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After being found not guilty in the second degree murder of Trayvon Martin (you may have heard about that…it was in all the papers) George Zimmerman’s gun rights were restored. Unfortunately, George just can’t manage to stay out of the news and he’s now apparently been arrested for allegedly assaulting his father-in-law. And possibly his wife. As is economically reporting, “Police: George Zimmerman’s wife calls police, saying he threatened her and her dad with a gun.” Early reports indicated that he’s in custody. Others have contradicted that. Pretty much par for the media course. But given an assault charge investigation with a gun allegedly involved, Big George can probably say goodbye to his gun rights. Again. Unless he’s acquitted. Again.

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  1. ABC News has more:

    Her attorney told ABC News that Zimmerman pulled a knife on her today after she discovered a firearm in the house they shared. He then pulled a gun on her and her father after a verbal altercation went bad, according to attorney Kelly Sims.

        • He didn’t say that…

          I think the question is, did she discover the gun and just mention it, or did she discover the gun and point it at him (even to say “what the hell is this doing here?”).

        • Oh, I misread (or mistyped in haste), but my question stands. I don’t get from any of the reports so far that “she pulled a gun.” That is pure conjecture.

    • I was talking to my Dad about it over the weekend, and his opinion was that the irresponsible behavior (traffic infractions, etc.) were just him acting like he probably always has, except now we hear all about it.

      I don’t think his wife is causing trouble just for the sake of being vindictive, but from the interviews I’ve seen I think she has serious issues with George’s post-trial behavior. Not to put too fine a point on it, but her words were, “He’s been acting like he’s invincible.”

      …Or he got away with murder.

      • Almost all of us get pulled over at one time or another. But I do know divorces often get very ugly, I’ve seen firsthand some outrageous allegations and behavior.

        So, I really could see either story being true– he did exactly what she said he did due to the stress he’s been through and a crumbling marriage. Or, she’s so stressed, fed-up and angry that she’s willing to punish him by rendering him defenseless. As well as setting herself up for a good portion of whatever money he may get from his lawsuits.

        • I used to get pulled over a lot. Enough so I had a couple license suspensions from points. However, I grew up, wised up, and in seven years I’ve been pulled over only once, and have not had a single ticket. This guy is currently on a tear like an “I’m gonna live forever” teenager.

        • Don’t forget the insurance policies on George she is pushing for in the divorce. She would profit big time if an unarmed Georgie gets killed.

        • @Blue,

          Maybe some family law professionals can help me out, but isn’t it a little… unusual to have such a permanent life insurance stipulation in the case of a childless divorce?

          • I am no divorce lawyer, but it is the first time I have heard of such a thing. It would make me feel a bit weird walking around being worth more dead than alive.

      • In his previous trial he was found to be “not guilty.”
        He was not found to be “not a dumbass.”

    • The fact that earlier in the day she pitched the divorce court for a “permanent life insurance policy” on Georgie and the fact that she just got him “disarmed” on a “domestic violence accusation” it sounds fishy coming from a convicted liar. You can damn well bet she knew the 911 call was being recorded and it sounds like a drama class act going down on her part.

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  3. i don’t believe any if this. Mr Zimmerman’s wife is divorcing him I would not put it past a feuding wife to make up a ridiculous story.

    • Especially given the fact she knows 911 calls are recorded and what an impact they can have on public opinion.

  4. He’s having a total breakdown after a baseless prosecution by that hideous cow Angela Corey, two baseless FBI investigations, death threats, a broken marriage (which may have been on the rocks before the the beatification of St. Trayvon), no job — I guess that what happens when you defend yourself in America against Obama’s son.

      • 50% of America thinks you are a monster who hunted down and murdered a 12 year old boy. No chance of normalcy ever, the President accuses you of murdering his son, the justice department is asking every person who ever met you if you’ve said anything remotely racist, and the media calls for your blood daily. These people destroyed this man’s life, and his blood is on their hands.

    • Aside from the sympathy: Wouldn’t you think GZ’s attorney would have called him and said “Don’t you go near your wife or her family” the minute the wife’s filing for divorce hit the papers? I would have. She needs money very badly.

  5. Georgie Porgie, Puddin’ and Pie,
    Kissed the girls and made them cry,
    When the boys came out to play
    Georgie Porgie ran away.

  6. Heh. I was involved in a divorce where my soon-to-be-ex-wife and her parents all filed police reports accusing me of physically abusing them and her children, which I was able to prove to be all fabrications and lies, but not until after I had been served a restraining order, etc. And that was only the tip of the iceberg.

    After all the trouble GZ has been in with the TM shooting, don’t you think he would be extremely hesitant, almost to a fault, of ever pulling a gun again, on anyone? Ever? I think I would be.

    Given that, and my own past experience, I am calling pure BS on the part of his soon-to-be-ex-wife and in-laws.

    Let’s see some facts before we convict (again), shall we?

  7. Lost job:check.
    Ruined public reputation:check.

    Oh,the stuff great marriages are made of.
    Almost forgot :a media which is pissed you’re still drawing free air.

    At this point,if Zimmerman so much as gets a parking ticket in front of an FFL i’ll be reported as “attempted vehicular homicide…with a gun”.

  8. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and think maybe wifey wants to parachute to safety with most of George’s stuff.

    • I’m sure the topic of the remaining balance of donation money from the defense fund is a topic of much discussion in the Zimmerman household. Windfall money has a way of bringing out the best in everyone.

      • It raises the question know that she may have been trying to pull a fast one behind GZ and O’Mara’s back when she got caught in a lie that led to her perjury charge.

    • “wifey wants to parachute to safety with most of George’s stuff.”

      We know that George has an pickup with a fair amount of use, a brand new handgun, and a defense fund that was largely (entirely?) depleted. I get the impression that George doesn’t have a lot to declare on his taxes.

  9. We should have offered him a bonus to stay out of trouble.
    The MSM says Muslims that blow themselves up, do NOT represent Islam, but…
    When GZ blows himself up, he does represent all gun owners.
    See how that works.
    Apparently he did not realize being a gun rights poster child, he might have had just tad more responsibility to gun rights advocacy than a lot of us. It’s not like he did not receive support from that corner.(wanted or not)

    Kinda’ like the March of Dimes kid (crutches and all) being discovered in the Casino at the slot machines with a stack of those coin cards.

    • Whether this story is a crocked up story be his wife, it will definitely be cannon fodder for Al “Mack Daddy” Sharpton and Jesse Jackwagon during the next years SYG bashing.

  10. It’s fair to say we have an excellent local PD. I was in talking to a detective one day nine years ago. He said it was becoming apparent that running-on-empty divorce lawyers advise their female clients to call the police on the slightest pretext of spousal aggression or violence. The SOP in the area is to remove the man from the house in cuffs. If he usually carries a gun, say “and he had a gun, and was threatening. I was very scared.” In a darkly humorous note, the only ex-spouse shooting in the area happened last month. A resident of my town visited her ex in the neighboring counting, argued about custody and shot her. Even lesbians don’t handle the thing well. GZ’s wife is broke, bankrupt. If she pulls off a really good mugging of George, perhaps Crump will, uh, help her out?

  11. If I was paranoid, I would wonder if the plea deal she received on the perjury charge recently might have included an agreement to sell George down the river. But given the ethical purity displayed by the local legals, I couldn’t imagine such a corrupt scenario being true.

  12. The stink of tribalism and woman-hatred here is a tad sickening.
    He’s a Man with a Gun, so he’s obviously pure and blameless.
    She’s divorcing him so she’s obviously a vindictive liar.
    No rush to judgment here, no not at all

    • Sorry, realism based on life’s lessons learned the hard way isn’t woman hatred or tribalism. Read my posts above. I don’t see anyone claiming a lying wife as a certainty, just a possibility that does need to be considered before we rush to judgement.

      Again, ask any middle-aged man and he’ll know at least a few men whose ex-wives lied and tried to destroy them in the divorce proceedings. I’ve seen allegations like Mrs. Zimmerman’s made against Navy sailors who were actually underway on a ship/ or standing duty at the times threatening incidents were alleged to have occurred.

      Similarly, their are many women with horror stories about truly abusive husbands. Especially husbands going through stressful times.

      So, I’m on the fence awaiting details and corroboration.

    • How dare we accuse an estranged woman of making something up, right? I’m glad we have the benefit of your vast wisdom and belief of the “official” stories despite the fact that they are contradictory.

    • Tribalism >>>> Really? Doesn’t sound like you’ve spent much time here if you honestly believe that… Save the group-think crap for your knitting club…

    • Not sure why YOU are going all sexist, A. Nuran. But you don’t have to hate women to observe that women who’ve made bad marriages and who want out, and who know they can hit the lottery in doing so, will often say and do just about anything to spin the situation their direction.

      And when somebody wants out of a marriage with a judged-innocent but media-vilified figure, she knows she can get all sorts of attention for saying anything that fits with the biases of the vilifiers. I half expected her to accuse George Zimmerman of pointing a chicken finger at her at some juncture.

      When someone who is known to file false 911 reports against her (apparently estranged) husband comes out saying he done her wrong, I sniff country music come to life in a form likely to resemble a drama queen. Not “tribalism and woman-hatred.”

      And from what I’m reading she too had a gun…but what I’m reading is corporate media crapola. Any facts that manage to emerge will take awhile to do so. Unless of course one’s tribalism involves credulity where corporate media are concerned.

      As has already been pointed out, a person doesn’t have to be a saint to be innocent in our system of law. In fact even nimrods and nincompoops can be innocent of charges.

      Yo, SkyMan77? Don’t be a dork. At my knitting club we make cozies for our hunting rifles. Also custom camo and concealed carry wear/accessories.

      • LOL… Okay, guilty as charged but at least I’m in better company now… Can I order one for my M1A in flat dark earth… 🙂

    • Well, I guess there’s something to be said for hard learned lessons, the police have indicated they found no gun when they showed up to investigate, and Shellie has now changed her story to say she never saw a gun.

      Unfortunately its crap like this then makes it harder for women who really are in danger to be believed.

  13. I can’t fault the guy for being a bit off kilter; PTSD doesn’t just affect soldiers. He killed someone, whether in self defense or not, I’m sure it weighs on him that he took a life. He should seek some help with that. The signs are all there. I honestly feel bad for the dude, his life is in shambles.

    • PTSD… “He should seek some help with that”

      If he does he will permanently lose his gun rights.
      He’s damned if he does and damned if he don’t.

      • AFAIK, HIPPA laws prevent doctors from disclosing medical records. Having served 3 years active duty and 6 in the Guard with a deployment to Iraq under my belt, I know lots of guys that have sought treatment for PTSD, none of them have had their guns confiscated. Guns and IEDs cause horrible damage to people. Having seen the broken bodies of young men being loaded into our helicopter, It’s hard to not see their faces when I close my eyes sometimes. I wonder if George sees Trayvon’s face and sucking chest wound when he closes his? He should seek help, or just talk to someone. PTSD does not a psycho make. Everyone handles trauma differently. I am still yet to hear of anyone being denied their 2A rights because they sought treatment for it.

        The potential charges stemming from this outburst will be enough for him to have to hand over his guns anyways, so he should get help if he can. This is just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

    • Here’s how it’ll affect GZ: five or ten million Americans will only read the early mistaken reports, and some miss-statements in the 911 call. They’ll be writing blog posts for a year about how GZ threated his wife and father-in-law with a gun “and probably murdered Trayvon.” And they’ll never get the facts, never read the follow-ups. They’ll just stick with the story they liked, the one that fits their narrative about the world.

  14. Yep, going to wait until more facts develop. Still, the dude needs to move far away from that town, trouble just seems to find him (or vice versa).

  15. Hmmm… At the risk of being flamed, how might this affect our perception of his previous brush with the law?

    Irrespective of the outcome of that proceeding, it doth paint his character in an unflattering light — and he was the only surviving eyewitness.

    One might contend that the trials and travails of the past year could easily result in PTSD, but still…

    Cry Havoc, and loose the Dogs of the Blog!

    • As I have had similar thoughts, I’m confident in saying that you and I are not the first people to think along those lines, you’re just the first one to put it into print in these pages.

    • Yet, it doesn’t change the physical evidence a bit. Or the fact that his story matched all the evidence, his complete cooperation with the authorities.

      But I’m sure this will be used by a lot of folks to question the Martin shooting.

    • EDIT: Poor sod; either way with either event, I am fervently grateful to the Powers that Be that I am not him.

      I wish him a peaceful life far from Sanford, Florida and his current life.

    • But where were all the stories of him misbehaving before the trial. I know there were a few minor scrapes but it seems if he were behaving in the past as he appears to be now, the cow Corey would have had her minions bring it out at trial. I think George was pushed over the edge by the whole deal. However I’m not dismissing your opinion, Russ. GZ is certainly an interesting character. Not to mention a challenge to his attorney.

    • Judicial process in our constitutional republic is not reserved for those whose character is demonstrated to be beyond reproof to everybody everywhere for all time.

      Thank god.

  16. Move somewhere else and take a new name. It works if you are on the run from the law, or the news media. It is legal to change your name. Just a bitch to build up all the history ones name has.

  17. Maybe George behaved this way right along. I know that fabricated accusations are made in divorce cases. That is why he should stay away from her.There are two sides to every story.
    On the other hand she is a convicted liar.

    • Just what I was thinking. So far we have seen several people come to bat for George due to his gentle and caring nature. The only thing we really know about his wife is the fact that she was charged with perjury.

  18. Sounds to me like she is cutting dead weight and trying to restore her own reputation. The only way to do that after the country ruined your lives, and the entire black community wants your blood, including the half-n-half prez, is to throw your ex (George) under the bus. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I also know from divorce experience, once the D-word comes out and paperwork gets ink, all bets are off and EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING the stupid b!tch has been harboring comes out… errr I mean everything your soon-to-be ex was holding back.

      • As do I. She never properly rang off, and “there’s a woman” in where?

        Curiouser and curiouser. It smells loud, but it tastes distinctly purple.

        • I was actually giving the benefit of the doubt against George for the wife (despite my own horrible divorce speaking to the contrary) until I heard the snippet at 4:35.

          The anger and jealousy in her voice…

          Here’s what I think happened. George went to get some stuff. His wife (very publicly) stated her intention to divorce him and filed papers. That makes them separated.

          I think ol’ George went and got himself a girlfriend… and was frustrated and hurt with his wife enough (and stupid enough) to bring her by the house when he went to go get something.

          Then the snide remarks started. Nobody, and I mean nobody knows how to push buttons like people who have been married.

          And when you’re in the midst of a divorce, the gloves come off, and every mean thing you could have said for years isn’t held back by love or loyalty anymore and comes out.

          Anyway, I bet that Mrs. Zimmerman’s parents never really liked him (bet she’s an only child) and are now taking everything she says as words from God.

          On the other hand, I think ol’ George is an idiot and is letting his temper get the better of him.

          Standard divorce stuff. This one just happens to have one person involved who is villified by half the country, and the other person who is trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame.

    • WTF?

      “There’s a woman in there?”

      What is that?

      And who is getting fired for releasing this call just an hour or two after it occurred?

  19. If true, they are both dumb as heck. I suspect that both stood to win millions in future lawsuits. (Split two ways, that is still a lot of money.) 🙂 If true, they probably ruined any chance of payback.

  20. UPDATE: soon-to-be ex and father-in-law refuse to press charges. Local LEOs: “no crime, no arrest”.
    Seems there was video of the “incident”. Could that have had something to do with not pressing charges?

  21. 1:42 PM PT — Lake Mary Police Chief Steve Bracknell tells us, Shellie and her father have declined to press charges and George will NOT be arrested.

    He said, “My understanding is that she never saw his firearm and that is what she is now telling us. So George Zimmerman is free to go and will not be arrested at this time.

  22. I’m betting before this whole Trayvon Martin case that he was pretty normal and stayed out of trouble. But, the whole incident, having to kill someone, go through all the death threats and the trial, and have his life ruined….all this had traumatized Zimmerman and changed him forever. It looks like he’s a different person now.

        • Seems her lawyer was on the scene within minutes, and both father and daughter refused to give sworn statements to the police. Think that might related to the police threat to get a warrant to inspect the security videos?

          One version has the police unsure at the moment if George is the aggressor or the victim.
          Which tells me, among other things, that the father did not show any signs of being attacked.

          But wait… now the local police chief will be fired for not arresting George, and a special persecutor appointed. I’m taking bets on that one.

          Otherwise, an honest prosecutor would seek to have her parole revoked for filing a false 911 report.

        • Think that might related to the police threat to get a warrant to inspect the security videos?

          Sounds like the Police went “Oh, Schumer, not THAT GUY. If we pick HIM up we’re going to be under a goddamn microscope” and did everything possible to ensure there was rock-solid evidence before doing anything official.

          ….and that was before it started to smell like an “-ex may be exaggerating what happened” scenario.

        • @rosignol
          They didn’t want to open a can of worms without rock solid evidence while the story changed as it evolved by someone known not to be credible who had much to gain by it.

  23. You know, if my life sucked as much as George’s, I’d be talking with TLC or TDC or Fox about a reality show. Might as well make a few bucks off my misery.

  24. Well, either this is true, or it’s not. If true then maybe he was just the a-hole who walked from a meeting of two of them. Or maybe he really was crazy enough to be the aggressor and was a guy who got away with murder. Or maybe he is innocent and his estranged wife and fater in law are milking his media created persona to score bank in the divorce.

  25. A few years ago a friend of mine and his wife were having troubles. I’d known them both for several years. Several months of counseling, talking, etc. At times she would tell me she was afraid of him, that he was very jealous…which made no sense to me. Anyway, despite counseling and whatever she decided that maybe she needed to move out for a bit to get some space. She “found” a place the next day, and…we found out she was having an affair. All the months of counseling, telling me she was afraid if him, telling her coworkers that he treated her badly, telling her family lies…all of it was a calculated plan to get a ton of money from my friend when they eventually got divorced. There are women and men who think nothing of being incredibly devious for personal gain. It is shameful and honestly it took a year or so for me to even want to date a woman after this…and I wasn’t the one who really went through it. As of now it sounds like this is BS

  26. It seems that the title, “George Zimmerman About to Say Goodbye To His Gun Rights. Again.” may not be true. From what Ive read, he has not been arrested nor charged with anything. Further, he was allegedly there with his bodyguard, and so far there isn’t any evidence that Zimmerman himself had or used a gun.

    • Yup, of all sites to jump the gun so to speak, TTAG should know better than to follow the lead of the gun-hating mainstream media. For shame………….

  27. George, to steal a line from Monty Python, “Run Away!” Far away. As far as you can get. Change your name and vanish.

    I have selfish reasons for the advice, George. I’m sick of the same old round robin arguments here every time your name pops up. Have a good life, just do it privately.

    • Right. Today a horse and carriage [and marriage] are things that are only useful for the sake of nostalgia. Or collecting a lot of manure.

    • Where the crazy ex-old lady is the horse, you’re the carriage, she drags you along for ride, and drags you through all her shiitake mushrooms.

  28. He really just needs to get out of Florida, move to a rural area and simply disappear from the public sphere. Changing his name would be a good start. His wife wants to cash in on the money he’ll get from his NBC slander suit, but then again, her life was just as negatively impacted by the media smear campaign as it was for George’s, so I’d say she’s definitely entitled to some of it.

    There goes my hopes of having MSNBC go bankrupt before 2016.

  29. I suspect that this situation may not be George’s fault, but George’s behavior seems consistent with someone who has become increasingly depressed and frustrated. You can’t blame the guy: I wouldn’t want to be under the microscope from a hostile press while going through a divorce.

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