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The Trace's primary funder, Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)
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By Larry Keane

New York Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is attempting to claw his way up from the bottom of the 2020 Presidential polls by promising to pack the Supreme Court with “pro-gun control judges” if he were elected president.

In a Chicago Tribune op-ed, the anti-gun former NYC mayor described his fear that the Supreme Court would do the worst possible thing he could think of. He’s afraid the justices would dare to vote to uphold God-given rights enshrined in the Constitution and rule in favor of pro-Second Amendment voices in the case of New York State Rifle & Pistol Assn. v. The City of New York

Bloomberg says that the law at the center of the case, which prevented New Yorkers from transporting their legally purchased firearms outside the home unless it was to one of seven gun ranges in the city, was an “unnecessary restriction” and that it was “rightly rescinded.”

While these words certainly ring true, anyone who is familiar with Bloomberg’s history of anti-gun actions and rhetoric should see these statements as a disingenuous attempt to sell himself as a moderate who wants only “commonsense gun reforms.” In reality, Bloomberg’s opinion on firearms, and on those who own them, represent the antithesis to the right to bear arms.

Radical Proposals

Before you even consider the ex-mayor’s policy stances one need only see that in a 2014 interview with Rolling Stone, Bloomberg was quoted saying “If you want to have a gun in your house, I think you’re pretty stupid — particularly if you have kids — but I guess you have a right to do that.”

The idea that someone who is running for president could be this ignorant about our constitutional rights and is also promising to appoint justices who reflect this line of thinking should truly be cause for concern for every single American.

Bloomberg’s op-ed concludes with him saying that “As president, I will appoint judges who understand that the Second Amendment allows for common sense limits on gun ownership.” Yet we all know that what he views as “common sense” is anything but.

Bloomberg wants to ban the sale and production of modern sporting rifles even though he himself admits that these firearms are used in a statistically insignificant number of crimes. NSSF recently reported that more than 17.7 million modern sporting rifles are in private ownership today, clearly a commonly-owned firearm.

He also ferociously opposes national concealed carry reciprocity, which would ensure that an American’s right to protect him or herself doesn’t end at the state line. In fact, Bloomberg’s campaign against concealed carry reciprocity has been active for years through his gun control organization Everytown, which promised to spend up to $25 million in the 2018 election cycle to defeat elected officials who supported reciprocity.

Double Down

Of course, Bloomberg also supports a slew of other Second Amendment restrictions. Bloomberg gun control-wish list includes requiring every gun buyer be issued a Department of Justice-endorsed permit to exercise their constitutional right to bear arms, enacting a federal age-based gun ban for adults under 21, repealing the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) that blocks baseless lawsuits intended to bankrupt the gun industry and banning the private transfer of firearms.

All of these positions surely disqualify Bloomberg from earning the vote of any Second Amendment supporter, but the idea that he wants to pack the Supreme Court with justices who see these concepts as “commonsense” represents a very real threat to our constitution. A candidate for president that already has shown a preference of reshaping the nation’s highest court with judges who seek not to use the law as a guide to decision making but rather to legislate from the bench is clearly no friend to any American, but especially to law-abiding gun owners.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Anyone with an agenda against out Constitution and Bill of Rights should be disqualified from holding or being elected to a public office.

    • Anyone who claims they will violent the Constitution should not be able to legally swear to uphold it! Disqualification by self incrimination “intent”.

    • Bloomberg is a guy who, for some reason, has decided that he was the right to tell other people how to live. This alone should be enough to keep him from being president or, in fact, holding any other political office.

  2. idiotic statements like that, bloomersberg will insure you won’t go anywhere. People are sick and tired of your arrogance and hatred of the “common folk” who make America work. You need to get down off your unwarranted high horse. You need to get in touch with reality, you jackass

    • It’s that very arrogance that leads him think he can spend $gazillions$ for fancy ads on TV and people will vote for him. He needs to dump those back patters that he surrounds himself with. He’s rather distorted in his thinking.

      • Every dollar he spends on adds is less money on tap for those who agree with him. May he run a long and loud campaign.

  3. Wonder if he could offer Congress a public-private partnership where he will personally fund for 100yrs, as many new SC seats as necessary to ensure Congress can name as many new jurist as they like, at no expense to the taxpayer.

  4. The Supreme Court makes the rules for how the judicial branch functions.

    The existing justices can simply make a new set of rules that makes the existing justices as the only ones that can hear and rule on cases and any additional justices appointed by the Executive and confirmed by the Senate are in “on deck” positions for possible appointment by a future president.

    • “The existing justices can simply make a new set of rules…”

      If that were possible, the SC would have long ago ruled that only justices who vote certain ways, or along certain political lines would be able to vote on cases. The power you are surmising would already be there.

    • That is not true at all. the legislature controls how many sit on the court — and it has changed from time to time. Nine members is NOT in the Constitution. That was set by legislation and subsequent legislation by simple majority can change it to three or 30. And it is not only the Supreme court that can be packed.

      I suggest you read the legal blogs, no one thinks the supreme court will somehow overrule what congress votes as the number of justices.

      Things were different when Roosevelt attempted it. It was not discussed. Most Democrats on the hillk didn’t support it. Now they do.

      • The President appoints, with the advice and consent if the Senate, the number of SCOTUS justices allowed by legislation passed by Congress and signed by the President.

        What the SCOTUS does with them once appointed is governed by rules established by the SCOTUS itself. It is a co-equal branch of government. Nothing stops the SCOTUS from changing the rules of the court before it is packed.

        Congress and the President can still “pack” it and those appointed get the title, paycheck, and benefits but the effect on the actual operation of the SCOTUS would be nullified.

        • What are you even talking about. The number of members of the court is set by the legislative branch — NOT the president.
          and why would the court not have already done what you claim it can do and declarer some of its members non voting?
          You response is not serious.

        • Max:

          Whatever you are smoking, you might want to cut down.

          Congress sets the number of Supreme Court justices (with either presidential acquiescence or a veto override). This has been done on numerous occasions in the past.

          It similarly can expand or restrict the jurisdiction of federal courts. Again, this has been done numerous times in the past.

          Now, the chances of any Congress actually using either of these mechanisms to try and pack the Court / substantively block the Court are remote. For the Dems to do it, they’d need control of both houses of Congress plus the WH. And unless they were willing to jettison the filibuster for non budgetary bills (unlikely, as they were burned badly the last time they monkeyed with the filibuster), they’d need 60 in the Senate. Not happening anytime soon.

          But even assuming they somehow had the votes, even leftist legal academics and more thoughtful Dem politicians are warning that such a move would destroy the judiciary. Once one side “packs the Court” by adding justices (or blocks the court from hearing certain kinds of cases via jurisdictional statutes), it becomes fair game for the other side to do so if/when they are in power (and would be expected to do so). Indeed, it was for this reason that it far from certain that FDR’s “court packing” plan would actually have passed Congress.

          Having said all this, your concept that the Supreme Court could preemptively “change the rules” and block either of these options is simply not based in reality. If you disagree, then please educate this old appellate lawyer on exactly what “rules” the Supreme Court would change and how they could do it without Congressional approval.

        • Wait a minute, an appellate attorney who actually knows what he’s talking about? What fun is that?

          Your pesky facts are getting in the way of the conspiracy theorist narrative, where is the deep state has the power to control the Supreme Court and render the decisions they want.

          Quickly, head over to Breitbart and info wars so we can refresh your conspiracy theorist programming, it seems like it’s slipping a bit.

        • TIL:

          “What are you even talking about. The number of members of the court is set by the legislative branch — NOT the president.”

          That’s what I said: “…the number of SCOTUS justices allowed by legislation passed by Congress…”

          What I’m trying to say is the SCOTUS has total control over the inner workings of the judicial branch of government. Congress and the President can pack the court all they want, the SCOTUS itself has control over what the appointees do once they become justices and can change the rules over the inner workings of the judiciary as they wish. Nothing in the Constitution allows the Congress or President to tell the SCOTUS how to operate the judicial branch.

          “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court…”

          Neither Congress nor the President can force the SCOTUS to make any particular justice hear any particular case. The rules governing which justices participate in what cases is determined by rules established by the SCOTUS itself.

        • “…or blocks the court from hearing certain kinds of cases via jurisdictional statutes…”

          “The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution, the Laws of the United States, and Treaties made, or which shall be made, under their Authority;—to all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls;—to all Cases of admiralty and maritime Jurisdiction;—to Controversies to which the United States shall be a Party;—to Controversies between two or more States;— between a State and Citizens of another State,—between Citizens of different States,—between Citizens of the same State claiming Lands under Grants of different States, and between a State, or the Citizens thereof, and foreign States, Citizens or Subjects.

          In all Cases affecting Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, and those in which a State shall be Party, the supreme Court shall have original Jurisdiction. In all the other Cases before mentioned, the supreme Court shall have appellate Jurisdiction, both as to Law and Fact, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.

          The Trial of all Crimes, except in Cases of Impeachment, shall be by Jury; and such Trial shall be held in the State where the said Crimes shall have been committed; but when not committed within any State, the Trial shall be at such Place or Places as the Congress may by Law have directed.”

        • Max, for the love of Pete, just stop. You sound like a high school debater who doesn’t know how much he doesn’t know.

          Go do some actual legal research into the Rules Enabling Act (28 USC 2071 et seq.). Then come back and tell me how the Supreme Court has the unimpeded power to determine how cases are dealt with.

        • LKB:

          So Congress enacts legislstion (28 USC 2071) that takes powers vested in the Supreme Court by the Constitution and transfers it to Congress.

          And who decides the constitutionality of such legislation? Yep; the Supreme Court.

          The Supreme Court is created by the Constitution, not Congress. Only inferior courts are created by Congress.

          “The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court…”

    • But he can only appoint new justices if current ones retire or die? How many current justices will take surprise retirements or suffer unforeseen accidents? The silver or the lead.

  5. F—– Michael Bloomberg. When someone like Bloombag is protected by an elite security detail few get except heads of state, it’s impossible to accept his anti-gun musing as nothing more than wishful elitism.
    I don’t give a flying bat turd how much money his has. He’s human. His breath stinks in the morning and he has the same wish to be safe from harm as much as anyone else does. He can just FOAD!
    My name is MLee and I approve this message…whole hardheartedly!

  6. his candidacy is not about the primaries, it just a really effective way to inject a billion dollars into the General election under less stringent FEC and lower cost advertising to do 100% attacks on trump and attacks on the Second Amendment. This guy is without par in knowing how to launder political money.

    He uses his gun control foundations to stalk in charitable money into the political process as well.

    sure, as a secondary long shot, head rather win the primaries, but he is unique in the ‘candidates” in this being massive win win for him even if he gets nowhere in delegates. He is signaling a litmus test for Dem candidates at every level for overwhelming Draconian gun control — including openly advocating packing the courts for this one specific reason. he is normalizing what would otherwise by drastic. The moment the Dems get the White house and get just a couple of Senate seats to turn over, they will pack the courts and gut heller and mcdonald.

    by the way the supreme court is not the only federal court that can be packed by the Dems if they win 2020

  7. This is the guy that bought the nomination away from the socialists. An old, white, racist billionaire and he’s now the public face of socialism.

    I may start going to church. I’m seeing evidence there is a God.

  8. If you had to choose between being Michael Bloomberg or being a mop at a nickel porn theatre, which brand of mop would you choose to be?

  9. Bloomer is a long shot, but not an impossibility. The political elite does not want Sanders under any circumstances, or Warren, unless she changes her tune as time goes on, which is not out of the question for her. Biden is a doddering old fool and is becoming increasingly untenable as a candidate. We’ll have to wait and see how he does in the primaries, but it doesn’t look too rosy for him right now — the best advice for Biden is “when you’re in a hole, stop digging.” That leaves Mayor Pete, not exactly a strong candidate unless he can find a message that pleases both the progressives and the old-guard center (i.e., Wall Street). There’s been a lot of back-room wheeling and dealing going on with his campaign, so he might just be selling out to the money men.

    The big contest, then, going in to the convention, is Mayor Pete and his sell-out pseudo-progressive stand vs. Bloomer and his bid to buy a nomination. Either way, the Democrats and screwed. But, the Bloomer just might pull it off. The Dems really are that desperate.

    • The problem with Mikey B is he doesn’t tick enough diversity boxes for the Progressive wing of the DNC. He’s too white, male, and old. Everything the young Progressive wing rails against.

      I won’t say the DNC could be bought by Bloomberg, but the DNC can be hired for reasonable rates. Prostituted might be a better term.

      • “I won’t say the DNC could be bought by Bloomberg…”

        Why not? Hilary did it; paid off the entire DNC debt, owned the donor rolls and voter rolls; put the DNC on an allowance.

  10. Perfect. An arrogant billionaire who wants to regulate the crap out of us little people…for our own good. I’m sure that’s what the Founders wanted for this Country.

    If this SOB makes it anywhere near the White House then it really is time to take to the streets.

  11. I’ve been reading through these comments while drinking a 44 ounce Vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic, and Bloomberg can’t take my 44 ounce drink unless he pries it from my cold dead hands.

  12. It does not matter who gets to be the next Democratic President. There is going to be hell to pay for Moscow Mitch McConnell’s dirty underhanded trick of preventing Obama’s Supreme Court Justice from even getting a hearing and of course the Republican’s outrageous ignoring of testimony pegging Kavanough as a drunken alcoholic rapist and his lying about it before Congress. If the Dems get the White House the Kavanough Rapist saga is far from over.

    At the time, McConnell defended Republicans’ decision not to hold a confirmation hearing for Garland, much less grant him an up-or-down vote on the Senate floor. McConnell argued that the decision on who should replace Scalia, one of the court’s leading conservatives and a crucial vote on controversial cases, “should be made by the president that the people elect in the election that’s now underway.” However, when asked what he thought Republicans would do if a vacancy opened up on the Supreme Court in 2020, also a presidential election year, McConnell responded, “Oh, we’d fill it.”

    If Bloomberg would get elected, his packing of the court would doom almost all gun ownership, at least for the proletariat, there are always exclusions for the “ruling elite”.

    And do not rule Bloomy out he used to be a Republican and it is still early in the next election cycle and remember he will appeal to many Republicans as the only thing he is liberal on is gun bans and some gun control is now supported by 90 per cent of the voting Republicans and 98 per cent of liberals and independents.

    • vlad. You need to have an exit strategy from the US for after the election. Canada? Cuba? Venezuela? You’ll be welcome there.

      • Start Packing oh king of the Outhouse denizens. Trumps buddy Putin has a cell reserved for you. 2020 will be named “The Year of Socialist Thunder”.

        • Oh it will be the year of socialist thunder alright. I hear firing squads are rather loud. The socialists won’t enjoy it much all told. You seem to be under the impression that we are already disarmed. HINT: We have you commies quite a bit out-gunned.

        • “I hear firing squads are rather loud.”

          And Hind helicopters taking Leftists “To see the sights” of the ground rapidly rising to meet them… 😉

        • “And Hind helicopters ”

          Comrade, you are betraying your FSB employment by mentioning Hind helicopters.

          In US of A they use blackhawk, Apache and cobra gunships.

          You Putin puppets are so transparent, poor tradecraft.

        • ” Comrade, you are betraying your FSB employment by mentioning Hind helicopters.

          In US of A they use blackhawk, Apache and cobra gunships.”

          My comment was directed to Serge, who was born and raised in old Communist Russia, and is a fan of Russian attack helicopters.

          He wants to use them the same way Pinochet used helicopters, to take his political enemies for a helicopter ride and invite them to step outside.

          Leftist scum like you, ‘miner 49er’… 😉

    • Hey Vlad, What ever happened to your many other predictions about Trump being impeached in November and Kamala Harris becoming president? And POC rising up with support of a robot army round up all gun owners and land owners?

      • Biden rule?

        Ain’t no such animal, that’s just a Republican talking point, totally empty of meaning.

        Meanwhile, impeachment ahead!

        And after Don McGann is forced to testify, there may be new charges, there may be more than one impeachment.

        • Joe Biden, “the Senate Judiciary Committee should seriously consider not scheduling confirmation hearings on the (potential Supreme Court) nomination until after the political campaign season is over.”

          What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

          “there may be new charges, there may be more than one impeachment.”

          Yes, the search for impeachable offenses continues because there is unprecedented levels of bigotry from the left. They can’t just let the guy govern and fight him at the ballot box because that would be too fair.

        • Hey Commie, nothing in the current articles of impeachment even remotely approaches a crime or misdemeanor. The Senate will laugh at them being stupid enough to waste their time drafting these articles. The chances of getting anybody else to testify now that they drafted the articles is 0. Why? Because Trump can tell them to go suck it. What are they going to do? Draft more BS articles?

          I’m just waiting for Trump to just get fed up, declare martial law, and order every Demokkkommie in DC stood up against a wall and shot. The hillarious part is that the Marines would be MORE than happy to carry out that order.

  13. Again for Bloomberg his “candidacy” is a win-win for him since he is able to spend hundreds of millions attacking Trump whihc he was going to e doing anyway. he gets to do it cheaper and with less FEC oversight

    Even beyond that: what is the value his edict to the news outlets he owns that they wont investigate or attack Democrat primary “opponents” but can attack and investigate Trump. It is akin to a 100 million dollar media donation to the DNC without being a FEC overseen donation.

    If Bloomberg never gets over 5% in the primaries he is still a huge winner in how he is spending campaign money he spends anyway. Have you been on Youtube and seen his adverts? they have nothing to do with his opponents, they are 100% anti-trump and he is buying them WAY cheaper than Youtubes rate for general election adverts.

  14. The linked article doesn’t say anything about packing the court (or courts), only that he will appoint anti-gun jurists. “As president, I will appoint judges who understand that the Second Amendment allows for common sense limits on gun ownership. I’ve spent 15 years working to build a national coalition that is capable of taking on the NRA and winning — and I’m glad to say that we now have the NRA on the ropes. That may be one reason why the NRA is hoping the court will save it.” https://www.chicagotribune.com/opinion/commentary/ct-opinion-michael-bloomberg-president-gun-control-nra-20191201-gz3j52jzdff4xnmc6e6v5zalim-story.html

    The rest of his commentary is a laughably inaccurate version of the issues pending in the NYPRA case.

    • Judges willing to set… “common sense limits on gun ownership”. Sounds like stacking the court with anti-2A judges to me. When I read the constitution it said SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED. Maybe you got the wrong version.

      • Don’t be an ass. I quoted what he is quoted at saying, and none of it says “stacking.” It says appointing liberal judges. He did not say he would stack the court, any more than Trump appointing conservative judges is stacking the court. Stacking is commonly understood to mean adding additional spots on a particular bench, i.e. the Supreme Court bench. He puts enough words in his own mouth without idiots adding more.

        • Stacking- shuffle or arrange (a deck of cards) dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage.

          Sounds about right.

          P.S. get used to me being an ass, been visiting and commenting at TTAG since the start.

  15. No where in history has Freedom been Attained or Preserved. When threatened by Tyranny. Without the use of a club,spear,arrow,sword or gun. Tyranny or the threat of Tyranny is the Ultimate Weapon of Mass Destruction. History will also write whether this nation once Free survived the attack of Tyranny. Whether it’s people allowed what they thought was a Just form of Government to be used against Them. By people whose intent was to control them by whatever means they saw fit. History MAY write many things about this nation. Just keep in mind that History is Written by the Victors. Not the Subjects. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Pretty much. But with his money and influence I could see a rigged primary or brokered convention, like with Hillary, but on steroids. However it would be so blatantly obvious and the rabid left wing base would not show up at all in the general election.

      • Yeah, just like no one on the left showing up in Virginia a few weeks ago. Any more brilliant prophesies from Merle today?

        • Yeah actually. I gotta prophecy for ya, right here.

          Idiots like you are the exact reason why Trump won, and will win again.

        • All the Bernie voters stayed home in 16 or do you think Russians changed all those vote for Her to Him by hacking?

    • to strych
      Yeah everyone said that about Trump in 2016 too but things turned out differently. This time the big surprise will be Bloomberg or will it? After all Presidential Elections in Capitalvania are bought not won.

      • Trump didn’t have a history within the party of engaging in “problematic” behavior.

        Bloomberg does and it’s not a history of just saying things that might cause consternation, it’s a history of designing and executing exactly the policies that the Democrat base will not tolerate.

      • You think an old, rich, white, capitalist billionaire will be the face of your people of color and socialism?


      • The facts disagree with your (wrong) feelings:


        Hillary Clinton (D) LOSER
        CANDIDATE COMMITTEE MONEY: $563,756,928
        OUTSIDE MONEY: $206,122,160

        Donald Trump (R) WINNER
        CANDIDATE COMMITTEE MONEY: $333,127,164
        OUTSIDE MONEY: $118,217,367

        “Donald Trump’s campaign spent about $94m in its final push for the White House, according to new fundraising reports.

        The Republican continued his campaign-long trend of spending far less than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Her campaign spent almost $132m in its closing weeks, according to reports filed on Thursday with the Federal Election Commission. The latest reports cover 20 October to 28 November.

        Over the course of the primary and general elections the Trump campaign raised about $340m including $66m out of his own pocket. The Clinton campaign, which maintained a longer and more concerted fundraising focus, brought in about $581m.”


        • *The above replying to this comment:
          “After all Presidential Elections in Capitalvania are bought not won.”

  16. And just how does he propose to do that…??? The SCOTUS is a lifetime appt, conservatives already have the advantage, just another lie being told to those that are not educated or ill-informed on the SCOTUS…

      • Evidently you didn’t read the article OR my comment…this has to do with the SCOTUS, which is already at capacity, and loaded up with conservative judges, to be “replaced” you either have to retire, or die, the next one to go will be ginsburg, who will most assuredly be replaced by another conservative, giving conservative an even wider margin of advantage…

        Before you comment, know what you’re commenting about…

    • Given a democrat majority in the Senate and a democrat president I would not at all be surprised if a few conservatives on the Supreme Court should have surprise heart attacks or accidents of some kind…. like Scalia did.

      Sudden death syndrome, no coroner investigation, no autopsy, no investigation.

      Democrats planned for BO to appoint another “progressive” to the court. Their timing was off because the Senate was controlled by republicans.

  17. Are you talking about stop by the corner bar and have a drink with us, “Mike” Bloomberg. I’d bet not even his wife calls him MIKE.
    If they didn’t let FDR pack the court they aren’t going to let this dink do it. Besides if they really are judges they will only go so far at ruining the Constitution or they might discover that the Second is for defending the Constitution as much as one’s personal safety.

    • Yeah, well, tell that to the Second Circuit, the Third Circuit, the Fourth Circuit, and the Ninth Court of Appeals, not one of which has found a statute that failed to pass their supposed “intermediate scrutiny” review.

      • Let’s hope the issue of “scrutiny” is addressed this term by the SCOTUS…

  18. Do you want a shootin’war?!? The midget apparently wants one…guess who has 500000000 guns old-timer?

  19. Not sure, but I once read that Bloomberg developed his hatred for firearms when he injured himself with one as a child. The nature of the injury was not stated, but I REALLY wish I knew.

  20. Democracy is a joke, and it is particularly true in this country. Money runs the show, period.

    • Maybe that’s because this is not a democracy, but a Constitutional Republic. Originally, Senators were appointed by the governors of the states, and only representatives were elected by popular vote (since they, in theory, represented the People). So senators were typically wealthy and powerful men who were friends with the political establishment of the state. Representatives tended to be wealthier, simply because it takes money to run a campaign, but there were exceptions. When it comes to presidents, money is usually, but certainly not always the key. Lincoln, Grant, Truman and Eisenhower, for example, were not wealthy men.

  21. \Bloomy is just taking the EXACT same strategy that Trump and every GOP candidate took and saying that he will appoint judges that support his electoral platforms. Wow, big deal.

    When you use words like “packing” regarding court it makes me think of the actual attempts to court-pack.

  22. Bloomberger is so full of shit and just blowing smoke.
    I don’t have 2 nickels to rub together and I stand as good a chance of being president as this POS.
    Any space that is used to show him is a waste of space. Even if he paid for it.
    He sure as heck doesn’t belong here on this blog for any god given reason what so ever.

  23. Packing the court would be a short term win for them. Imagine the liberals dying off and being replaced with conservatives.
    The left doesn’t always think far ahead. They changed the Senate rules when it suited them and now are sorry they did.
    The elimination of the electoral college is a huge threat because they historically own the metro areas.
    As for mikes other policies aside from guns he’s not going to get much support.

    • Nobody is going to pack the court. It has become a sort of internet/news cycle meme, and that’s all it is. It’s noise.

      The demographic trends in the voting population are not toward more conservatism. It is the moderate center and the liberal leaning voters that are growing.

      Both Republicans and Democrats have at times changed House and Senate rules in their favor when in power and regretted it when in the minority. Nothing new there. Presently the Republicans in the House are regretting the rules under which this impeachment business is operating, as it was Republicans who wrote the rules the Democrats are using.

      Not to worry, the Democrats will get their turn to feel like idiots on some rule changes they make. Senate or House, the circus shall continue.

      The Founders worried about the uneducated masses being enthralled by a charismatic tyrant and cooked up the Electoral College to balance that out. Has never worked as intended. Of course, in 2016 we had a charismatic tyrant on both sides of the question, so it was going to end horribly either way. The Founders did not see that one coming at all.

      At least we know that all but one of these incapable, dishonest, ideological pea brains will lose the election.

      The bummer is one of them will win. I expect it to be Trump. It defines the “Stupid” that has overwhelmed America. All candidates are awash in a sea of Stupid and it is a race to sea which turd floats best.

      • “Presently the Republicans in the House are regretting the rules under which this impeachment business is operating, as it was Republicans who wrote the rules the Democrats are using.”

        At the end of the day, you still have to operate within the confines set forth in the Constitution. This is how the Constitution defines impeachment:
        “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors”

        The “Stupid” that has overwhelmed America intentionally ignores this and tries to say that you can impeach the President for anything you want because it’s a political process. The “Stupid” that has overwhelmed America doesn’t respect the Constitution.

      • A big chunk of that “stupid” you’re referring to unconditionally supports a vaccine program that has never been safety tested, and where vaccine manufacturers themselves cannot be sued for the damages their products cause-including even death, a program the government, ie the you, the taxpayer, has paid out over $4,000,000,000 in damages on behalf of the vaccine companies….so yes, on this you have my agreement. A lot of stupid persists in America.

        • Oh, lookie here, it’s little p g 2 and the nutball anti-vaxxx bullshit he just will not shut the fvck up about.


          Do you ever talk guns in TTAG? When was the last time you ever talked about guns???

        • Chumbucket just couldn’t stay away any longer. It gnawed at his insides and there is no vaccine for the sickness.

  24. Distracting noise that people here happily embrace. Pretending there is anything to worry about when Bloomberg talks of packing the Supreme Court is just a waste of time.

    The only concern in this idiot running for President is in how he spends his considerable fortune. He is not going to win, his polling is pathetic and even his own side despises him. But he has enormous sums of money and a demonstrated willingness to spend a lot of it. If he spends heavily on advertising it could affect the race, harm some candidates while helping others.

    Sensational fear mongering headlines are unhelpful. Focusing on the actual strengths of an anti-gun candidate, in this case a big fat bank account, that is what matters.

  25. If he’s elected, why wouldn’t he do that? It would make his mandatory vaccine position easier to implement.

    • How would he be elected? It’s not as if that’s a possible outcome.

      How would any President manage to pack the court? For all the scary chatter none of it has ever come close to succeeding. It takes a great deal of political support that does not come close to existing.

      As for anti-vaxxers, they are delusional idiots.

      • “It takes a great deal of political support that does not come close to existing.”

        It’s amazing what can be accomplished with the propagandist media and academic community backing you. They had half of the country believing that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. They are so dishonest that many continue to push that narrative even now.

        • You had better quit watching Foxy State Run News. All of our intelligence agencies which are numerous have stated there is no doubt it was a professional attack by Russia on our democracy and our electoral process. LETS REPEAT THAT ALL OF OUR SECURITY AGENCIES WERE IN AGREEMENT AND NONE I REPEAT NONE WERE IN DISAGREEMENT Now what part of this do you not understand?

          Kissing the stinking shit off of Trumps ass does not change reality.

        • Whataboutism again because you can’t refute what I said.

          I said: They had half of the country believing that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election. They continue to push that narrative (they continue to lie).

          Where did I say Russia didn’t do anything? That’s right, I didn’t.

          It’s funny how you call Fox “state run news” when it’s MSNBC and CNN employing the former intelligence heads that helped and continue to help push the investigation farce. Also note how the Times and the Post let fired James Comey continue to push his false narratives whenever new evidence comes to light. Yet it was Fox News that actually reported on the facts of the abuse of the Intelligence Agencies in intentionally hiding exculpatory evidence from the FISA court so the Obama admin could spy on a rival campaign. You can no longer claim this is a conspiracy theory because the evidence is in the recently released report. Stay tuned because there’s more to come.

      • Academia is working hard on teaching kids how racist and horrible America and capitalism is. What effect do you think that will have on future leaders and voters concerning our institutions? It’s already happening. The needle is moving fast on socialism. The dems want to tear our country down and build their utopia. They’re playing the long game by “educating” the kids.

        • And its working beautifully.

          Someday soon we Socialists will civilized America.

          People will not die like dogs in the streets of Capitalvania because they could not afford life saving drugs like Insulin which costs pennies to make and then the current price rapes the consumer with obscene unaffordable prices.

          People will not die from not being able to afford life saving operations.

          Children will not go bankrupt for life because they wished to get a college education.

          Bridges will not fall down on people and crush them to death while in their cars. I personally saw a bridge fall down right in front of me so it can happen to all of us at any time because of Capitalvanian blind greed and our propensity to waste trillions on wars of rape, pillage and conquest.

          Yesterday another bombshell of a report revealing the lies that were told by the U.S.military about the Afghan war. It has turned into a 2 trillion waste of money just as the Vietnam War did and a like it a total failure.

          The good news is that the year 2020 will come to be known as “SOCIALISM THUNDER”.

        • “It has turned into a 2 trillion waste of money just as the Vietnam War did and a like it a total failure.”

          That should have been spent on infrastructure in the U.S.A. I agree with that. We need to get out of Afghanistan ASAP. That has nothing to do with capitalism vs. socialism. Socialism is historically tied to corruption and tyranny. Capitalism is historically tied to freedom.

      • No, he won’t be elected, who said who has a chance? As far as your anti vax statement…any attempt at a poke or insult coming from your ilk is both comedy gold and actually a compliment.

    • To Peegeetwo

      Not altogether true. You would be given a choice. Act like a responsible citizen , get vaccinated and protect the health of all the people in the country or you could be deported immediately to the deserted south sea island of Pungo Pingo and die of the disease with the rest of the retarded morons that would also be deported to the island. End of problem, Darwinism triumphs again.

      • Oh right, I forgot that vaccines are the only product sold In world that when it fails, people who don’t use the product are to blame. That’s gold.

      • HOLY FVCK!!!

        Something ‘moreadventuresonotherplanets’ and I actually agree with!!!

        *BREAKING* – Hell has frozen over!!! 🙂

  26. So he just disqualified himself from running for President as he has stated he will not uphold the constitution.

    • Sad to say you got it all backwards. Any one running for President who says he “will” uphold the Constitution will either be disqualified or like Kennedy end up being assassinated by the CIA.

  27. Bloomberg sounds like someone who, in 1956, promised to appoint justices who “know” that the 14th Amendment allows for “common sense” restrictions on racial integration.

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