit for 30 years. That’s right, 30 years.

        Paul Ryan is a joke.

        • Wes,

          Looked at your info. Man, you are mistaken. The Ryan budget immediately balances the federal budget. It pays off the deficit in approximately 30 years. The WI budget also immediately balanced the budget, with a surplus. You’ve confused a BALANCED BUDGET with a PAID OFF DEFICIT so many times it sounds like sound bites from the liberal machine.

          Everyone is bitching about pols being all the same, being all BS, blah, blah, blah. Paul Ryan and Paul Walker are actually getting it done – they are forces for balancing the budget and are pro 2A. The liberal media desperately wants you to ignore them, but there are exactly what this country needs.

        • When’s the last time we had a balanced budget? Arguably 1998. The Republican Congress (with some help from Bill Clinton, giving credit where due), were lowering the deficit years before then, but no one says they balanced the budget before 1998.

          Even if someone wants to go by a 10-year budget proposal, Paul Ryan’s budget adds TRILLIONS to the debt during those years. How is running a deficit and adding TRILLIONS to the debt “balancing the budget”? It’s not.

          On Paul Ryan’s very own website it states, “The non-partisan CBO estimates that this budget will balance and begin to produce annual surpluses by 2040.” You’re trying to dress up a pig, but it’s still a pig.

        • If you want to see what a real balanced budget plan looks like, look it up on Ron Paul’s website. Balances the budget in three years without raising taxes, because Ron Paul’s the man.

  5. So we’ll have our gun but we’ll let Romney and Ryan shut down Medicare. What could go wrong?

    • Medicare is going to shut itself down soon anyway, just like SS will. Ryan and the people who want to try to fix it before it crashes and burns are trying to SAVE people, not destroy. When do you people stop living in fiscal denial and try to fix something instead of going over a cliff?

      • Medicare/Medicaid are going down the tubes. Paying only $5 for a lab exam that costs the hospital $13. The system is already broken.
        Yes, Both my wife and I work in a hospital.
        I am 51, I have no expectation of ever receiving anything from social security.

        At least when this guy open his mouth, he sounds intelligent.

    • Given a choice would you rather have a constitutionally guaranteed right, or an unsustainable government handout?

    • I’m sorry, why should young people trying to make it through life be forced to pay for insurance for the elderly who already had 50+ years to earn a living and save money?

      Seems kinda ass backwards to make those trying to get by and save money for the future subsidize those who literally had an entire lifetime to save money.

      • Exactly. The fact that Im paying into a system that at some point before its “my turn” to use it, is sure to go belly up. The govt is taking my money and I will never get a return out of it. The SS system is broken, and needs to be done away with.

  6. Even though the Vice President is fundamentally powerless, he has the ear of the President, and, I think, Mitt Romney’s choice is meant to assure gun owners he has no serious plan for new gun control infringements.

    It’s a good point from Steve Uccio that Medicare may be the price we pay. So be it. It is often said here that Freedom is worth some risk. I will take that risk…but then, at this point I just want Obama “over and done with”. I voted for him last time and need to get over this nagging feeling of having been duped and betrayed…let him go build low income houses with Jimmy Carter the rest of his life…

    • So you’ll be voting for a moderate liberal and a big-government neocon then. The lesser of two evils is still evil.

      For anyone who missed it, look up the absolute blatant corruption the GOP did to get Romney nominated over Ron Paul. And despite the cheating, Ron Paul still has a plurality of delegates in five states and should get a speaking spot at the convention. But Romney and the gang are trying more tricks to kick the Paul delegates out. It’s so bad the governor of Maine said if those delegates aren’t seated then he’s going to protest the convention.

      The GOP would rather lose with Romney than win with Ron Paul.

      • I like Ron Paul, but he has/had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. I’ve read all the Mises, Hazlitt,, and believe in their economic thinking of man and free markets. But, try convincing another 50.1 percent to go along with that…ain’t happening. Consider that almost 50% don’t pay any income taxes, and just want their free stuff from Uncle Sugar. Sure, you can keep your libertarian beliefs, but they are not rooted in the reality of current day situations. Ron Paul could not win, but his ideas are starting to win. It’s a process of baby steps.

        • Ron Paul is the only one who can win because he can unite the “anyone but Obama” neocon crowd with the rest of the crowd who are actually smart and like the Constitution and freedom and things like that.

          But the GOP would rather have Obama win than Ron Paul because they know Ron Paul would take all their big-government toys away. Look what they did in places like St. Charles, MO at the caucus. And now they’re trying to unseat the Ron Paul delegates in Maine. Absolutely despicable.

          The corrupt GOP deserves to lose.

  7. who would you rather be influencing our president, ryan or biden? i’ve been trying to make this point since i found ttag. with barry in office people like schumer,lautenberg ‘pelosi etc. kave the poewer of the oval office to back them. as for you younger guys who don’t want to pay into medicare or ssi, who’s more likely to change that system. the dems created the entitlement system in this country, not the gop.

    • Good point. Here’s another: the GOP balanced WI’s budget. So you’d have a decidedly pro-gun VP who has personal experience with the Paul Walker budget balancing experience. It’s clearly more difficult to balance a federal budget than a state budget, but BHO has a horrible budget record.

      • Paul Ryan’s budget plan adds trillions to the debt and doesn’t balance the deficit until the year 2040. It’s ridiculous. Seems like a lot of people haven’t actually read what Paul Ryan is all about. Somehow he’s tricked a lot of people into believing he’s some kind of conservative. Neoconservative, sure.

        • Interesting. He helped WI balance their budget within 2 years, but wants to take 30 years to balance the federal budget? I’d surely like to see a source on that.

  8. from CNN:

    Paul Ryan
    U.S. representative, Wisconsin
    Age: 42 | Born: 1/29/1970 in Janesville, Wisconsin

    Career: Seven-term congressman from Wisconsin, chairman of the House Budget Committee and serves on Ways and Means Committee; Author of “Ryan Plan” addressing Medicare and spending; legislative director, Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kansas, 1995-1997; staff, Empower America, 1993-1995; aide to Sen. Robert Kasten, R-Wisconsin, 1992

    Pros: Strong economic credentials. Would be an effective spokesman on Economic, spending and budget issues. Respected by conservatives and deficit hawks. Was a leading GOP voice against the Obama administration on debt, spending and health care battles. Could help make Wisconsin more competitive. Easily re-elected in a district Obama won in 2008. Young and telegenic.

    Cons: Controversial plan on deficit reduction and Medicare would be a top target for Democrats. Romney gave nuanced statements of support of the plan during the primaries. Has a 13-year congressional voting record for Democrats to pick through. Though Republicans hope to make Wisconsin competitive, Ryan has never won a statewide election there. Not well known nationally. The last congressman elected directly to the vice presidency was House Speaker John Nance Garner in 1932.

    • Well, Medicare, medicaid, and social security need to be overhauled so they are viable into our future. I don’t disagree with those programs, and they have their place, but if I am paying into it I would like it to be there when I need it. Ryan is not for tossing it out entirely but unless changes need to be made it will implode anyways, and folks will be left with nothing.

  9. The selection of Ryan had nothing to do with ideology, as Romney certainly has none, and the Veep only has what opinions the Pres tells him to have. Instead this is a blatant appeal to all the people who voted for Ron Paul,as well as a political payoff to Ron to avoid any unpleasantness at the convention, thus presenting a false fron of party unity. The political calculus is obvious.

    • I don’t see how Ryan has anything to do with Ron Paul or Ron Paul supporters. Ryan is a big-government neocon. He’s for policing the world, the Patriot Act, NDAA indefinite Detention, and his own budget plan wouldn’t balance the budget even for a single year for 30 years.

      Paul Ryan is on the opposite end of the spectrum from Ron Paul and Ron Paul supporters.

      The GOP would rather lose with Romney than win with Ron Paul.

      And there’s no political payoff for Ron Paul since Romney and the GOP gang have blatantly cheated and broken their own rules throughout this election,

      and even right now Romney people are trying to get all the Maine Ron Paul delegates thrown out so Paul wouldn’t have delegate plurality in five states and earn a nomination and a speaking spot at the convention.

      The establishment GOP during this election have proved beyond any doubt they are a bunch of corrupt s.o.b.’s. The proof is all online if anyone cares to look.

    • Don’t vote for any evil and everyone else voting for evil will put them in office. I have never understood that argument. I completely agree with the sentiment, but what it comes down to is which you are willing to deal with for another 4 years.

      It’s like saying “Dying without torture is still dying.” Yeah, but it didnt hurt as much to end up in the same place.

  10. I don’t really care who he would have chosen, although I was biases towards Marco Rubio. I voted for McCain even though he chose Palin. At this point Romney could have chosen a pineapple and it would not only be better than Bidden, but also better than Obama.

    • Romney could’ve chosen Chris Christie, the worst Rhino after Bloomberg. If he had, I’d definitely have voted for Johnson than the anti-gun Obama-Biden and the anti-gun Romney-Christie.

  11. For all you guys bashing Romney, do you really think we’ll be better off with another 4 years of Obama? Do you really think there’s absolutely no difference between Romney’s kind of liberalism and Obama’s? Are you willing to have Obama back in office appointing possibly 3 Supreme Court Justices, lord knows how many federal judges and political appointees, and deciding which laws he’s going to ignore and which Executive Order he’s going to issue in order to sidestep the checks and balances of the Constitution?

    Obama and his democrat supporters are the most arrogant, bigoted, greedy, intolerant fascists we’ve ever had in office. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that by not voting for Romney or wasting your vote on a third Party that you’re making some sort of principled stand. With Romney in office we at least have a chance of exercising some influence over events; but Obama doesn’t even see us as having any rights at all. He has treated us and will continue to treat us as enemies – not citizens.

    • It doesn’t matter since the only person who can beat Obama is Ron Paul. But the corrupt GOP used every dirty trick and broke their own rules to nominate Romney. (who isn’t even nominated yet, actually.)

      Look up what happened at the Athens, GA delegate nomination. Look up St. Charles, MO. Look what what they’re currently trying to do to Ron Paul’s delegates in Maine. There are so many more examples. Look up reporter Ben Swann and his Reality Check segments.

      Romney was having rallies of 500 people while Ron Paul was having rallies with 8000+ people. You guys all saw those rallies on the news, right? Oh, you didn’t? Didn’t think so. Look them up on youtube.

      The establishment GOP is so corrupt and shown they are so corrupt that they make me want to vote for Obama simply out of spite. At least people already know Obama and Democrats are corrupt. But for some reason they put their blinders on when it comes to Romney, Paul Ryan, and the establishment Republicans.

    • “Obama and his democrat supporters are the most arrogant, bigoted, greedy, intolerant fascists we’ve ever had in office.”

      Sounds like this applies more to the Republicans who obstructed congress for those four years. Yeah, let’s just vote for the party of NO, why the hell not? -_-x

      • if obama was a leader he would have found a way to get both parties on board with his ideas. calling the gop obstructionest is just saying that barry couldn’t get the job done. remember as the top man the buck stops there. if he’s not up to it he needs to step aside and let someone else take a shot at it.

  12. Actually regardless of who is president, it is critical that we take back congress, and hold the house. Get rid of the old GOP who do nothing and get solid conservatives in there. Ted Cruz looks to be headed to Washington for Texas. Him, Ryan and other like him understand that we need to defund the EPA, Homeland Security, ATF etc.
    We can’t spend more than we take in through taxes. And I feel we pay way to much in taxes anyways. Hopefully if Romney wins, and if we get a conservative majority in both houses, we can simplify the tax code, get the outrageous spending back in line, and turn this country around.
    All I hear from the left is did Mitt pay taxes, and OMG he had off shore accounts, or he wants to only help the rich. The class warfare BS has go to stop. Amazingly enough Obama has done anything and everything expect talk about his own record and where we are and where we need to be. I hear things like believe in me, or you didn’t create this job. Things like we need more teachers and firefighters. Well duh of course we do, but he doesn’t create those jobs, that funding comes from the state and city level.
    Rubio would have been my first choice from a political move to secure the Hispanic vote, but Ryan is a solid choice. So far from the left they can’t seem to sy he flip flops, or has an erratic record.
    Assuming there are no prostitutes, or love children from past affairs, it won’t give to much ammo to the left.

    • Rubio would have been my first choice as well, and I hope it doesn’t cost him the election.

      Those looking for real change we can believe in – the GOP VP candidate who actually can create a successful budget. I don’t see why more isn’t made about applying the successful WI model to the federal level.

    • Paul Ryan wants to defund Homeland Security? What? Hell, Ryan voted to create the DHS in the first place. He also voted to create the TSA. And TARP too!

      Paul Ryan loves the Patriot Act and NDAA indefinite detention and policing the world. His own budget plan adds trillions to the debt and wouldn’t balance the budget for 30 years.

      • Homeland Security could easily be reduced, their budget is huge.

        Listen, I would’ve liked Paul or Santorum, but they aren’t on the ballot.

        • The GOP shouldn’t be rewarded for running (yet another! (McCain)) big-government idiot. They used every dirty trick they could to cheat Ron Paul out of a fair chance. The corrupt establishment GOP deserves to lose.

          My main hope with Paul Ryan as VP candidate is he gets the spotlight on him and people finally realize he’s not anything close to a small-government conservative.

  13. Unless Ryan speaks fluent Spanish, Romney just blew any slim chance he might have had of winning in November. If Romney doesn’t win Florida, he can’t win the election, and Ryan will cost him Florida.

    Bend over boys, because we just got four more years of Obamination.

  14. Ryan will be a tough sell in Florida because of his promises to re-vamp Medicare and Social Security. He wants to do that only for younger people’s benefits, but older people aren’t going to hear that.

    The question here isn’t whether he can fire up the conservative base. It’s whether he can help capture the middle and make up for Romney’s dorkiness.

  15. VP has little or nothing as a role, so since the most liberal gun group gave his mate an “A” rating, we should support this well known anti=gunner? Probably would have been a “C” rating with Gun Owners of America (join). That’s why the NRA is known as the governments arm of gun control, with a pro gun face!

    If gun owners don’t become better aware than this, we will be waving “goodbye” to our gun rights very soon. SAY NO TO ALL ANTI-GUNNERS!

  16. You’d have to be a moron to vote for this guy
    No matter how much you like guns this guys general political stance is fucking horrible. guns are not worth rolling back civil and social rights to the 30s.

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