Riflespeed adjustable gas system AR rifle
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RIFLESPEED has announced immediate availability of their patented gas controls for AR-15 and AR10 Rifles, offering AR shooters a duty-grade and tool-free way to control the gas system of their rifle.

“RIFLESPEED gas controls are designed and manufactured to provide shooters who want the ultimate in carbine reliability and performance in all operating conditions with a duty grade means of control for the gas system on their AR-15 or AR10. No tools are required to make adjustments and no tools are required for disassembly, maintenance, and reassembly. RIFLESPEED gas controls are completely modular, allowing shooters to configure their gas control for use with any cartridge and any mission. Whether you’re looking for the smoothest-shooting competition rifle of the most reliable tactical rifle, suppressed or unsuppressed, RIFLESPEED gas controls are the most significant upgrade you can make to the reliability, longevity, and shootability of your carbine.” said Kyle Lynch, CEO at RIFLESPEED.

Riflespeed adjustable gas system AR rifle

Many enthusiasts, hunters, and competitive shooters have benefitted from installation of RIFLESPEED gas controls. RIFLESPEED gas controls are in use with law enforcement and military shooters across the country and are currently being evaluated by OEM manufacturers of silencers and firearms.

  • “Just shot mine today and it was awesome! Install was great and easy,” said
  • “This is the solution we’ve been waiting for. I’ve tried most adjustable gas blocks on the market, and this is best. I’ve had screws seize in “screw-adjustable” gas blocks and struggled to get the orifice style gas blocks to properly tune my rifle. This is the solution to both of those problems. No parts to seize and hand adjustable,” said GH.
  • “I am absolutely thrilled with my new RIFLESPEED adjustable gas control system. Instillation was super simple. The system is very well made,” said GG.

Riflespeed adjustable gas system AR rifle

Launched in 2021, RIFLESPEED manufactures the most rugged and innovative small arms accessories available.

Riflespeed adjustable gas system AR rifle

RIFLESPEED is a service-disabled-veteran-owned small business. RIFLESPEED products are designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA and are available at www.riflespeed.com and dealers around the US.

Price = $199

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  1. Cute. Turn your AR into an FAL.

    Can’t say I’ve ever had to play with the system on my FALs or had an issue with any of my ARs even when changing bullet weights, though.

  2. Too bad T Tag wasted money paying this Staff writer to post this rather cryptic post. Below is a video that actually shows how this system works. I might add its a totally useless gimmick. Its not a piston driven system either.

    Seriously I have shot everything from low power cast bullet loads out of various AR15 guns to very hot military loads. I have had no trouble with the AR gas impingement system if the gun is kept very clean to keep the powder fouling from seizing up the action. The only real improvement is a gas piston system but trying to reverse engineer the AR is not always the best solution.


  3. Neat idea to make it easily adjustable outside of a handguard. I wonder how this would do with slow powders in my 243 AR which over pressure like Magpro.

  4. These don’t have a zero setting. Would you ever want that for the occasional quieter shot? Otherwise, these look good. “designed and manufactured exclusively in the USA” Nice!

    • Actually a really good question! With this level of adjustability, why is there no “zero”, shutting off all gas?

  5. Dude, these are completely modular and can be set up to offer a “Zero setting” if you want.

    TB, .625″ and .875 sizes are in the works next.

    Videos on our YouTube channel & a few other channels.

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