SIG SAUER P238 Extended Mag for $699—With Free Gun!

I’m all about pinkie extension magazines on compact guns. That little extra purchase can make a huge difference to the shooter’s ability to hit what they’re aiming at. (Always a good thing in the firearm realm.) The standard-issue extended magazine on Ruger’s SR9c gives buyers two guns in one: a good enough concealed carry weapon and an even better home defense handgun. That said, their mag extension doesn’t afford extra ammo. Whereas the newly released SIG SAUER P238 Two Tone with Rosewood Grips gives its owners room for an extra cartridge. The difference between six and seven rounds could be life or death. So you better go out and buy the new model, ’cause you can’t purchase the magazine extension separately. SIG says the longer mags will be available “within a month.”


  1. avatar david says:

    can someone explain why you don't just get a gun with a grip that fits your whole hand instead? it's going to be that big in your purse or holster or waistband anyways, and wouldn't the lack of a place to put your pinky hinder tactical reloads?

  2. Compact semis are a bitch to reload in the heat of battle; you run a very real risk of slamming the magazine and a chunk of flesh into the mag well at the same time. The rabbi has the scar to prove it. Luckily, I don’t, but the memory of that pain lingers. I guess it comes down to that “a small gun is better than no gun” thing. Full size for me boyo.

  3. avatar mini says:

    It's certainly a niche market. I think the Ruger LCP and the Sig P238 were designed as pocket carry guns (in a pocket holster). An extra half inch really might make them unsuitable for that purpose. If I bought an LCP, it would almost certainly go in my pocket. If I was going to carry inside the waistband (and have to worry about pants sizes, sitting in bucket seats, buying more expensive holsters, etc.) I would strongly consider getting a bigger gun for the obvious reasons.

    FYI, aftermarket +1 grip extensions have existed for the LCP for a while now. I forget who makes them. And Pearce makes an extension which fills the gap between the Ruger extension and a +1 baseplate.

  4. avatar mini says:

    It's Impact Guns that sells (makes?) the extension, by the way. I just looked it up.

  5. avatar trent acheson says:

    where can i get the grip ext. i already bought the gun ? Thanks Trent

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