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We’ve been saying it for almost two years now: the left’s attempt to link members of a Michigan militia to the Tea Party and paint all anti-big government conservatives as proto-terrorists was FOS. And the government’s case against Hutaree was nothing but smoke and mirrors. And now, finally, Uncle Sam’s attempt to send the Hutaree to hoosegow has gone the full Oakland. There is no there there. There never really was . . .

Despite the best efforts of an inside informant and FBI plant to get the Hutaree to commit illegal acts, a federal judge flushed the government’s charges that the group planned a war against the United States, wanted to use weapons of mass destruction and plotted to kill Michigan and federal cops.

Saying, in effect, that the activities and idle talk of a bunch of white guys running around in the woods doesn’t amount to conspiracy against the government, U.S. District Judge Victoria Roberts granted acquittal requests on the most serious charges facing the Hutarees. Hutarinos? Hutarians? Whatever.

In yet another public embarrassment for the Holder Justice Department, the only thing remaining for prosecutors to argue now are some relatively low level weapons charges.

As reports, the whole sedition and rebellion rap just didn’t pass the smell test. No matter what frequencies Hutarree leader David Stone may have thought were coming in loud and clear on his dental work.

“The court is aware that protected speech and mere words can be sufficient to show a conspiracy. In this case, however, they do not rise to that level,” the Judge said.

Defense lawyers say highly offensive remarks about police and the government were wrongly turned into a high-profile criminal case that drew public praise from U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who called Hutaree a “dangerous organization.”

By those standards, there are more than a few TTAG commenters who should probably expect a knock at the door.

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  1. We are glad the desk is clear now for AG Holder to go after the New Black Panthers for conspiracy to kidnap, offering financial inducements to solicit a kidnapping, and conspiracy to unlawfully draft a militia purposefully to commit a hate crime. All the evidence needed is already in the public record, including video of the local leader issuing the cash offers and soliciting members to join his militia. No need to plant an informant. Just assign some staff and let them organize the case. What could be easier? Why reach for the quiet little Hutterrees when you’ve got an organization making its “actions in furtherance” in public? Pick the low-hanging fruit, as the Wall Street Bankers are wont to say.

    • I see what you did there, but that would make too much sense. Can’t have that. Especially since el presidente himself vowed to look into this (and by that I mean he’ll support Martin’s family, no matter which is the guilty party).

      • Like many political pronouncements, this comment by the President has a substantive content of zero. Sounds good, means nothing, commits to nothing.

  2. Haug (FBI Agent) repeatedly talked to Stone (Hutaree) about building pipe bombs and getting other sophisticated explosives.

    Talked to or enticed?

    Haug told jurors he was “shocked” by Stone’s knowledge of explosives, noting it matched some of his own instruction as a federal agent.

    Because apparently Google isn’t available in Michigan.

    By those standards, there are more than a few TTAG commenters who should probably expect a knock at the door.

    I wonder if I can get a visit by calling TSA a bunch of Rat Bastard Child Molesters. Probably not, even federal agents don’t like TSA.

  3. Judge Victoria Roberts is a VERY liberal Black female. I worked w her through bar association stuff. Very nice lady but ultra liberal (ala Pelosi) – for her to toss this is #winning.

  4. I had been waiting for the prosecution to reveal just what, exactly, they had to back up this claim about a plan to kill a cop and then attack the funeral. Apparently, the answer to that is “pretty much zilch.”

  5. More of the dangerous right wing militias in Obama and Holder’s mind.

    On another note, it actually would not surprise me if Eric Holder scans this site once in awhile. Maybe the Joyce Foundation and the Brady Bunch snoop here as well.

  6. Too bad Holder couldn’t get them to put a $10,000 dead or alive arrest bounty on a private citizen. Then he’d have something.

  7. Well they actually did win this one to a degree. I mean, how many MSM operations will give as much air time to the charges being dropped as they did when they were arrested and filed?

    Me thinks none.

    So the propaganda war was won by this administration and the FBI/BATFE etc.

    It doesn’t matter how bogus everything was initially. The press devoted hours and hours to the arrests, and your average clueless American will have that stuck in their head as they will never hear about charges being dropped.

    When you see something like this, sometimes I think that was the intention to begin with.

    • Nailed it, moi. No, not moi moi. I mean moi vous. Or is it vous moi? Whatever.

      This was a headline-grab by the wonderful people who brought us Ruby Ridge. The only difference was that these backwoods yahoos didn’t fight back.

    • These bastards have studied and perfected propaganda and the requisite financial backing to the point resistance is futile. I detest them and condemn them for what they are. MikeB, in another thread, recently referred to a moral dilemma. What we are dealing with are people who are well past or never were capable of moral dilemma. I still feel the majority of government employees are good, regular people but the psychopaths hiding among them are ruining everything. Nothing will be fixed without identifying and removing the predators at every level. Allowing the perverts in whatever gov’t dept to persist is our road to perdition. Rant off.

    • you expect the government and their presstitutes to tell the truth? remember , this is the same government that started two illegal wars, murders/kidnaps/tortures its own citizens and foreigners, and steals from honest taxpayers.

      There is a special place in hell for people like this…

  8. Hey Ralph,
    — Are any of my jokes about Nancy Pelosi having a botox fetish going to get me branded a dangerous person by Holder?

    Eric Holder’s non-Justice Dept is a far more dangerous organization than those dudes in Michigan. Next target: those weekend warrior guys in Oregon who ride in dune buggies and play war games using paint ball guns.

    • Now you’ve done it: Sounds like rigorous militia training, definitely. Heck, Green Beanies have been know to use dune buggies. What’s in those paint balls? Bet they could be talked into some bigger idea by October.

  9. “By those standards, there are more than a few TTAG commenters who should probably expect a knock at the door.”

    Or, more likely, a No-Knock at the door. If you get my drift.

  10. I have to play devils advocate here, not that I like AG Holder anymore than the rest of us, I do feel that the only reason he has the job currently is that he was part of the Obama machine. I digress.
    Back to the devils advocate, The DOJ as a whole is not the problem, it is the politics of some of the members of the DOJ. Calling the DOJ “a far more dangerous organization” is tantamount to calling all gun owners lunatics. Yes there is a fringe that really needs to be reined in but the whole DOJ, I think not.
    These comments will probably get me Flamed, but I have to say it. Depending upon where you are seeing the story, the content may differ.
    The conversations I read on this site, are usually insightful and I tend to share them with the people I work with. I always make me laugh when I hear someone say “I can’t believe they are getting away with that” (The government.) The first question out of my mouth is who did you vote for? Their answer is inevitably I didn’t or I don’t vote…..

    This is the problem…..

    • No flame here.

      Perhaps it’s more realistic to say the DoJ is potentially more dangerous than any militia.

    • Who is there to vote for with a realistic chance of winning that respects the Constitution? No one.

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