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No, the media didn’t “miss the mark.” The portrayal of Kyle Rittenhouse as a rabid, gun-crazy white supremacist was intentional. It’s also the default view of all gun owners by those in the media, especially gun owners who use a firearm to defend themselves.

Online articles dedicate paragraph after paragraph to discussing the “peaceful” protestors and how fearful they were when they saw someone wearing a backwards baseball cap and a gun—that would be Kyle.

Reporters lead with Biden’s words which link Rittenhouse to “white supremacists and white nationalists and Neo-Nazis and the KKK.” Although they are forced to admit that there is absolutely no evidence to connect Rittenhouse with these violent and horrible groups, it’s easy to skip over the disclaimers, which are sandwiched in between repeated Biden quotes.

These same articles barely event attempt to reference the statements from Kyle’s attorneys—his own representatives who are telling the story from his perspective.

But who expects the press to actually care about the facts that make a gun owner look good? There may be exceptions, but in general, mainstream media has about the same amount of unbiased characterization of gun owners as Elizabeth Warren has Indian blood. It just ain’t so, y’all.

– Rachel Malone in Media Completely Missed the Mark on Kyle Rittenhouse

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    • I tend to agree with the caveat that the MSM and political leaders will continue to prop up the narrative when the subject comes up.

      Similar to the “President Trump said Nazis in Virginia were good people” comments one still hears. Which have been totally debunked, lied about, and taken out of context completely.

      I’ve read things similar to this already…’Skateboard guy and the rest were trying to apprehend the shooter…They are the real heroes!! ‘

      • Comparing NotZs to Antifa/BLM, I would much rather deal with the former than the later. I have yet to meet a modern Not Z who will loot and burn the house of a black person or a Jew. Mainly they just blow a lot of hot air, which the 1st Amendment protects them doing.

        On the other hand, Antifa/BLM have demonstrated that they can and will kill, loot, burn, and attack random people and businesses who have nothing to do with their supposed grievances, and they have demonstrated it by doing it.

        Apparently the Not Zs are nice people. Much nicer than the commies.

        • When the Marxist ANTIFA say they hate Nazis, they probably aren’t kidding. Communists and Fascists/Nazis have a long history of fighting each other. When Hitler was consolidating power in the 30’s, some of the first people he rounded up were Communists

          It’s nice to think of Marxism/Communism and Nazism/Fascism as being the same thing, with minor cosmetic differences, but there are differences, literally gang loyalties. Think of Hitler and Stalin as being Al Capone and Bugs Moran. In the case of Capone and Moran, they are both bootleggers, in many of the same rackets, but they are mortal enemies. The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre comes to mind. They are both interested in expanding territory and power. Hitler and Stalin were much the same; Hitler wanted Lebensraum and Stalin wanted world domination. Hitler wanted to expand eastward; Stalin wanted to expand westward. Distinctions without a difference, but mortal enemies just the same.

        • You’re pretty on point Tom. The NAZI party were literally national socialists as many know. What people don’t realize is that many of the leading figures and minds that led it the party’s creation began as avowed socialists or at least admiring socialist thinkers and espousing many of their ideas. Oswald Spengler and Moller van den Bruck were origninally Marxist socialists but began to see the global organization of class and hierarchy as unrealistic. They saw Mussolini’s success in organizing socialist totalitarianism under hyper aggressive nationalist zeal and decided it was a pretty good idea. You may not be able to get all the socialists in the world under on the same page, but you can get all of them in one country if they’re given an internal/external enemy to rally against.

      • BLM plays the same tricks. They’ll ‘say their names’ and list off a bunch of people who have been killed by police. Then maybe your ears prick up when you hear the name Michael Brown. And maybe you check a couple other of the ‘victims’ and find that they, too, were busy assaulting police when they were shot. Or maybe they had pulled a gun but hadn’t fired it yet- so they, too, become a victim of ‘police brutality’ (like the recent case in DC).

    • In this episode of Ask Debbie a caller from the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone asks, “Is there a home test available to determine if a person who gets their politics from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, ANTIFA et al is a useful idiot?” Thankfully caller there is an in home test to determine if you are a worthless, pathetic useful idiot. The test is quick and painless and consists of you reaching deep into what remains of your mind and ask yourself…Are you being driven by a sick feeling to vote for obiden/oharris? If the answer is yes you are a worthless, pathetic useful idiot. You must seek immediate psychological help or just pull yourself together and vote for…

      TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

      • We have to get to ask themselves two simple questions.
        1. If your children were climbing onto their school bus and you noticed that Joe Biden sitting behind the wheel, would you be concerned?
        2. If so, why would you vote to put him behind the resolute desk?

      • A note to:
        The downtrodden, depressed, weary, those down on their luck, those feeling as if they have no friends, those feeling as if nothing is going right, those with a desire to think for themselves, the generally unlucky, suffering from psychological issues, in pain, tired of fake news and rants by the MSM.
        Not to worry! There is help readily available that will relieve the suffering from any and all of the above. Begin today to develop a liking and support for Trump/Pence.

        The cure is free and the results are priceless. You’ll feel much better quick and it really is easy to apply the 100% guaranteed cure. What are you waiting for, get up, get motivated by reading TTAG daily and start thinking Trump/Pence. You’ll be glad you did, I know I and others will be happy. Nothing to lose and much to gain. Think for yourself and ignore the MSM.
        Vote TRUMP/PENCE……..

      • This evening the morons can tune into NBC for “Inspire Change” for deep thoughts from the professional ball chasing crowd. No not Dock Dogs the other ones. The bros of the alphabet ball leagues. To moronic to watch.

  1. The uniform media message today:

    Guns bad, gun owners worse, those who carry guns daily pure evil!

    I’ll stick with concealed carry as what they can’t see won’t hurt you.

    • They’ll take concealed carry from you just as readily, and at about the same time. “I’m alright, Jack” isn’t a winning strategy for gun owners.

    • It matters who owns the gun, correct? The MSM don’t have a problem with BurnLootMurder or the I Hate My Daddy gang stalking Trump supporters and executing them in self-defense.

    • The media, and most certainly in my part of the world, have been demonizing gun owners since the mid 1980s.

      They exaggerate every fictional stereotype as normal, and therefore abhorrent, behavior.

      They make falsely extrapolated claims about our education, intelligence, careers, incomes, and home life. In the latter we are portrayed as spousal abusers and even possible child molesters.

      And unfortunately there is a minority of gun owners who play to the attention and all but confirm the media’s portrayal.

    • “Guns bad, gun owners worse, those who carry guns daily pure evil! ”

      Like this :

      “University of Rhode Island Professor Erik Loomis appeared to defend the murder of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, the member of the right-wing group Patriot Prayer, during recent social unrest in Portland, Oregon.”

      “In the comment section of the blog post, one reader challenged Loomis by writing, “Erik, he shot and killed a guy,” referring to Reinoehl.

      Loomis responded by saying, “He killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.” He further added that “tactically, that’s a different story. But you could say the same thing about John Brown.””


  2. Media slimeballs on the attack providing cover for bullies, looters and arsonists and those who attempted to overthrow a duly elected POTUS. Chances are good those sleazy marxist media ratbassturds are devil worshipers.

    • “Chances are good those sleazy marxist media ratbassturds are devil worshipers.”

      Check the Satanic Temple twitter feed. There’s no difference between it and any other Left wing organization.

      • “devil worshipers.”

        Hilarious! You can’t be serious!

        I think the only person in the national spotlight who has truly been consumed by the corruption of the flesh is that whore-monger, Donald Trump.

        Let’s see, how many of the 10 Commandments has he broken?

        Thou shall not commit adultery, broken three times that we know of.

        Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors wife, broken by his own admission on the access Hollywood tape.

        Thou shalt not bear false witness, broken somewhere north of 20,000 times.

        Thou shall have no God before me, isn’t her also something about not worshiping money as well…

        Isn’t fornication a sin, or was stormy Daniels some kind of blessed virgin, ready for her anointing by The Chosen One?

        • Talk to me about Trump and his few indiscretions when there is justice for all the women Bill Clinton RAPED and all the dead bodies he and wife left trailing behind them on their way from Arkansas.

        • Miner, What are you carrying on about? Are you concerned for Trump’s soul? I didn’t say anything about sin, and the devil worshipers quote was a…quote from the person I was replying to. Try to use your God-given brain and actually read what I wrote.

        • For a self proclaimed atheist miner is quick to quote the bible.

          But the only time miner is consistent is when he’s lying. Which is just about always.

        • “Thou shall not commit adultery, broken three times that we know of.”

          I thought Libertarians and Atheists supported consensual sex between adults??? I though you guys were non judgmental???
          After all if a man or woman wants to service 50 or more people, a day, in their “glory hole”, you’d support that consensual sex as well. Correct???

        • “Let’s see, how many of the 10 Commandments has he broken?”

          Not a single one, ever.

          That Blessed man is the most honest, kind, and pious man to ever walk the earth… 🙂

        • Hey, I’m not the one claiming the Democrats are devil worshipers, but it is hilarious to think of that.

          Of course, there really are devil worshipers in America, but I don’t think they are Democrats:

          “Ethan Melzer, the former Army private accused of plotting with a Satanic neo-Nazi group known as O9A to kill fellow soldiers, pleaded not guilty to new charges brought Wednesday.

          The superseding indictment includes two new counts of illegal transmission of defense information.

          “While deployed overseas as a member of the United States Army the defendant was also a member of a white supremacist group which sought to incite acts of terrorism as a means to accomplish its goals of causing the collapse of global democracy and encouraging the demise of Western civilization,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Matthew Hellman said.”

          Amazing, the devil worshipers are really white Supremacists, some of those very fine people.

        • “That Blessed man is the most honest, kind, and pious man to ever walk the earth… ”

          You know, Jerry Falwell, jr said the very same thing about Trump, and he too is a man who enjoys paying the pool boy to service his wife while he watches.

        • You’re repeating posts…you made the exact comment regarding Falwell a couple of days ago.

          Come on, you can do better Minor…get some new material. Your existing repertoire is shallow and, definitely, one-dimensional…Orange Man Bad blah blah blah…every Democrat is good good good. Trump (R) is a (insert derogatory term of the day)…yet, you maintain that Anthony Weiner (D) is a stand-up guy!

          You should be proud of President Trump…he has been nominated to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering the Israel – UAE Accord…at least he accomplished something positive before he was nominated…unlike his predecessor who did nothing but say “I”, “Me” and “My” prior to his gratuitous award.

        • I cann’t believe how far this blog has gone to shit, the articles are fine but the comments morons are posting is ……………………………..?

        • Zimmerman – spend $5 and buy the tool kit needed to ban miner. The idiot is too stupid/annoying to reside with civilized folk.

        • “ …yet, you maintain that Anthony Weiner (D) is a stand-up guy!”

          Huh? I’ve never mentioned Anthony Weiner.

          Yes, I’m sure you guys would really like to forget Jerry Falwell Junior, the first evangelical to endorse Donald Trump. I don’t set the standards in the Bible, all you Christians claim to follow the Commandments but reality is somewhat at odds with your claims.

          So the 10 commandments are for other people, but they don’t apply to Donald Trump and his adultery x3, etc.?

          The evangelicals are always making excuses for Donald Trump, I think it was Franklin Graham who called him a ‘baby Christian’.

          I think stormy Daniels, the porn star/hooker, has a different term for Donald Trump.

          And I will make no apologies, for continuing to judge Donald Trump by the standards you Christians have set.

        • Democrats have a hard time understanding why Christians support Trump. It isn’t complicated. Christians are interested in policies and outcomes, just like most voters. They aren’t trying to elect a saint.

        • One major difference between the left and the right is that we fully understand human weakness and understand redemption. The real story is why do we think a guy like Trump is 10X better than you idiots. It’s not that we are misled. It’s that you are that bad.

    • I don’t think I’ve caught any ratbass before. Don’t think I want to either. Certainly don’t want any of their turds in my boat.

  3. So, you’re saying that the MSM is factual only 1/1024’th of the time…that percentage seems a bit high to me.

    • Well, they make mistakes from time to time, and a real truth gets out despite the best efforts…

      They’re only human, after all.

      • What? The illustrious New York Times, aka The Gray Lady, make a mistake!?!? Maybe they condone a little plagiarism or outright fabrication.,..but, a mistake…Fuggedaboutit.


  4. It’s also the default view of all gun owners by those in the media

    I disagree with this; It is the default view of all gun owners who demonstrate right-of-center political leanings.

    The media is silent on gun owners such as Gaige Grosskreutz, who, as a felon, shouldn’t even be in possession of a firearm. Or how about Michael Forest Reinoehl? What about CHAZ Warlord Raz Simone when he was handing out “assault rifles”. NFAC? Narry a word. The media acts as these were darlings. If the media came down on any of these with the same fervor as Kyle, the McCloskeys, or any number of other “right-of-center” folks (who are ALWAYS portrayed as “Far-right”), it would be mildly refreshing.

    No, the media doesn’t view “all gun owners” the same…. Change my mind…

    • Once again the left doesn’t really hate guns, they just don’t want people they dislike to have them. They are ambivalent about criminals with guns until they are victims of crime themselves which the recent events brings home.
      The left thinks they can disarm the right and then lasso the criminal element with bread and circus in the form of welfare and sports. Good luck with that.

      • The left are not and never have been against guns. They are just opposed to guns that don’t exist to enforce THEIR agenda.

      • They are first and foremost concerned about silencing a voting block that opposes them.

        This is why they like to pass laws and not enforce them. Sure, there’s minuscule compliance with the NY SAFE act, but guess what? Speak against them and they can enforce every little detail on you for being vocal.

    • I was coming here to see if someone had made this very correct observation.

      Ultimately, it’s not guns, or any other policy, that is their problem. It’s you.

  5. It all comes down to power, and one side against another. If gun owners predominantly voted democrat, then the media wouldn’t portray them this way. What about that antifa/BLM assassin 100% dead dude? The media tried to portray him as a sympathetic figure.

    Why do you think the Left hates Christianity but “loves” Islam? It all comes down to votes and power.

    • Islam supports LGBTQxyz sex. The “dancing boys”. And hates Christianity. The Left agrees with both. That’s why the Left likes Islam.

      • *Only the Leftist influenced version supports it. Sharia Law punishes homosexuality. Traditional Muslims (especially outside of the U.S.A.) are not tolerant of the rainbow crowd. The Left can’t bring themselves to admit it because they hate themselves and this country, but America is one of the most tolerant countries in the world. The alliance is based on sharing a common enemy. The Left overlooks the unfair treatment of women and LGBT in Muslim countries so they don’t offend Muslims voters at home. It’s never about principles.

        • The Left hates Russia for the same reason. Under Communism LGBTQxyz sex was outlawed. But the Left has always supported communist states. Now the Russians are no longer communist. And have embraced capitalism. Yes Putin is a dictator. Ok so what? But he made LGBTQxyz sex illegal. So now the Left hates Russia, after loving a gay hating Communist country for decades.

          And this is why I have been saying the LGBTQxyz crowd is Socialist Progressive in their political orientation.

      • Islam supports LGBTQxyz sex. The “dancing boys”. And hates Christianity. The Left agrees with both. That’s why the Left likes Islam.

        Huh? This is the religion that pitches gay people off roofs. No, it’s much simpler than that. The left like Islam because Leftism is into Marxist power dynamics, oppressed vs oppressor, and everything has to be cast into that light, whether it makes sense or not. So gays are oppressed by straights, Muslims are oppressed by Christians, therefore both gays and Muslims must be good, straights and Christians must be evil, and that’s all you need to know.

        • The Left likes Islam because they share a common primary goal of bringing down Western Civilization.

          Simple as that.

  6. Honestly guys (and gals, yes I know you’re out there…) I’m really at a loss of when this happened to our media? Was it the fall of the printed paper, when online clicks became the revenue generator? Was it when Dan Rather retired?
    Does the media not think we also have computers and multiple sources of news, including video of that night?
    How about we start with, when a cop tells you to stop, tells you to show him/her your hands you DO IT!! AND THEN you wont get shot!
    All the “BLM” rioting has me greatly concerned for the future of our country.
    We need a drastic change, and I personally think that needs to start with the removal of all the “career” politicians.
    I propose each position in government (minus support positions, so mayor, senator, congress. etc..) be turned into a 3 person chair. Still with one vote, majority rules (so 2/3’s vote for each position) For the first time around three people are selected at random from citizens in that city/town/county/state for, one person for 3 years, one for 2 years one for 1 year. One person is “replaced” each year. This way the other 2 can lead the new person. If that person has a job, it will be waiting for them when they return, they also must meet some minimum requirements (high school/GED, No felonies within 15 years) This will be a paid position, rate to be determined.
    There will be support staff in place to help guide on what is legal, IT support, facility management etc…
    I think this will stop the big lobby and the problems I see with career politicians.

    • “Was it the fall of the printed paper”

      That’s part of it. Papers didn’t survive the digital revolution, so the big papers began buying up all of the local papers. Where are the big papers? They’re in major cities full of mostly democrats. So more and more, all of the print media began sounding exactly the same (left wing).

      • Yeah, look into how the press treated Joe McCarthy. And after the fall of the USSR declassified soviet documents showed that McCarthy was right, and the communist infiltration was far worse than even he suspected.

        • McCarthy’s real problem was, his accusations were evidence free. McCarthy just shot his mouth off, throwing accusations in every direction, and never worried about proving anything. No proof is ever required for the media to destroy a person’s character. To verify that statement, just look to Kyle Rittenhouse.

    • It’s been a process. Just like with Hollywood and academia, the media has been infiltrated and is now controlled by communists seeking to destroy America.

  7. I am seeing articles now where big donor leftists like George Soros are pouring a tremendous amount of political propaganda / advertisement money into democrat strongholds. I.E. – they are spending a lot of money in deep blue areas that have been solidly run by democrats for decades, where they shouldn’t have to spend much at all. Gee, why do you imagine that is? 🙂

    A lot of those deep blue big city areas have been witnessing all of the violence and destruction either personally or online, and then are getting nothing from their formerly trusted media sources but all sorts of glaringly obvious garbage about “mostly peaceful protesters” and so forth. Their formerly trusted media is completely out of touch to the point of actually becoming bizarre. In short, the *actions* of the big money leftists speak loudly: They would not be pouring tremendous amounts of money into solid deep blue democrat strongholds if they didn’t have to. Their own internal polling must be telling them that something is very wrong there, and their usual solution is to throw lots of money at making their problems go away.

    They are spending a lot of money in areas that have been solid deep blue for decades. They would not be doing this if they didn’t have to. I wish more on our side had both the predatory instincts to spot such obvious weaknesses AND the courage and initiative to take full advantage of them… When you see democrats dumping precious propaganda millions into their own deep blue strongholds they are clearly having problems.

    But as is usual, no news at 11.

    • can’t say you’re wrong. seems to me that the money fills the coffers so as to make the pols ~beholden~; release the felons, lockdown, maskup (i know, but it’s part of it…), no prosecutions, hamstring the enforcers of laws allowing unhampered riot/ loot and, of course, demonize self defenders. policies bought and paid for.
      hint: kimm foxx ain’t goin’ nowhere.

  8. If you think it bad now just imagine the Marxist in total control next year. I hope the camps are at least somewhere warm, I hate cold weather.

    • If such a thing comes to pass, after an incredibly brutal civil war which would very much turn into a world war and possibly even go nuclear, if they somehow won, they would probably attempt to build their camps in Alaska and create and industry of slavery there.

      But that’s unlikely, because even on their best day, the left probably can’t outright conquer and hold the vast territory in between the major metros, especially after those metros have all vanished in brilliant flash of blinding light.

      • And how are supplies going to reach the urban metropolises? Unless they start growing their own food they will become “humanitarians” within a few months.

        First they will encourage sharing with communal kitchens. Then raids on known and suspected “hoarders”. And finally long pig will be the choice meat.

    • @GS650G

      I understand that they are considering locations in LA and FL – where the warm, swampy land is plentiful and cheap (added bonus is that “they” will re-introduce malaria and dengue to further “enhance” your re-education).

      All this talk about “camps”…historically, Mao and Stalin’s use of camps was limited to those “dissidents” who could be cowed and forced into slave labor. Camps require a substantial investment in transportation infrastructure, housing and feeding (with a very small rate of return)…their more immediate solution for serious dissidents was to simply eliminate them at the source…including their families in many instances. Considering how rabidly today’s Democrats are embracing Totalitarianism I’m not confident that they won’t skip the camps in favor of a more “final solution” akin to the principles of early 1940’s Germany…the “good” citizens who turned their heads and ignored what was happening illustrate how effective the propaganda was.

      • You need to read Solzhenitsyn. Seriously. The camps were far larger and contained far more people than you realize.

        • @CP

          I have read Solzhenitsyn.

          Nothing in my post mentioned the size or population of the Communist forced-labor camps…only that they existed mainly for the more tractable criminals and dissidents.


    • I’ve been living in the tunnels beneath the abandoned Walmart ever since I was imprisoned here by Obama’s jade helm operation.

      Once they had rounded up all the Bibles and Saint Christophers medals, we were each issued a copy of rules for radicals and attended 12 hour re-education classes each morning.

      In fact, I have found the gruel rather nourishing, and my cell is very comfortable, especially now that I’ve trained the rats to perform tricks.

      I must say, when you folks predicted an Obama takeover and cancellation of the 2016 election, I didn’t believe you. But now I do, clearly, America is in much worse shape now and it is all Obama’s fault.

      I’m told that there are 190,000 Americans that were killed by the administration’s lack of action in just the past six months but this must be some kind of propaganda, that can’t possibly be true.

      • Lets see, remove my shoes so I can use my toes to count. Um, 190,000 x .06 (the amount of “covid” deaths that had no other cause of death) lets see, carry the 5, equals 11,400 someone might be responsible for. Of course it was democrap gpooberners in NY, PA, NJ that ordered nursing homes to take infectious covid positive patients. So it seems more like a democrap gooberner thing than a presidential one. But you go right ahead smoking that crack man.

        • He’s nearly single handed giving the election to Trump. And he’s just too effing stupid to figure that out. miner is priceless to our side. I’m surprised the clintons don’t have a team tracking him to ‘suicide’ him.

        • @jwm

          I believe the Clintons have copyrighted the term “arkanside” in reference to the unfortunate deaths of their no longer useful idiots.

        • Just be patient, COVID-19 will start crawling through your community and what it lacks in speed it will make up for in thoroughness.

          What a far reaching conspiracy you dream of, one that involves the county corners of the 3000 counties in the United States.

          That’s exactly what all the right wingers thought here in West Virginia, it’s just a hoax because I don’t know anybody that’s had it.

          Now we have the highest transmission rate in the United States and there’s no signs of slowing down. We are facing the Labor Day bump from foolish partiers and we are entering the flu season, October through May when flu cases multiply tenfold.

          Many people in West Virginia are obese and suffer from various forms of diabetes along with high blood pressure, all which raise the risk of mortality from Covid. Not to mention the asthma, COPD and black lung from the nonunion mines.

          Strangely enough, the county corner seems to be a part of your conspiracy as well, the death certificates indicate Covid because the other conditions do not kill you in just a few days/weeks.

          Just went to a funeral Monday, 71-year-old woman who had a touch of high blood pressure.

          She was a fine woman, a coal miners wife who worked hard for workers rights and safety. The UMW dedicated their 82nd Labor Day rally in her memory.

          Of course, you won’t believe it until the John Deere is pushing the dirt on top of your box.

        • Miner said: “What a far reaching conspiracy you dream of, one that involves the county corners of the 3000 counties in the United States.”

          Science Denier?
          Miner, why don’t you march down to the CDC and set those scientists straight?

          From CDC (updated 9/02/20): “For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death.”


        • You went to a funereal on monday, miner? So you decided covid was bs also and went to a gathering in spite of all the warnings? How many people were at this gathering?

        • “The rate of spread in West Virginia is worst in the country at 1.35 and has been in that position since late last week. A few weeks ago, the state’s rate was among the country’s best.

          If the rate is above 1.0, the virus will spread quickly. When the rate is below 1.0, the virus will stop spreading.

          The daily percent positive was 7.78 percent, well above numbers just a few weeks ago. Yesterday, that number was 7.35 percent.

          West Virginia’s cumulative rate continues to climb, now at 2.35 percent.“

          Your false bravado means naught to the virus, it cares not for party or religion.

        • I went to a funeral on Saturday (not covid). Grave side service only, and they made everyone wear masks. Then we went back to the house for lunch where no one distanced or wore masks. There a relative told me she traced my uncle’s ancestors to slaves brought to this country in the 1600’s. No joke. My uncle was white BTW. I guess that means my cousins would be eligible for reparations (they’re white too). My uncle grew up dirt poor, but worked his butt off, saved his money, and retired a millionaire.

        • Dude. I truly doubt there are any ‘black’ or ‘white’ folks left in the US. We are a country of mutts. I do know some folks that immigrated from Africa to here fairly recently. From Uganda and Kenya. They look nothing at all like the ‘African Americans’ I;ve known in my daily life.

          The woman from Uganda is so black she’s damn near blue. In her own words she ‘sucks the light out of a room’ when she enters it. The man from Kenya is one of the best fathers I’ve ever seen.

          I bet that if we all did a dna test here in the US we’d all have some surprises in store for us. One of many reasons I don’t care much about race.

      • Wasn’t the initial U.S. death toll estimate something like 2 million? So he reduced it by some 90%. I’m good with that.

        • Keep in mind that apparently “people of color” have been disproportionately affected by the virus. So by scientific standards (which we’re told that the Left unquestionably believes), Trump saved hundreds of thousands of “black and brown” lives. Why aren’t they celebrating that? I thought black lives mattered? Why is it so hard for them to admit that?

        • Yeah, about that “people of color” have been disproportionately affected by the virus. Just like their refusal to comply with the directions of the police to STOP RESISTING, Many black have refused to comply with social distancing guidelines, The consequences in both instances of belligerence have similar results, It could get you killed.

        • It depends on which POC you’re discussing. Blacks, Hispanics and Asians are all “POC”.

          Yet it’s the Black community that has the really statistical deviation from the norm.

          Of course they already had a significant statistical deviation from the norm in terms of obesity, heart disease and other cardiovascular problems which all just so happen to be major statistical comorbidities for CoV-2.

          It’s not particularly shocking that a statistically less healthy population would fair less well in the face of a disease, especially one that just so happens to essentially “target” exactly the preexisting conditions in said less healthy population.

          Now, perhaps there’s a debate to be had on exactly why that population was significantly less healthy in the first place amd what can be done about that going forward but mostly folks to the Left of center will find that discussion fairly “racist”.

          Just like OFWGs the root causes here are diet and exercise, at least one of which is 100% within the control of the individuals that make up the discussed population and that’s not something you’re allowed to say about practically anyone in any “class” or “group” these days.

      • By goverment inaction I guess you mean a NY democrat governor’s health department forcing covid positive patients to be put into senior care facilities. You know right next to the most vulnerable age demographic.

    • Yeah, you won’t hear me say that EVER again. Some 40 years ago I said something to that effect to a new neighbor while having a coffee at his kitchen table. My host said he wanted to show me something and would be right back. 5 minutes later he came back into the room wearing absolutely nothing except a pair of pantyhose with the crotch cut out and his junk hanging loose. Needless to say, I bolted out the door never to return or to UTTER THAT PHRASE AGAIN.

        • Which was a legacy of circus performer’s outfits. And cartoonists used “bodysuits” and leotards to get the physiques past the censors.

  9. I hope most TTAG participants take time to read the entire opinion piece. (hint- click on the red link following Rachel Malone’s name at the bottom.) It’s well-written, factually-based and comprehensive without hype rhetoric. The Houston Currant should be praised for printing it as I imagine they are not exactly pro-2A.

    Pieces such as these are where the more intelligent among us should spend our time if we seek to actually make changes in public opinion, or at least perception. The real problem for most around here would be that they’ll have to first delve into the always-antigun bias of a news outlet, then make a non-emotional rebuttal based primarily on facts. Much easier to just get on here and say “F-CK ‘EM!

    It’s not easy and one must be ready for rejection. This summer I’ve submitted 4 letters/guest opinions to the Minneapolis Star concerning events happening with the riots and firearms in general. None have been printed and their opinion and letters page is always littered with only Leftist views for the most part. (I live in MN during the warmer months) Still, I’ll keep at it and so should TTAG posters and Constitution supporters who want to make a difference.

    • What good does that do you, when you’re talking to a brick wall? The only thing the wall understands is being knocked down. The Media is a brick wall.

      • News Flash!!!

        YOU cannot knock down said “brick wall” but intelligent people will someday learn to go around it. (That’s what DJT has been doing as long as he’s been a candidate and won the office.)

        If POTG do not continue to try to change other’s outlook on the Second Amendment by any means necessary, how can you possibly think you can keep it? Coming around here posting pablum to gun people may make you feel all tingly, especially when someone agrees with you, but what good does it do the cause?

        Write the opinion pieces, try to make a rebuttal to a local newscast biased against firearms, write your elected officials and attend their town hall meetings. If nothing else, it’s a great exercise in cementing your views and making your point more focussed and concise. I’m constantly amazed (well, maybe not) at all of the juvenile responses posted in anger or speed on this site- the old Homer Simpson method. Sure, it’s funny to watch but God knows I don’t want that to represent me. Somewhere back in time we were all born with brains, it’d be good for some of us to dust them off, maybe even try to input some factual info into them. Then- use them.

  10. When anyone is using violence it’s not pretty to watch. In fact the more graphic the worse it looks. The police use graphic violence to stop criminals. And the cops haters pounce on it. The fact that they are using violence to stop a violent criminal, that context doesn’t matter to them. The police have tried to stop arsonists. And the Libertarians, Liberals, and the Left, attack the cops trying to stop these vandals.

    They don’t like what enforcing laws looks like. Because they don’t support private property ownership.
    Its better to let what you have, be forcibly taken from you. That thinking is the exact opposite of what helped build and protect this country. So you should let pirates take from you??? Leave you physically broken perhaps raped???

    And no one is asking why a 17 year child, was doing what adults, should have been doing??? We are in a “cold” civil war now. At least President Trump pointed out Rittenhouse was trying to protect himself. What about the Libertarians candidates or office holders? What do they have to say? I already know the Democrats don’t support armed self defense.

    • “And no one is asking why a 17 year child, was doing what adults, should have been doing???”

      Oh yes, I have asked that many times, where were his teammates? He is seen in the company of many armed men in the hours before the incident, where were his brothers in arms when it all went down?

      Why have they not come forward with statements of support and witness testimony to exonerate Kyle?

      Is it possible they saw him commit crimes and decided they had better get away from that crazy kid? Or were they just keyboard commandos, unable to cover the check their mouth had written?

      • He had moved out into the mob to treat injured rioters. The other men he had been with briefly earlier had remained at the gas station to defend it. They did not witness the events directly and did no know he needed help.

      • “Why have they not come forward…”

        Maybe they can’t afford to be canceled by the Party of Love, Tolerance, and Understanding? Some people have to work for a living.

        • The Libertarian atheist group that Kyle was with needs to come forward. Where are these cowards? If they are talking to Kyles lawyers I understand why they have not come forward. But I’m sure the COPS HAVE TALKED TO THEM. They were there. They are all witnesses.
          1. So why isn’t the “gun community” who was there, with him, the adults, not speaking to the press?
          2. And defend the 2A for the nation?
          3. Defend the 2A for themselves.
          4. Defend the 2A for children?
          5. So a children takes the heat for the adults around him?

          As I have been asking on TTAG for a very long time now. Is it just only about making it legal to shooting up crystal meth to improve their sexual experience? Libertarians for decades have talked about drug legalization. They almost never bring up the 2A in interviews. And I have watched them for decades now. In fact they talk in great detail about drugs. But no detailed discussion about the 2A. They talk about “free speech” but they almost never talk about the 1st amendment.

          The world is on fire and the libertarians are still talking about drugs. And letting “low level” or “non violent” prisoners go free. Well the Democrats beat you to it. And crime rates are spiking in major cities.

          Well I guess I can’t blame that on the Libertarians now can I???

  11. It’s simple. The radical Left has taken over the Democrat Party and has a vested interest in portraying anyone in the American Middle Class (who they hate and intend to subdue and destroy) as an “armed, white supremacist thug”. So, they are using their MSM propaganda machine to demonize anyone who might think they have some sort of right to defend themselves against the Left’s armed, radical Burn Loot Mayhem/Murder street criminals. If you might think or say, “I am Kyle Rittenhouse!”, then you are their target.

    When you were young and your heart was an open book
    You used to say live and let live
    (You know you did, you know you did, you know you did)
    But if this ever-changing world in which we live in
    Makes you give in and cry
    Say live and let die
    (Live and let die)
    Live and let die
    (Live and let die)

    The Media did not miss the mark on Kyle Rittenhouse…they very purposefully lied about it.

    • “The radical Left has taken over the Democrat Party”

      No, the Democrat Party has taken over the radical Left. The Dems have been implementing their coup d’etat since 2016. Pantyfa and BurnLootMurder are the Democrats’ SA.

      • Yeah, you can look at it that way. At this point the net result is the same…whether the Democrats took over the Communists, or the Communists took over the Democrats…they have melded into a common enemy.

  12. After other hitjobs, like the hit on Sandmann, it would be naive to expect fairness from the media toward any right-leaning individual or cause.

  13. I just saw a Biden ad out of MA where he stand in front of BLM peacefully burning down Portland and says with a straight face “This is Donald Trumps fault.”

    There is no more reality. The simulation has taken over. As such the media can just go ahead and say whatever the hell it wants and the NPC’s will eat it up to spike the serotonin surge from triggering their confirmation bias.

    • Yeah but the DNC was the one with BLM all over its presentation. So either they support it and are backing it or they want to distance themselves knowing that the American people are turning their back on the democrats? I firmly believe that the Biden campaign is being run by the elderly who are vaguely aware of that ‘google’ thing and are unaware that finding info on the rioting from the left is at most trivial.

      • Useful fools who don’t realize when the revolution is over, no one wants or needs revolutionaries.

        The purge will happen, just not immediately afterwards. It says so in the manual.

        Also look out for “5 year plans” (multiple), “Great Leaps Forward”, and “Cultural Revolutions”.

        Miner, stop doing that. You’ll have hairy palms and go blind.

        • “Miner, stop doing that. You’ll have hairy palms and go blind.”

          Thank you for sharing your experience with me, I’ll take that under advisement.

          Of course, as the Eagles said, “She can’t take you anywhere, you don’t already know how to go.”

    • The Left never gets tired of lying or being lied to. One shouldn’t be surprised that such a con job can be pulled over an entire nation of people, the 20th century is rife with such examples: eg. the National Socialists in Germany

    • Shire, I understand the emotion, but you have to wait until November to learn the truth. Just because Biden blatantly lies about shit (are we surprised?) does not mean anyone is stupid enough to believe him.

  14. Now I wonder how all the lefty supposed ‘Biden voters’ who went on a gun buying spree of epic proportions are going to feel when they defend themselves from a hostile mob in their homes and front yards and are called white supremacists, far right gun nuts, etc? I wonder how this will look optically from a news perspective when the mob finally turns on itself?

  15. This was a self defense shooting. And should be treated as such. With thoughtful analysis. Every aspect of the 2A is here. Open carry. Open carry of a long gun. A trained and responsible gun handler. Minimal use of ammunition. Only shooting at a direct threat. Only shooting to stop the threat. The rare use of a long gun in self defense. And in pubic. And a “modern sporting rifle”. As defined by the 1968 gun control act.
    Amazing how of all the people out there, Kyle shoots only a convicted child molester, a convicted wife beater, and a violent felon.

    The “low level” or “non violent” prisoners that the three L’s say should be released.
    I will be the first to say it. I think Kyle Rittenhouse was trained the police. And perhaps other civilians.

    I suggest you do a search for “police summer camp” or “Jr. Police academy”.

  16. This is why the media in NY- even that considered ‘right of center’- does not blame bail reform and anti-police rhetoric for the spike in homicides. It’s ‘guns’ or, at best, ‘illegal guns.’

  17. It depends on where you live. In my case, it used to be Omaha, Nebraska. The county attorney has always been supportive of self defense even when the defender doesn’t get all the details perfect. Police investigate self defense shootings but don’t automatically arrest the defender. The local media are at least tolerant of self defense.

    I now live in the mountains of eastern Arizona. It’s my guess that police and prosecutors are even more supportive of self defense. I won’t know for sure until the pandemic ends and it becomes safe to take a class for my concealed carry permit. (Although Arizona is a constitutional carry state, there still are advantages to holding a permit.)

  18. I have to laugh when I consider that Marilyn Manson pretty much nailed this back in 1996, oddly with a song called “1996”. Of course, looking at the way Canada, NZ and the UK are going right now with CoV-2 he was also right when he said “Capitalism has made it this way, old fashioned Fascism will take it away”.

    Anti-choice and anti-girl
    I am the anti-flag unfurled
    Anti-white and anti-man
    I got the anti-future plan

    I am the anti-music god
    Never be enough of anti-more

    I can’t believe in the things
    That don’t believe in me
    Now it’s your turn
    To see what I hate about me

    Anti-people, now you’ve gone too far
    Here’s your Antichrist Superstar

    Anti-things I fucked and ate
    Anti-cop and anti-fun
    Here is my anti-president gun

  19. Thank you, after reading this and the many comments that followed it is obvious to me that a redundancy from both sides of the “coin” is more than clear. In choosing to be more economical and productive with my time (and less entertaining to Big Brother) my answer to all is a quote by Puck which is “What Fools These Mortals Be” …. We do not need a Nostradamus or a book of Revelation to see we are but a version of the Dodo Bird flying in ever decreasing concentric circles until we fly up our own rectum. Exit Stage Left.
    The path we are on with its inevitable outcome will only end with a new beginning rising from the ashes of our remains. … A Non-Paid Non-Political Announcement

  20. IMHO, the only thing Kyle is guilty of, is a misplaced altruistic compassion for the potential injured amongst the rioters, and that isn’t a crime. While it’s laudable that he has such compassion, that concern for others led him to violate a cardinal tactical rule: Never Approach A Mob Alone, Especially, A Rioting Mob. Kyle didn’t approach the mob to provoke, but to render aid. Being alone with that crowd, it was inevitable that the beta bullies in the mob, egged on by their coyote dates, would pounce.

  21. You shouldn’t make Kyle Rittenhouse the poster boy for the Pro 2A movement. He may not be the white supremist the media calls him, but he was underage with a firearm across state lines. He set himself up for bad things to happen amd they did. He should be called out for his poor behavior and the end result was people died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time play cops and robbers. I know someone who drives to the crappiest neighborhoods in Detroit and stays up late to get a chance to “defend himself”. He’s done a few times, but really it’s obvious he wants to kill someone. Not good.

    • Enough with the “He Crossed State Lines” BS, Kyle has a job, that he worked at that day, literally just 4 miles from where he was attacked. The gun owner that lent Kyle the gun is a Wisconsin resident and that gun was, before, during and after the event in Wisconsin.


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