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Just because it’s the weekend doesn’t mean that the voting is closed. Once again we are asking our readers to choose which firearm, accessory, and ammunition was the best new addition to the guns world in 2014. And as is our custom, we will be handing the winners their awards at SHOT Show 2015. Every reader is welcome to cast their vote and you git ‘er done by simply following the instructions below . . .

Embedded below is the voting system. I have pre-populated it with all of the new guns and gear from 2014 that I can dig up. It will guide you (yes, you!) through the process of selecting which firearms and accessories you think are the best for 2014, and record your answers. If you don’t see something listed that should be considered (as long as it was first released in 2014), you can enter it. If you don’t like any of the choices, click “No Preference” and move on. Simple! Just be aware that you only one vote and we will remove any items entered that weren’t released in 2014.

The contest will run for the next week, and we will announce the winners here shortly thereafter. As we did last year, we’ll present the winners with their awards at SHOT Show 2015. That’s the plan — now get voting!

REMINDER: The SIG SAUER pistol brace came out last year, and already won this award. Any and all votes for the SB15 will be removed, as this is for 2014 only.

Can’t see the voting system? Click here!

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  1. love that you have the remington pistol as a choice… voted ppq but I’m almost sure i had one of those last year?

  2. RF/Stephen King: please consider some thick black frames. My wife talked me into it and now all the 20-something hipsters think I’m some really hip old guy. They have no idea I’ve been sporting flannel and a big beard because it’s cold outside and I’ve been dressing this way for a decade.

  3. Them fellers sure are white! I think you’re right Kris, the one on the left is Stephen King who just scared himself with his own story and the other might be Boo Radley.

  4. Hey Robert, I’m not sure if it was in your packet or not, but when you move to Texas, you aren’t actually required to wear the hat.

    • As a lifelong hat wearer, I’d been waiting all my life to be able to wear a cowboy hat. I do so with pride – as a Texan. [NB: two Jews died defending the Alamo.]

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