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Gun Free School Zone sign
By Marcus Quigmire from Florida, USA – Drug Free and Gun Free, CC BY 2.0 

Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio — who has an A rating from the NRA — has announced that he’ll be pushing legislation to ban the carry of firearms on school grounds on a national level.

If you’re thinking this is already a thing, it isn’t. The 1990 federal law can be gotten around by states and cities. For example, at my daughter’s school a number of teachers and the principal carry concealed. Ruggerio’s ban would change that.


“Unless you are an officer of the law and required to carry it, I don’t see why anyone has any business carrying a gun on school property where there are young people,” Ruggerio said during a wide-ranging year-end interview with the Globe. “I just think it’s a recipe for disaster.”

Ruggerio called his proposed legislation, which would make an exception for law enforcement and school-hired security officers, “a priority for the Senate.”

He isn’t alone, either. Ruggerio is backed by quite a few others including Governor Gina Raimondo. Who is Raimondo? Well:

“[Raimondo] took executive action in 2018 to ban guns on school grounds, but she told the Globe on Friday that codifying that ban in law is her top priority for gun bills in 2021.”

“Raimondo said she is hopeful that the change in House leadership will result in closing the “loophole” that allows concealed carrying of weapons on school grounds. “Teachers and students are struggling,” she said. “At bare minimum, they deserve to know that they are in a gun-free zone when in school.”

Yes, because “gun-free” zones have always been so famously effective. Raimondo said another priority of hers is banning of “assault-style” weapons.”

We all know what a gun-free zone really is — it’s a shooting gallery for criminals. I’m thrilled to know there are armed staff members at my daughter’s school and there are lots of other schools like it across the country. If control of the US Senate flips after the Georgia runoffs, we could see the same thing proposed nationwide.

What do you think, should qualified individuals be allowed to carry on school grounds? Whether they should or not, should this be decided at the federal, state, local, or individual school level? Do you think the government should get involved in deciding what a “qualified individual” is?


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  1. Haven’t these idiot assholes learned that criminals don’t obey the law! You can put up all the signs you want – if you think that a simple sign is going to stop a deranged person from committing a crime, you are a special kind of stupid. 🤬

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        I have had a negative experience with the electric ones, the severe current inrush when energized can impinge nasty voltage spikes on the A/C, zapping delicate electronics.

        The gas ones seem to avoid that hazard…

        • I recently installed an electric on-demand unit. 3×40 amp power required – more than my entire house. Natural gas on demand hot water or combi boilers are where it’s at. Who are you again?

        • “Who are you again?”

          Someone who had a very expensive piece of high-end audio gear destroyed by the voltage drop of an electric instant-on water heater.

          The massive inrush current momentarily collapsed the line voltage, and when it resumed, a vicious voltage spike was was impinged on the household electric supply. That ‘spike’ fried the switching power supply feeding the now-dead audio amplifier.

          The amp died at the same moment when the lights flickered off when someone took a shower.

          It was an approx. 80 year-old dwelling, so it’s possible the home’s wiring wasn’t up to the task of supplying adequate current to the heater. Every time the water heater kicked on, the home’s lights visibly flickered off for a moment.

          I *love* the concept of instant-on water heaters, the energy savings can be considerable compared to a standard tank heater, but the electric ones can have some nasty characteristics to them that can cost a home owner some real money. Gas-fired ones seem to be immune to electric issues… 🙂

        • Hmm I have 3×40 amp 27kW electric water heater as well and it’s given me no problems at all. Maybe I’m lucky.

        • Geoff, sometimes the math doesn’t work out. 200amp service at a minimum would be required at your house and you’re right, the 80 year old cabling probably wouldn’t allow the amperage needed for the other high demand appliances and electronics in the home. Fwiw, gas fired stuff recovers more quickly too. Sorry to hear about your gear.

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        • mine is attached to some webbing that wraps around my head.. When the little black thingy is pushed up the light comes on and goes off when pushed back down… Unless the two little cylinders stop working.. When that happens, so does the light!

        • I had one of those, back in the day.
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          Good times.
          If only I had a 21st Century LED when I was a kid…

    • With the former RI Speaker of the House getting voted out, Ruggerio is the last line in the RI state legislature to prevent any worse laws getting passed. He’s dangling low hanging fruit for the incoming Anti speaker to focus on. There are not many people in RI with a CCW, this is a non-issue, but to the knee jerk RItards that live in RI, this will be the focus for the next few years.

    • No, they have not learned and will never learn. Haven’t you learned this fact? You will never change their minds because their brains are wired to operate on emotions, not logic. Unless you and everyone else realizes what I have said, we will always loose the battle for our rights.

    • “Haven’t these idiot assholes learned that criminals don’t obey the law!” ( believe that was a question…?)

      Your comment has nothing to do with why leftists and progressives want to ban any or all firearms, in any or all places.

      The object has little to do with decreasing crime, violence or increasing anyone’s safety.

      Seriously- haven’t “we assholes” learned this yet?

  2. Qualified individual, any citizen not currently incarcerated or on parole/probation and has paid all fines and restitution or adjudicated mentality messed up.

    • Yes, this. If it isn’t as “recipe for disaster” for me to carry at home with my kids, at church, in a car or while riding my bike, at a restaurant, at the grocery store, at a park, at the movie theater, why would a school be any different? Why not a pharmacy or a post office? Or a college campus. Guns are already everywhere, and you can’t walk them back. And the need for self defense is similarly everywhere.

      • It is better to have them on your person(where you can control them), than leaving it in your car, far off the school property, so someone could break in and steal it.
        This is just a way to get lawful people to leave their guns at home, because they don’t like the alternative. Maybe the schools should have to build gun lockers, so you can lock up your firearm, that way they are responsible if it gets stolen.

  3. Take those damn polecats and put them on school grounds to protect the kids then, Let them figure out how to stop the next shooter by themselves. By the way, THEY are not allowed to carry. And if they fail ANY CAMPUS ANY WHERE, they go to jail for life! It’s past time they put their asses on the line!

  4. Signs do not stop me from carrying, period. Concealed means concealed. Don’t be a retard open carry advocate and nobody will know.

  5. Stupid people often produce stupid offspring. Stupid offspring often produce even more stupid offspring, and so on. That’s why I am opposed to any good people carrying firearms on school grounds. The circle of stupidity needs to be broken.

    • Sounds like a seriously good argument against political dynasties.
      Look at GHWB and his offspring for example.
      GHWB was a nice guy, a war hero, and only half a ‘tard.
      GWB and JEB are less nice, and 3/4 tarded (together they make up a ‘tard and a half).

      I don’t want to see any GHWB grandkids in high office.
      That goes double for Joe Kennedy grandkids and great grandkids.

    • I wonder what’ll happen to his NRA rating after this… An A rating means a politician has generally said and done the right things, but it’s no guarantee of future performance — especially in a progtard state like RI, where infringement is the norm. If this clown’s next rating isn’t a D or an F, their ratings are worth even less than I thought.

      • Eh, you lose no matter what.

        The kids were sacrificed decades ago. It’s just that no one wants to admit it.

        If you want a prayer of having the country back homeschooling is the exact opposite of what you want. Giving up your seat at the table doesn’t make the conversation any better from your point of view. It makes it better from everyone else’s point of view because they can shit-talk you without worrying that you’ll get mad.

        • What the hell seat at the table are you talking about and how could that possibly be worth the indoctrination and lack of education they will get in public schools? Are you trying to rationalize handing off your children to the NEA and AFT? I didn’t think you had children.

  6. So glad I left R.I. in the rear view mirror years ago. The entire state is a dumping ground of liberal loon voters and getting worse as they continue to import illegals from Guatemala and other third world $hitholes. and continue to ignore legal immigrants who actually want to be Americans.

  7. “I can’t see…” is never an acceptable reason to limit citizens’ rights. Not our fault his vision is so woefully limited.

    • Can’t we just not ask D. Hogg anything. His name has been out of the news for almost six months, let’s not let the little a$$#ole think he’s somebody again. It’s just one more way to ruin the evening news.

  8. Maybe the good senator should examine the statistics:
    Odds of a child being killed in school – 0.04:100,000. (Everytown)
    Odds of being killed ANYWHERE ELSE – 11:100,000 (NJS)
    Seems the kids are 200+ times safer in school the way it currently is.

  9. Gun control is just a con game for politicians who don’t want to admit the failures of government at this point.

    • Again, not the real Deborah.

      She really pisses you off, doesn’t she? That means it’s *working* on you… 🙂

  10. So much for NRA ratings. Kristen GILLIGARD of new york had a nice rating too. Lots of A rated Congress critters turned their backs on gun rights.

    • All part of being a politician instead of a statesman. They tend to lean the way they want to get into office and then lean the way of the cash flow to stay there.

  11. California passed a law banning CCW permit holders from carrying firearms or ammunition on school campuses with the prior authorization of the school administration. (the GFSZA banned open carriers within 1000 feet years earlier.) After three or four school districts issued blanket authorization to all CCW holders, the Legislature in its infinite “wisdom” and obviously out of spite amended the law to ban all CCW holders period, except LEO. And they did this “in the interest of public safety” notwithstanding the there was not a single reported incident of a CCW holder improperly using/displaying his or her firearm EVER.

    • The funny thing is their new laws about keeping firearms locked in safes at home EXCLUDE leos! I was unaware that just because you are the offspring of a leo, you are exempt from the same “dangers” of having an unlocked firearm in the home as civilians. More hypocrisy.

      • Government lackeys are ok to have guns, it is the other people, yearning to be free, that these politicians want to control. Police state good – freedom not good.

  12. “What do you think, should qualified individuals be allowed to carry on school grounds?”

    Well, this is very clearly an infringement on 2A and also the feds attempting to stomp on state turf. So, it will be ripe for a challenge. I hate to say that there ought to be a law, but there ought to be a law which makes politicians pay a penalty for doing blatantly unconstitutional things. I’d settle for 3 days in stocks.

    One of his constituents ought to swing by his office and ask what the heck makes him think that he has this authority.

  13. That’s right…School security guards and LE are extra special trusted people and you and yours are lowly expendables. Only a damned fool puts their life and the lives of theirs in the hands of people who are probably more there as scarecrows than Rambos. Nobody is going to fight harder for you and yours than you. For those effected by such ignorance…It’s time to home school and leave ruggerio all by his lonesome.

    Rest assured while you and yours are complying with stupidity out of nowhere comes a deranged student who did not get what they wanted for Christmas shooting, beating or stabbing up the place. And where will ruggerio be to defend those caught in the line of fire? Where pathetic azzholes like ruggerio always are…NOWHERE.

  14. Er… are they forgetting why it’s NOT a ‘thing’? That’s exactly what the guns free school act attempted to do and it was struck down as unconstitutional because states have some level of authority to make their own laws and the law did not provide for that.

    Rhode Island can put up as many signs as it wants, it doesn’t (shouldn’t) have the power to tell South Carolina (or whatever) what happens in South Carolina.

  15. “Ruggerio called his proposed legislation, which would make an exception for law enforcement and school-hired security officers…”

    Exceptions like Scot Peterson and Jan Jordan? No thanks.

  16. United States vs Lopez, anyone?

    Do they think “in schools” is more related to interstate commerce than “near schools” ??

    Can’t imagine this scotus would be any more favorable…even that squish Roberts

  17. This just shows how stupid the antis really are.

    There are nearly zero crimes being committed by people currently lawfully allowed to carry at schools. I would not be surprised that permit holders killed less than 5 people while lawfully carrying on school property. . Yet they want to make a law that will cost millions to enforce. This is the poster child for a solution in search of a problem

  18. I don’t understand the naysayers among us, but the logic of this is impeccable.

    After all, since driving while intoxicated was outlawed, not a single person has been killed or maimed in an alcohol-related collision. Since murder became a crime just after Adam and Eve popped out a litter upon leaving the Garden, human life has been sacred, and everybody has lived full, natural lives without human interruption ever since. With the advent of mandated mask-wearing and cowering-at-home rules, and the closure of every business smaller than the average WalMart, we have defeated the Great 23-19 Plague of 2020, and are all just so healthy, wealthy and wise that we can barely STAND it.
    Combined with outlawing the deadly twin scourges of arm braces and home-built ‘ghost-gun kits,’ which are accounting for vast numbers of gory deaths in our most vulnerable populations of babies, minorities, and puppies, the banning of guns on school grounds is obviously a logical, necessary, and effective step to take. The mere thought of being punished for bringing a gun onto school grounds will give the most hardened homicidal maniac pause, thus preventing any future school massacres.


    No, not really. It’s all BS. Merry Chrstmas.

  19. Besides the shooter, the next most evil person is the one who works to take away guns from innocent people.

    And a special place in hell for those who surround themselves with armed security, and work to disarm those same innocent people.

  20. “Gosh, I’m a law-abiding citizen carrying on school grounds. Ohmigod I just went crazy and decided to shoot up the place!”

    – No One Ever

  21. Because someone, who decided to kill bunch of school kids gets stopped cold by gun free zone sign. And it’s much better not to have anyone armed and able to defend them when such piece of shit starts killing.
    Thinking like that is recipe for disaster.

  22. Is there any distinction between types of schools. Sure, I don’t like the idea of the public aimlessly walking around grade schools, armed or not. Universities? Get rid of the signs.

  23. NRA Rating of A.
    The NRA is a useless, compromising anti-gun organization who pays their head any insane amount of money.
    When the NRA is gone, then serious pro-Second Amendment groups will get the people and the money.
    Left the NRA decades ago and never looked back.

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