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Those pushing for a disarmed populace have been conditioned to believe that effective restrictions on arms cannot be achieved without strong government censorship and control over information. The First and Second Amendments in the Bill of Rights reinforce each other and make restrictions on both free expression and the right to keep and bear arms difficult by design.

A protestor outside a San Diego area gun show articulated the protestors’ passion for government regulation that they believe will make them safe.


Protestors of the Del Mar Gun Show addressed the Fair Board on Tuesday afternoon with their newest concerns.

The protestors want the board to ban sellers of blueprints or anything else that can make 3D-printed guns.

Demonstrators say, “anyone can log on and download the plans to produce the guns. We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous. Period. The fact that the internet makes it easier to get these things makes it all the more necessary to have regulations in place.” …

On Tuesday, protestors encouraged the board to consider banning any person or business that promotes 3D-printed guns.

There have been books published about how to make guns for centuries. Americans have been doing just that since before the Revolutionary War. In the 1950s and 1960s, it was common for high school students to make guns as a shop project. A friend of mine made a small pistol using a sand-casting technique to make the frame. Another friend and I made a small replica cannon.

In an industrial society, guns are easily made with readily available common metal shapes. The Army published a manual on making pistols that are more capable than Defense Distributed’s 3D Liberator using hardware store parts.

The San Diego protestors want a government that controls all parts of life to give them an illusion of safety. Everything is potentially dangerous. According to the protestors, that means everything must be regulated by the government.

It is a concise summation of the Progressive vision of utopia.

©2018 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice and link are included.

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  1. Ah the Kommies of Kommiefornia want.

    “We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous. Period.”

    Well that can span kitchen knives to vehicles,

    • “If my thought dreams could be seen,
      They’d probably put my head in a guillotine”

    • When the CHI coms infiltrates with 1 million screaming Chinese Troops, they will wish they reconsidered their communist stance while watching their freedom taken by force.

      Why we must Separate CA from the USA Now.and pull back the bases to AZ and NV and into OR and WA.

  2. Dean it is NOT just First and Second. It is Fourth and Fifth they are attacking as well.

    — Mike Bloomberg, the chief funder and driver of the gun control/ban lobby vastly expanded Stop and Frisk.

    — the gun control lobby points to and says we need to emulate places like Japan and Australia which have profoundly lower equivalent rights to our Fourth and Fifth, from allowing in the case of Japan, 28 day interrogation with no habeas, allow double jeopardy, issue and allow evidence from warrants at much lower thresholds, etc

  3. Maybe concise, but certainly not complete. Where is the demand for freedom for Unicorns? Where is the demand for rainbows? We will not be denied!

    • “Where is the demand for rainbows? We will not be denied!”

      Sniffing Unicorn farts again, Larry? 😉

  4. I’d bet money not one of the protesters has the means to download and 3D print anything. They’re simply projecting their own fears and expecting the rest of the world to accommodate.

    • Not mainly projecting their own fears, but projecting their own violent impulses and self control issues. People who want larger, more invasive and pervasive government tend themselves to be impulsive and lack self control, whether it be their inability to earn and save money for retirement, make any long term plans, take care of their own kids, run a small business, and generally take any personal responsibly.

      I was at a family gathering at a beach house last week and my cousin’s wife, who is niece enough but a hard core Hillaryite with a government job, blurted out something telling when a minor issue related to gun control came up on some TV news report. She just blurted out: “And what if I am a gun carrier that just feels the impulse to shoot 20 people….”

      I really think there is some kind of mental illness in the advocates of gun control. I think it is possible Mike Bloomberg, Shannon Watts et al actually do visualize themselves killing people when they think of a firearms or touch one. I’d actually be afraid to take my cousins wife to the range.

      So I don’t think it is victimization fear, I think it is their own violent impulses and self control issues the antis are projecting on everyone else.

  5. Anyone else think California Republicans are pro-gun when many are all foaming at the mouth to grab the coattails of this anti-printed “ghost guns”?

    • They are pro gun – for themselves and people in their income bracket it is those scary people on the other side of the tracks they don’t want being able to have weapons.

    • Depends on the Republicans. Some are very pro gun. Some might as well be Democrats. I live in the area, and like everywhere I’ve lived, the political labels describe very different things depending where you are. Country Club Rebublicans, former military Republicans, the list goes on. You have a strong pro-gun constituency, and idiots like the Republican San Diego County sheriff who thinks guns are for his people and not the hoi polloi. The California Republicans as a whole need a swift kick in the rear for a lot of reasons, but sadly any work to change things runs up against the reality of their opponents being pretty much Marxist social justice warriors.

      And I was thinking of attending the next meeting for the committee in charge of the fairground…I just have to decide A) if it would do a lick of good (since we already have a well-organized group of gun advocates who outnumber these yahoos at the meetings anyway) and B) what the heck to say, since carrying in a copy of the Army Improvised Munitions handbook probably wouldn’t help anything…

      • East County and North County Republicans are pro-gun but Del Mar and San Diego Republicans are as anti-gun as Democrats.
        These Republicans “compromise” with Democrats and vote to increase gas taxes and ban guns to “show good faith”.
        Remember Gunpocalypse, the car tax and cap-n-trade tax were passed with large Republican support. Dems stand united, but Republicans eagerly vote with Dems to look “reasonable”. Banning printed guns and the Del Mar Gun Show (really a venue for overpriced beef jerky and MAGA memorabilia) are easy compromises for local Republicans. Let’s see if email campaigns can influence Republicans to keep their campaign promises.

  6. “They” forced the cancellation of the long running DuPage County Gun Show(ILLinois). Too scary with those full semiautomatic ASSault rifles. THEY suck…

    • Yeah, I love this. The gun show attendees and the gun advocates who show up to the fairground committee meetings always greatly outnumber the protestors, but you know who gets all the news coverage…

  7. So, as I see it, it boils down to:

    “We are afraid, so please take away our rights.”

    If Snake Plissken ever really does pull the pin on the EMP, I bet 95% of these crybabies don’t survive through the week.

  8. Pity that I don’t live there. I’d be out there handing out CDs of those files, just to trigger those anti-rights a-holes.

    Actually; what the hell am I thinking. There’s nothing to ‘pity’ about not living in California.

  9. They forgot that government is the most dangerous thing humans invented. This invention has control of nuclear weaponry and hordes of trained killers. Let’s not regulate that because… safety.

    • You don’t really even need an organized and technologically sophisticated government to be dangerous. Just look at the Rwandan Genocide. That was mostly done with just violent nut jobs with farm implements killed the better part of a million to two million people in just 4 months.

      This is also a good example of why everyone needs access to as much firepower as they can muster. Doesn’t mean you’ll be safe, or even live, but it gives you a better chance against massed enemy combatants.

  10. “..We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous. Period. ”

    This person is deserving of a very public and very humiliating mockery. Simply pointing and laughing is not enough, we need to call people over to help point and laugh. We need to take up a collection so we can pay someone to follow this person around for several weeks to continuously point and laugh at them. Every sports arena and location with those Jumbotron screens needs to have their face displayed so the entire area can laugh at them.

    • Cue the socially liberal gun owners on this site whining about how Jack Phillips is a “mean bigot” and deserves what he gets. It’s always baffling to me that people who claim to me 2a absolutists allower their “higher” education brainwashing to kill their support of the 1a. And I mean the entire amendment, not just the speech part.

  11. Quote: We have to regulate anything that is potentially dangerous.

    This person may have been thinking about “things” but the leaders of the left have a different target in mind. They mean to “regulate” people, everyone especially people like us. And their regulation will look more like China and the USSR in the old days.

    Be Prepared !

  12. And they are worried about 3D printed guns? If given enough time and inclination, I could learn CNC programming and make guns from machined bar stock.

    And I’m certain hobbyists out there already have done this with the files available to anyone who looks. Since this is not 3D printing, this would be fully legal.

  13. Yo, California Dummies!, censorship means YOU can be censored, too! After guns will you go after bows, then clubs, then swords and finally knives like the Dumbassed mayor of LONDON? Like you, I think he forgot about SHARP STICKS. A small board, twisted and broken lenghtwise will make a great sharp weapon.

  14. There’s what, all of 20people there. That’s SOME support for a cause. Everybody else is
    all hopped up on their legalized pot industry. Oh yea, maybe they just forgot to show man!!! Like wow man….. these people just need to be ignored. If you acknowledge them, then they got their point across. As Clint Smith said, just beat the shit out of the liberals and then they’ll get a gun! Hell hath no fury like a beaten up liberal.

  15. I’m not sure I understand the whole hype of the 3D gun thing. First of all wasn’t this already done, perhaps in High School shop class. Second, aren’t the convicts who are in prisons making weapons, zip guns, shanks etc. thirdly the 3D gun can only be fired once.
    Who would want this thing to blow up in their face. Really a plastic gun. And no I didn’t miss the point, it’s on the internet. Isn’t there other horrible things on the internet. Why don’t these people want that shit sensored as well. Just sayin….

  16. There’s an old saying about being careful what you ask for because you might get it. A similar saying cautions about hate saying you become what you hate. These people claim to hate Nazis but they demand the government take the same actions the Nazis took, censorship and gun control.

    • Few realize how truly easy it is to give up their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. But how once it’s realized the mistake that’s been made, how hard, if not impossible, it will be to get them back. The 2nd amendment RIGHT is not a RIGHT that can be granted by any man or government. It is an inalienable RIGHT granted to all law abiding citizens in this country. “Give me Liberty or give me Death”. – Patrick Henry. For what it’s worth, young people reading this. I am now a 65 year old veteran who served his country honorably, and the best advice I can pass onto you is, don’t even consider, ever giving up any of your inalienable GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, especially the 2nd amendment, as it is the lynchpin of the Constitution and the Bill of RIGHTS. Without the 2nd amendment all of your other RIGHTS will soon be taken by away by force. Don’t believe the bullshit being spread by those that would want to eliminate guns in our society. Because when they talk of eliminating guns they’re talking about your guns not their guns. Remember this, GUN’S ARE NOT EVIL, PEOPLE ARE EVIL.

  17. “Gun control has nothing to do with guns and everything to do with control”. The sheep only feel comfortable with control in all aspects of life. -Molon Labe

  18. I guess they haven’t figured out there’s things worse than death. There’s living in California for one…

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