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Want another option for mounting your Leupold Delta Point Pro on your rifle along with your magnified scope? Angled offset mounts confine you to one orientation, usually 45 degrees. Reptilia’s ROF SAR lets you mount your sight at almost any angle. Here’s their press release . . .

Reptilia Announces New 30mm Tube Red Dot Optic Mount  

August 15 2018 – Reptilia, an American design and manufacturing company creating innovative, premium grade products, has announced the release of their newest optic mounts: the ROF SAR, a 30mm Tube Red Dot Optic Mount, adding a mounting point for a Trijicon RMR® or Leupold Delta Point Pro®.

The ROF SAR mount is designed as a drop-in upgrade for magnified scopes with an objective diameter of 1.3in or less. Available initially for 30mm scope tubes, the ROF SAR adds a mounting point for a Trijicon RMR® or Leupold Delta Point Pro® to provide a fast, close-range targeting option to your magnified scope. End users can easily position the reflex optic at 90º, 45º or any angle the user prefers.  Additionally, when paired with the ROF Riser, released earlier this summer, extra height can be provided to clear a host scope’s turrets.

The ROF SAR is precision machined from 7075 aluminum and protected with Mil-Spec type III hardcoat anodizing. Weighing in at 36g, care was taken to minimize the added weight when mounted to your 30mm scope tube. 

“Reptilia was founded with the purpose of developing product solutions for those who are put into harm’s way, to ensure our safety and freedom,” stated Eric Burt, Reptilia’s President and Head of Design. “Our ROF line of products was developed to fill a request we received for specific mounting solutions. We take great pride in being able to work closely with our end-users, to ensure we are developing solutions to address the limits that existed.” 

Burt, one of the industry’s most respected and sought after Industrial Designers, founded Reptilia with the intent to address issues that were frequently overlooked in the firearms industry. Ranging from simple design tweaks to grander-scale innovations, Reptilia is the vehicle to bring ideas to fruition. Promising an insatiable need to innovate and bridge the gaps that challenge end-users. In a world that is always evolving, Reptilia strives to produce products and provides services that are unmatched in this industry. 

The ROF SAR is available now, through the Reptilia web store at

About Reptilia

Reptilia is an American design and manufacturing company creating innovative, premium grade products. We provide our customers with solutions that assist them in ongoing efforts to protect our freedom. 

Designs by Reptilia provide aesthetic functionality combining the highest levels of quality, reliability and durability. 

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  1. Swing and a miss.

    Like many other optic mounts that try to marry a magnification tube and MRDS, They failed to address the issue of the Dot being mounted “45 degrees”. Sitting perfectly level on top of the scope is ok (other than the chin weld) but the problem arises when you attempt to rotate the MRDS to create the “high-speed, low-drag” look with the 45 degree offset, you are rotating on the scopes axis, not the barrels axis. So if you are really patient you may be zero it for a specific distance, with a specific load. Beyond that, this is one of those “decorations” folks like to put on their guns.

    But don’t let me stop anyone from doing what they want. You do you booboo.

    and INB4 “but it’s just a snap shot for close range work, it doesn’t need to be zeroed properly” 😛

    • Totally agree with the 45-degree rotation around the scope instead of the barrel.

      Also, why spend so much on a nice low-power variable optic if you’re just going to put a red dot on it? I thought that was kind of the point of optics like that Nightforce.

      • Dudes, this isn’t a range toy. When it’s needed, its really needed. Since a transition from scope to red dot is necessary, the rifle is no longer a precision instrument, but a blunt lead thrower so a change in grip, rotation, and sighting plane is hardly a challenge. I think of these types of sights as turning your long gun into a pistol. And I have three MRDs in use across a variety of platforms long and short. Even with the glare off my goggles and tear gas stinging my eyes, the red dot is the only solution I trust. A scope, at that point, makes a good handle. That’s about all.

        To zero it, just clamp your gat in a rest, pop off a shot, and dial in an overlap of red dot and point of impact. One and done.

        Reptilia scores on the rebound!

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