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@Tammy4Congress What is your platform regarding reducing gun violence? Are you against “armed resistance” to democracy in the name of 2A?” Wait. What? Who’s resisting American democracy by force of arms? I thought Americans who keep arms in a “break glass in case of government tyranny” container are pro-democracy. As defined by the U.S. Constitution, which contains the aforementioned 2A (Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms). Ah, hold on. I get it. The BradyBuzz Tweet factory is using the word “democracy” here to mean “unconstitutional government tyranny.” OK, so let me rephrase the question for Tammy Duckworth, Democratic candidate for Illinois’ 8th Congressional District, so it makes sense. “Are you against armed resistance by citizens against government officials who would confiscate firearms owned by those citizens in contravention of the Second Amendment?”

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  1. Duckworth ran in the district I used to live in many years back in Illinois.
    She was a brave and dedicated soldier who remarkably survived an RPG detonating point blank and blowing off her legs.And still trying to fly the chopper.
    The quote from “Dirty Harry”is out of line here.
    I sure disagree with her policy on guns,but I still have respect for her-maybe because I’m a disabled Vietnam veteran-she had done a reasonably good job at the VA at least with regard to medical care which I depend upon.
    I don’t know if you ever served Mr.Farago,but save the remarks for real scum like Feinstein,Schumer,and company.

  2. Below is something I just found on the Twitter BradyBuzz page:

    “bradybuzz Brady Campaign
    A DC federal court agreed with Brady that there’s no right to military style weapons or assaults clips & gun registration is constitutional!
    14 minutes ago”!/bradybuzz

  3. reading Heller 2 opinion now – it appears many of the firearm registration provsisions are similar to what are in place in many states for a concealed carry license. curious if this goes to the supremes.

  4. I know this isn’t really germane to the issue of gun control but I wanted to point out that America was founded as a republic not a democracy.

    Walter Williams said it best….

    Democracy without strict adherence to individual rights is the same as tyranny…
    51% can force their views on the 49%…

    • Hunter S.
      You’re right about our government being a republic.
      Problem is that so many have called it a democracy for so long that most believe it.
      BTW a democracy usually comes just before anarchy which usually comes
      just before some form of tyrannical dictatorship.
      Hopefully somewhere in the anarchy stage those who would preserve liberty will prevail.

  5. I have absolutely no desire to disparage a veteran who served with honor and nearly paid with her life, so I’ll simply say that I’m totally mystified by the manner in which her life experiences contrast with the principles for which she now stands (assuming Wikipedia is at least marginally accurate in their description of her). For the life of me, I cannot rationalize how she arrived at “Political Point B” from “Military Hero Point A” and I wonder if that same conundrum in the minds of voters is the cause of her election loss(es). The Point A to Point B progression seems very unnatural and illogical and would precipitate unease for me at the ballot box.

    • WOW. Other than her stance on firearms, which of her political stances do you disagree with? Looking at the 8 listed on her wiki page, I actually agree wholeheartedly with the rest, also because of my military experience. Also, she lost the race by 2%! Then when you consider that winner was a local republican replacing a long time republican in a district that traditionally leans republican, I think that was a pretty impressive showing by Duckworth.

      • Well there’s her wanting to confiscate your money to use to pay for someone else’s health care. Then there’s her supporting the very teachers unions that foam at the mouth any time someone dares to comment on our godawful education system. She supports giving amnesty to illegals as well.

        The only good things from her positions are wanting better accountability for military spending and that she thinks end of life decisions shouldn’t be decided by the Federal government.

        Oh, and then there’s the fact that she has the view of so many in the military / LE of “Only we should have guns so that we can keep the peasants in line”.

        • …and I’d like to add that an election lost by 2% is just as lost as one with a 200% margin of defeat; it remains a loss irrespective of the margin. For whatever reason(s), the people of her district rejected her as a politician, and in light of some of the posts I’m reading here, my assumption that voters sensed a disconnect between her life experiences and her political principles may not be so far from reality. She comes home from Iraq and joins the party of Harry “This War is Lost” Reid??? She accepts the endorsement of Dick “Our Soldiers Are Like Nazis” Durbin??? She’s nearly John Kerry-esque in her post-combat life. Speaking of life, she barely escapes death only to become a supporter of EMILY’s List?

          Why would someone who nearly gave their life defending our Constitution and the freedoms it acknowledges later choose to follow a political ideology which tramples on individual liberty (ObamaCare, gun control, etc.) and skirts the rule of law by rewarding unlawful acts (illegal immigration and the path to citizenship). I see plenty of disconnects and contradictions in her life’s story; the most significant being her membership in the party which largely despises the military.

    • Duckworth’s donor list and the values they stand for stinks. I’m very critical against the all too frequent use of the US military abroad in affairs that are not a threat to America based on my military experience. Her pro military value system is against my values. I don’t like her take on immigration; she’s way too soft for me with her call for amnesty for most illegal aliens and not to build a southern wall and militarize the southern border. Unlike previous waves of legal immigrants from Europe and Asia, the 25-30 million (real numbers) of illegals from Mexico are from a country physically bordering our own. Their values are to have open-borders and their allegiance is too frequently to ‘La Raza’ the race and not America. Awarding citizenship and the voting power to illegals it brings along with it new pro open-border politicians will result in a far greater wave of crime, entitlement seekers, economic stress, and environmental damage unlike anything seen yet in America.

      I’m for the best qualified person to get into office. I could care less about race, ethnic background, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, etc. It’s pathetic that when I do vote I keep voting for the least ‘evil’ candidate from among the choice of morons.

  6. a veteran becoming a political is “seems very unnatural and illogical”? ever heard of George Washington, teddy Roosevelt, bob dole, john McCain, and a ton of others i’m forgetting off the top of my head.?

  7. It’s too bad she is disabled and I appreciate her service to our country. How about a few ideas on punishing crime, or keeping people with multiple convictions off our streets?
    It’s easier to take a Brady Bunch stand, it’s seen as more defensible than actually demanding people be held accountable for their actions.

  8. What was she fighting for?

    From the looks of it, nothing too good, but who could figure that one out by looking at her website? Her website only info about her is how she is just such a great person!

    Yeah I bet if Michael Durant was Rep in that district, she would be trashing him.

    • One Memorial Day before she became political she was on CSPAN when they were visiting Walter Reed and she was a little older than some(most)of the other amputees in her ward and although she was among the most severely wounded,she was spending a lot of time helping the younger soldiers to keep from going downhill emotionally.I thought she showed some real excellent qualities.That said,I wouldn’t vote for her because she is a liberal.

  9. I honor her service, but can’t support her for being a sellout. And by way of comparison, John kerry is also a veteran — and he’s still a scumbag.


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