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In a previous post, I took The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence to task for Tweeting that open carry advocates “prance around” with their guns. I slammed the Tweet as snide, demeaning and unfair. Note to the Brady Bunch: two out of three is bad. But it now appears true that there are prancing open carry advocates. Our apologies for the mistake. [Prancing commences at 3:05]

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  1. Color me disappointed. I was expecting some sort of choreographed prancing, perhaps some kind of Monty Pythonesque “Ministry of Silly Walks” thing, that would look like a dry land-based version of synchronized swimming. Ten Lords a’ Leaping and all that.

    These guys need a choreographer. Or perhaps some soul – dancing wise.

    But it gives me a new idea for a show on the Outdoor Channel, where instead of C-list celebs hoofing it, we’d get Constitutional Carry advocates showing off their terpsichorean tap skills. We could call it (wait for it…)

    Dancing with the Open Carry Advocates

    The title needs work, though.

  2. I believe that in a civil society guns are for defense, hunting, and fun. Not for making political or social statements, which is exactly what that fellow was doing as evidenced by him slapping it as part of his protest dance.



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