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New look Rock Island Armory 1911 (courtesy

The firearms industry is configured for two main product launch cycles: the January SHOT Show and the NRA Convention (about four months thereafter). SHOT dominates; if you don’t bring a new product to Vegas you’re considered an also-ran. (You could say gunmakers shoot their wad at SHOT but I couldn’t possibly comment.) It’s a stupid set-up born at a time when the gun press was dead tree-based with a six-month lead time, when writers were closerthanthis with manufacturers. TTAG’s done its part to kill the system. We blog every damn thing we can at SHOT, eliminating the drip, drip, drip upon which the gun mags depended. On the downside . . . crickets chirping. Hey! Rock Island Armory’s moved their logo to the back of the slide! Press release after the jump . . .

Pahrump, NV – Rock Island Armory, the world’s largest seller of 1911 pistols, has introduced a new look for their entire line of popular handguns.  Guided by customer feedback and a shift to provide a more streamlined look, Rock Island Armory has moved their logo from the side of the slide to the back of the slide displaying the distinctive Rock Island Armory logo.  The company is now shipping all 1911 pistols with the new look.

“Two of the things that are important to us are staying true to the legendary standard platform of the 1911 and the second is listening to our customers,” said Martin Tuason, President of Rock Island Armory.  “We were ready to refresh the look of our pistols and we heard a lot of feedback that the subtle change to a smaller logo at the back of the slide would give our 1911’s a more distinctive and streamlined look.”

The new visual change to the company’s 1911 pistols follows on the heels of the addition of rubber grips to the 1911 Tactical Series.  Rock Island Armory’s global lineup of 1911 pistols includes the GI, Tactical, 2011 Tactical, Match, MAP/MAPP and the company’s revolutionary TCM series.

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  1. “On the downside . . . crickets chirping.”

    Somebody ought to review one o’ them newfangled 1911s. Maybe having the logo at the back makes it shoot different!

      • NO.

        I demand, DEMAND that my firearms look like a NASCAR machine shop reject. I’m going to get the Tide (TM) logo on it next.

        maybe somma’ them lil’ logos too..

        logos… logos..

        • So does that mean the .50 AE does all of the above 2x over, as well as rapes your family???

          Just curious.

    • Have you ever even handled one? I have one and it eats whatever I feed it, even 12 year old reloads I found when moving. Fit and finish, while perhaps not up to Baer or Wilson standards, are excellent for any firearm in the price range. Just because it is made overseas doesn’t mean it’s low quality. Remember, when we could still buy Norinco 1911s, they were a preferred basis for a custom build, mostly due to better steel that would last longer before needing a refit.

      • David’s right. My RIA 9mm eats everything and shoots smoother than my Sig.

        Your comment leaves me thinking you don’t have much experience with them.

    • I own a RIA as well . Full size. It shoots or out shoots the other 1911’s. It is not as pretty as the Colt 1911, but I found almost all the parts are interchangeable.

  2. Finally, some real innovation in the firearms industry. I’m sure that Ruger and Smith & Wesson will soon demonstrate equal creativity by placing their logos on the rear of the slide.

    • The only problem with RIA 1911s was the huge ass roll mark on the side. Now it’s not there any more and is very diminutive at best.

      For $500 it is the best value proposition 1911 you can buy and can hold a candle to a 1911 two or three times it’s price. It’s definitely on par with a Colt or Springfield I would say and better than Kimber nowadays.

  3. Didn’t know they were the largest manufacturers of 1911’s. But considering they have a good product at a reasonable price, it’s not surprising. I’ve had an RI Tactical for more than (sheesh) a couple decades and the thing just keeps on ticking…

  4. With all do respect, Rock Island Armory’s old logo was better than their new piece of crap. Any way to make the logo smaller and less noticeable is great in my book. Now I’ll consider buying one again. But my first dibs is on their old logo 1911s.

  5. “On the downside . . . crickets chirping.” Ohh, poor you!

    If you are that bored, feel free to ship me a few examples of the new guns along with a few thousand rounds and I can test them out. I’m thinking that cycle time and felt recoil will both be impacted by the changed center of gravity brought about by the new location of the logo.

    While I’m at it, please send me twin Israeli supermodels, one with a tattoo on the lower back, one with tattooed ankles. Again, cycle time and felt recoil must be tested.

    • “twin Israeli supermodels” Methinks the Duke has outgrown his hat! I wouldn’t be able to handle that, but if he can, “me ‘ats off to the Duke!”

  6. I have one of their 9mm/.22 TCMs on order. I have fired one owned by a friend, and if mine is as good I will recommend it to all y’all.

  7. How about an epic PF-9 run-it-dry-until-it-breaks-test? Then everyone could gripe about it and maybe get a gun manufacturer in AZ to whine (because KT would just post it on their FB page and grin). And…and…and…. bloggers could maybe blog about it !?!? OK.. maybe not.

    • That nutter IraqVeteran888 did this with his Hill country buddy with (I believe) a Hi-Point (spelling?).

      Eventually it digressed into them sticking a bolt in the end of the damn thing with a clamp. That’s literally the only thing that killed it.

      Google it – I don’t want to post the link here because I know they’re trying to keep inline you-tube videos out of the comments but I don’t know how to do that.

      • When you paste the YouTube link into your comment, lop the http:// off the front of it, so it just starts with the www. part. It will hotlink instead of embed.

        And thanks for caring.

  8. 1911’s were state-of-the-art in…1911.

    Today they belong in the museum.

    It’s gonna be hard to say the same about a P220.

    Bring it! I wanna hear.

    (Sig Forever!)

    • Out of curiosity, how does a P220, Glock, M&P, etc, operate in a more “modern” fashion? They all use the Browning design of operation.

      If it comes down to capacity, you can get a double stack 1911.

      Plastic (“polymer”) != “inherently better/modern”

  9. Decent gun, decent price, and now better looking logo. I know it ain’t big news, but I’d rather talk about this than Zimmerman any day of the f-n’ week. RIA makes a commander, right? Need a summer carry. 🙂

  10. “1911′s were state-of-the-art in…1911.

    Today they belong in the museum.

    It’s gonna be hard to say the same about a P220”.

    Yup, I guess that’s why sig started making 1911’s?

  11. I own 3 Rocks. A .45, a 38 Super and a 9mm, all three shoot anything I feed them. All three are tack drivers. I would take any of them over a plastic Glock any day of the week.

  12. I am just waiting for California DOJ to declare that this is a “new” model that can’t be grandfathered onto the roster, and therefore cannot be sold unless it incorporates an LCI, a mag disconnect and microstamping technology….

  13. Agree 110% with Mark who said: “I am just waiting for California DOJ to declare that this is a “new” model that can’t be grandfathered onto the roster, and therefore cannot be sold unless it incorporates an LCI, a mag disconnect and microstamping technology”….

  14. I liked my RIA tactical so much I sold my Colt! Honestly, the RIA outshot it . . . So did my Ruger SR1911cmd. Great pistols!

  15. Someone should tell Armscor that Rock Island Armory isn’t in the Philippines. Then again SA wasn’t in Illinois either.


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