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“Society has to take the glory out of guns. Young people have no business carrying a gun. I would love to speak bluntly to those gangbanging teens and wanna-bes and tell them prison is nothing like what you think. If you’re packing a gun, you’re making a big mistake, and you’ll regret it.” – David Berkowitz (a.k.a, Son of Sam, The .44 Caliber Killer),

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  1. Psychotic killer says you should all be disarmed.

    Hrmmm…. let me think about that for a minute.


    • I’m sure his comments will soon be seconded by the National Association of Muggers, as well as the Home Invasion League.

      • Sammy the Bull said, “Of course I’m for gun control. I’m a gangster and I’ll always have all the guns I want. I want you to have nothin”.

  2. Son of Sam listened to dogs, and recieved his orders through them. Now this degenerate is speaking out against guns. Of course he is! No criminal wants the law abiding citizen to go about armed, that only makes it harder for them to choose a victim. I don’t want these whinny ass represive liberals to own guns. They need a strong dose of reality, and that will only come when they become a victim.

    • No he didn’t. The FBI profilers, realizing he was far too organized to have really believed a dog was talking to him called him on it. They asked him why he made that up, including his journal. His answer was that he knew he was going to get caugh eventually, just due to some fluke if nothing else. He was intentionally laying the groundwork for an insanity plea from the time he started killing. (from Mindhunter by John Douglas)

      Incidentally, he was caught when his car got a ticket for being illegally parked near one of the shooting scenes. The police followed up on the ticket and bingo.

    • I fully expect that Berkowitz is saying what he thinks a parole board will want to hear that he’s been saying, just in case he ever gets a shot at parole.

  3. Dave, my dog says you’re wrong, so I’m going to listen to him if you don’t mind. Have a nice life……sentence, that is.

  4. Like usual, felons (like Mickey B Numbers) are pro-gun control. Occupational health hazards are a b*tch.

  5. Obama should put this guy in national TV ads…

    Sigh… I can’t believe the paper listened to this guy. These crazies, they’ll say anything to get attention now that they’ve been tossed in prison and nearly forgotten. Don’t believe for one second that he actually believes what he’s saying.

    • Oh, he 100% believes that his victims and the victims of others should be disarmed. Imagine how badly his killing spree would’ve turned out for him if his victims had been armed?

  6. This guy is no different from your average gun-grabber, except that he acted upon his deep-rooted insanity. One need only look at the staggering projection of violent tendencies that gun-grabbers spew on a daily basis to know that they’re the ones who should be feared.

    • Berkowitz wasn’t insane. Which is a legal term indicating not knowing the difference between right and wrong. He was fully sane, fully aware that what he was doing was wrong, taking steps to avoid detection and the police. Additionally, making up the dog-talking-to-him story to lay the groundwork for insanity.

      As I said above. I believe Berkowitz is making statements to serve his self-interests in getting attention/favorable treatment in jail from authorities or outside groups. Putting things on record that he will produce at any future parole hearing if he’s ever elligible.

  7. “prison is nothing like what you think”

    And what is the image of what prison will be like among the “not yet incarcerated” gang banger crowd?

  8. “I’m looking beyond gun control. That’s for the legislators to wrangle with,” he said. “My hope is just that young people would understand just how terrible this violence is. When they use a gun against someone else, they ruin their lives too,” he said. “It’s not worth it.”

    “One day, I hope that guns will lose their glamour, that it would be seen a social disapproval for those in gangs. I know that’s a bit simplistic, but to me the whole tragedy is that young people are losing direction and don’t value life or have no clue why they’re on this Earth.”

    He mentioned the killing of Lloyd Morgan, a 4-year-old cut down by a stray bullet in the Bronx last month.

    “As months and years go by, you realize that that one moment of uncontrolled impulse leads to loss of life….Look at that 4-year-old who was killed.

    “You know, you get into this gang fight, all the weapons come out and everyone starts firing away without thinking, the bullets start flying. Next thing you know, for this one moment of unleashing your anger, you go to prison for many, many years.”

    “Son of Sam” is in jail for life. He deserves to be and he knows it. He’s not talking gun control. He’s talking about thugs and gang members. Stupid people using guns for no reason, just to kill people. He was the same way and look where he is. That’s what he’s saying.

    Guns are tools, not something to make you cool. I had a CCW here in AZ before the need for a permit was abolished. I was instilled with the value of a gun and respect for what it is. I never pulled it out, even in a stupid situation like an argument with a street idiot, because I was never in danger.

    A buddy once asked me why I didn’t pull out my gun during a confrontation with someone. He used to think guns were great, like a magic wand to make people do things. I had to explain the legal ramifications of waving a pistol for no reason. plus a few “what if” scenarios: what if he doesn’t back down? Do I shoot him? That kind of stuff. He gets it now.

    It’s a shame Berkowitz did what he did, to his victims and even to himself. He had a “big city” view of guns, not a “rural” outlook. Most gang members now are the same.

    • Don’t know if I should bother. I don’t really feel the urge to open myself up to abuse from people who think differently about a subject. I’m pro-gun and support the 2nd amendment. I just had a different take on his interview.

      • yes, i saw this interview yesterday on one of the news channels on the web. i also did not see him calling for gun control. my question to the universe at large is regardless of the topic why are we wasting news time on this guy?

    • Most of those responding to this post apparently don’t get the gist of what is being said. Greg A. did, and tried to explain that to the rest of you, who continue to blather on about an opinion you didn’t read or don’t understand. YOU are your own worst enemy in the fight to protect our right to keep and bear arms. YOU need to learn when to keep your trap shut and only appear to be ignorant instead of removing any doubts.

      • I agree with this stream of thought. Let the facts prevail and keep the B.S. to a minimum. You only feed the gun control crowd by not keeping it simple and to the point.

      • No, SoS is talking about guns as if they’re some kind of magical item that cause people to be violent perps. Gangs, in some form or another with some name or another, have existed since the beginning of civilization, and they sure didn’t need guns to kill and rob. What SoS is doing is deflecting the responsibility and blame from the person to the gun, as so many gun-grabbers are wont to do.

        It’s “nice” that SoS is so concerned about gang violence, but his solutions and observations are trite and rather worthless, reaching our attention only because of his infamy. PCnotPC, if you took a moment from trying to appear superior and more “intellectual” and being baselessly condescending to us lowly blog followers in an attempt to satisfy some subconscious inferiority complex, maybe you would’ve seen that.

  9. First, I was quite surprised that Berkowitz is still alive. Second, he looks too fat, happy and healthy to me, probably why it is a good thing I am not a prison guard or warden. Third, I can’t help but wonder WHY any media outlet would care what his opinion is on anything. Just my opinion, but he should have been left undesturbed under his flat rock. But no, now he is in the media AGAIN, and how does that effect the surviviors and families of his victims? I just don’t see anything good coming from public interviews with guys like Berkowitz, Manson, Hinkley, etc. They should never be heard from again after the day they are sentenced.

  10. Why is that lowlife, murdering, scumbag POS still wasting what’s left of New York’s good oxygen?

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