Pittsburgh synagogue memorial shooting Jews
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“For some time I have been a supporter of the Second Amendment — intellectually. I agreed with the Founders’ rationale for the right to bear arms. I even joined the NRA.

“But I never bought a gun.

“Although I know the basics of how to shoot, I didn’t want a pistol around the house. I didn’t think I needed it. I thought it too risky to own a weapon unless I practiced with it regularly and I didn’t want to make time in my schedule for that. Real physical exercise was more important at my age. Also, I’m not a particularly fearful type who keeps a claw hammer secreted under the bed. Beyond that, I didn’t want to awaken my mother — a devoted gun-control advocate — from her grave.

“Until now. Until Pittsburgh. This Jewish boy is going to buy a gun.” – Roger Simon in This Jewish Boy is Going to Buy a Gun

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  1. I think everyone is missing the point.

    It’s not “hey, all Jews should own guns to protect themselves” or “all Vietnamese women should own guns for protection.”

    It’s ALL PEOPLE should be able to protect THEMSELVES AND OTHERS by the gun.

    Be you a Jewish boy or a boy of “color” or GASP! White!
    Whatever, giant gosh dang mixing pot anyhow.

    Point is, DON’T let bad people kill good people! DON’T wait for the cops to do what you should be doing!

    Also, if you’re of Jewish decent and you’re choosing NOW, the Pittsburgh incident to be why you’re going to start carrying… You REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need some history lessons….

    • This is a good point, yes hopefully an event like this would be a wake up call for Jews, but there is no need to lump it into groups, all people who are willing and able to defend themselves, their community, and their country should take up arms or support the rights of those who will to do so.

      And it shouldn’t be event driven – if a bad thing happens, you get mugged, drug dealers in the neighborhood, or terrorist attack, then get armed, and is nothing scary happens, then you don’t need to be armed anymore. It is constant vigilance, because evil never totally dies not sleeps.

  2. The choice to own a firearm for self defense is a personal one. But everyone who is a law abiding citizen should have the right to make that decision for themselves. This right should not be subject to the whims of some faceless bureaucrat. Nor should others who choose not be own firearms have the the right to restrict the choice of those who choose to own a firearm!

    • You said it like it is. While I was a drinker, I did not want a gun around, I did not totally trust my temper. But I did support the responsible people that owned and used them. I am still on the fence about the yahoos I saw 30 years ago with fully auto and semi auto ARs and AKs; they would tow cars and make huge movie type fireballs with gasoline with no regard for the safety of the other people who were there to shoot.

      Get one and learn how to use it safely, but you may have to use it at some time, a gun you don’t or can’t fire is dangerous.

  3. Most never think they need a gun until they need a gun!
    By that time, it’s usually too late!
    Remember to always bring enough gun…

  4. I think the Jewish population has more reason to own firearms than any other group. They have been the targets of many different groups for many years and millions have been exterminated/killed because of hatred toward them. I have always wondered why but I’m a simple country boy that hasn’t figured it out.

  5. Goyim here…welcome to the club. It took me awhile to become a gun owner. I didn’t care as I thought big strong muscles were enough. It’s not. Shalom…

  6. I posted this on his article:

    If Mr Simon reads this: Sir, Please contact me. I am a Guardian member at http://www.frontsight.com. I will provide you with a lifetime membership at at the facility free of charge. I have several to give. For you, I will even pay the transfer fee. Looking forward to speaking with you.

    • Of course. If you are serious. Note that I only offered to pay the $100 transfer fee for Mr Simon. You would have to pay that out of your own pocket. Still interested? Get on Facebook and send me your email by private message and we’ll talk. Or send it to my email address.

  7. To everyone here, THANK YOU for the civility of this posting. We all know that firearms bring out incredibly strong opinions on all sides. This is still America. We allow different opinions to exist. We debate them, we celebrate them. That’s what separates us from the banana republics of the world.

    As supporters of 2A, we need to circle the wagons, and have a large tent. Too many folks out there who want to remove 2A rights completely.

    So, from this Jew, lifelong Democrat, gun owner, and concealed carrier, Thanks again.

    • Steve H and Elaine,

      You do realize that by stating your Democrat and liberal proclivities, that you have been supporting politicians that want to restrict or eliminate your ability to actually keep and bear arms?

      Now, the Republicans aren’t that wonderful either, but they are a bit better in the RTKBA arena.

      • I agree with you to a point. I’m not happy with either party. The Republicans are certainly more 2A friendly than the Democrats.

        I’ve voted Democratic in the past, as I really don’t like the way corporate America has screwed the little guy, or the environment. The Republicans have supported these positions. Corporate profit first, the hell with the working stiff.

        As I said in my initial post, 2A friendly folks have to stick together. If one is pro 2A, we need to welcome them into the fold. And folks of all parties and walks of life are pro-gun. There are many of us “blue steel” Democrats out there. Unfortunately, the leaders of the Democratic party won’t recognize that fact.

        So don’t hate me for my politics outside of 2A issues. Sometimes, we have to hold our nose and vote, knowing that neither party represents our views entirely.

        • Pretty sure that is wrong. Corporations are for as much regulation as necessary to keep down the competition and they pay all politicians handsomely to get and keep that deal.

  8. Keeping a claw hammer under the bed? Who the hell does that? (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

    Otherwise, Mr. Simon is right on. Welcome to the ranks. It’s good to see more Americans exercising their rights.

  9. In an ideal world, all responsible people would recognize that danger exists and they would tool-up well before an attack.

    Guess what? We do not live in an ideal world. If we did, we would not need firearms for self-defense. Now that I have established that we do not live in an ideal world, that means there are many responsible people who fail to realize that they should tool-up until some event makes it clear that they need to tool-up. Rather than ridicule or denigrate these people, we should be reaching out to them, educating them, encouraging them to tool-up, and offering to help.

  10. Who the hell uses a claw hammer for defense? The ball peen hammer conceals easier, is much smoother on the draw, and renders a more effective subdural hematoma.

  11. Let people know it’s not just their lives they will be able to protect.
    A lot of people are afraid of guns.
    Ask them if they prefer to not able to do anything when their family is attacked.
    Ask them how long they are willing to wait until armed men show up for the rescues.

  12. Yeah, my synagogue is having a healing service (or something useful like that). I wouldn’t poo-poo such things _if_ they were interested in more than that. But, they’re not really.

    So, there’ll be a cop at this special service and people can’t bring bags or backpacks in. The board’s policy is still “no firearms”. They want to lock the doors all the time (instead of after the services start) and if a stranger want to come into our “welcoming” synagogue, tough shit. They should have called ahead. Ooh, I’m feeling the love here.

    And they’ll be happy to call people with guns (as long as they wear certain clothing), but “No!” to anyone who might be willing and able to help until LE gets there.

    No one is so blind as one who refuses to see.

    Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt.

    / end of rant /

    • Unfortunately, it sounds like you belong to my Temple. Totally anti-gun. Unless, of course, they pay big bucks for a “hired gun” working for them.

      They refuse to believe that a concealed carrier in the congregation can respond much faster than any “Barney Fife” they can hire. When seconds count………….

        • Thanks Rick. This entire topic gets so divisive. I’d just like to see responsible firearm owners of all persuasions drop the political rhetoric and name calling.

          We’re all gun guys and gals, and we need to work toward a common goal: Promote responsible firearm ownership, use, and storage. Speak out when someone does something irresponsible and stupid. And perhaps most importantly, teach non-gun folks that, as a last resort, firearms can be used to stop those who have no regard for human life.

      • “Unfortunately, it sounds like you belong to my Temple. Totally anti-gun. Unless, of course, they pay big bucks for a “hired gun” working for them.

        They refuse to believe that a concealed carrier in the congregation can respond much faster than any “Barney Fife” they can hire. When seconds count………….”

        The other problem is the security guard is only there because of his paycheck. If a jihadist or neo-Nazi decides this is the day of your deaths, would the security be willing to risk his life for that paycheck? Or would he hide like Broward County’s finest men?

        An armed member of the congregation at least has some relationship to his fellows.

        • Exactly. How much do you expect from a minimum wage security guy? A member of the congregation with friends and family surrounding them has a lot more skin in the game.

          It’s the old saying about a bacon and egg breakfast: The chicken makes a contribution, but the hog has a total commitment.

  13. Be prepared to lose your Liberal friends Roger, now that you have a gun. Liberals have always been anti civil rights. If you don’t believe me then read “Negroes with Guns, the black tradition of Arms”, 2014. By Nicholas Johnson.


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