Alien Gear ShapeShift Pocket Holster
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If you pocket carry, you know that pocket holsters are leather or fabric affairs, either shaped to stay in your pocket when you draw or covered with a sticky, cling-y texture to make sure it stays behind when you pull your gun. Alien Gear’s new ShapeShift pocket holster is, well, different. It’s polymer, designed to let you adjust the retention level and shaped to disguise the pistol in your pocket. Here’s their press release . . .

Alien Gear Holsters innovates with modular pocket holster

Alien Gear Holsters engineered a new pocket holster to be safer, slimmer and more comfortable than all available pocket carry options.

Alien Gear built its polymer holster to reduce bulk with its light profile and included full trigger guard coverage with adjustable passive retention. It can be worn in the pockets of most apparel, handbags and backpacks.

The patent-pending ShapeShift Pocket Holster was designed with a dual purpose pocket hook that keeps the holster attached to the pocket when drawn and disguises the handgun to reduce printing while carrying.

Alien Gear Holsters’ mechanical engineer, Taylor Vold, led the development of this holster.

“The Shapeshift Pocket Holster may seem like a simple product,” Vold said. “However, every detail and aspect has been considered to create an effective and safe holster.”

Vold designed the holster shell with a proprietary polymer blend to completely envelope the trigger and eliminate negligent discharge.

As the ShapeShift Modular Holster System’s 12th addition, this holster is fully compatible with other ShapeShift holsters.

Purchase the full holster for $45.88, or with a previously owned ShapeShift shell, try the pocket holster expansion pack for only $29.88.

The ShapeShift Pocket Holster is backed by Alien Gear Holsters’ Forever Warranty and a 30-day test drive.

About Alien Gear Holsters

Founded in 2013, Alien Gear Holsters manufactures premium, incredibly comfortable holsters for concealed carry. Alien Gear Holsters are the most comfortable concealed carry holsters on the planet. Any planet. For more information about Alien Gear Holsters, visit

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  1. It looks interesting, but awfully expensive for a plastic pocket holster. I’d probably try it if it was under $20.

  2. I always carry my 642 in a Remora. I just checked the site and why don’t they have one for the 642 or the LCR? It seems like that would be a logical move on their part.

  3. Yeah, not really: at 0:23, 0:30, 0:35, 0:54–0:56 it’s clearly printing. From 0:35–0:39, it sure looks like he’s having issues with the draw–like the p istol won’t disengage from the h olster. I just don’t see this working with pants other than cargo pants/shorts, unless it’s with an LCP or Pico-sized p istol. It really needs a panel to disguise the outline and angle between the grip and lower frame–something like the Super Fly h olster.

    • I thought the very same thing. Lots of printing, and the back pocket was held open at the top. A fully qualified pickpocket would drool at the sight.

      Also, this was a skinny guy with loose pants.

      The grey dress pants looked like the guy should have been a porn star. Serious packing….and not a gun.

      I have a 5 years old cloth-like pocket holster with a rubberized band that keep it in place. Since it’s cloth, the are no plastic edges, however smoothed, to print.

      This is a clever idea, but mine cost me $5 five years ago with a 100% success rate while practicing.

      • The idea isn’t to disguise that you have something in your pocket. That’s going to be impossible unless you have stupidly baggy pants or a really micro gun. It’s supposed to break up the outline and make people think “Oh, that looks like a phone or a wallet.” It looks like it could be an iPhone in a somewhat bulky case.

  4. I occasionally carry my lowly Taurus 709 in a Nemesis. This looks interesting but I’m not ponying up 46bucks…

  5. Man, I thought Farmers were cheap and whiny! Good products cost money, people, don’t bash it until you have tried one and than found out it sucked.

  6. I’ve carried the LCP2 using a BORAII Eagle trigger guard holster since the pistol was released. It’s diminutive and effective, completely covering the trigger with a satisfying locking click. It feels secure in my pocket and I am confident it is safe. The LCP2 had just been released, but the BORAII guy made the holster at my request. I had it within a week. Pretty impressive service if you ask me. I think I paid $27 at the time, but I see they were on sale for $15 through yesterday. You may mention it and still get the discount. By the way, BORAII stands for Bill of Rights, 2nd Amendment, which is kinda cool to me.

    • I just bought a BORAII for my LC9s. Can’t wait to try it. Looks a lot less 3D than this thing. If this pocket holster intrigues you, check out the BORAII. (Sorry, it’s not $5).

  7. “…and disguises the handgun to reduce printing while carrying.”

    Isn’t that legally a problem?

    Wallet holsters with a finger hole for the trigger are NFA ‘toys’ because it breaks up the outline of a gun…

  8. they got the pistol part right.
    those two bumps look like print city.
    when i pocket i recluse. but horsehide is not cheap.
    this for sure would work well in a chest rig or fanny pack.

  9. No thanks. I’ll keep using my sticky holsters. This alien gear looks like a magnet for lint and other pocket debris to foul up the gun. At least with sticky holsters (and similar products) you are covering all the important areas, not just the trigger. Sticky holster also moved from body carry to slipping it in a pouch in my bag if needed and the tacky grip keeps it in place.

  10. I think an Alabama holster style pocket holster is a much better option, but I like the ingenuity of this “modular system”.

    When I first started carrying years ago I had major sticker shock when I began holster shopping so I have always made my own. I realize not everyone can do this but no one makes a better holster for me than me. 😉

    • I summer carry my G42 in a Alabama holster for a couple of years now. It does a great job of concealing. Price is a bit high, but I’ve never regretted the purchase.

  11. Just by its looks, it seems like it would feel like you have a plastic holster frame in your pocket.

    In its Galco Pocket Protector, my J-Frame just disappears.

    $28.00, including shipping.

  12. Ok… Reading the naysayers.. Overpriced piece of plastic… I’ll agree with that, but all the people talking about “printing” is nonsense.

    If you’re concealing a gun in public, printing or not, absolutely no one is paying attention to a possible gun shaped outline. Most people wouldn’t even notice is you open carry. Everyone is like a zombie staring at their phone and contemplating where to get their fast food.

    The people who talk about printing are the same one’s that constantly fidget while ccw’n and wear tactical clothes and gun t-shirts with NRA caps on… But they don’t print.

    Btw. The Gun bumper stickers on your car will print way more…

    You wanta pocket carry with something that covers the trigger, go for it.

    • I like the Alien Gear Cloak Tuck I have and I want to try the pocket holster. To be fair, printing is a huge issue in some places. I was formerly Active Duty Military and was stationed in places near state borders and had to be cognizant of the laws of several states concurrently. When I was stationed in New Mexico a few years ago, it was a felony if you got caught by law enforcement printing with a concealed carry. It was regarded as a deep conceal state, and concealed meant concealed. I don’t know if it still is, as I have left since then, but it was something I was always mindful of. My EDC is an XD40 sub and I always wear loose, untucked button ups or loose shirts when I carry to minimize the possibility of printing, even with an IWB holster.

  13. Thank you Matt! FWIW I agree. I see the same thing. Gun stickers, DTOM decals NRA etc. Also the tacticool look. What a way to conceal. Love all the cammo too. If you wear a cammo hat no one can see what your thinking!

  14. Pistols which are realistic “pocket pistols”—NAA mini revolvers, J-frames, .380 and below small semi-autos.

    My CW380 in a Bianchi pocket holster disappears in most front pockets. It fits in a hoodie pocket.

    Trying to pocket carry anything larger without being obvious is difficult for most people. Are you a 6’3″ giant? Go ahead and pocket carry that G43.

    The AG holster is printing like nobody’s business. Why not just carry that pistol IWB, where it’s meant to live?

  15. I’ll confess – I also love to “Mexican Carry” my P238 in a Desantis Nemesis at 4 o’clock – usually for short trips. The sticky material just clings between my pants and my skin and the pistol stays in place, yet draws easily.

    This is my new solution as I used to just pocket carry a J-Frame – until after having the webbing of my hands busted open YET AGAIN from just practicing with the hateful little bastard of a gun. Not gonna carry what I don’t train with.

  16. I thought this was a review on this product and would tell me if it was quality and worth the money or not in the writers opinion. Nope just a commercial for alien gear.

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