A soldier destroys a gun in a public park in Caracas, Venezuela, Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013. Weapons seized in different police operations were destroyed across the country on Thursday, to mark the week of disarmament established by the United Nations, according to the city's top prosecutor Marisela Lucena. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)
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Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro has a new national goal: He’s going to expand his massive private army to 4 million gunmen by the end of 2020. Another triumph of socialism!

And never mind that the policies of Maduro and his late predecessor, Hugo Chávez, have brought the nation to ruin, with all but the rulers and their clients facing slow starvation and “health care” without any medicine. Well over a tenth the population has fled, with more leaving all the time.

Sadly, the opposition — including Juan Guaidó, the legitimate president recognized by most of the world’s democratic countries — is powerless, not least because the regime confiscated all private firearms back in 2012.

– NY Post editorial board in Maduro’s socialist miracle: To ‘succeed,’ you just need all the guns

As we’ve written here time and time again, this is what happens to a disarmed populace. 

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    • Too soon too soon hahah. I mean I’m not laughing at the affected folks I’m laughing at how evil the Democrats are

      • The 2nd Amendment has everything to do with hunting. It has nothing to do with animals. Get that straight.

        • Horse hockey. Los Contradores created themselves in response to the excesses of Daniel Ortega during the closing years of the Carter administration. North didn’t go to work for the NSC until Regan took office. He didn’t create the Contras, he just fostered their cause.

  1. VZ gun ownership was less than 10% prior to being banned. The number of people legitimately owning guns was probably in single digits. Criminals still are well armed regardless of the laws. The people didn’t see a reason to be armed when times were good and everyone had jobs and money.

    • Oh, you mean the majority thought it knew what was best for the minority????

      If only they had constitutional rights to prevent that…

    • When “times were good”, nobody had jobs because everything was free, courtesy of enormous oil wealth stolen from American developers. Nobody even learned how to keep the oil flowing, times were so good. The people gave Chavez absolute control to thank him for his brilliant theft of lotsa free stuff. Oil production is approaching zero, dictatorship is approaching critical mass. Fuck them, they have earned their starvation. The whole shithole is not worth a single American 5.56 round, let them all die. Or Cuba can save them.

      • You mean they were stealing the oil our companies were stealing from them in the first place? How would you like the Chinese or Russians taking our oil in Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico?

        • Wait we were not paying them for the land lease, oil extracted, or any development/maintenance costs? Damn where were those negotiators for Iraq?

  2. Round up all the guns for public safety.
    Proceed to put 4 million guns on the streets for……….public safety?
    It’s quite a gamble for a tyrant to arm his buddies and supporters like this.
    Either he is extremely confident or sees the end is near and wants it all to burn down in endless conflict like those other great African and South American Socialist states.
    Funny how the arc is always the same. Hopeful ideas (socialism), a couple of decades of splendor, power consolidation, lean times, asking capitalist nations for gibs, blowing the gibs on arms, revolt, decades of conflict, invasion by conquering force, stability, hopeful ideas……

    Always it will be different this time.

    I know plenty of people who live their personal lives in the most reckless, irresponsible way they possibly can by having kids they cant afford, buying shit they cant afford, quitting good jobs because reasons, blaming everyone else. Makes sense these same people would want to see their cities, states and nations live similarly reckless and irresponsible existences. After all, somebody almost always comes along to “help.” Until somebody doesn’t.

  3. It is the standard delusion and corruption that all attempts at Marxist Socialism devolve into. A dictatorship that pretends to be what it is not and builds a massive police state to maintain power. As the economy falls into ruin the deluded madman at the top sees enemies everywhere he looks, attacks his own people. The end comes in a collapse that is often violent, and not always leading to renewal. Often as not the collapse of a dictator feeds a new militarist regime, where a new dictator replaces the now dead one.

    Good times.

    • That’s why I always say that anarchists are the useful idiots by which totalitarians seize power. The anarchists create the vacuum, the totalitarian comes close behind to fill it.

  4. If you cannot articulate why every American should have access to a machine gun then you are not a supporter of the Second Amendment. The second amendment is about fighting against a tyrannical government. So how are you going to do that with your bolt action 30.06 rifle?

    Or your 12 gauge shotgun?

    Or your 22 caliber handgun or 22 caliber rifle?

    Historically in the United States the civilian population had Superior weapons compared to the government.
    After the Civil War the federal government continue to use single-shot rifles. Whereas civilians were buying Winchester repeaters and later Marlin repeating rifles by the wagonload.

    For example the Indians had Winchester rifles. And the US Army had single-shot rifles.

    Yes it’s about the bump stock. An inexpensive rapid-fire weapon for the Common Man. And if you can afford a real machine gun go for it. Of course the whole purpose of the NFA was to raise the price of a machine gun so that only the rich could afford one.

    Reference to Marion hammer and her machine gun owning rich $$$ friends.

    Criminals as a class of people are rich. How they got to be rich isn’t as important as what they do with their money. Such as the Mexican drug cartels buying enough Firepower to defeat the Mexican Army on the battlefield.

    The racist gun controllers know they can’t pass any or propose any directly racist gun control law. But they can tax guns and regulate guns out of the hands of the poor people.

    So as always historically the rich always have guns. Regardless of what laws are on the books.

      • Agreed. Get your AR-15/10 and know how to use it, but don’t discount the utility of a .270 Win deer rifle and what it can do at 300 yds.

        • I Haz a Question,

          … don’t discount the utility of a .270 Win deer rifle and what it can do at 300 yds.

          I would argue that particular caliber is well suited out to 800 yards. I have run the ballistics on .270 Winchester, .308 Winchester, .30-06 Springfield, and .300 Winchester Magnum. Once you are talking 600+ yards, .270 Winchester is superior to all of the above except for .300 Winchester Magnum.

        • True, but note that many hunting ballistics experts frown on hunting with ANY caliber past 400 yds, as reduced velocity removes the bullet’s ability to properly expand, resulting in pierce-thru of the target that lends more to slow painful bleedout than a quick merciful kill.

          I myself never shoot past about 200 yds, and I use .243 Win and 7mm Mag.

      • Chechen rebels have harassed the russian army for decades now using 22 caliber rifles. But the mexican drug cartels defeated a national army using the same weapons that that army has in its inventory.

        A corrupt government and its soldiers have no stomach for a fight against an equally armed opponent.

        The suppressed 22 caliber handgun was very effective against german soldiers in the back of the head. Used by spies and partizens. But it was the “Ma deuce” and weapons like it that defeated the german army.

    • I happen to agree with your logic about machine guns. Ive been reading up a bunch on 2a and so far (i have just scratched the surface of course!) I dont understand how there cab be any legislation in a federal or state level prohibiting pretty much any type of fire arm. If some one can explain it to me i would be much obliged.
      Anyway. I do happen to disagree with the sentiment that a bunch of rifles against the US armed forces is useless.
      Of course if the military wanted to they could crush a revolt or a rebelion or a militia. But thats not the point. For example if we really wanted to we could have turned all of vietnam into a parking lot. Even Without using nukes. We fought with our hands tied behind our backs for mutiple reasons and we were routed. But bec of those reasons we were at the whim of guerilla warefare tactics and we lost.
      The same is true for any military action against the american people. The army would win but not before the armed populous caused SIGNIFICANT losses.
      Remeber a not insignificant amount of civilians are ex military and a not insignificant amount of those people are ex special forces and trained leaders and trained teachers.
      Then add in the civilians who train all the damn time with thier AR’s and hand guns….
      The amount of damage an armed and trained populous can inflict on the military would be……gd i dont even want to think about it.
      Also would a military ordered to fight thier brothers even take that order?
      People need to remeber its not a zero sum game. Its not the military wins and the civilians lose. Its everyone loses. And bec of that MAD an armed populous allows its for THAT very reason the 2A exists.
      2A is that important.

      • ” For example if we really wanted to we could have turned all of vietnam into a parking lot. Even Without using nukes. We fought with our hands tied behind our backs for mutiple reasons and we were routed.”

        You are thoroughly wrong with “we were routed”.

        Ask any Vietnam veteran and they will answer: “We were winning when I was there.”
        The US Military never lost a major battle in country. Where we lost was in Washington DC.

        After the war was over North Vietnamese generals said they were about to surrender when Hanoi was being bombed, they were defeated. Then US Politicians pulled the rug out from under the military.

        • I wont disagree on the details. Its the perception, and perception is reality. We lost based on that alone at home. The American people have no stomach for stuff like this.

        • Exactly. A few more details are interesting. President Nixon tried his best to get Congress to support the Vietnamization of the war and to fully support the South Vietnamese. The Democrat controlled Congress refused, and abandoned the South Vietnamese to the NVA and the Viet Cong. Unfortunately, this Democrat action was not a one-off, with the latest example being Obama’s pullout in Iraq. Damn right, we won the damn thing, until it was abandoned.

      • The best that government forces could do would probably be to hold some of the major cities. They would be surrounded and harassed endlessly with any resupply becoming virtually impossible with the vast majority of land and transport under control of Americans. Guerilla type actions on an American scale would be nearly impossible to overcome.

    • First, let’s see some bettter organization.

      We can scarcely scrape together a couple hundred people for a protest when politicians talk about gun confiscation. Guns, ammo, and supplies are very unevenly spread with no plan to get them to the right places.

      Where is the communications network? Where are the organizers/leaders?

      Until these things happen, machine guns are just another thing for us to buy.

      • I believe that NOT having one leader of a resistance movement is an advantage. The original incarnation of the French underground ( Marquis) was decimated by the Gestapo. Capture one, torture him/her for several other names. The second time they formed up, three man/woman cells was the organizational structure. Several cells would join forces when needed, then disperse. If we tried to organize like a conventional Army, then we could be infiltrated and defeated. Having large quantities of weapons and ammo stored , makes it easier for a conventional force to target it for destruction. Try to think like the Viet Cong.

    • Bolt action rifles can secure several machineguns when exploiting ballistic advantage.

      Even with the fact in common reading of the 2A, and the weapons owned by civilians when the BoR was ratified we do have the right to them, we will always be able to get what we need when we need them most.

      • Any soldier out alone is a target for his full auto weapon. In Japan where gun ownership is severely restricted, the police have been attack and their side arm stolen. So yes just taking a gun from a soldier or policeman is very possible. You just gang up on them.

    • I agree with much of your post but I disagree in that a 30-06 or other “deer rifles” won’t be effective in a hypothetical civil war. In fact, I’d argue that those longer range, heavy hitting rifles would be one of the advantages of the rebel forces. My reasoning behind this is the Afghanistan war. The Taliban routinely used 7.62×54 weapons, including Mosins, at long range to such effectiveness that the entire US military is changing its combat doctrine. Remember how much perception can shape a conflict. Iraq was the deadlier conflict for US personnel due to IEDs, but yet Afghanistan is the one that convinced the pentagon an entire new weapons load out and training doctrine was needed, simply to due to the mere ability of the Taliban to reach out farther then a typical US platoon could.

      • I’m not saying the single shot deer rifle is not effective on the battlefield. Americans have a long history of eliminating general officers at 300 plus yards. From the revolutionary war to vietnam. Carlos Halfcock to name just one. In fact there is a sniper school that teaches how a single man can control the battlefield.
        Controlling the battle is one thing. Winning your freedom by totally defeating the enemy is another.

        21st century law abiding Americans have proven they can safety fire, maintain, and store their own explosives, rocket launchers, tanks and artillery. You can even have armed aircraft.
        Yes I know you can’t afford a B-52. But look up the history of the Air Force 01 and 02 Forward Air Controllers. Piston engine airplanes with rockets and machine guns.

        The Civil Air Patrol was spotting german U-Boats in 1942. They were our first defense until the military got up and running.

        That is what the 2A is all about. It’s just that they don’t teach it in public schools.

        “Firearm Education: Teaching the Second Amendment in Kentucky school system grades K through 12”

        • Don’t have to look it up, I WAS an O-2 FAC, but the only machine gun I or any O-1 pilots had was my XM177-E2. But you don’t BUY those, you inherit them from your dead enemies. BTW, it was OV-10 FACs who had 2 M-60 machine guns mounted. And the NVA knew the correct way to do these things, they used the VNAF A-37s from DaNang to bomb Saigon! I imagine they tried to use the F-5s as well, most likely resulting in a few dead volunteers before the A-37s started looking better. But as they withdrew, not one swinging dick thought to drive down the flight line and put a round up each exhaust pipe, so the 500 lb bombs all got used up.

        • to LarryinTX
          In the 1970s Mather AFB in california had 02 FAC on display during airshows. I was surprised they were still in the AF inventory. I remember seeing them being used by the Contras down south. Firing just one rocket that leveled a communist HQ on the evening news back then. That Cessna O-2 Skymaster with rockets was pretty powerful for its size.

          I read “BAT 21” as a kid. The book was better than the movie as usual. But it was good to see the FAC get some screen time.

          I’d love hear your “war stories”.

    • Hey, that .30-’06 and a box of 20 can be traded for a belt fed machine gun mounted in a truck, if the previous owners met a few of that 20. If you insist on having enough guns and ammo to defeat a moderate army, you are most likely planning to kill the unarmed, instead. Because when you kill armed enemies you take THEIR guns and ammo, and you do not have to pay for them!

      • I don’t think that’s nearly as easy as you’re making it out to be. Guys who are so armed tend to have friends nearby who will object to such actions.

        When such activity has become widespread in the past, “battlefield pickups” being rigged to harm the person trying to shoot it becomes a common tactic.

        Known good weapons with a well established, reliable supply source is far, far better.

  5. As Mr Madison said,”It’s Totally About Hunting,I’m Super Serious.” ,NOT !

    The Second Amendment ; Leftard Edition

    • Steven “Chowder Crowder” is a f*g, and a nickel chasing sellout. All he can do is cry about the Left. He is paid to distract attention from better commentators. Check out unauthorized.tv for real answers.

  6. I’ll put it this way. The People of the United States of America have the Constitutionally enumerated Right to own and carry any and all arms of common utility to a standing army.

    That’s it, all of it and there ain’t no more.

    Until we get into the Infringements, of which there are many.

  7. This war isn’t being fought on the land, the sea, or in the air. It’s being fought in cyberspace with smart phones. And the outcome is in doubt.

    • Gunny, that will only remain true until a couple dozen unphoned people walk into Google and Facebook headquarters with ARs and a few bandoleers, declare an end to cyber warfare, and shut down the system.

  8. Dan, thank you for this headline! This can’t be said enough! The idea that we must meet some arbitrary “sporting purposes” framework betrays the intent of the framers. The type of arms that the left seek to ban are precisely the the kind of weapons that the Constitution was written to protect.
    It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about muzzleloaders, ARs, or phased plasma rifles. The founding fathers clearly intended for the populace to possess arms sufficient to hold the govt in check, regardless of the level of technology of the day.

  9. Venezuela doesn’t have to worry about population drain. After Trump is re elected we can send them ships full of frothing socialists to fix their country.

    American socialists are far superior to those 3rd world wannabe’s.

  10. Yes, 2A is for owning weapons of war to resis tyranny. I agree. Support the NRA!

    But Juan Giardia is not in any way a legitimate leader of Venezuela. He is basically the hangover from a failed CIA gay-op. Let’s stop meddling in other countries affairs. If Venezuela wants to be a socialist shithole of mestizos – let em!

    Also- why is TTAG so against hunting? America’s gun culture has declined as we see less Browning A5s and more TacticooolOctorail ARs with LASERs. Ugh- these black rifles have no soul.

    • Hmmm…you must have missed the several recent reviews of hunting rifles.

      But then, Vlad, you *are* known to be wrong from time to time.

      • I thought vlad was left wing. The boomer conservatism that pervades this blog is incapable of dealing with an argument that attacks from the right- other than ad hominem/name calling.

        America First!

        Ok boomer.

    • Support the NRA!

      I would except for one tiny, niggling little problem: they disagree with, “2A is for owning weapons of war to resis tyranny.” I know that’s such a small thing, but I just can’t seem to get past it.

  11. Yes it does. The framers sought to preserve the right to the use of arms, including for hunting and protection of livestock.

  12. “We need you to destroy this. DESTROY it.”

    “Like, make it not work?”

    “Yes, don’t gotta be pretty just make sure it doesn’t function”

    “OK, can do” *Balances oxytorch for precision cuts*

  13. Ladies and gentlemen,

    Even if we are limited to “small arms”, ancient author Sun Tzu gave us the key to victory in his book The Art of War.

    And the most important principle in his book (in my personal opinion): never fight your enemy on your enemy’s terms. Instead, fight your enemy on your terms that are most favorable to you.

    What does that mean if we have to fight a modern military? It means we do not go head-to-head against their tanks, fighter jets, artillery, and superior numbers. Instead, we neutralize small numbers when we are guaranteed to succeed. That could mean sniping one or two combatants from 400 yards away with a bolt-action rifle chambered in an effective caliber for that distance. Or it could mean eliminating one or two combatants up close and personal employing various methods such as garrote wire, knives, and even small caliber handguns (especially suppressed small caliber handguns). And we haven’t even scratched the surface on ambush techniques, setting their occupied buildings on fire, and employing homemade b0mbs.

    • The second amendment has nothing g to do with hunting, it also doesn’t mention guns. It says “arms”. It was purposely broad in description of arms meaning no restrictions should be placed on them and the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

  14. We must remind the left that if a despotic right-wing government came to power they wonder why they had no guns to defend themselves.
    Somebody tell Nancy and her defending this impeachment nonsense as a Constitutional necessity and needed to keep the Constitution in effect that the Second Amendment is A PART of that Constitution and is intended as a defense of that Constitution. Way back when they discussed that it was not about hunting.

  15. Constitutional scholars long ago stated it was obvious the power mad greed monger businessmen that started the ill conceived revolution wrote 2A deliberately in the vaguest of terms. They did that way because they wanted wiggle room to ban guns if what they considered to be the sub human proletariat threatened their absolute power over the people. Since 2A was written the courts that live only for power over the people have been rabidly hostile to it and seldom have they ruled in favor of it. Even the much ballyhooed Scalia decision was written as to give them leeway to ban more guns if it threatened their absolute power over the people.

    The Second Amendment has been a corrupt statement, and nothing more than a bad joke on the uneducated since it was written and it was written only to give political lip service to a largely ignorant population and it is a right that down through history has proven to be a very fragile one and one that has been constantly eroded by the rich and powerful down to this very day and this very minute.

    I get tired of hearing the Far Right scream, its my Constitution Right. The Constitution does not give you any rights rather it is the corrupt Legislature and the power mad corrupt Supreme Court that dole out what little rights you have and in the 21st Century what little you originally had is rapidly being eroded away.

    The vast surveillance system that the great American Hero Edward Snowden tried to expose has triumphed. Our greatest citizen in history is exiled to shut him up and the cowardly government will not give him a public televised trial as they are terrified of the secrets he would reveal to the American Public. Our Government is no less evil and no less corrupt and dictatorial than Putin’s Russia, its just that our Corrupt Leaders have succeeded in brainwashing the people into believing they actually have some say in it. How tragically ludicrous.

    Yes the one time Herr Drumpf told the truth but did not clarify (because he is retarded) is that yes there really is a “Deep State” which in reality is the Federal Government in its entirety, rather there is no deep state to it. Its all right out in the open.

    In 2020 many of the draconian State anti-gun laws now on the books and blessed by the corrupt courts will now be passed on the Federal Level and State blessed anti-gun laws will not be over turned by a corrupt Supreme Court to nullify a new anti-gun Federal Law as that would prove their original State blessed laws were a farce and a lie. The Supreme Court will never lose face. In 2020 the Jack Boot will come down heavily on all gun owners necks and there is not a damn thing anyone can do to stop it. End of story.

      • he said some bullshit that the 2A was written as a placebo to appease the people

        meanwhile the disarmed populace of venezuela is starving to death, honest citizens in the EU live in fear of defending themselves against criminals and china is implementing a social credit system in a few months to further silence the political undesirables

        and i can walk across the street from my work and pick a rifle to take home today if i wanted to and tell libtards on the internet that their socialism shit is retarded n’ won’t work without fear of the police knocking on my door for it

        • See, moreadventures, it *can* be reduced down to only a couple of paragraphs and still say the same thing.

          Thx, L.

    • You start off your head up your warm wet dark spot when you suggest “they wrote 2A deliberately in the vaguest of terms.” The 2nd is 27 words long, a dependent and an independent clause comprising but one sentence. The independent clause, (meaning it stands on it’s own, you are obviously to stupid to know this)states “the right of the people, to keep and bare arms shall not be infringed.” It could not possibly be written any more clearly or concisely. It was done to keep Ne-er-do-wells such as yourself from trying to change it’s meaning.

  16. In our country now, Hunting has become a privilege not a right. We pay for the privilege through game licenses that the State controls and the privilege can be denied for reasons the State may arbitrarily decide. The right to Firearm ownership is a right, not a privilege (although it’s becoming a privilege through the Constitutional infringement of certain States). The 2nd has always been a guarantee against a tyrannical State or Federal government. That remains its intended purpose now if not more so than it did 200+ odd years ago.
    As for single shot 30-06 rifles on the battlefield, during the Revolution, we often lost engagements where the Continental Army attempted to fight toe to toe with the British. Our use of guerilla tactics played a very significant role in our eventual success, more than our ability to go toe to toe with British regulars. The Pennsylvania Rifles our sharpshooters used, were considerably more accurate than the Brown Bess Muskets the Brits were using. While Hit and Run tactics don’t win a war outright, their value as a tactic of attrition is immeasurable as much now as it was in 1776.

    • “…Hunting has become a privilege not a right…”

      In order to manage game populations and not hunt them almost into extinction (American Bison, anyone?), herds are estimated, and a finite number of tags are issued to cull the numbers in a manner that allows hunters to hunt, while protecting the game for future generations. If we killed everything willy nilly, our grandchildren would suffer the consequences and not have the opportunity to hunt as we do today.

      But you knew this, right?

    • Read the 2A again. Hunting is certainly protected, but not the focus. Hunting isn’t necessary to the security of a free state, but it’s a nice benefit of one.

    • “True. But hunting does have everything to do with the Second Amendment.”

      The archers and crossbow folks would like a word with you, along with the fishermen, trappers and those that use nets… 🙂

  17. All you people of the outhouse gang are really a gas. I cannot believe that the back woods outhouse gang really believe that there could be another revolution in the robotized and surveillance dominate 21st Century.

    To succeed the revolutionaries have to have an ongoing supply of weapons and ammo and equipment. There was a reason the Philippine people were defeated when invaded in 1899 by jack booted murderous U.S. Storm Troopers that raped and murdered 3 million women and used children as target practice . It was re-supply.

    Over half a century later the U.S. tried another murderous rampage in Vietnam and this time they had the most modern advanced weapons in the world and got their ass beat. The question remains as to how and why? It was simply “resupply” as a guerrilla war if resupplied can go on for decades and it can and will bankrupt the more powerful invading country. The French found that out during the Indo-China War and the U.S. Military Neanderthals dancing on the strings pulled by American Greed Monger Corrupt Businessmen simply thought that by throwing more money at a guerrilla war they would win in Vietnam.

    The Feds have Federalized the National Guard. They have an advanced surveillance system that has enslaved every American under the heals of their jack boots. Edward Snowden attempted to warn the people and save them their freedoms but he lost and had to flee for his life. You are tracked every minute of your life by surveillance systems, nothing you say or do is not recorded. Your ability to fight a revolution would last all of 5 minutes before you were annihilated by brainwashed mindless robotic storm troopers trained to kill on command and without thinking or remorse. And now it gets even worse because “real robots” are being developed and used by our Lords and Masters. You live in the 21st Century, stopped deluding yourself that you are in the 18th century. Terminator was not just a fantasy Hollywood Movie, its already here.

    The Government allows you to exist at their pleasure and their exploitation of you. You are no more free than a canary in a dirty cage because you live in a cage and you cannot get out to ever be free. Technology has made the rich invincible and you are their puppet dancing on a string. You are expendable. This is life in the 21 Century no matter what country you exist in , notice I said exist not live.

      • If you had brain one which obviously you do not you would ask the intelligent question “Why has the U.S.Government refused to let Snowden come back and give him a televised trial so all the evidence can be laid out before the American Public”. I will give you a hint why, its the same reason the Federal Government refused to Let Jack Ruby testify before Congress on the Kennedy Assassination. Its called suppressing the truth. You can always count on the Far Right to be their own worst enemy out of pure ignorance and a refusal to face the reality of the truth when it goes against their former conservative brainwashing coupled with the inability to learn “how to think” rather than accepting “what to think” given to them by authority who they worship on bended knee and never question.

        If I had to compare George Washington to Snowden. It was only Snowden that tried and failed to free the American People, while Washington enslaved them. But that is another story too advanced and complex for your preconceived notions and the fantasy world you live in.

        • Geez, you sure write a lot of words. Don’t you have a job?

          Or is trolling your job? What’s the pay rate?

        • Nah… If somebody was actually paying him, his writing wouldn’t sound like 12 year old ADD student with near terminal acne and a bad Mountain Dew habit.

        • Really Gusty….”Or is trolling your job? What’s the pay rate?”
          And that Ladies and Gentlemen, is the pot calling the kettle black.
          Stay Trolly Gusty!

        • “Nah… If somebody was actually paying him, his writing wouldn’t sound like 12 year old ADD student with near terminal acne and a bad Mountain Dew habit.”
          So, sorta like Gusty, but more coherent.
          Stay Incoherent Gusty.

    • “To succeed the revolutionaries have to have an ongoing supply of weapons and ammo and equipment.”

      No we don’t. We just have to make sure the government knows that suppressing us would be too bloody to be worth it.

    • So they’re dependent on advanced technology? Thats good to know. Anyway, Vlad, youre delusional and should be committed.

    • “To succeed the revolutionaries have to have an ongoing supply of weapons and ammo and equipment.”

      Er, if you’re unable to understand just how that problem can be rectified, you are beyond stupid. You and all your little buddies.

      Here’s the clue – Study insurgencies. The successful ones. There are numerous examples in history. Learn how the underdogs do it.

      And to very good effect… 🙂

  18. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with anything except The Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

    It’s not about hunting, it’s not about the militia, it’s not about deposing tyrants. It’s about The Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Period. Full stop.

  19. […expand his massive private army to 4 million gunmen…]

    And where do these gunmen come from? Are they Venezuelan citizens? He must have a lot of loyalists then. Perhaps they are not as bothered by it as we may think. In some ways it parallels the way the extreme right drinks the Trump cool-aid here. I guess sometimes you don’t worry about what you’re getting into until something goes wrong and sometimes even that isn’t enough. The fact is, the second amendment really only specifically addresses ‘arms’, everything else has been attached to it for argument. It is about preserving the union, not feeding your babies.

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