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After loads of requests and a few false starts, we’re thrilled to announce the long-awaited, triumphant return of TTAG brand swag. That’s right, now you can sport your love of guns and your favorite web site wherever you go (TSA checkpoints are a possible exception).

Click the link on the menu bar at the top of the home page (or just click here). There you’ll find a carefully curated collection of hats, shirts, mugs and a hoodie to get us started. Look for more designs down the road, too.

Our TTAG logo mug and the OFWG coffee holder make ideal precision caffeine delivery devices. A must for any person of the gun.

We’d guess you’ll be seeing more than a few embroidered TTAG logo hats at the range, too.

There’s something for shooters of any age, race, sex, size, party affiliation or blood type. Just think how thrilled your gun-grabbing cousin will be to get a POTG shirt for his/her birthday. If you don’t tell them what it means, we won’t breathe a word. Promise.

So please click the link at the top (or this link right here) to see the entire line. Proceeds from TTAG gear will go to ensuring that we keep our ads as minimal and unintrusive as possible. Thank you for your support.

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      • “You know damn well I’ve got a candy apple ass.”

        I… I… I don’t even wanna know how…

        Nice to see you again, Mr. Kee.

        Can we expect to more of you and fine recipes like Venison Consommé ’round here? 😉

        (That is a handsome pony you have there…)

  1. Nice swag! – but the lead photo looks like three people who just watched their cat die. In the words of Mr. Roark: “Smiles everyone! Smiles!”

  2. How did you get Zach Galifianakis to wear that operator shirt? I had no idea he was part of the TTAG crew! lol. seriously, he is a spitting image.

    • I’ll buy Vietnam (before my day but is history/water under). Chicoms is NO (current and future enemy).

  3. I need me one of them OFWG mugs. And an OFWG shirt. Especially the shirt. They even go up to size 5X. Now that’s the sign of some people that know their audience.

    • Got my “long range shooting” t-shirt.
      I’ve gotten a couple of interesting looks at the gym.
      I like the design.

  4. as a substation operator i am attracted to one of these.
    i’ll swap you for some snap caps.

  5. Boomer #1 :”Does she come with the shirt? lolololol”

    5 minutes passes

    Boomer #2 :”Does she come with the shirt? lololol”

    4 minutes passes

    Boomer #3: “Does the lady come with the shirt? lolololol but seriously I tell you what, that 40 s&w is some cartridge!”

  6. How about travel mugs? I don’t drink coffee sitting at my table. Particularly an Operator Operating Operationally one.

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