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Say goodbye to any remaining vestiges of the “Trump slump.” 2019 is on pace to be the biggest firearm sales year in history. And America’s gun manufacturers and retailers have the Democrats running for President to thank for much of the increase in volume.

In September, former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke caused perhaps the biggest  stir during a Democratic presidential debate when he called for mandatory buybacks of popular semi-automatic rifles used in some recent attacks, including the El Paso assault. That shooting left 22 dead at a local Walmart.

“Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47,”  O’Rourke said. “We’re not going to allow it to be used against our fellow Americans anymore.”

O’Rourke’s remarks drew both plaudits and rebukes. And it helped drive record gun sales at a store in Tempe, Arizona.

Matt Boggs, co-owner of Alpha Dog Firearms, said O’Rourke’s comment gave him the idea to slash prices for a weeklong “Beto Special.” He sold more than 400 firearms during the sale; typically he sells about 100 guns in a month.

“We did it because someone had the audacity to come after a U.S. citizen’s rights,” Boggs said in an interview with USA TODAY.  “A lot of (military) veterans are our customers. It had a reaction.”

Two months after the gun rush, Boggs said, visitors from New York, Texas, California and other states stop by to express their support.

“We have veterans coming back from Afghanistan and Japan dropping by to say they had heard about what we did,” Boggs said.

O’Rourke is out of the presidential race, but there is no sign that gun politics will leave the stage with him. Michael Bloomberg, who has poured millions of dollars into campaigns advocating for tighter controls on firearms, formally announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination Sunday.

– Kevin Johnson in Black Friday gun deals: Background checks surge as shoppers buy in response to gun control proposals


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      • E. David Quammen,

        While your statement is technically true, it is not true in practice.

        There are myriad laws in place right now which violate our pre-existing, unalienable right to life and righteous self-defense in support of our right to life — as well as the United States Constitution, Second Amendment. Millions of people support those laws. Of course countless local, state, and federal law enforcement support them with gusto as well. Perhaps most problematic, countless local, state, and federal courts support them as well and do not recognize your rights or the U.S. Constitution.

        We are thus left with three options:
        (1) Comply
        (2) Violate in secret
        (3) Violate openly

        Note that one person alone, violating openly and steadfastly refusing to comply, will result in certain demise at the hands of local, state, and/or federal law enforcement. Also note that one person (acting alone) challenging law enforcement will change nothing, even if that one lone person takes a few law enforcement with them.

        Sadly, Human History has demonstrated thousands of times that every society, sooner or later, violates timeless standards of right-versus-wrong in wholesale fashion. Thus, every society eventually devolves into “might makes right”.

        We would be wise to heed that lesson, decide where we want to hang our hats, and act accordingly.

    • Americans want more speech control.

      Ahhh that probably twists your panties but alas its the truth because one does not hold more importance than the other. They are of equal footing and if one can be bastardized they all can be. Be careful what you wish for….

      “….for repealing an amendment is to hold a Constitutional Convention. In that case, two-thirds of state legislatures would need to call for such a convention, and states would write amendments that would then need to be ratified by three-fourths of the states.”

      Best of luck with that 😀

  1. It would be so delightfully ironic if the Leftist’s delusional hatred of scary-looking guns ended up being the reason the high court ends up declaring them expressly constitutionally-protected.

    I’ve been having a bit of fun recently goading Leftists with the idea of them being unable to get rid of them, and what they would do if guns really were “everywhere”. After they get over their initial shock, a surprising percentage of them proclaim what they always proclaim in a presidential election if their Leftist fascist loses, leave the country. Of course, they never do, much to my eternal chagrin… 😉

  2. The South Texas Beta Boy should be appropriately thanked at the SHOT Show in January. It has been the one thing he did in his brief political career that had a positive impact.

  3. Hear yee, hear yee in this 26th day of November we Texans officially vote to revoke Robert Francis O’Rourke’s man card and Texan card…
    All in favor…
    Ok, ok, ok enough hands are up…
    Officially revoked…
    Meeting adjourned!
    Final order of business concluded!

    • While I admire the sentiment, I regretfully have to inform you that it’s technically impossible. Robert Francis “Beto the fake Hispanic” Furry O’Rourke never had a man card.

      He does have a moron card, but it’s permanently attached to his forehead now, so it can’t be removed either.

  4. This should help replace the 10,000 guns taken off the streets in Chicago this year. Who said eugenics was not a good thing. It is more cost effective than building comfortable housing, nice schools with qualified teachers, certified day cares, nice parks, enjoyable stores and restaurants and installing an honest police force, community vested councilmen and women led by an educated sincere mayor.

    • Have you SEEN the so-called guns they’re trotting out in Chiraq?!? Hundred year old revolvers and broken shotgun’s mostly. At least what I saw yesterday…not buying a gun this week but busily stockpiling for my AR. And. MY town is going to he!!

  5. No gun purchases right now. Mainly stockpiling and caching ammo. Can Never have enough ammo cached. Along with other items necessary for home and compound defenses. One can never be over prepared.

    • Darkman,

      I admire your dedication to material preparation.

      How much effort are you putting into social preparation? How many family, friends, and neighbors have you recruited to be a cohesive group of people who are committed to working together for your common good and survival?

      All the material preparation in the world isn’t much good if superior numbers decide that they want you and your stuff.

      • Possibly many years ago a plan was put together in case of a SHTF. It may have involved a dedicated group of individuals from varying backgrounds. From military to medical among others. The object of which could be the acquiring of a large multi dept. chain store. Offering a wide assortment of items needed to survive said SHTF. Said store having it’s own backup power supply and security systems. Now mind you this may or may not be true. Then again it never hurts to plan…Keep Your Powder Dry

  6. If you live in Virginia, you better pay attention to what’s going on in the legislature pre-filing. SB16 looks worse than anything California has passed to date. This bill bans pretty much everything on the market, and anything that is superior in self defense or fighting tyranny. There is no grandfather clause and even owning parts will get you a felony. Fight hard or you will lose everything with the stroke of a pen. Sanctuary counties won’t save you either.

    • The state fights are not worth wasting our time on. The real fight is the 18-280 and the other cases that the SC is holding in case that one does not work out. Fighting against state laws is not the prize. Winning in the SC is the prize and will invalidate any and all state laws.

      RBG will soon leave this earth and that will be the last nail in the antis coffin. Changes is a coming. It is no longer a matter of IF but WHEN.

      • We can’t wait for SCOTUS to save us. Just look at how the courts have ignored Heller and Scalia’s writing on the case. They purposefully twist his words and writing into banning almost anything they feel like. You have to fight the spread in the states or you will eventually have no place where you can freely exercise your rights. How long have we been waiting for SCOTUS to save states like California and New York? How many gun lawsuits were denied cert that could have restored gun rights closer to where they should be. Quite a few!

        • You will always have win/losses at the state level. Never will one stripe of politicians hold office in all of the states. Not gonna happen. The way to change ALL states is from the top down. This is the first time there has been a conservative bend to the supreme court in 40+ years. It is hard for a lot to imagine change coming this way but for a lot of us there has never been a conservative tilt to the supreme court in our lifetimes. This is a huge change.

          As for your concern with Heller and Mcdonald they were of decision based on “intermediate scrutiny” which means states and cities can play fast and loose with the decisions. Currently the cases being lined up and about to be heard (12-2!!!!) are going for “strict scrutiny” which means the (conservative supreme) court would set exacting standards that IF states and counties attempted to circumvent would easily be defeated and reversed as soon as it was brought to court.

          The more you know…..

  7. It’s a source of amusement to watch whenever a politician starts in on their “unique plan” to illegally infringe upon the 2nd Amendment (“unique” is in quotes because inevitably their proposal is just another variation of other laws that didn’t do a damn thing to reduce “gun violence”). Yes, I get pissed to, whenever one starts their diatribe, but watching sales increase astronomically is a hoot and a half. Gun manufacturers need to send bonuses to the bozos, for the encouragement the anti-gun crowd gives to gun sales. Do it publically, so we can watch the idiots struggle with their greed vs their message. Very few will refuse to cash that check I’d bet. Hypocrites, one and all.

  8. fake news! guns sales are horrible right now. how can you report that the trump slump is over while the gun industries has lost so many major wholesalers in the last 6 month? not sure how you come up with these numbers but i can assure you gun sales are way down

    • MT – I don’t know what liberal paradise you are living in but the NICS data alone says you are wrong.
      Based on what I saw at the last gun show I went to, it is a buyer’s market right now – prices are low and lots of money and guns were changing hands. YMMV.

      • I was at a gun show in VA last weekend. A lot of the same vendors this time as last. I saw the same overprices milsurp guns as last time. I saw the same overpriced muskets and muzzle loaders, and I saw a lot of the newer guns. There were actually a few deals out there but most of it was priced MSRP or higher. I saw a few people walking out with rifles. Ammo and accessories seemed to be doing well.

    • Attack dog Reno is long gone and since her diatribe SCOTUS has ruled at least twice that it IS a personal Right, not a collective / militia Right. But you are still correct in encouraging the formation of cohesive and self supporting groups. When the SHTF those groups will prosper. Take in stragglers with great caution as there WILL be spies and wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will have to be dealt with in a ruthless manner, but the alternative is the destruction of your cell of Patriots. You might want to be positive you have at least one copy of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for your group to study. Even better if you have a hardcopy of the Federalist Papers, where the Founders layout their thinking on the formation of our once Great Democratic Republic… may She rise again to Her former Glory.

  9. Like I always say, The Gunstores have a love/hate relationship with the left. Ideologically that hate their guts, but capitalistically….They gotta love um.

    If ol Bloomberg gets the nomination, you wont be able to find a .22lr for under 500.00 in a week.

  10. I have two close friends and shooting buddies in the mfg/wholesale/retail gun and accessory business. Worst year they have ever seen in 20 yrs. Two of their wholesalers have declared bankruptcy owing them money and their warehouses are full of inventory. LGS shelves are over flowing with MSR’s. None of them will admit that Trump is the worst thing to hit the gun industry since…well forever.

  11. Getting a group together for shtf scenario is a good idea. The bigger the group the better you can defend yourselves, but it has some draw backs as well. Guns and ammo will more than likely be plentiful. Food and especially water gonna be a problem. Big city people gonna really suffer. Not only wàter gonna dry up no turning on the tap or running down to the bodega and dragging back a case of Aqua Fina. Another thing the real shit will really be a concern health-wise. Any kind of sanitation will non-existent. This might be a better way to think of it. Those who die quickly will be the lucky ones. Every thing you can think of will be gone after two weeks. Soàp, cigarettes, candy, anything that needs refrigeration, fuel to run anything, electricity, batteries, heat, air-conditioning, and you can probably think of a lot more used to was stuff. My wife and I are old, we won’t make through the first week, we pity our kids and especially the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, of which we have several.
    I read comments on here that sound like it’s gonna be a fun thing. It ain’t. Lot of combat veterans on here, they got a better idea than ones who have never served, but they were supported by a whole military supply, system, that won’t be there if shtf. My survival plan if I were young would be get the tallest building available and re the top five floors fill top floor with food, next floor down with water, next floor more water, next two floors strip all flamables out nothing but steel support columns, the roof you guessed it, more water. Not more than thirty people, no children, no married couples. Everyone weapons qualified before hand.


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