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Jackie Speier, c Politico

Yep, you read that right. Congresswoman Jackie Speier from the great state of California has introduced legislation into the U.S. House of Representatives that would make it illegal to sell a firearm that is capable of being fired by a five year old child when the gun is “ready to fire.” Nevermind that every single gun ever designed meets that requirement, Jackie thinks we need to ban those guns…for the children. Naturally. Also on her legislative agenda is a bill that would redefine “armor piercing” bullets to include teflon bullets and be based on armor-piercing capacity instead of metallurgical content. It’s admirably prima facie, but then you need to realize that since 5.56 NATO can be fired out of a pistol that would basically ban all 5.56 NATO ammunition. Make the jump for the full press release . . .

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco/San Mateo) introduced two bills aimed at reducing gun violence and increasing firearm safety. One of the bills calls for safety modifications in handguns to guard against incidents among children. This past weekend, another child death occurred, as a 5-year old girl in New Orleans accidentally shot and killed herself with a .38 caliber revolver.

Speier stated: “Each year, we are saddened by unspeakable tragedies involving guns and children. Yet, a majority of gun deaths involving children are preventable at the point of manufacturing. More than half of child deaths from guns result from accidents or failure to secure guns in the home. In the past, we have taken similar safety measures with products such as butane lighters and prescription drug bottles. It’s inexcusable we haven’t done the same with deadly weapons. We have an urgent responsibility to prevent these tragic deaths through smart, more effective handgun policies.”

In particular, the Child Handgun Safety Act would require that all handguns manufactured, sold in, or imported into the United States to incorporate technology that precludes the average 5-year-old child from operating a handgun when it is ready to fire. The Act would also require any handgun sold, offered for sale, traded, transferred, shipped, leased, or distributed in the U.S. two years after enactment to be child-resistant or retrofitted with a child-resistant mechanism. The Child Handgun Safety Act is supported by the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center.

June 14th marked the six-month anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Conn., which took the lives of 20 first-grade children and six adults. Despite calls for reevaluating how we ensure the well-being of Americans of all ages, no significant gun safety or protection legislation has been passed since that national tragedy. In that time, 73 more children aged 12 and under have been killed by guns. Of those 71 deaths, 40 were due to accidental shootings – 29 of which involved a teen or child aged 17 or younger pulling the trigger. In just the past two months, six horrific accidental shootings involving children aged 5 and under have lent grim urgency to this issue:

Corsicana, TX, a 3-year-old boy died after a self-inflicted shooting with a handgun inside a bedroom in his home, striking himself in the head.

Tampa, FL, A 3-year-old boy who found a gun in his uncle’s backpack shot himself and died.

Greenville County, SC, A 2-year-old child reached into his father’s pocket, grabbed a gun and shot himself at his grandparents’ home.

Brighton, AL, a 4-year-old shot 4-year-old cousin with .38 Special pistol left on a bed.

Lebanon, TN, a 4-year-old boy shot the wife of a sheriff with a pistol.

Liberty, MI, the 3-year old son of a Jackson County Sheriff’s Office deputy, accidentally shot and killed himself with his father’s weapon.

Congresswoman Speier also introduced the Modernized Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 2013, which would require the Attorney General to modify the definition of armor-piercing ammunition to conform to the performance of the bullet, rather than mere metallurgical content. Because of significant developments in bullet propellants, coatings and materials, such as Teflon, the original Law Enforcement Officers Protection Act of 1986 is outdated. As a result, the marketplace has been flooded by growing volumes of ammunition that are fully capable of piercing body armor while skirting the definition of the 1986 ban.

“It’s been 27 years since Congress acted to protect law enforcement personnel from so-called “cop-killer” bullets. Our first responders are at a greater disadvantage today than they were decades ago. If they are going to put themselves in the line of fire in our communities and neighborhoods, we owe it to them to update existing laws and get with the times.”

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    • You be absolutely correct. Having met and chatted with Ms. Speier, she’s not exactly the sharpest knife. Bit of grandstanding in the vein of State Assmblything Nancy Skinner, another politicrat.

      On other fronts: May have missed it, but did TTAG post on Chicago’s call for National Guard troops to come to America’s most murdery city?

      • I agree even in the Senate I think its dead Machine Toomey is the only bill left they are pushing for. I think this is more Kaliforian fascist being fascists.

      • No… you’re passing up a perfect compromise bill. She can have her law that says guns that can be operated by children are illegal, and, therefor, forfeit.

        WE WANT: all CARS that can be operated by children – that’s ALL OF THEM – ILLEGAL and FORFEIT.

        Including this dog-ugly BEEYOTCH’S CARS. ALL OF THEM. EVERY CAR that can be operated by a single child on the planet – well, let’s just say $1.99 car buy-backs, and we melt them all down to make bridges. Over non-existent rivers, and in places no one wants one. TOUGH SHIT – BRIDGE.

  1. As a still-learning newb regarding guns and ammunition, so armor-piercing rounds are rated on their metallurgical content? Also my understanding was “armor-piercing” just refers to handgun bullets that can penetrate Kevlar vests worn by cops, not rifle ammunition as all rifle ammunition can penetrate such vests.

    • According to the legal definition, bullets made without a soft lead core can be classified as “armor piercing.”

      Also, because the AR-15 and AK-47 can be constructed as a pistol, 5.56 is technically handgun ammo.

      • I read the ATF regs on this a couple years ago. Maybe Foghorn’s memory is fresh on this. I know he can call someone for the info.

        As I recall, because 5.56 is not EXCLUSIVELY a pistol caliber, it is exempt from that classification. This, if correct, would mean that the only “armor-piercing” ammo would be calibers that are exclusively pistol calibers.

        A little HELP?

        • I know of no caliber that is pistol exclusive only.

          .17 to 50BMG what can’t be fired in both a rifle and pistol?

      • Well this would ban all ammo for rifles. Ted Kennedy had one in 04 which did the same he wanted to ban 30-30s for this reason. Any rifle can defeat wimpy level two armor Cops use.

        • The entire concept of cop-killer bullets is absurd. What bullet poses a risk to an LEO with soft body armor? Any bullet whatever aimed at the femoral artery, the throat, or face. #4 bird shot, for that matter, would suffice. If the cops, judges, and legislators would keep violent felons in prison, then we would not be so concerned with what those violent felons might use to advance their evil careers.

      • Of course, since they’ve already banned most lead ammo in California, that pretty much sets them up to ban the rest of it.

        • No, they haven’t. The proposed lead ammunition bill (proposed, not law) only applies to hunting. Not any other use.

    • Yes and no.

      What makes the armor piercing bill so dangerous is that it gives definitive ability to Ban a type of bulle to the AG. Which is Unconstirutional and no-doubt what Holder spoke of on USA Today as “regulatory banning of types of arms by effectively banning the amunition at will, his will, without Congressional oversight, since this bill gives away that authority, which they do not possess in the first place.

      Also the kid-proofing would mean also a 10lb trigger making handguns unuseavle by the el De rly or small handed, as well as making rhem horably inaccurate. The worst part is then a mandated authority to “inspect” all weapins at will, in violation of the 4th amendment.

      Bad, ALL BAD! Not to mention Unconstitutional.

      Call your Reps and Senators TOMORROW, in opposition to these Bills.I did several days ago and wrote letters.

    • There are firearms that fire rifle rounds but are classified as pistols. Since these few pistols can fire rifle cartridges, all rifle ammo would be illegal. Currently, armor piercing ammo is defined as cartridges whose bullets contain some sort of solid metal core or projectile. Most surplus 5.45×39 ammo has steel cores. Why is it still legal to import and sell the steel core ammo? No one makes an AK pistol in 5.45×39. Yet. As soon as someone does, surplus 5.45 will dry up super quick and stop being as cheap as it is.

    • I was younger when this was going on but there was a big outcry over “cop killer bullets”, I can’t comment on the metallurgical qualities of different metals in terms of performance other than lead which is soft and pancakes doing pretty nasty things to flesh, im sure some of the older and much wiser on this site can. Here’s a good snipet about Teflon “cop killer bullets”. Hope this helps some. Welcome to the world of firearms, and have fun, I know I do. Oh by the way, my recommendation, get yourself a nice 357. Mag., if you don’t already have one. Cant beat it.

    • According to gun control lobbyists, any bullet meant to expand on impact will produce increased terminal energy transfer and tissue damage, and is therefore a “cop killer bullet”. Likewise, any bullet meant to maintain its shape on impact will result in greater penetration, including against body armor, and it therefore a “cop killer bullet.

      • As I recall, the original “cop killer” bullet was the TKW bullet designed by police officers and intended to be used by police officers to penetrate light barrier materials (doors, fences, car window glass) crooks would take cover behind.

        • Well, yes, but I have actually seen the “cop killer” term applied by gun control activists to hollow-point bullets and FMJ spitzer bullets.

    • I think the short and quick of it is this: ANY bullet that can kill a cop is a cop-killer bullet and should therefore be banned according to the civilian disarmament folks. Definitions of what constitute said bullet will be expanded as needed. This congresskritter is not exactly running on all cylinders….

  2. As I read the press release, my eyes crossed and unfocused. I had to stop reading because it was giving me a migraine. When will these idiots be stopped??

    • Rebecca, the sad truth of the matter is that these idiots will never be stopped completely, so long as we live in a constitutional republic where the rule of law is in force and the protections of the Bill of Rights allows them to spout off on all manner of subjects that they are wholly ill-equipped to illuminate . They are beyond rationality and redemption. They are crude ideologues and a stain on humanity and the enlightenment. Representative Speier is merely a classic example of the useful idiot; well meaning and impassioned, yet totally lacking the intellect, life experience and the intellectual honesty to bring forth a persuasive argument validating her position. That said, she represents a majority of low information Americans.

      • Well said, but you left out the part about her being a total douche bag.

        Hey, I calls ’em the way I sees ’em.

        • I knew that there was something that I left out. Sometimes I get so emotional that I can’t really see straight anymore. I’m glad that you’ve got my six Brother. ;>)

      • So not surprisingly, she’s from the NorCal Bay Area where so much of this Elitist BS originates.

        What she’s introducing nationally, Democratic CA State legislators, mostly elected by “low information ‘sheeple’ voters”, are attempting to do to statewide.

        Bit by bit, they keep chipping away, and with a Democrat supermajority in both the State Assembly and Senate, it may be very difficult to stop their fanaticism.

      • I think some tar, feathers, and a few hundred feet of rope in the hands of an angry mob will stop them just fine.

  3. I’m not even sure what would satisfy the requirement if it were “ready to fire” AND immune to use by a five year old. It can’t be a safety system or lock since that violates the ready to fire condition.

    • It’s ready to fire, but you have to do X to fire, so it’s not really ready to fire, so how again is it ready to fire with this “item” attached to it?

      Woman probably has a penrose staircase in her house…

    • Wouldn’t a simple beavertail safety work? The gun is still ready to fire, but you would have to have a hand big enough to wrap all the way around the grip and pull the trigger in order to fire it. I haven’t spent enough time around five year old children recently to study their hand sizes…

      • Even a beavertail safety would not work. Most 5 year olds would have to hold the pistol with both hands. This would mean wrapping both thumbs over the beavertail and two fingers on the trigger. BANG!

        Two kinds of safety I can think of that might work:

        1. Don’t leave your loaded and “ready to fire” pistol where kids can get at it, you IDIOT!

        2. Biometric interlocks keyed specifically to the registered owner of the pistol and providing a 30 second delay before discharging the weapon so you would have time to re-think your decision.

        I think we can guess which of these two ideas the congress-critter would be more likely to support.

    • They did. The Teflon coating was designed to reduce barrel wear and tear. It DOES increase penetration with glass. It DOES NOT make bullet proof vests easier to penetrate, in fact it reduces effectiveness.

      • Exactly. It’s total, unvarnished BS. The Teflon worked specifically counter to their silly, hysterical “thesis”. Which was nothing more than an ambulatory hot flash.

  4. 1) She is in san fran – ’nuff said
    2) She is an UNKNOWN in the House
    3)She needs to raise $$ and Bloomberg is probably hitting it (I think I just threw up in my mouth at that thought)
    4)2014 elections.

    I think we should let Rep Trey Gowdy crush her in a debate and go for the power crush kill

  5. Should we ban streets that can be accidentally crossed by children?
    Should we ban pools that can accidentally be fallen in to by children?
    Should we ban cars that can accidentally be driven by children (if they are placed in the driver’s seat with the motor running and the transmission in gear)?

    The list is endless. What if we say, oh I don’t know, maybe supervise your kids.

    • We should deffnatley ban stupid legislators so children dont become them… so public schools should be banned too I guess.

    • If there was a reservoir to be drained in the PRK
      Anybody -How much vinegar would be required per acre foot ?

  6. “The Child Handgun Safety Act is supported by the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Center” … yeah and we know how reasonable the Brady bunch (like Heidi Yewman) is.

  7. It’s cases like this that make me think we should institute standards
    for IQ before on is allowed into public office.

  8. Is she insane? That wouldn’t event pass the most liberal of supreme court. How about this, if she gets that passed why not remove people right to free speech? Oops forgot they are already trying that. My bad.

  9. if politicians knew anything about guns, i would expect to se a law requiring all firearms to have 15lb trigger pulls. lucky for us, they know nothing. i am so ashamed to say what state i am from.

  10. Of course her press release includes the obligatory bloody shirt waving and mentioning Sandy Hook. I’m shocked I didn’t see “common sense measures” mentioned anywhere. Then again, there’s nothing common sense about denying millions their constitutional rights due to accidents that affect 0.000013% of the population.

    • I can’t wait to here someone say “just 10 years after the Sandy Hook shooting…” Unfortunately, they will probably have other bloody shirts to wave by then.

    • No no no. That’s the beauty of these laws. The legislators decide what to ban, and then its up to the manufacturers to design something that complies with the ban. No need for practicality–they just outlaw the problem!

      • And then they scream bloody murder when manufacturers do comply with the new, silly law. Case in point: bullet buttons.

  11. The Comintern of Massachusetts already requires that new guns sold by FFLs must have a 10 lb. trigger in DA. And we also have gunsmiths who make a living fixing those boat anchor triggers. The rule adds $60-100 bucks to the price of every DA pistol.

  12. It is my belief that someday, far in the future, historians will teach our future generations about how doctors and scientist diagnosed Liberal Progressivism as a mental disorder. And they will talk about how it was cured.

    • Unless they get their way in win, in which case Progressives will just be referred to as “The Party” and people will not know that any other way of thinking ever existed.

    • Also this gem, from the same source:
      “Speier introduced legislation to enhance information sharing between the Transportation Security Administration and participating mass transit agencies in high-risk jurisdictions.”

  13. I’m not backing that legislation in fact I’m far from it, but I am appalled at the number of deaths listed in her press release. We can do better. Educate your friends and neighbors.

    • Please note that the all of the incidents actually listed were children UNDER the age of five. Potentially the only way to keep these children of idiots from performing Darwinian surgery on the gene pool would be to mandate that every pistol must weigh at least 15 pounds, that way they could never pick them up to fire them at all.

  14. Gee, I wasn’t aware that the vast majority of “gun-violence” could be attributed to 5-year olds. What has this world come to?

  15. “More than half of child deaths from guns result from accidents or failure to secure guns in the home”.

    Again, “accidents or failure”. As a kid I never fell and scrapped my knee for my parents to blame those who could walk responsibly. And my parents didn’t fail to teach me about firearm safety when I growing up. I don’t have kids yet, but when I do I will teach them the same way my parents taught me and I will not be a parental failure to our society, so help me God.

    This woman must be stopped before she can make anymore of a name for herself than she already has. This is just another sad excuse at blaming the majority of responsible gun owners for the “accidents and failures” of the irresponsible.

    • I recall that when I was 6 years old (1956) I came home one day to discover a very beautiful nickel plated semi-automatic pistol on the telephone stand in the hallway. That pistol sat right there untouched by myself or any of my three sisters for three weeks before my father finally told me that it was a replica of a Colt Pocket Pistol that a friend had given him to repay a debt. It was not a real pistol or even a cap gun, and I played with that gun for years until it was stolen from our backyard. In Chicago.

      Safety is taught by responsible parents, not mandated by bureaucrats.

  16. What is the average strength of a 5 year old’s finger? What about both index fingers at once? I ask this because, if it’s already greater than what the average trigger pull is, how ridiculous could this get? 15lbs? 20lbs? The firearm can’t be fired without the assistance of a biometrically coded machine, that requires an in-depth background check, and several month waiting period as they process your paper work and grade your 10 page thesis on why you need a firearm, and after you’ve successfully gone through a training course, and bought the appropriate grade safe (which will change next year), and can only be fired inside the approved ranges and certain times of the day, and must be reported stolen within the hour of it’s theft?

    • …Big favor: if you’re going to delete a spambot’s message, would you mind also deleting my now completely context-free reply?

  17. Ban children ! It’s just too damn hard to keep them safe. It’s a wonder and of us or our ancestors made it to adulthood without the help of the Democrats.

  18. So basically anything that doesnt have a 15 lb+ trigger pull would be illegal? Looks like the Mosin and the original S&W Sigmas are safe, everything else would be illegal under this asinine law.

  19. SO does she actually have any ideas for implementation or is this one of those “It’s not my problem guns are banned until you find out how to comply” type of laws?

    I’m going with the latter.

    • Obviously not. If she had any knowledge about guns at all, she never would have been elected in her district. No, this is a “Demand A Plan” law. “We need to do something, for the children, but we have no idea what we should do.”

  20. You need to Google the quote by the LA times reporter about the woman California is electing to the government. Hilarious.

  21. You have to agree Nick this is DOA in the Republican House. This is sooo showing of retarded Kaliforian women are. Agree?

  22. The really sad part of this is even among very young children with no firearms experience they tend first to point it away from themselves and attempt to fire it the way an adult would. If the trigger pull weight it too high for them to over come they then flip it over so that they can bring both thumbs to bear on the trigger, which points the muzzle at their own head. It is this phenomena that results in so many self inflicted wounds among very small children who gain access to a firearm. Presumably if all handguns had heavier triggers there would be more self inflicted gunshot wounds among small children, not less, since if Jr discharges a pistol in the other room one would imagine that he is in shock from the blast and that an adult would respond to the shot before he gets a chance to try it again while if he can’t get it to go bang pointed away from himself. . .

    These peoples abject ignorance has cost enough lives as is. This is one piece of legislation that seems almost tailored to result in MORE accidental GSWs among small children.

    Maybe it’s time I fashion a tin foil beanie, but part of me wants to think this monster knows that, and actually wants it, to further the agenda. Only a small part. . . but still, when you recommend legislation regarding things you know nothing about, ‘unintended consequences’ become an understatement when something goes wrong. Negligence might cover it, or perhaps depraved indifference.

    • I think that you should never assume you have hidden something so a child wouldn’t find it. My parents could never hide anything from me. If you are not using the gun, LOCK IT UP!

      And children will try a number of ingenious methods to get around safety devices. Remember the large rubber devices that would plug the barrel and wrap around the back of the gun? The idea was that it would take an adult’s strength to remove the device. A gun writer tried the device with several children and a replica gun. While they couldn’t remove the device the way it was intended, the children did work out ways to remove it. One method was to put the barrel plug nob between the feet and pull back using the leg and back muscles. Device removed. Another child put the barrel plug nob into a door, closed the door, and then pulled back and removed the device. With firearms, you cannot get complacent about safety. Every accident helps the cause of the anti-gun groups.

      • Have you ever been shot five times and have to wait for almost a day for medical treatment while lying in the mud in the tropics? If not, you should shut up with the flippant remarks.

        Say something intelligent about the proposed legislation instead of attacking the lady.

        • Was she shot by a 5 year old? No? Then it doesn’t pertain to her legislation.

          You can empathize with her situation, don’t defend her actions.

      • Your clueless if you think being shot makes you a expert in destroying the Constitution and a expert on weapons she knows squat. Having a light trigger pull has nothing to do with crime and in fact most cops and security guards need decent handguns with trigger pulls to protect liberal anti gun fascist like you.

        • If you read the first part where I say I don’t agree with her legislation, you would know that I’m not a “liberal anti gun fascist.”

          Making ad hominem arguments is one of the things that gets gun owners branded as “crazed gun nuts.” Argue the issues with the legislation, don’t attack the person proposing it.

    • She was not shot by a five year old. And having been shot does not give her the right to trample my (OUR) 2d Amendment rights.

      Brady, Giffords, now Speier, two brain damaged by being shot in the head, the other left obviously mentally deranged. How do they now qualify to tell us what our rights are or should be?

    • I agree about ad hominems being a bad strategy, and have some sympathy for her. She was there in Jonestown as an aide to Congressman Ryan (who died in the attack) and they were all there trying to rescue the Jonestown congregants who were basically being held against their will.

      She’s wrong on the issue but we should afford her more respect.

      • I’ll afford her as much respect as she’s seen fit to afford me, which is clearly none at all. She can go to hell for all I care.

    • I understand your point, and appreciate your understanding, but I must point out that being shot does not give one expertise in the field of firearms. Having one’s house burn down likewise does not give one a degree in Fire Science, crashing one’s automobile does not make one an NHTSA engineer, and having a miscarriage does not make one an obstetrician. Furthermore, being shot and surviving it generally makes one remarkably lucky, not heroic.

      That aside, this woman, five bullet holes and all, is still an ignorant, untrained, illogical ‘We must do something for the CHILDREN!” type of legislator promulgating unworkable ideas without the proper knowledge of her subject, fully deserving the scorn of the educated and informed in the field.

      We’ll just have to remember to ridicule her, and people like her, with more tact and sensitivity. /sarc

      • I’m not arguing that her wounds make her an expert, just that she is a victim and that merits some respect and empathy as humans. Especially since she was harmed while trying to help others.

        I think you win more hearts and minds with your advocacy by taking the high road. But hey, that’s me. Stay classy.

  23. Anybody got a box of 20 year old discontinued Federal Nyclads???
    I better gets me some before they are banned……………Id settle for some 38sp 158grainers if someone has some to spare.
    I need to shoot them through a tin can behind some 1/8th inch steel plate.
    If they make it through the can that is.

    • I have 2 complete boxes and two speed loaders for an N frame.
      Not sure how old the ammo is. It had been stored in ammo cans when I got it last summer.

  24. This is officially the worst and most brainless piece of anti gun legislation I have ever seen. Now, where is my sandwich?

  25. Maybe we need to ban kitchen knives that can be grasped by children age 5 or banned cabinet doors in the kitchen because under the sink are stuff that can be drunk by children under 5

    • Unless you mean ‘plinking,’ I see no movement forward on the banning of assault pinking shears. You and your daughter may pink away to your hearts’ content.

  26. Isn’t it wonderful that we live in a country where folks like this can actually survive on a day-to-day basis.

  27. Why is it that every time I read of a stupid and anti-Constitutional idea out of some politician, I quickly pull up their bio on and invariably discover that they’re a career taxpayer teat sucker who has never had a real job? Oh.

  28. Rep. Speier is simply going through the motions to make it look like she jumped on the Gun Prohibition Wagon to impress the a$$hats that elected her in San Francisco/San Mateo, Ca. If she had seen that Tweet discussed yesterday about vaginas being guns, she would have introduced a bill to outlaw “assault vaginas” if she thought that would play well with her voter base. It’s California…worse yet it’s San Francisco…even worse it’s San Francisco AND San Mateo, California….people raise their kids to be left-handed by force up there…or so I’ve heard here in South of Los Angeles Southern California.

  29. D@mn I didn’t know there was anyone worse than DiFi, this b!tch gets a 1UPer medal just for that. Talk about a total C-NT.

  30. Here comes more time wasting legislation for those emotionally disturbed Congressional elites in Washington.

  31. My adult wife has a hard enough time racking the slide on most of my handguns…she is a grown adult and can’t operate it and it makes me worried that if ever she had to, she’d be limited in which ones she could use.

    Do we really want to run the risk that some woman was able to get to her gun but struggled with the child safety feature and her attacker was able to beat her to death with it? Or do we just want to educate gun owners with children on the necessity of securing their weapons safely? Perhaps the gov’t provides safes for all gun owners? They provide food and iphones to the poor…why not provide a basic safe to those who need them but can’t afford them?

    You’ll never see the gov’t do that though because that would make sense. The gov’t never does anything to encourage gun ownership at all. The CDC released zombie apocalypse necessities…and left off guns.

    Max Brooks wrote in the Zombie Survival Guide(a fun read) that the FIRST thing you obtain is a weapon.

    • I agree with this idea, and have been avocating it myself as a way to distribute handouts that might actually do some good. In fact, it is compatible with Executive Order #8 in Obama’s big list of gun control executive orders. Ofcourse we really know that was intended to finance research on “smart” gun technology. Even if all they did was offer a $50 rebate on purchase of decent gun storage equipment, it would do a world more good than what they have been wasting our taxes on.

      • That’s not saying much, most Catholics don’t even know they are supposed to be Christians. Want proof just ask one, they will tell you, no I’m not a Christian, I’m Catholic. Most go to church to be noticed. They don’t get it either.

    • What is it with you and them Joos? Did a Joo bully you in kindergarten? Steal your first girlfriend? Spit in your milk? Eat your Graham crackers? Rudely interrupt one of your rallies around the cool red flag with the white circle and funny black cross by screaming something about the Holocaust?

      MAN, you carry a grudge.

      • Its not a grudge, its reality. Just do some research about what is happening to this country. Wake up and get back to me. I don’t want to argue with you I just want this country to come out of its slumber.Come on.

  32. I am not saying these children didn’t die. My sympathy’s to the families! But, the stories as told are, well, really?

  33. People need to realize there is a serious over population issue on this planet. People need to die off, we cant save everyone and have them live to be 100 years old. Be they young, old, or in the middle, death is a requirement to life on this planet, otherwise mother nature will take care of the problem itself.

  34. Children can easily defeat lighter safeties, many pill bottles, and those damn door handle cover things. They pry off outlet caps with their tiny, freakishly strong fingers and improvise tools to extend their reach or jailbreak efforts. Have a super double mega locking child gate like I did? My oldest stood on a dollhouse and threw herself over it at like 18 months.

    Kids aren’t pets. They are miniature, filthy humans that will continue to innovate and amaze with level of sh!t they can disturb. SUPERVISE your children, SECURE your weapons and tell this rep to bang off.

  35. Are we to presume that this restriction would also apply to all weapons in service in law enforcement?

    No? Then perhaps the congresscritter should satisfactorily explain WHY NOT?

    • In California, not very long ago, a CHP officer left his service weapon on the shelf in the master bedroom closet, believing that his twin boys (under 5, but I don’t remember exactly how old) would be unable to reach it. He was wrong. They piled up boxes until they could, and one twin lost his brother. There are numerous cases of LEO’s kids getting access to their parents’ guns, with tragic results. so yeah, it should apply to them also. But we know they will be exempted–after all, they’re professionals.

  36. This woman (I refuse to call her a “Bitch” out of respect to all the lovely canines who brighten up their owners’ day) is living proof that 5 rounds aren’t enough, probably 10 might not do the job. Therefore all guns should have at least 20 round magazines, if not 30 rounds. There should be a job definition of Congress inhabitants that does not include pandering to the warped interests of minority weirdos or wealthy whack jobs, but which requires representing the majority opinion of their electorate. A sobriety and mental function test should also be required, if not regular drug testing. California seems to be a special case. A bankrupt state of insanity.

  37. im trying to keep calm here but WTF is this political P.O.S thinking ?
    did she not take an oath to uphold the constitution ? is she intellectually disabled ? my money is on her trying to make a splash for re-election or sum other secret agenda of hers that, of course, does no good to the peoples republic of california. i thought we had it tough in Illinois !

  38. I’ve got a better idea. Let’s require that anyone who runs for US House or Senate demonstrate that they have an IQ of at least 80!



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