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Fearless Leader seems to really like going on Gun Owners of America Radio. In fact, it seems like he’s on there every week. Which makes sense, since we can’t keep him away from the “Publish” button on TTAG either. Anyway, have a listen to the latest chat between our own RF and Bill Frady. And yes, its on the podcast.

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  1. Robert, You can’t remember one single incident of a concealed carry causing collateral damage. I suppose, in order to maintain some integrity with that remarkable statement, you have to narrow down the parameters. You have to exclude guys like this who drop their guns causing negligent discharges. And you’d have to overlook all the ones like
    this guy who stupidly leave their guns laying around or the ones who shoot themselves by “accident.” I guess they don’t count.

    And what about all those who shoot at animals and hit people instead, like this
    skunk shooter skunk shooter.

    And let’s not forget the ones who become out and out murderers.

    No, you’re absolutely right. I can’t recall a single incident like the Empire State shooting in which civilians acted as bad a cops often do. One possible explanation could be that in spite of the ridiculous numbers you guys put on DGU shootings, they are fairly rare, whereas the cops are out there doing their job every day. That could have something to do with it.


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