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“Assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines are the weapon of choice of mass murderers precisely because of their capability to kill the most people in the shortest time. Mass shootings account for a minority of gun fatalities, but the use of assault weapons greatly increases the rates of death and injury as well as the severity of injuries. As was vividly underscored by Saturday’s events, the risk they pose to law enforcement is great and should give lie to those who think the solution to gun violence is even more guns.

“Polls consistently show that a majority of Americans support laws prohibiting assault weapons. Significant numbers of gun owners — 48 percent, according to a 2017 Pew Research Center poll — also support a ban on assault-style weapons.

“The slaughter of little children at Sandy Hook Elementary School should have been enough to persuade Congress to ban assault weapons and enact other common-sense measures… But voters next week will have the chance to send their own message. They should elect a Congress that will protect them by enacting long-overdue gun reform that includes getting weapons of war off America’s streets and out of its schools, theaters, churches and synagogues.” – Washington Post Editorial Board, We Can Stop this American Carnage

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    • …that includes getting weapons of war off America’s streets…

      Which means either:

      1) eliminate gangs (literally)
      2) total confiscation (metaphorically)

  1. Watch a few documentary shows on WW2 where they show people being rounded up and dropped in pits.

    That’s gun controls final result.

    • The Bolsheviks who murdered 20,000,000+ Christian men, women, and children make the WW2 crimes look like amateurs.

        • If you want to go by percentages, nobody matches the Khmer Rouge. In four years they murdered about a quarter of the country of Cambodia. They executed people for wearing glasses (seriously).
          All in the name of democratic agrarian socialism.

        • National socialism or International socialism. It doesn’t matter. They both create genocide.

        • According to socialists and communists, utopia will be achieved after the next massacre, and the next, and the next, and the next, …

        • Southern Cross What I can’t understand is how they expected utopia to result from forced agriculture. That’s no one’s idea of utopia.

          Yep, communism (socialism at the barrel of a gun) is the world’s leading murderer to date. And, of course, you have to enforce communism with a gun. No rational person would choose to be poor forever when there’s such a thing as capitalism elsewhere.

    • Prohibiting private citizens from having the right to defend themselves with guns is about the exercise of political power, pure and simple. Gun-controllers know perfectly well that “making assault weapons illegal” won’t actually accomplish much beyond making a symbolic point. What they’ll have to do is institute comprehensive gun confiscation—which, not surprisingly, gun-controllers are already now openly talking about. Once you cut through all the hysterics, claims of moral imperatives, and chest-beating, what you end up with is a massive shift in political power with the state assuming ever more control over the individual. Currently we’re seeing an attack on our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights. Once they’re gone, they’ll be gone for good. Governments that confiscate guns do so because they are afraid of their own citizens. Often there’s a good reason for that. Guns up.

  2. So the answer to mass shootings is not to arm yourself for your own defense but to politely ask the homicidal maniac to use a slightly less deadly weapon. Got it.

      • It’s not about safety, it’s about control. Their side knows the score, but they think they can dupe us rubes. And they simply have no shame when it comes to being called out by the right. Barry was going off the other day about separating (illegal) immigrant kids from their parents and putting them in cages, which takes a lot of balls considering the pictures that caused all the hub-bub were from 2014. No shame at all.

        • Crime enforcement 101: children get separated from criminals at point of arrest. If it’s true for American criminals, then its good enough for foreign criminals… it’s a psychological ploy to decriminalize illegal immigration.

        • The merits of the argument are moot. The point is that they have no reservations about slamming the other side for something that virtually everyone knows that they were just as culpable as the other guys. Apparently their useful idiots just nod and clap and everyone basks in their feigned outrage and the hypocrisy is just ignored.

        • Have you noticed the change in vocabulary? For a long time, they were not “illegal aliens,” but “undocumented migrants.” But now, as the mass of migrants approach our border, they are suddenly “refugees” fleeing the oppression of poverty and gang violence who we are morally obligated to admit to the country.

        • Perhaps the US can borrow an offshore processing facility. There’s one at Naru that will be available soon.

        • In other countries when ‘refugees’ flood their border they set up ‘refugee camps’. We did it for the refugees Castro set afloat in the 1980s. If they’re truly in a desperate situation they should have no problem sitting in one of those camps for a year or two while their case gets worked out.

    • Yup. An example from this year:

      There were 2 mass shootings at high schools this year that both had 17 deaths. One was Parkland where the murderer used an AR style rifle. The other was Santa Fe, TX where the murderer used a .38 revolver and pump action 12 guage.

      Which one was more deadly? If ARs were already banned, is there any doubt that the press would publish the same type of articles about banning revolvers and pump shotguns? There’s a reason Santa Fe got memory-holed.

  3. And lies, misinformation are the weapons of choice that are used frequently by the socialist ” elite ” to disarm the population to control them.

  4. “…But voters next week will have the chance to send their own message. They should elect a Congress that will protect them…” Our freedom depends on it!

  5. Typical Liberal-progressive anti-gun editorial posting for the WaPo (aka Pravda on the Potomac). It’s a knee-jerk reaction every time something happens – I think the Post has these anti-gun screeds pre-written so they can just pick one and trot it out any time something happens. It’s probably all pre-approved by the Post’s political commissars. The only part of the Post that’s objective anymore is the sports section. Everything else serves the Agenda.

  6. The killing of people is already against the law. These morons think additional laws will stop already deranged people from committing heinous crimes. Kind of like the “Weapons free zone” placards. Just tells criminals there are easy victims there. Just ridiculous. This is what happens when emotions rather than rational thought run your life.

  7. There is NO such thing as GUN VIOLENCE. There is only CRIMINAL VIOLENCE.

    Firearms are tools. Nothing more.

    It is ‘Gun Free’ zones that are lethally dangerous, NOT AR pattern rifles.

    • I don’t know about that… I’ve had a few guns leave me with some pretty good bruises. Wouldn’t that be “gun violence”?

      • That’s why I prefer AR platforms over bolt action. ARs are less violent on my shoulder, offer better control and safety in terms of follow-up shot placement. There you go, ARs are safer, less violent and controllable. Isn’t that what libtards want?

        • I think you’re on to something there. New slogan for AR platform: “Prevent gun violence. Buy an AR-15!”

  8. not enough hard-copies of the wa-po in the us to wipe off the ebola-bama/biden/holder/lynch/johnson legacy


    This is an excellent read about US v. Miller (1939). The importance of this ruling has been ignored by our community. The courts unanimous opinion clearly invalidates all of the NFA and subsequent restrictions upon military weapons, ammunition, and magazines. This is the answer to the left’s continuing screech about “weapons of war”. This is the path to ending the NFA and all restrictions upon firearms and magazines.

    All that said, the opinion is wrong. Just as Scalia was wrong when he cited the common use test. The Bill of Rights is not a limit upon the People; it is a limit upon government. The prefatory statement is not a clause or limiter in any way. It provides “A” reason for the right of the People to keep and bear arms; not the only reason.

    • “The Bill of Rights is not a limit upon the People; it is a limit upon government.”

      Additionally, it is a mandate to the government to protect the rights of the people. It’s one of the reasons we have a government that’s powerful. How else can I, as an ordinary individual, defend my rights if they’re violated by state or local governments, rich, powerful or influential people?

      • Looking at it that way, the Second Amendment is even more powerful.

        It effectively says to the government, “Look, you’re going to need armed citizens. Let them equip themselves and help them stay ready.”

  10. Well, this cinches it. I’ve always been pro-gun, but this profound editorial has made me realize that I’m nothing more than a bloodthirsty monster.

    • The problem is that this is written for the dumbed down middle ground who still have some belief in the mainstream media. Being painted with this brush 24/7, year after year, is going to have consequences whether we like it or not.

      • Yep.

        My wife knows how far off base the legacy media is when it comes to guns, but she swallows everything they say about Trump hook, line, and sinker. And I have a couple of very smart, independent-minded friends who flat-out refuse to abandon the ossified idea that the mainstream media is still (or ever was) an objective, nonpartisan watchdog.

        These are people who could reasonably be expected to see through the crap, and to their credit they do take the news with a grain of salt…but the illusion is strong, and it’s hard to abandon long-held beliefs.

        It’s a very unsettling feeling to realize that, contrary to what we’ve always been led to believe, the legacy news media is not only biased and very fallible, but actively working against the very freedom it claims to represent. The cognitive dissonance ate at me for years before the Sandy Hook coverage finally turned the lights on.

        Legacy media is no longer the source of all information, but it’s still by far the most powerful. It would be a mistake to discount what places like the WaPo are saying. Millions upon millions of people simply believe everything they say without questioning.

      • I wish I could call this out as bull$hit but sadly this does apply to a large segment of elder voters. Remember to take the time to talk to parents/grandparents and point out the commie double speak in play. Gets tough with old union members though.

  11. Assault style newspapers are the preferred method for tyrants everywhere because they can distribute large amounts of propaganda almost instantly. All I want is some “common sense” press control… How about a ban on any publication with a daily output over 10,000 words?

    • Only applies to the presses available at the time. The founding fathers could never have imagined the threat of industrial print media let alone the horror of radio/tv. The internet should be reserved for qualified government employees only….. did I miss anything?

    • We need Sensible Media Control. Words can be harmful, incite riots, foment revolution. For example –

      Before someone can spew 10,000+ words per second with a high-speed press, they must fill out a 4473, undergo a background check, and buy a tax stamp. If they print a lie that injures someone, they commit a felony, and they should lose their right to print. In California, the media must purchase individual words from a licensed dealer.

      You get the idea. There are more 1A equivalents to current 2A restrictions.

  12. Failure to support armed staff in all schools means you want children to die so the left can push gun control ideology.

    That should be the editorial.

  13. Thankfully no-one reads rags like the Was Post anymore. If they expect me or any of you to just lie down and die begging for mercy from a nutcase. They are sadly mistaken. The Post and other rags like it Leftist bull shoes aren’t fit to line a birdcage with their stupid defeatest editorials.

  14. Same exact boot on the face, statist rhetoric used against people who make the informed medical decision to not vaccinate…

  15. DO they really believe their own statements that Assault Rifles are the weapon of choice? It still isn’t, after they keep telling the next one to use it. This guy still had 2 pistols. I have seen no reports as to which was used (I assume it was the AR but no confirmation). They keep trying to make it the most deadly weapon, and they don’t seem to accept that it STILL is not.

  16. I must be a baby killer, since I support gun ownership. Someone better pry me away from my kids, grand kids and great grandchild that I see on a daily or weekly basis, before something bad happens. Maybe someone will get a hug or something.

  17. These people are far from stupid and are following
    a strict agenda for gun control.
    They are the clear and present danger.
    They control the media and indoctrinate the young at school, much like Geobeld did in 1933 Germany mandating teachers could only use party approved books.

    Forewarned is forearmed.

  18. F@ck the WaPo! I can’t believe how dim the average person must be to still believe that the Sandy Hoax was not perpetrated by a well organized group who selected Adam Lanza as the patsy. It was the second biggest false flag event in U.S. History. To those of you who will now say to me to put my tinfoil hat back on, put your own damn hat on. I personally saw SSL certs on several “Sandy Hook Memorial” pages dated days before the event itself. That’s the most terrifying part about the whole gun control debate; that SOMEONE is willing to kill children in order to convince Americans that their RIGHTS must be ceded. To those of you who insist that the U.S. gov won’t kill its own to sway opinion, go look up the Gulf of Tonkin.

        • Not sure what to think about Sandy Hook, but the official versions of both narratives have far more holes than Christine Ford’s testimony.

        • What part of “Sandy Hook Memorial” website SSL certificates issued days before the event don’t you understand?! The Sandy Hook FALSE FLAG event was perpetrated with planning and foreknowledge by people who are willing to lie and kill to take your rights.
          You don’t actually believe the official story do you?!
          if you would simply view the evidence with critical thought, you would cease to believe a word any official representative of the government or the mainstream media says. But, if you like the taste of Kool-Aid, sip on…

        • Didn’t Sandy Hook torpedo the National Reciprocity that otherwise was going to pass? These high profile mass shootings all seem to have uncanny timing with pending pro-gun legislation.

    • And through that “exemption” those so-called “weapons of war” will always get onto the streets. How many stories have we read about cops neglecting their firearms? There’s countless cases of a cop leaving a patrol vehicle unattended with a rifle in it, and at some point, the rifle is stolen. There’s cases as well of genuine un-crippled M4s being stolen from both police and military sources. Same for subguns, etc. On a more pedestrian level, government agent neglect led to a SIG pistol being stolen by an illegal immigrant who subsequently used it to murder Kate Steinle.

      Also, let’s be honest, an underpaid government employee with access to firearms may figure out a way to pad his or her own pocket by moving guns to outside parties.

      These retards want gun control? Well, let’s start with the government.

  19. I swear these people have a template they use for this crap, and they just change the city/location names to suit. One thing that’s always missing is what to do about these “weapons of war” that are already in circulation. They’re just going to disappear once the new laws are put in to effect, right? Of course, I know what they want to do, I just don’t think they know what the consequences will be.

  20. There are far more effective means to create a mass casualty incident with a higher death rate than using an AR-15.

    Arson and improvised explosives are far more effective.

  21. OK, let me get this straight. We need to get weapons of war off the streets but in reality, more people are killed by cars than guns. Cars & trucks but especially Jeeps were used extensively in wars and in the military so by their lights, all cars, trucks & especially Jeeps must be banned & removed from civilian use.
    Sounds legit…

  22. “Assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines are the weapon of choice of mass murderers”

    And right off the bat this statement is provably wrong. Handguns are still used in the majority of mass shootings.

  23. People for Gun Control, weather they be politicians, average citizens or hyper addicts, can never give the specifics for their broad proposals. Why? They have never thought through their proposals and considered all aspects of their Gun Control wishes. They are controlled by their emotions and what others are saying, who also haven’t thought through their proposals. Their thought process and logical reasoning are deficient and result in their loud yelling rants because they cannot get off the bandwagon of background checks and confiscation. Ask them how,without violating the 2nd Amendment, would they would keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally handicapped and how do they propose to get all the existing illegal weapons out of the hands of criminals? They will as they have always done, yell and rant with no productive comment/ workable recommendation.

  24. To be fair, when one of my boys apparently forgets to open his damn eyes when he pees, and I find myself standing in a puddle of urine when I take a leak at night, slaughtering one or two of them doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
    Where can I get one of those free assualt rifles?

    • Face it, one day, not far off, when they graduate or marry or get a new job or have a kid of their own you’ll shed a tear and say, “It seems like it was only yesterday that they were peeing on the floor in the middle of the night.”

    • Sensible Word Control.

      Injuring someone with words is (or should be) a felony. Felons should not be allowed to own a printing press.

      We need to criminalize Assault Printing Presses – any publication that contains more than 10 words.

  25. Everyone here needs to understand Progressive-Marxist (democrats) don’t give a damn about the law, protecting children, safety or the Constitution. THE MARXIST WANT THE PEOPLE DISARMED full stop; so their little Marxist foot soldiers can purge conservatism and dole out social justice to anyone who doesn’t agree with them.
    The rest are useful idiots being used (like human batteries in the matrix movie) dependent on the Marxist for EVERYTHING from food, medicine, and housing.


    • Conservatism is just an obstacle. Freedom itself is the actual thing they want to destroy (all in the name of freedom, of course).

      • Now that is a fascinating and terrifying insight as conservative groups can be infiltrated and used to further erode liberty…….. almost like it’s been done before

  26. As far as I’m concerned the most racist person is a gun grabber. The racist gun confiscator wants guns only for themselves. The legislator who wants his government armed guard on speed dial. But no guns for the ordinary citizens to protect themselves from criminals.

    It was a socialist who committed this atrocity at the synagogue. Never forget. And it doesn’t matter if he’s a national socialist. he’s a socialist.

    It was a socialist who shot up the baseball field the fact that he was an internationalist doesn’t matter.

  27. The slaughter of little children at Sandy Hook Elementary School should have been enough to convince everyone that gun control means more people will die every time a psycho spins up.

    The easiest way to save lives — children and adults alike — is simply to let people exercise their natural right to self-defense.

    But the WaPo is all-in for making sure that nobody, anywhere, ever, will be allowed to defend their own children on their own initiative. Progressives love government more than they love people.

    Progressivism loves gun control because it is a death cult that hates children and wants them to die.

  28. So WaPo, where do you draw the line (short of total confiscation)? Looking back historically, the Harper’s Ferry musket was a weapon of war, the Winchester lever action rifles were weapons of war, the Colt revolvers and pistols were weapons of war, the Mauser rifles were weapons of war, the M1 was a weapon of war, the M14 was a weapon of war, the Remington model 700 was a weapon of war, shotguns (Joe Biden’s preferred weapon) were, and are, weapons of war. Many other firearms are, and were, weapons of war. However, the AR15 is NOT a weapon of war nor is it an “assault weapon” as you so erroneously state. What you and your demoscum owners and elected officials really want is total confiscation so we can become their subservient subjects.

    Your blatant disregard for reporting the real truth is disgustingly pathetic, but typical, for your extremely biased rag of a news(?) paper. No wonder Trump and many other truly informed people call you and the rest of the demoscum owned media the enemy of the free people. You haven’t published a completely truthful and unbiased report for many years now and you probably wouldn’t know how to do that even if you really tried. Finally the people are seeing you for what you really are, a propaganda machine for the democommies. How does it feel to be a willing participant of the 21st century fourth Reich?

    Remember this, without the second amendment, there will be no first amendment.

  29. “Assault-style weapons and large-capacity magazines are the weapon of choice of mass murderers precisely because of their capability to kill the most people in the shortest time. ”

    “As was vividly underscored by Saturday’s events, the risk they pose to law enforcement is great and should give lie to those who think the solution to gun violence is even more guns.”

    How is that working out for Brazil? Mexico?

      • I certainly wish him luck and wisdom in his undertaking. He may or may not be good for Brazil, but like Trump, he has the right enemies.
        At the present moment is very difficult for an ordinary Brazilian to legally obtain a firearm; Brazil has about 60,000 murders a year, putting it in the top 20 countries with the highest murder rates. Hopefully this will change when criminals start getting tickets to Hell by their victims.

  30. As opposed to the 600,000+ abortions each year…???
    I support population control of all kinds…

  31. WaPo: Failure to Vote for Gun Control Means You Want Children Slaughtered

    Using their logic:

    -Failure to vote for Conservatives means you want to abolish the Constitution
    -Failure to support the death penalty means you want innocent people to be murdered
    -Failure to curb Liberalism means that you want America to become non-existent
    -Failure to vote for tax/free market reforms means you want a Communist system of governance
    -Failure to vote for increased oil drilling (both on land and at sea) means you want everyone to pay $40 for a gallon of gas.

    The list goes on forever…..

  32. Ban all the “assault style” weapons you want, as long as you leave our anti-assault weapons alone.

  33. I would just ask these confused idealists what the cops are carrying when they come to the scene of an active shooting. They don’t show up unarmed and expect the homicidal maniac to just give up because there are fewer guns around. They shoot him in the head and he stops shooting. Of course, socialists don’t agree with you defending your rights and property with weapons because they think the government should own your property so everyone can enjoy it. And they don’t think people have God-given rights because they don’t believe in God. Or rights.

  34. Hey Washington Post: Remember the old saying; Opinions are like ASSHOLES, everyone’s got one?

    The Washington Post Editorial Board is an OPINION, and in my view, nothing more than agenda driven crap and will be ignored like all FAKE NEWS is.

  35. Don’t need a salt weapon to execute unarmed people cowering on their knees, waiting the long, long minutes for the police to show up with guns to save them.

  36. The problem I have with more talk of gun control is because it is financially motivated. They act as if it were for the “safety” of people when in actuality it is to raise the value of their stock. Believe it or not A fair number of the people calling for bans on semiautomatic ” assault” Rifles & ”high” (standard) capacity magazines have bought large numbers of these items. With the special cutouts/grand fathering/ban sunset they plan to make a killing by selling the items as “preban” They do not care about safety they care about lining their wallets. / Furthering their political careers.

  37. F–k Wapo.

    They’re scumbags of the highest degree who are the first to believe they’re the salt of the earth.

  38. The “mass shootings” with misnamed “assault rifles” are incredibly rare. Here are the most recent:
    US mass shootings.

    Las Vegas, 2017: 50+ killed
    Orlando, 2016: 50 killed
    Virginia Tech, 2007: 32 killed
    Sandy Hook, 2012: 27 killed
    San Ysirdo, 1984: 21 killed
    San Bernadino, 2015: 14 killed
    Edmond, 1986: 14 killed
    Fort Hood, 2009: 13 killed
    Columbine, 1999: 13 killed

    That’s about 250 deaths in 20 years. What these gun control articles then do is talke about yearly gun deaths. That confuses people to think the yearly number is all from mass shootings.

    In reality:
    “To hear gun control advocates speak, one would be led to believe that gun violence is a widespread problem whereby the mere existence of a gun is as much a problem as the person who intends to wield it. But the reality is that gun homicides are overwhelmingly tied to gang violence. In fact, a staggering 80% of gun homicides are gang-related. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), gang homicides accounted for roughly 8,900 of 11,100 gun murders in both 2010 and 2011. That means that there were just 2,200 non gang-related firearm murders in both years in a country of over 300 million people and 250 million guns.”

  39. The absolutism of the left is no surprise, especially since they think like children. They have fearmongered this issue to it’s maximum extreme and now all their hair has burned off, they have to run around screaming long after the flame has gone out. It seems they thrive on panic… must be the Adderall. I just have to wonder how much of this comes from chemically altered brains.

    The way these people “think” is simplistic and shows an eagerness to do away with real life’s complexities so they can make their thoughts into slogans they can chant, and unknown to them labels them as low IQ people who are incapable of intelligent thought. They recognize neither responsibility nor consequence. They do not see the value in earning things, they are only interested what they can be given, and they demand more every day.

    This is the mob mentality on full display for all to see, but it must be made clear that this cannot stand. A free people cannot be ruled by fear or intimidation of the mob’s screams. America cannot exist in this climate, and we as free Americans can’t bow to their insatiable demands.

  40. Conservatives are simple minded people who apparently are unable to draw a connection between the existence of large numbers of assault style weapons and increased carnage on our streets.

    • Obviously you are just another one of those “useful idiots* the demoscum relies on to spread their message of ignorance. Before you open your mouth and insert your backside again go to the FBI website and look at the REAL crime data and statistics. Stop letting your “leaders” continually pump excrement in all of your orifices. The FACTS will clearly show that over 99% of all gun crimes are committed using easily concealed weapons, not “assault weapons” or “weapons of war”. Stop showing your complete ignorance, look at the REAL facts, and then make an informed comment. That will keep that sh!tee taste out of your mouth for a little while.

  41. The second amendment was put in place in the Bill of Rights for a singular purpose. For the people to have a means to defend against a tyrannical government. Not for hunting or even self-defense although it is such a means. The fledgling United States had just fought a revolutionary war with the most powerful military in the world at the time and won. They were able to win because all Americans were armed (militia) and those arms were the means for them to defeat that strong foreign military. They knew the guns must remain. That is also the reason why it was stated the way it was. “Shall not be infringed.” The second amendment is the most disputed statement in the bill of rights. While the second amendment is also the most abused of all the amendments.

    In actuality the second amendment is the keystone of the whole of the constitution. It helps keep the rest intact. While keeping the federal government restricted when enforced property. The constitution has not been enforce verbatim for over a hundred years ever since Woodrow Wilson. These oppressive socialist/communist are out to fundamentally transform America and that means do away with the constitution and impose a communist state. Make no mistake about that.

    Gun control laws do not work never have never will. Yet government keeps adding more every time there is a mass murder by a crazy or a drug driven person. A demonstration of governments incompetence. What do they expect the new laws to do? Because they accomplish nothing what-so-ever. They know they will accomplish nothing. They are a public pacification act. The reason that is true is simple. They constantly blame the wrong thing. The gun, and no gun can shoot itself it takes a person to pull the trigger. But those making the laws keep on blaming the gun. Therefore, nothing will ever change short of total confiscation which is absolutely impossible in America. Why you ask is it impossible? Because Americans know the history of the 20th century. Consequently they will not comply to any confiscation law! They know what dozens of dictatorships did during that bloodiest century in mankind’s history and therefore will never give up their ability to defend against a tyrannical government. Which I might add is the primary reason why the second amendment was put in place in our bill of rights.
    Contrary to what it seems the gun control lobby would have you believe. Washington Post and many other so called news organizations, that are really propaganda outlets are dead wrong. All that has to be done to prove them wrong is study history. The 20th century was the bloodiest century in mankind’s history. Governments murdered more citizens through dictatorships like hitler, stalin and mao (as well as dozens of other smaller countries like Cuba) then all the wars ever fought in the world combined. You can also throw in all the mass murders carried out throughout the world combined as well. Somewhere between 170 million and 260 million or more citizens were murdered by their own governments. All that was necessary was to confiscate the guns. Take the means of the governed citizens to defend themselves away and they become quite vulnerable to the mercy of the people in charge and in this case all were dictatorships who demanded total and complete control of the people. Like all dictators before them they feared an uprising of the people against their tyranny. Those seen as a threat were in one way or another murdered by their government. Some were marched to open pits and shot, others gassed, some hung, others were beaten to death and other even starved to death (Ukraine under stalin). Anyone who says such a thing could not happen in the United States of America is wrong. That is exactly what the people of Germany, China, Russia and a couple dozen other smaller countries as well thought. “Such a horrible thing could never happen here.” But it did. It is rumored mao in china alone may have murdered over a hundred million while stalin in the USSR also may have murdered over a hundred million as well. Think about that let it sink in for a moment. Very nearly the population of the US murdered. The actual figure is not known and likely never will be known.

    After we who are paying attention see (over the past decade or so but at least under the Obama administration) how much the left has begun to hate anyone who disagrees with them who thinks they would hesitate to murder those who fight them and their takeover attitude? We have examples of how much the oppressive socialists/communists who are out to “fundamentally transform” this country hate conservatives and rest assured they would murder us in a second if they thought they could get away with it. Maxine Waters is a perfect example of that hatred. But she is just one example there are dozens many dozens if not more.

    The WaPo says those who fail to vote for gun control want children slaughtered are spewing propaganda. Those who vote for gun control and confiscation are voting for the government to murder it citizens who do not agree with government like has happened millions of times before and we can prove it!

    Unless America can elect people to help get this nation back on track we will surely end up in another civil war. Electing any democrat next Tuesday may add to that possibility.

  42. Go ahead and vote for “gun control” It won’t make any difference in crime; but you can feel so good about yourself. It’s the leftist way!

  43. I thought it was because I don’t want children killed that we want access to defensive technology.

    • Having read the article that is here the subject of comment, I’m given to wonder as to who or what is is that winds up the Washington Post, more likely overwinds it?

  44. About half of the mass shootings are by under 30 year olds.The kids who are ruined by no spankings no winners at games everybody gets a trophy we have raised a generation of effed up kids

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