Kyle Rittenhouse
(Adam Rogan/The Journal Times via AP)
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Attorney Lin Wood has an impressive record of success suing entities that libel his clients. See what he’s done so far for Nicholas Sandmann as an example. Wood is also busy these days representing Kyle Rittenhouse, defending him against murder and other charges stemming from the August shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin. But that doesn’t mean his client is an open target for unfounded, libelous accusations.

In an effort to paint President Trump as a white supremacist-enabling racist, Joe Biden’s campaign has produces a video claiming that Trump supports far right racialist violence:

The video includes an image of Rittenhouse carrying a rifle in Kenosha, clearly implying that the teen is himself a white supremacist. That provoked this response from Wood:

Biden isn’t the first to try to paint Rittenhouse as a white supremacist, but he’s a repeat offender. This, despite zero evidence of that turning up so far in anything the 17-year-old has said or written on social media. It seems that in the eyes of Joe Biden and his handlers — and an increasing number of those on the left — anyone who owns a firearm, defends himself, or dares to disagree with leftist dogma in any way can and will be classified as a racist, a white supremacist or both.

If Lin Wood’s record is any indicator, the Biden Campaign will find itself a few dollars lighter some time in the not-too-distant future. Watch this space.

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    • If you don’t grovel at their feet, you’re a white supremacist.

      If you DO grovel at their feet, they’re going to kick you in the teeth, then urinate on you.

      • The democRat marxist media needs to denounce white leftist supremacist scumbags that are trying to replace The Constitution of The United States with the communist manifesto.

        The democRat Party should be held liable for its legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics, Gun Control and other race based atrocities. Make no mistake about it…The democRat Party is liable for Monetary Reparations and They know it. That’s why they have spent years slandering and libeling others in an effort to scrub away layers of their racist filth all at the expense of everyone but themselves. The only words today’s democRat slave masters need to hear is, stfu and Pay Up.

        • The democrats should be held liable, I mean I did hear Joe Biden say he was “the Democratic Party”.soooooo I guess that means the Democratic Party called Kyle a white supremacist. Time for pay day.

      • And after they kick you in the teeth and piss all over you, you’ll STILL be a white supremacist, because you wouldn’t have subjected yourself to all that if you didn’t have something terrible to atone for.

        • The only atonement that would satisfy the left is our deaths. Either the quick execution in front of the pit or a slow death from malnutrition and disease while performing labor for “the people”.

    • For people on The Left, “white supremacist” means whatever they want it to mean. Saw a geezer in a nice old pickup the other day = white supremacist. MAGA hats = white supremacist. Guns and 2nd Amendment = white supremacist. Market capitalism = white supremacist. It just goes on and on.

      • job=white supremacist dont have a criminal record = white supremacist vote for law and order=white supremacist dont want open borders = white supremacist raise your children =white supremacist and the list goes on

        • Don’t want your children to be indoctrinated with leftist ideas=white supremacist…
          Wants to practice christianity=white supremacist…
          Thinks we should nuke the middle east=white supremacist…

    • they like to use big words and refer to big ideas they dont understand
      it gives them a sense of self worth to counteract the feelings they get because of their pathetic shitty lives

  1. Hit him in the pocket! That’s what I’ve heard all my life, the bastards hurt most when you dive into their purses!


  2. Young Kyle doesn’t fit the mold of the Democratic Party, he gave first aid to hurt people, put out a literal dumpster fire, and maintained ammo conservation when he was attacked. He did what I taught my soldiers, engage the immediate threat with accurate fire and not a indiscriminate waste of ammunition. He did what true Americans do without regard to skin color or socioeconomic status.

    No social media postings have risen to paint him as a supremacists or racists, which would be everywhere if such posts existed, so I cannot see labeling as anything such as a supremacists or Democrat.

    • Unfortunately thats not the case, I have a few pretty liberal leaning people in my FB friends list who have posted plenty of stuff saying he is a supremacist/racist etc.

      • I think he meant that there’s nothing racist in Rittenhouse’s social media presence — which there obviously isn’t, or the usual suspects would’ve trotted it out as “evidence” already.

        Plenty of people out there making unfounded claims and reaching stupid conclusions, though. There always will be; it’s what social media is best at.

      • I don’t use FB, but have buddies that do and they say it gets exhausting trying to calmly explain the truth to their blind Dem/anti/leftist/liberal friends.

        • believing anything a picture with words on FB says is a problem. For all parties involved.

  3. So sick of the left using minorities as useful idiots for their Marxist, scorched earth , terrorist effort to coerce America into submitting to Communist rule. The “white supremacist” mantra is yet another phony race baiting divide and conquer strategy.

    Anyone with eyes, ears, and half a brain knows that in real world terms, beyond a few fringe moron nut jobs, there is no real white supremacist “movement” in the US.

    President Trump was absolutely correct to identify and call out the violent Marxist left as the problem, and the ONLY problem. This is an attempted Marxist takeover of our entire system, underpinned by a serious effort vis a vis violent terrorist leftist mobs of Democrat (Biden) voters and supporters seeking to bully and intimidate the entire country into submission through the violent tyranny of mob rule.

    This my friends is precisely why the 2nd Amendment exists.

  4. What is wrong with white supremacy? Why should whites be supreme in their own countries?

    Should Japanese be supreme in Japan? Nobody wants to live in countries where blacks are supreme.

    • I’m always on the lookout for the dumbest thing said on the internet that day, and today you won it. So for the first time in your life, you’re a winner.
      You know white isn’t an nationality, right? Neither is black. But Japanese…

    • The USA is not a white country.
      You are showing your IGORANCE!
      I am a 59 year old veteran, white male & you are wrong.

      • “thanks for your service and all that”
        >if its true
        but white supremacist debate or not
        nobody cares about the opinion of veterans who play the veteran card for the sole purpose of using it as a cudgel to beat up others to bolster their politics in an online forum

        • Latent regrets on not enlisting/serving?

          Not saying you’re wrong….definitely not saying you’re right.
          Yet, what is your motivation for self anointed veteran comment police chief?
          Repeat after me……Serenity now. (deep breath)

    • “What is wrong with white supremacy? Why should whites be supreme in their own countries? Should Japanese be supreme in Japan? Nobody wants to live in countries where blacks are supreme.”

      Extremely poor attempt at impersonating the imaginary boogeymen you are attempting to smear… If they actually existed – and in real terms – they are strictly a Marxist fabrication, there would be no need for your crappy ham handed impersonation. N’est pas?

  5. Well, it’s about time stepped up to hold the left responsible for what they say…for too long, the left has held POTUS’s feet to the fire for what he’s said or didn’t say, now the tables are about to turn, weaponize the left’s off the cuff statements and outright lies against them…

  6. When Lin Wood comes after you either jump off as bridge or pay up. Jim Crow Gun Control democRat joe has praised former Klansmen, he helped concoct “Midnight Basketball” targeting Blacks, he helped pass laws incarcerating Blacks, he outright bullied the once USSC Nominee Clarence Thomas, etc.
    Jim Crow Gun Control joe biden is certainly no friend to Black Americans and now he is in deep dodo for calling a 17 year old a White Supremacist. Anyone who votes for joe biden is voting for a man with a history of racist attributes.

    • Wow. I want to vote for jOeBiden now.

      Dems are the real racists!

      Debbie- go make your husband a sandwich.

      • Looks like uber-liberals are closet chauvinists too. Might explain why so many want to remove firearms from the equation, the one thing that levels the playing field for women not to be victims of physical/sexual assault because without them, men clearly have the advantage.

        It’s so funny how the people out there decrying fascists the loudest are literally employing every play from the fascist playbook…and most don’t even realize it.

    • This is going to cost them hundreds of millions. Can you imagine what discovery will involve? They’ll pay and quickly.

  7. Some here claim that the prefatory clause of the 2nd Amendment is really an operative clause that limits the bearing arms to militia members not separated from their militia. They also claim Kyle was a clueless child, who shouldn’t have been interfering with ANTIFA and BLM.

    “Anybody here recall that “A well regulated militia…” part of it? You know that refers to training as a group, not running around unsupported with no earthly idea what in the hell you are doing there!

    He defended himself but he should have been home with his momma, not pretending to be all grown up. Which he is clearly not.”


    I don’t see evidence of immaturity or lack of awareness in his actions myself. We do have video.

    • “A well regulate militia” is merely a reason for the right. The right itself labels an individual’s right to keep and bear arms. US Code defines militia as all males 17-45 and females and all other males in other age groups who want to be. That’s literally everyone who decides to care about the security of themselves and their freedom.

      • Then why, pray tell, is he considered old enough to be tried as an adult? And, if old enough to be tried as an adult why is he not old enough to carry gun? You can’t have it both ways!

    • It’s more absurd the more you unravel that notion.
      Let’s assume that 2A *only* was related to militia and/or military service.
      So a newly founded Country felt it necessary to spell out, in a document that specifically lays out what the Government *cannot do*, that the Government’s ability to arm that military should not be infringed? Whom would they (the Government) need that protection from?

  8. I hope the next debate is 90 minutes of Trump and Biden calling each other racist because that would accurately reflect the state of the nation. Maybe throw in a “I know you are but what am I?” for good measure.

  9. Don’t forget to sue Fox News as well. Chris Wallace set the stage by pretending that Rittenhouse was a violent white supremacist. Why didn’t Wallace ask Joe about the self-proclaimed Antifa guy with the prominent BLM tattoo on his neck? You know, the guy that straight up assassinated someone because they had different political views. Why didn’t he ask Joe to compare and contrast how those two guys were arrested? One was extremely violent, and one wasn’t. But I guess that sort of nuance would make Chris a real journalist, which we now know he isn’t.

    • Lin Wood should go scorched-earth policy and sue EVERYONE who has slandered/libeled his client. Seriously, that “directing the narrative” (by making up shit and perpetuating abject lies) bullshit needs to fucking stop.

      Some lone guy on the street filming (without commentary) on his phone and uploading the video is more actual news than any news channel, site, blog, etc. out there, because other than the direction the camera is pointed in, the camera has no bias. Our 4th Estate is dead.

      The only journalism left is yellow journalism. They just pick the bits of truth that fits their agenda and fill in the rest of the blanks with speculative or often-times outright fantasy to alter perceptions.

      The more I think about it, really think about it, does mankind really fucking deserve to be here? We act like such assholes most of the time, and unfortunately I don’t think our time here has made the planet any better…not even for ourselves in the long-run.

    • DUDE…Wallace AIN’T FOX news.Merely an employee or perhaps even less. He’s also a part of the leftard/RINO bunch imported recently & a few years ago(Donna Bazile,Juan WIlliams and other’s). Greta Van and Sheppard Smith found their way to Cnn,Cnbc,Msnbc quickly. Ironically FOX is easily the most “fair & balanced network. To their detriment…

      • I get what you’re saying, but when you sue, you go after the money. Fox News is worth more than Chris Wallace. If Wallace was acting as an independent contractor, then he should be personally responsible.

        As far as “fair and balanced,” the debate was anything but that. However, I recall in 2016, that people on the left and the right all agreed that Chris Wallace was the fairest moderator out of the three debates, which is probably why he got the job this year.

        • Trump needs to be ready to tell the moderators that it’s their job to ask the questions, and Biden’s job to answer his questions and debate Trump’s answers. Furthermore, Trump won’t stand idly by and let the moderator insult Biden by behaving as if Biden can’t do his job and needs the moderator to do it for him. Now, Mr Moderator, I’m demanding you apologize to Mr Biden, right now, and shut up and let Mr Biden debate me.

      • Wallace works for Fox. When he’s on the job, he’s an official representative of Fox. Part of his job, in fact, is to be a public face for Fox. If Wallace does something actionable while mediating a debate for Fox, Fox is liable for Wallace’s actions. Especially if the company goes out of its way to congratulate him on ‘a job well done’.
        If Wallace had used KR’s name and likeness, Fox would be in a barrel of kimchi due to Wallace’s behavior.

        Fox was -past tense- “fair and balanced”, but that was a long time ago. Now with swamp creature Paul Ryan on the board and a big push from the top floor, it’s been moving steadily leftward.

  10. They only got three positive comments from The Proud Boys to quote in that commercial? I would have expected far more than that. Only having three quotes is some weak sauce.

  11. They can say what they want about Rittenhouse. Certainly don’t see him as a WS myself. Just know he meets my definition of a dumbs*#t mall cop wannabe opportunist that watched too many action hero movies. Any bets on who plays him when this movie version comes out? A young Louie Anderson perhaps?

    • And you reached that conclusion because he retreated from attackers repeatedly, and only defended himself when faced with likelihood of death or great bodily harm?

      • Yep, run armed into a hostile crowd to put out a dumpster fire. What was in there his prom baby? I’m only wondering whether he’ll serve time or just get a diversion program with lifetime loss of his 2A rights (which he deserves).

  12. I found it utterly galling that Trump said that the Proud Boys should stand down, but when they responded saying that they were standing down and standing by, somehow that made Trump’s suggestion a statement of support of white supremacy. It doesn’t compute.

    Meanwhile, where was Joe asking Antifa and BLM to stand down? Well, we know the answer: the left is claiming that it is the white supremacists who are causing all of the violence, and if the police and the white supremacists would stand down, why then there would be no violence at all. Such a lie! The white supremacist and other militia groups are not rioting, burning, or clashing with the police. They fight when attacked.

    • If the police and other white supremacists stood down, BLM and ANTIFA can then burn, loot, and murder in peace.

    • “I found it utterly galling that Trump said that the Proud Boys should stand down”

      Mark, I’m surprised that you would totally misrepresent Donald Trump‘s actual statement.

      Trumps actual statement was “stand back and stand by”.

      And we all know what stand by means, don’t we… It means be prepared for immediate action.

      And so you get what we have, a self-proclaimed proud boy member Alan Swinny, arrested on 12 charges the day after the president gave the proud boys their warning order.

      Maybe one day the proud boys will actually grow up, their testicles will descend and they will become proud men. But I doubt it.

  13. Surprised not to see RACIST as a tag along label with White Supremacist as the left uses that more and in conjunction with the aforementioned. Better hurry and file that lawsuit as Biden campaign funds may disappear by election day, though suing him personally too would work!

    • A word that means nothing today. You can only label someone a racist 10,000 times a day and after a few decades it doesn’t really have any relevance.

  14. And now the Proud Boys are suing Biden for labeling them White Supremacists.

    From their web site:

    Core Values Of The Proud Boys

    Minimal Government
    Maximum Freedom
    Anti-Political Correctness
    Anti-Drug War
    Closed Borders
    Anti-Racial Guilt
    Pro-Free Speech (1st Amendment)
    Pro-Gun Rights (2nd Amendment)
    Glorifying the Entrepreneur
    Venerating the Housewife
    Reinstating a Spirit of Western Chauvinism

    “Though these are our central tenets, all that is required to become a Proud Boy is that a man declare he is “a Western chauvinist who refuses to apologize for creating the modern world.” We do not discriminate based upon race or sexual orientation/preference. We are not an “ism”, “ist”, or “phobic” that fits the Left’s narrative. We truly believe that the West Is The Best and welcome those who believe in the same tenets as us”

    BLM had to hide their agenda because the truth was hurting democrats.

    • Especially as the vast majority of BLM are as POC as Ali G (one of Sasha Baron Cohen’s other stage characters).

      • Interesting claim, let’s see what the daily mail has to say:

        “Enrique Tarrio is serving as the Florida state director of a political support group Latinos for Trump, can reveal
        A spokesman for the Trump campaign told that neither Tarrio nor his ‘Latinos for Trump’ are affiliated with the president’s official ‘Latinos for Trump Coalition’
        Tarrio is the national chairman of the Proud Boys, the ‘white supremacist’ group who Donald Trump told to ‘stand back and stand by’ at Tuesday’s debate can reveal that Tarrio, ran for congress as a Republican earlier this year
        Tarrio, 36, has been pictured with Trump confidant Roger Stone who is a Proud Boys member, the president’s son Don Jr, and GOP Senator Ted Cruz
        Cruz co-sponsored a Senate resolution based on a petition written by Tarrio to designate the left wing group Antifa as a ‘domestic terrorist organization’
        Tarrio posted a selfie of him and Donald Trump Jr. online with the caption: ‘Blurry but at least we spoke about the rampant censorship of conservatives’.
        Tarrio is a Cuban American from Miami who was promoted from president of his city’s Proud Boys chapter to become the group’s national chairman in 2018”

        Roger stone, actual republican cuck, is a friend, that says everything a person needs to know doesn’t it.

        I wonder if Roger stone was asking Enrique to bang his wife while he watched?

        I guess Jerry Falwell’s pool boy was busy that night…

        I’m telling you, you conservative sure do have strange role models…

  15. I would LOVE to see Biden and has campaign get wrecked in court for this. Unfortunately I doubt it’ll happen. It’s tough to get a good decision on defamation when it’s something like ‘white supremacist’ because it’s almost meaningless. But it’s worth a shot.

  16. white supremacist:
    n: any person of European descent who disagrees in any way with a person who claims to be “woke”.

    v. a condition of self-induced psychosis. Symptoms include inability to think reasonably or logically, irrational and often violent behavior, a complete lack of ability to delay gratification, incessant and uninterruptable babbling of usually Marxist-inspired sound-bites, and an uncontrollable need to control the behaviors of other people.
    See also: narcissism, totalitarianism, tyrrany.

  17. Hang biden, hillary, comey, brennan, clapper, and anyone else that were a treasonous to this country!

  18. Oops. Looks like Trump caught the Covid, right before the election, no less. Maybe Basement Joe Hiden had a good strategy after all.

    • Two ways that plays out:

      1. Trump is too sick to campaign for October, while the Dems and the media (but I repeat myself) claim that he mismanaged COVID so badly he got himself sick.

      2. Trump’s symptoms are minor, and he credits zinc, hydroxychloroquine and cloroquine for his quick recovery, while pointing out that the Democrats went to great lengths to withhold that longstanding SARS treatment regimen from the peons.

  19. Joe Biden is a scumbag who is being SUED by Kyle Rittenhouse & rightfully so! Biden is a loser just like the rest of his minions. They tilt a jury to expect an outcome by dafaming Kyle calling him a white supremacist. Really? Is Joe Biden this STUPID? He should smoke less crack cocaine with Hunter boy because GOD willing; Kyle Rittenhouse will get the Biden cash, ALL of it. A stupid President with a careless portrayal of a young man defending himself is testament to the stupid decisions Cocaine Joe makes everyday! These leftwing nut cases are why they’re polling so LOW. They’re not the demoRats they used to be. They’re stupid CNN & other networks better get they’re checkbooks ready because after Asshole Joe gets sued; Rittenhouse is coming for the fake news, oh & big tech. The NRA is the best & will ALWAYS be. I enjoy knowing I’m armed & knowing NO ONE will EVER deny my constitutional right to keep & bear arms. I hope those sexual predators on the left will get help 1st, & get brains. They’ll need to raise a lot of money like Biden for being so STUPID. Keep your children AWAY from demoRats & God Bless us “NORMAL FOLKS”


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