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Pile of empty brass (courtesy

A gun control law repealed? In Maryland? True story. Here’s NRA-ILA alert (because the world needs more lerts):

Your NRA-ILA is glad to report that Governor Larry Hogan (R) has signed into law Senate Bill 736.  As previously reported, SB 736, sponsored by state Senator Edward Reilly (R-33), will eliminate the unnecessary database and failed ballistic fingerprint system from state law.  This pro-gun bill will . . .

remove an unnecessary burden from firearm manufacturers who are required to continue sending shell cases to a program that has been unfunded for years.  SB 736 was unanimously passed by the Maryland Senate on April 11, and passed by the House of Delegates on a 135 to 2 vote on April 13. Please contact Governor Larry Hogan and thank him for signing this important piece of legislation into law.

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  1. Will somebody please remind me again that blue state Republican governors are no different than Democrat governors?

    • Given how many votes it got in the senate and house, I’d suspect the bill had overwhelming democratic support, and a democrat governor would have signed as well.

      Democrat governors are just like republican governors. They both want to control you, tell you what you may or may not do, tax you, and give that tax money to their friends. They only differ on the specifics of those points, and not by enough to matter much.

      • Same here, right after Sandy Hook. Gotta be “politically correct” and “sensitive to the families of the victims” (even though it didn’t even happen in our state…) rather than actually doing the RIGHT thing and easing the burden on LAW ABIDING gun owners, after all!

  2. “(because the world needs more lefts):”

    Shouldn’t that read: “(because the world needs more lerts):”…?


  3. Its almost like Maryland isn’t even in the United States. It feels like its on the other side of the world with all the stupid shit those morons come up with…I pity you guys and gals that live there….

    • Joel… tell me about it. And getting to listen to how “Maryland is different” from VA, WV and PA (all less than 30 minutes from where I live) as justification for may-issue denial always makes the veins stand out in my neck.

      I was amazed when they defunded the requirement, and I am amazed anew that they finally killed the statute underlying it (why, that is almost like admitting they were WRONG TO PASS IT IN THE FIRST PLACE!! ahh, oh, um… sorry. No, I know… they will never admit that. It doesn’t fit “The Narrative”).

      I’ll just take the win. And keep looking for someplace in WV to move to.

      • I was up in Maryland a year or so ago for training. Holy crap, the place looked like east Texas, it is rural as heck. It was nuts, how could this place be so messed up? Then I remembered DC transplants and shook my head.

        • You weren’t in the part of Maryland that controls the vote. The population centers of PG, Howard, and Montgomery counties are all blue as blue gets.

        • Where were you training?

          I grew up in Southern Maryland which is rural, as is western Maryland and the Eastern Shore. If Maryland was limited to these areas there would be few if any gun control laws. Unfortunately the DC suburbs (Montgomery & Prince Georges Counties) and Baltimore City are heavily populated and very, very blue. (And also, with respect to Baltimore City and Prince Georges County, incredibly high crime (gun, or otherwise) rates.)

    • thanks for those links. Another good one is Maryland Shooters, with a lot of good forums and user feedback, particularly on litigation.

    • I guess it means there will be a relatively small amount of spent brass out on the open market rather than being mailed to the Maryland bureaucracy.

      • Knowing MD bureaucracy, they’ll pay an exorbitant fee to have the brass recycled or moved off-premises instead of outright selling it on the open market.

        • I was referring to future test fired cases performed by the manufacturer as a QC check that are then forwarded through the FFL to the state but no doubt the already archived brass will go directly to a scrap dealer.

    • My assumption is that this will help reloaders feel more comfortable about brass the scavenge at the range or the once fired they buy. The purpose of the database was for “crime fighting” by hoping to identify the gun used by the extraction marks. In theory, these marks should be almost as unique as the rifling pattern on projectiles.

      Ergo, if you picked up brass that was fired by some thug or acting with his piece, and we’re later found with that brass, it could’ve spelled trouble. All a hypothetical of course. It’s good the program is gone. Seems like a huge waste of money. It would’ve worked with projectiles, but that’s too intrusive.

  4. So… one state stops its brass database. What does this have to do with reloaders?

    I call click bait.

  5. While it is good they got rid of it, no complaints there, look at the voting record for it.

    An overwhelming majority of Democrats voted for it almost a total landslide, the same individuals who voted for FSA2013. Even some diehard gun controllers voted for it with the most rabid one’s either declining to vote or were not there when the vote happened. They didn’t do this for the sake of the 2nd Amendment. I guarantee you Hogan promised the Dems the money that was originally spent on that asinine program for whatever pet projects they have in mind. Knowing Maryland politics and how corrupt it is there was definitely some back room dealing to get this through a legislature that has a hard-on for gun control.

  6. Was this the program years back which was going to solve all their problems for pocket change? Then after something like 3 years the cost was 20-30 times the estimate and the rewards had been exactly zero, and some libtards gained a hint of common sense and killed it instead of expanding it?


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