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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel is at it yet again. In spite of having some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, after gun violence in his fair city peaked last weekend he’s calling for… wait for it… increased gun controls. “Having effective gun control is essential to providing safety around the city,” Emanuel said (apparently without irony) at a press conference. Claiming that Chicago’s gun laws need to be different than those elsewhere in Illinois, Emanuel said that “gun control is essential.” To fix the problem, he’s calling for . . .

…a special session of the City Council next week to get them to vote on an updated assault weapons ban and approve stiffer penalties for those who commit gun crimes. So let’s see if I have this right…Chicago’s gun controls apparently don’t slow down gang-related gun crimes at all, so the solution is to add even more controls on the guns the gang-bangers don’t use? What exactly is this guy smoking?

The CCRKBA is wondering the same thing and they’re rippin’ Rahm a new one for his idiotic statements. Chairman Alan Gottlieb called the idea that “comprehensive background checks” would prevent violence, a “perpetuation of an urban myth.” He added, “If the city could round up every one of these shooters, they would find that none of them acquired their guns through legal channels, and thus were never subject to a background check, and Emanuel knows it. For him to suggest, much less believe, that his city’s crime problem would disappear by banning guns and expanding checks on law-abiding citizens is at best delusional.”

But don’t worry about Chicago’s crime problem. Illinois State Representative Monique Davis has the solution. At a press conference in Springfield, she stated, “I am requesting with this press conference that Gov. Patrick Quinn order the Illinois National Guard (and) the Illinois State Police (to) come to Chicago and work with our mayor Ron (sic) Emanuel to provide safety for the children, especially.” Oh, and she wants to be sure there’s a special commission set up to oversee this because “we don’t want them to have us fearing them also.”

Meanwhile, in Detroit, an aide to Representative John Conyers was caught with a gun in her purse going into a federal building. What happened? “Officers let her off with a warning — no ticket, no fine, no jail time.” If it had been any one of us, we’d be cooling our heels in the nearest federal holding cell for an indeterminate amount of time while the FBI served up a search warrant to toss our house looking for the rest of our weapons.

Paul Helmke, ex-president of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, is certain gun control will pass if it comes back up for a vote in the legislature. Without regulations, he opined, ‘anybody who wants to get a gun can get a gun easily… The world isn’t divided into good guys and bad guys. People are going to get drunk, people are going to get angry, people are going to make mistakes, and when they’ve got a gun, the rest of us pay the price.” Once again we see that that antis are certain the entire population shares their seeming problem with impulse control and plan to punish us all for their own psychological shortcomings.

Remember our friends at The Journal News in New York and their little stunt of publishing information on gun permit holders? They’re at it again. In May they requested data on legal firearm owners “in relation to a ‘news event'” claiming it’s to determine if handgun ownership patterns have changed in the past six months. This time they asked for “statistical data, as well as names and addresses of gun permit holders from Rockland, Putnam and Westchester counties.” According to Fox News, “the paper said it plans to produce a static map using new information to show how the distribution of pistol permits has changed since the paper published its map in December.”

And finally, a breath of common sense out of Newtown, Connecticut. First Selectman E. Patricia Llodra says the town will stop accepting offers for outside events paying tribute to the victims at Sandy Hook. She told the New York Times: “I think it’s hurtful to people who have experienced the magnitude of this harm to have this in their face all the time. We are a town with 300 years of history. This is a piece of significant history to our town, and we need to learn to incorporate that into who we are but not have it be the only thing that defines who we are.”

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  1. So the twofold solution to the “gun violence” problem in Chicago is to ban the weapons that AREN’T being used to commit violent acts and then bring in the people who HAVE the weapons you just banned. Brilliant!

    • For the last two years, according to the FBI crime stats, there has been ONE homicide per year with a rifle of any kind in the entire State of Illinois. These dimwits just don’t freaking get it. Or, they get it and play off the fears of a bunch of urbanites who don’t know better. And, as a result, the closest that I can come to an “assault” rifle is an internal mag SKS.

      • Jeff – We’ve only recorded two shootings incidents this year involving an “assault rifle”. Both were AK47s. Gangbangers generally don’t like them because they’re too hard to conceal, especially when it’s 90 degrees out. Baggy shorts can only conceal so much, knowwhatimsayin’?

      • And if you look at the same FBI crime stats by race you’ll see that blacks commit them are far greater rates than whites. Those very same stats also count hispanics as white, so if you were to exclude them as well, American whites commit violent crimes as a similar rate to European nations. [FLAME DELETED]

        • Yes Adam, because TTAGers are so trusting of the government that we accept all their stats at face value. Which FBI are you talking about? The J. Edger FBI? The Waco FBI? The Ruby Ridge FBI?

          And if the FBI assured us that gun control would lower crime and make us safer we’d go for that too, right?

  2. Tiny Dancer is just being a good elite statist by suggesting that making something more illegal(er) will somehow produce a different outcome. We just posted the arrest rate for shootings and homicides in 1H 2013 and it’s come in at a whopping 5% & 24% respectively. In other words you have a really good chance at getting away with murder.

    Oh and two suburbs just voted to ban scary black rifles. Since those suburbs have never had a single incident involving one, better ban them.,0,2483590.story

    Illustrating Chicago’s Murders, Homicides, Violence and Idiocy at

    • Not to mention how quickly the thugs are back on the street after being arrested with a gun. Anita Alvarez talks tough, but doesn’t want to alienate her core supporters or risk taking on low profile cases her people would have to work to win. On the other hand, if you or I got picked up for UUW, Katie bar the door. . .

    • To my great shame, in Jr. High I was a carrier for the Homewood-Flossmoor Star.

  3. Yeah the Journal News is going to publish a new map. Good luck with that. It takes a year or more to get your permit in Westchester County. The map has barely changed. Gee, I’m sure that will be spun into a story about how pistol ownership is down. Meanwhile, stop by the county clerks and get your application. Your appointment to drop it off will be in July or August…of 2014 ! Unfortunately not a joke.

  4. Rahm must be getting his guidance from “King George III’s wit and wisdom for making friends and running colonies.”

  5. An armed society is a polite society. In the cities with the most legal firearm ownership and concealed carry permit holders are the safest cities. Oops there I go again being logical. Can’t do that with the gun grabbers. Not to mention using true facts and numbers.

    • Oh yea be careful with that logic. If Chicago were polite then the powers that be wouldnt be able to consider using the NG to create a police state.

      • You make the wrong point. Certain areas in Chicago have gotten so bad that Illinois has to impose martial law to maintain order. Chicago has entered the third world.

        I also note that the representative wants to impose ROEs that would negate the effectiveness of martial law. If you want to restore in a Third World country the troops need to be able to kick down doors and shoot bad guys.

      • Ol’ Rahm saw Boston after the bombing and his eyes just lit up. He wants him some of that good old marshal law with his pack of chronies ordering the guard around.

  6. Why not just arrest everyone in the city, and make them prove their innocence? There, solved.

    • It isn’t even that difficult, just pass an ordinance that says everyone not a politician or law enforcement officer in Cook County is a felon. Stroke of the pen, law of the land, “You’re all prohibited persons and forbidden to own a gun.”

  7. “Officers let her off with a warning — no ticket, no fine, no jail time.” With that part, i have no problem.

    “If it had been any one of us, we’d be cooling our heels in the nearest federal holding cell for an indeterminate amount of time while the FBI served up a search warrant to toss our house looking for the rest of our weapons.”
    With this part i DO have a problem.

  8. “Oh, and she wants to be sure there’s a special commission set up to oversee this because “we don’t want them to have us fearing them also.”

    Didnt the Wolverines bomb that place when the Russians took over?

  9. Illinois has got pre-emption now.
    Neener neener neeee neeer.

    No pistol, magazine nor ammo regulations for Chicago.
    Neener neener neeee neeer.

    All gone, as of yesterday.
    Neener neener neeee neeer.

    • Almost. All gone as of 10 days from yesterday. The pistol preemption started yesterday.

      P.S. Love the neeners.

      • It will take more than just a law to get the Chicago machine to comply. They will use every dirty obstructionist trick in the book. Don’t have a “no firearms allowed” sign in your business? Oops, no health permit for you.

  10. When something doesn’t work, it’s empirical proof that you just haven’t done enough of what doesn’t work.

    • My dad used to say something about trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result… Rahm has apparently never spoken with my dad. Strange, cuz I swear my dad knows everyone…

    • …unless you’re doing a quantum mechanics experiment. I think chicago’s pols subscribe to the “many worlds” version … And if they hope hard enough they’ll somehow tunnel into an alternate reality in which criminals do obey the law.

    • Oh, but it is working. Just fine. It’s simply that their true goals having nothing to do with public safety.

  11. Yes sparky, there are good guys and bad guys. The bad guy that reaches for a gun or any other weapon in a moment of anger was never a good guy. He was just an asshole waiting for an excuse to act out and blame it on the moment. These are the guys that are armed regardless of what the law says.

  12. People are going to get drunk, people are going to get angry, people are going to make mistakes, and when they can pass legislation, the rest of us pay the price.

    • How do you know Chicagoans voted for him? That is a city where the results are printed up and ready to report a week before the actual election.

      • To be fair, he didn’t specify whether the Chicagoans that voted for him still had a pulse. Just sayin’.

      • They did vote for him. I live here and I talk politics with everyone I meet to try to expose the Democratic agenda. Believe me these idiots voted for him. I ask people what do you like about him or this that and the other, their brilliant responces are usually, I don’t. Know I just like him. America is doomed by its dopes!

  13. Rahm Emmanuel only cares about one thing…his egotistical, arrogant self-image. If his family was home-invaded and shot to death, he would say that it was because the Gun Prohibition Laws were not strict enough. The guy is beneath contempt. Indisputable proof that puke can be poured into a suit and move around passing itself off as a man.

  14. Rahm Emanuel is a textbook professional government/corporate henchman scumbag. In between elected/appointed government gigs, he worked as an investment banker (of course). He’s pursuing an ethnic cleansing stragegy in Chicago – close schools and bring in the National Guard. Sooner or later, those pesky black folks will get the message and just leave, and developers will move in. Shock Doctrine in action. Mayor Daley would be proud.

    • Wrong. Democrats rely on the welfare based commuity to get elected. Without those “pesky black folks” as you put it,the machine is eventually doomed. The reason that schools have been closed is that the population of Chicago is about 1 million less today than when I was in school in the 1960s. With less people fewer schools are required. Political machines require a poor client class to survive.

      Communities like Arlington Virginia are an exception. They are populated by the Nomenklatura and will vote for the party of government because they are its members. Arlington Democrats don’t need hoardes of poor people to keep getting elected. However, here are signs of dissent even among the Nomenklatura when the Machine begins to drive up the cost of living. In the end the Democratic Party’s insatiable need for money to reward cronies and to fund pet rocks requires a stable client class to maintain power.

      • Tdiinva, obviously the Chicago school system, like many in post-industrial America, had to downsize. How they did that, and which schools were closed is the issue. My theories about future real estate development are just that, theories. Time will tell.

        I will agree that the Democratic Party exploits poor people, especially minorities. The Republican party exploits poor and middle-class white people. The interests of the wealthy and powerful are always catered to by both parties.

        You seem to think we have a functional two-party system (correct me if I’m wrong), I disagree. Both parties spend like crazy when they’re in power, mostly on the security-industrial state and handouts to corporations. Both parties curtail freedom at every opportunity. Your Nomenklatura lives in the DC burbs and votes Democrat, mine works on Wall Street and owns both of our lame-ass political parties. Rahm Emanuel and his sociopathic ilk on either side of the aisle choose their party out of expediency, not ideology.

    • As a Professional Henchman I take offense to your characterization of Mr Emanuel.

      He is not a Henchman at any level because he does not serve a Master (Hero or Villain). He is not worthy to be called a Henchman for any reason because he considers himself to be the Master and we his Slaves.

      The rest… scumbag, puke, waste, etc… all accurate to varying degrees.

  15. Seriously, do we need a form of HIPAA for CC permits?

    If I recall correctly, the privacy provisions in HIPAA came about because someone listed the names and addresses of women who had abortions….

    Or, just get rid of CC permit process altogether and go to Constitutional Carry….

  16. Illinois State Representative Monique Davis in her request (for the National Guard to deploy in Chicago) revealed the end game of Communist Progressive government: martial law and a police state. And no one should be concerned because it is for the children.

    Firearms laws in Houston, Texas are almost non-existent compared to Chicago, Illinois. And yet violent criminals in Houston use firearms to commit a tiny fraction of the crimes that violent criminals commit in Chicago. If civilian disarmament gun control were the answer, Chicago should be a crime free utopia compared to Houston. And yet it isn’t.

  17. “Having effective gun control is essential to providing safety around the city,” Emanuel said (apparently without irony) at a press conference.

    Perhaps that should be “apparently without recognizing the irony” because I see plenty of irony there.

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