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At 4:15pm this Wednesday, TTAG personal defense writer Philip Van Cleave will appear on a NBC 12 News “First at 4” “round table discussion” (a.k.a. free-for-all). The president of the Virginia Citizens Defense League will trade barbs with a 26-year-old bartender named Jack Lauterback re: Virginia’s new law allowing CHP holders to carry in restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages. Lauterback writes a bi-weekly column for Style Weekly titled Punch Drunk. He recently posted an entry on his blog that angered gun owners. He has since removed the expletive-laden post. Philip retained a copy, which he’s emailed to TTAG . . .

Guns and Alcohol

The top story in today’s Richmond Times Dispatch was titled ‘Gun Owners Celebrate Law’.

The story described how a handful of gun owners met in bars across the state to salute the recent passage of a law that allows people with concealed-handgun permits to bring hidden firearms into restaurants that serve alcohol.

If the past two sentences didn’t adequately describe how fucking stupid some people are (including our Governor who signed the law), then I’ll tell you how fucking moronic these retards are in the following bullet points:

– 80 fucking stupid assholes met at O’Charleys Bar in Richmond today to celebrate the fact that they can bring a hidden gun into a bar. It’s still illegal to drink when carrying a gun, but these fucking complete wastes of life can still meet at a bar and drink Sprite with their guns. Fucking hooray!

– If these fucking piles of diarrhea need a gun for their protection while they scarf down their fried [redacted] then they’re a bunch of pussies. I say fried [redacted] because they are no doubt redneck idiots who are extremely overweight.

– I’m honestly thinking about getting a concealed weapons permit with my spotless record and then going to these people’s places of work and seeing how they feel about someone that they have never met, walking into their front door with a handgun. Finding these fat-loads will be easy because most of these idiots are the people fixing the power lines in front of my place or they’re the ones constantly being late to fix my fucking cable. Although more than a few will be tough to track down…Mostly because those few are poor and unemployed.

– Hide behind your 2nd amendment you uneducated assholes. When the Brits come back and try to re-colonize us, then you can tell me that I was wrong and that we need to bear arms. Until then…You’re a fucking idiot.

– ‘We all use safety when handling and discharging our weapons.’

– Yeah so did that NRA member before he caught his wife cheating and in a drunken rage blew her fucking head off.

– From the RTD: ‘Phillip Bogenberger, a spokesman for the department (VABC), said a violation of the law is not an ABC violation. The responsibility to refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages rests with the permit holder’

– Of course Virginia’s Alcoholic Beverage Control wouldn’t touch this one. They’re the ones raping the bars for our money. They don’t actually have to deal with drunk patrons who may or may not be carrying firearms.

And just for fun, here’s Lauterback’s post-script to his recent post announcing the debate with Mr. Van Cleave:

I’ve also been informed that NBC does not allow weapons Mr. Van Cleeve. Do not fret!!!! I’ll be your human shield as you exit your car and enter the news station. Once inside of the news station I will be more than willing to jump in front of you should any disgruntled NBC 12 key grips try to attack you. I know it’s a scary world without your piece and I only want to ensure your safety.

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  1. Our friend Jack should sober up before he attempts to make sense writing an editorial. I'm sure he thought it looked good at 3 a.m., but his bigoted hate speech tirade doesn't read well in the light of day.

  2. I think the author of this article is the one with "diarrhea of the mouth" not the ccw holders. It shows an uneducated mind that does not have a good grasp of proper adjectives. Also, I don't think I would want to classify him as a "friend".

    I believe that the intent of the law was to permit those with a ccw to carry in places like Applebees and Red Lobster ~ restaurants that also serve alcohol ~ so I can have a good meal without imbibing and be legal carrying.

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