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Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) introduced a bill in the U.S. Congress on Tuesday that would require all ammunition purchases to involve an in-person photo ID check, and also create a registry of people who purchase more than 1,000 rounds in five days that will then be forwarded to law enforcement for “follow-up.” The full text of the bill has yet to post online, but Rep. Coleman (who has had two of her sons previously plead guilty to armed robbery) claims that her aim is to reduce mass shootings by limiting the ammunition available in the United States. However, the title of the bill — Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act of 2015 — seems to betray a larger goal for the legislation than simply “reducing gun violence.” From media reports, in her own words . . .

The legislation would require federally licensed ammunition dealers to confirm the identity of online buyers by verifying a picture I.D. in-person after a purchase is made. The bill would also require ammunition sellers to report sales of more than 1,000 rounds across five consecutive days to the attorney general if the individual is not a dealer, she said.

“This is a common sense safeguard that would give law enforcement the tools to identify suspicious activity and hopefully prevent a mass shooting,” she said, referencing the 2012 movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colo. that killed 12 people and injured dozens more. “(James) Holmes changed that town forever with an immense stockpile of ammunition that he purchased online. Without better regulation of ammunition purchases, we risk watching another individual do the same thing.”

Online ammunition sales are a staple of modern gun ownership in the United States, providing cheaper means of obtaining the life blood of the sport and enabling even those in remote areas to keep their firearms well fed. Naturally this availability of ammunition scares the crap out of those in New Jersey, where every attempt has been made to make guns as inaccessible and illegal as possible for the average American citizen. Its an obvious move on the part of gun control activists: if they can’t go after the guns, then they sure as heck will try to choke off the supply of ammo and kill the gun culture that way.

According to the co-sponsor of the bill, “ammunition stockpiles” of 6,000 rounds or more “boggle the mind.”

“This guy Holmes in Aurora, Colo. had 6,000 rounds of ammunition,” Pallone (D-6th) said. “Just thinking about that, it boggles the mind. How in the world can there be opposition to this kind of initiative?”

Apparently Rep. Pallone has no concept of the throughput of the average American shooter. I’ve got 6,000 rounds of .22lr in my closet collecting dust, and that isn’t even starting to break open the cases of 5.56 NATO or 9mm ammo. Shooting with any kind of regularity, you burn through thousands of rounds on a regular basis. But the good congresspeople from New Jersey have no practical knowledge of firearms, nor what constitutes a “normal” amount of ammunition. I would be flabbergasted if they’ve ever held a firearm, much less spent some time on the range. Instead, they choose to legislate from a position of ignorance and fear instead of studying the problem and trying to find a logical and potent solution.

Or, alternatively, they could be striking exactly where they want. If their goal is to end mass shootings, then this is another futile attempt that will do more to harm American gun owners than actually impact violent crime. But if their true goal is to try and kill the American gun culture, then choking off the ammo supply is the perfect next move.

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  1. Always amusing to find out the number of round that people consider stockpiles, mind boggling, hoards, etc.

    • It tells me these people have no clue what happens at a shooting range.

      I think they think – if they ever think about it at all – iit goes something like this:

      1. Once a year, go to the range
      2. fire one shot
      3 “Yay!” Or “Awww…” depending on where the bullet hits
      4. pack up and go home.

      And for some gun owners, that may be the case. Every gun owner I know, however, every single one, always wishes he / she had more time and money to go to the range.

    • I never really tracked it before, but I went to a range while I was out of state and rental a couple guns. Slow firing for groups, 5 shots, concentrating on the break, reloading the 1 mag I went through 200 rounds in under an hour. Not even any drills, just comparing triggers on guns I never tried before.

    • This is because, to their minds, you only “need” enough ammo to load the firearm once, and with no more than ten rounds. Anything beyond that and you’re “stockpiling”.

    • What passes for “logic” from progressives:

      Civilians aren’t as well trained as police so let’s make sure they can’t ever practice by imposing a (enter arbitrary number) round per (enter arbitrary time period) limit on ammunition. It’s just common sense to limit firearms ownership by any means possible!

      • Yep, apparently somehow preventing us from developing and maintaining proficiency with our firearms will make us safer…

    • 200 rounds a week, a reasonable amount of practice, adds up to 10,400 rounds in a year, and some competitive shooters go through that much in a month.

      Meanwhile I have yet to hear of a mass shooting where more than 200 rounds were fired. (and in that case they were given many, many minutes without police response to do so)
      So what if Lanza had 1500 rounds ‘stockpiled’? he can’t carry that much, he can’t use that much, how does it make one shred of difference?

      These people have exactly no sense.

      • It doesn’t matter how many or what criminals use. Our rights are not determined by what a pathetic congresswoman’s constituents use to commit their crimes. Her sons included.

    • These people are fucking idiots, passing these laws. They sit in their secure offices, guarded by the Capitol Police…how many thousands of rounds do you think the Cap PoPo have?

      I am a physician in AZ. I own three AR15s and two shotguns. Every month, I routinely buy 500 rounds of AR15 ammo and 250 rounds of shotgun ammo. Currently up to about 5000 rounds AR15 and 2500 12 gauge. I have absolutely no intention of going on a shooting spree. I am stocking up due to legislation like this, that will make it hard for good, hard-working, law-abiding citizens to obtain the ammo we need to protect ourselves.

      Fuck you Congress. Come and Take It .

        • I totally missed that actually, sorry. In the House it shouldn’t stand a chance, but you never know…this Congress has rolled over and played dead a few times already.

        • Can we get a bill introduced that limits freshman statists from proposing anything of consequence? Maybe limit them to renaming parks or ships or something.

        • Also, they should be legally required to clean up the hall after any votes. Get something out of them.

        • You put alot of faith in Boehner and Mitch, huh? I wouldn’t be surprised if he let it go to a vote.

      • House bill, not NJ. Here in NJ you have to present your FID card to an FFL to buy ammo. He/She then records your #, name, amount purchased & caliber in a bound book subject to NJSP inspection. That and price is why I buy online.

    • A similar bill was rammed thru in NY. SAFE act.
      We can no longer buy ammo over the internet.
      This is how gun control is changing tack. Ammo will be limited or banned completely. Next they will say that the 2A says nothing about ammunition.

      • “.. keep AND BEAR arms …” (emphasis mine.)

        It can be reasonably argued that ammunition is a necessary component in “bearing arms,” and that restrictions on purchasing ammunition are as much a violation of Amendment II as are controls on the purchase or ownership of firearms in the first place.

        However, the problem is that the current batch of supposedly right-leaning pols we have are a load of /castratos/, for the most part, and aren’t holding up their end of the deal. Out of the 537 “elected officials” we have that are SUPPOSED to be serving us in Washington, easily 500 of them could be fired out of hand and replaced with, say, trained monkeys.

        And we’d save an awful lot of money, AND get bills that made more sense! (And get about the same amount of actual work done, too.)

    • NJ is a state where you get a mandatory 1 year prison sentence if you are caught with a single hollow point bullet of any caliber. You have to get a license to buy ammo there so yes I believe it stands an excellent chance of passing

  2. This needs to be shot down. And I see a way to do it. Slippery slope argument a la sopa/pipa. If Congress wants to force ID protocols on ammo purchases, what is to stop them from requiring ID for any other form of interstate Commerce? Now all of a sudden you cannot buy shaving cream online without prescription and providing proof of needing to shave because some punk filled your car after buying it in bulk?

    • Nah, this is nothing but a fundraiser bill- something she can talk about when she sends out the “write checks to make a difference” mailers.

      In reality, a gun-control bill in Republican-majority house, when there’s also a Republican-majority Senate? That has about as much chance of becoming law as I have of flying to the moon by flapping my arms really hard.

      • rosignol said:
        “Nah, this is nothing but a fundraiser bill- something she can talk about when she sends out the “write checks to make a difference” mailers.

        In reality, a gun-control bill in Republican-majority house, when there’s also a Republican-majority Senate? That has about as much chance of becoming law as I have of flying to the moon by flapping my arms really hard.”

        Remember this is NJ where some of the worst anti-gun laws are already on the books. And I can personally attest that the NJ State Police are arrogant defilers of the Constitution, conducting warrantless searches and illegally detaining and questioning innocent motorists parking peacefully and legally in the NJ Turnpike’s rest stops. They treat everyone as a suspect without any provocation other than being present or possessing out of state license tags.

  3. How did I know that somehow, someway Aurora would be mentioned. I need to have some coffee before I read any more politician derp. I am curious as to a tally of the ammo counts used in mass shootings, cause I am sure as sh1t it is not over 1000, maybe not even over 100 rounds used.

    “they could be striking exactly where they want”

    Spot on, they are WELL aware of what is going on, too bad the majority of the population is busy watching dancing with the stars.

  4. Cool!..not only has she failed as a responsible parent, she also gets the blessings of NJ voters to enhance her incompetency.

  5. Everybody panic now. /sarc

    I have said this before if you were serious about controlling ammunition sales you would ban in person sales and restrict purchases to the internet. There is no such thing as an anonymous sale on the web.

  6. Finally, I can already imagine hoardes of mass-shooters staying at home, because starting a rampage with 30 magazines of .223 is just not worth the effort. Might as well stay as home.

  7. That traitor has a serious umpa lumpa head.
    Side note- my wife has 100 pairs of shoes… That just boggles the mind… Online shoe sales registry?

  8. The number of rounds stockpiled being an issue for mass shootings is bogus. The bad guy might have had 6000 rounds but he didn’t have it ON him during his rampage. Even if I wanted that many rounds I couldn’t afford to buy them all at once. So once again we have an idea of a new law that will do little stop, well, anything.

    • You’d be hard pressed as hell to carry 6k rounds too. that’d be near as damn 200 lbs of ammo (assuming 5.56).

  9. Add a rider to the bill that any politician who takes more than 1000 dollars in five days gets investigated.

  10. As usual, of course, this law wouldn’t even have prevented the shootings that have already happened, much less any future ones. Sure, the Aurora shooter had 6000 (gasp!) rounds. At his house. He fired less than 80 in the shooting, so had a law like this been in place, he simply could have gone down to the local Wal-Mart and bought a couple boxes of ammo, and continued unimpeded. Stupidity.

    I find it amusing these idiots first claim that people shouldn’t hae guns because they don’t have “proper training”, but then they want to limit how much ammunition you can buy. How are you going to practice if you don’t have ammo to shoot? How do they think training works?

  11. If it does pass, Krisp Krispy will veto it. He won’t want to, but he is trying to run (not physically) for president so he’ll have to try to look good.

    • This would be federal law, not state. Ah, beat me to it.

      So it would apply nation wide…. Let that sink in.

      Of course dozens of these non starter bills are filed every session. I’ll be president of the moon before something like this would even appear in committee.

      • Yeah and she raise thugs. She went into politics to rob people and her boys went the more direct route to steal from people.

        BTW does anyone knoew the where a bouts of her sons Father?

  12. I didn’t really have to read past ‘NJ Democrat’ but it still amazes me that someone like this could hold political office in this country.

    I am easily amazed I guess.

    • @brentondadams: I take it you don’t live in New Jersey. With the exception of Ocean County (which remains, AFAIK, the last stronghold of anything resembling Republicanism in the state,) NJ is one of the bluest of the blue states. I don’t know the congresscritter that sponsored the bill, but I’m very familiar with Frank Pallone. He is the poster child for term limits.

      • ha ha no.. I live somewhere, uh, better. California… 😉

        I went to basic training in Cape May. I’m a western sort of guy, I like this side of the rockies better.

    • If you’re amazed by Representative Coleman (D-NJ), check out budding geographer
      & Congressional Representative, Hank Johnson (D-GA)

  13. ” But if their true goal is to try and kill the American gun culture, then choking off the ammo supply is the perfect next move.” Well of course that is the goal!

  14. “…and also create a registry of people who purchase more than 1,000 rounds in five days that will then be forwarded to law enforcement for “follow-up.””

    It’s almost as if those 900rd boxes on m855 and m193 on stripper clips were made on purpose, just buy 1 every 6 days.

    The scary part of this? It actually has a reasonable chance because watch how quickly local gunstores and retail outlets turn on us and jump at the chance for market monopoly. We are our own worst enemy.

    • Tell you what. I will bet you 1000 rounds of the ammo your choice or my choice that the bill goes absolutely nowhere.

      • this bill is full of money making opportunities for any less than moral local gun shop owners. I sincerely hope you are right, but there are too many examples of the freedoms of Americans being sold down the river and coincidentally a new revenue opportunity opening up from the increased regulation.

        Why won’t the NFA be repealed? Because the government isn’t going to give up the $200 tax, and the dealers won’t give up any processig fee they earn for doing the paperwork.

        Why won’t Texas get constitutional carry? Because the state gets hundreds of dollars in licensing fees and the instructors collect north of $50 per head for the mandated class/range work.

        Why does Red’s indoor range force you to only use their ammo with their range guns? They say it is so you don’t mess up the gun with hand loads but seriously who goes through the time and trouble of handloading to shoot rental guns, and if they actually cared why are all the guns there completely beat to hell and never cleaned unless the malfunction? Oh right, because they charge $25 for a box of crappy 115gr 9mm range ammo, that’s why.

        To think this won’t have traction with the less scrupulous dealers, hasn’t been paying attention. Just because they aren’t stupid enough to publicly admit it like that dealer in Houston doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

        • Don’t forget the amount of prohibitions on foreign guns and ammo. Not a peep from the domestic companies whenever something is banned from import unless from the importer himself.

          Domestic manufacturers would LOVE to get everything foreign banned so we can rely solely on them for your gun needs then for them to charge whatever they wish because where else are you going to go unless you start doing-it-yourself.

          Of course as you mentioned they won’t come out and mention it publicly since that would be suicide on their part but what company does not like LESS competition to deal with especially the big guys. Remember cheap 7.62×39 was banned because of a domestic manufacturer who said in his own words that he lost no sleep at night when it happened *cough* Olympic Arms *cough*.

        • I think you are vastly overestimating the amount of power and political pull that local gun shop owners have over Congress…

        • Except the executive branch has the authority to put restrictions on imports. I don’t like that be it for cars, guns or any other product but it is lawful for them to do so.

  15. Let’s see…1000 divided by five-carry the one….um….better just camp a trooper at my house for “follow-ups”.

  16. … Because it takes over 1000 rounds of ammunition to commit a mass murder. And he who shall not be named, (and according to many didn’t actually do anything,) couldn’t have possibly killed 26 people in a school shooting with a single 50 count box of ammunition…

    • Even if it did take a 1000 rounds, how in the hell would showing an ID, being entered in a data-base, and followed-up with by the police, stop a mass murder, exactly? What stops a future mass-murderer from just buying 500 rounds a week? This has nothing to do with preventing mass murders – its statist control of the law abiding, pure and simple.

  17. If the wording of this bill truly says “federally licensed ammunition dealers” like this article says, that’s a pretty poor piece of drafting. You do not need an FFL to sell ammo, so all this will mean is online ammo dealers that also have FFLs for other reasons will set up new corporations without FFLs to sell ammunition. The person that drafted this bill is an idiot.

  18. News Flash: Impressionable newbie Congresswoman exploited into sponsoring ammo control bill by her revered mentors from the anti-gun anti Second Amendment coalition of usual suspects and Democrats with fleeting promises of political support and effusive re-election funding.

    “Behind the proposal are several advocacy groups.” That says it all. This basically clueless bimbo regarding firearms and ammo and the pro-gun community, with little to no knowledge of the shooting sports and the normal associated activities of gun owners including taking advantage of bulk purchase discounts, is trying to ingratiate herself to her fellow liberal political colleagues and supporters at the expense of a substantial American minority consisting of honest, gun owning law abiding citizens.

    An actual ‘reporter’ motivated to reveal some truth would ‘out’ her by asking some knowledge questions to reveal her true understanding about the activity she is trying to contravene. S/he would ask Watson Coleman basic awareness and qualifying questions to establish her bona fides for proposing legislation that would affect millions of her upstanding fellow citizens nationwide. My money says Watson Coleman would be clueless, or stumble around with obliviously coached and evasive responses, or simply decline to answer.

    Watson Coleman is clearly of the uninformed progressive sheeple unicorn crowd looking for the yellow brick road to planet Utopia. Meanwhile her sponsors are teaching her the ins-n’-outs of legislating intrusive, ineffective feel good laws at good citizens expense with absolutely NO subject matter knowledge, just political do-gooderism and the ‘appearance’ of productive achievement for name recognition.

    The actual payoff in ‘crime prevention’ or ‘gun safety’ or preventing a “mass shooting” such as the Holmes case she refers to?

    Wait for it…….none!

  19. 1,000 rounds in five days won’t stop a damn thing.

    Can anyone point to a single mass shooter that carried more than a 1,000 rounds and planned their attack in less than five days?

  20. Please think of all the dogs that will die during the police follow up.
    Please vote no ….for the puppies

  21. This is the same trope that anti gun people and organizations have been playing for years. The simple facts are that this legislation is intended to burden lawful commerce in ammunition with the desired goal of creating obstacles to lawful gun owners.

    Already know that criminals, though hindered will turn legally created scarcity into opportunity. At the same time is meant as a disincentive to legal gun transactions, it will encourage illegal transactions by creating scarcity and profit potential for criminals.

    Again it will make one more registry of those that obey the law, with the constant threat of those registries embody.

    Shame on Coleman, no question in my mind that she could be just ignorant, still doesn’t excuse her from getting to the root cause of the problem.

  22. I’m all for stopping online sales of shoes. One look at my wife’s collection sitting in our closet, and the word “stockpile” pulses across my forehead. It’s mind-boggling: if she wears a different pair every day for a month straight, is she a shoe nut? Should I report her for potential foot abuse and have the cops drop in to confiscate her shoes?

    From her cold, dead feet, apparently.


    Thanks Jersey, you suck [again, still] yes all of you. We can’t waste our time singling out the good guys.

    You are all personally responsible for U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman.

    Like I always say, If you are from a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, or a rino, the problem is part of you, you are permanently damaged, and your mother owes us an abortion.

    • NJ is such a pissant small state, too, HOW DARE YOU, YOU LITTLE TURDS! Try getting out more, your crappy little enclaves are festering.

    • no, that was Sheila Jackson Lee. Wish I could say that she was just the “other” stupid (D) but they are all stupid.

      If you are from a blue state, you may be part of the problem (except NJ it’s now all of you, CA, you are also the epitome). If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, or a rino, the problem is part-of-you, you are permanently damaged, and your mother owes us an abortion.

    • During a 1997 visit to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, Jackson Lee, who was then serving on the House Science Committee and on the Subcommittee that oversees U.S. space policy, asked a guide whether the Mars Pathfinder would be able to show an image of “the flag the astronauts planted there before.” When it was subsequently pointed out that the flag to which she was referring was in fact the one that Neil Armstrong had planted on the Moon—not Mars—in 1969, Jackson Lee complained that she was being mocked by bigots. “You thought you could have fun with a black woman member of the Science Committee,” her then-chief-of-staff wrote angrily in a letter to the editor.

      …what a marooooooon!

  24. NJ and (D) is attempting to disarm you for the next Civil War, and war with China, they say that’s not their goal, but what would they say if it was.

    stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid

  25. So any bulk purchase of ammo would get you on the “potential mass murderer” list. Even two 550 round bricks of .22LR or a single can of 5.45x39mm. A lot of us would prefer to only buy 1000 rounds at a time so as not to have police “following up” with us as suspect, and thus we’d end up spending a lot more money on ammo by having to buy a little bit at a time. Screw these awful people and their tyrannical impulses!

    • Regardless of notification, these actions give police no probable cause to “follow up” a damn thing. They would ignore the notifications. Woman is a fool.

    • I just got lucky and bought a bucket of 1400 rounds of cheap .22 for plinking with friends. That’s enough for one good afternoon at the range. When do the cops show up and check to see if I am moral enough to go plinking?

    • Man, I wish. If we could just enforce a moratorium on the words “common sense”, the antis would be tongue-tied.

    • Never has a phrase been more misunderstood and overused by those incapable of practicing it since the phrase “social justice.”

  26. If I show her my ammo shelf will she freak out? I mean, I’m just at barely 5k so I guess that doesn’t boggle the mind

    • I take “boggle the mind” as more of a commentary on the limited capacity of their minds rather than an excessive amount of ammunition.

    • I was hoping “boggle the mind” was a euphemism for str_ngubation. That stuff’ll kill ya, it even killed Kung Fu’s grasshopper.

    • That’s what I thought too. But then I saw how she applied it – and realized that what brains she has must not be utilized at the same rate of others.

  27. So New York passed this same kind of BS as part of the SAFE Act in order to reduce “stockpiling.” There was supposed to be an ammo background check, but even with millions spent and 2.5 years wasted, they’re still no closer to having it up and running.

    Buying online is more than about saving money. It’s about having access to more ammo choices. Often the ammo you want is unavailable at your local gunshop, like certain kinds of match grade .223 I shoot as well as pretty much all .22lr. So online is more than a cash-saving convenience, it’s a necessity.

    As it stands in NY now, you can still buy online, you just have to have the ammo shipped to and FFL for “transfer” to you. Of course, the FFL charges for the transfer. So you buy more ammo to spread the transfer cost among as many rounds as possible.

    A $20 transfer fee on 200 rounds in ten cents per round. But on 2,000 rounds its one cent per round. So this idiotic bill actually incentivizes people to buy in bulk and, yes, stockpile. Which is why my own personal stash went from around 1,500 rounds pre SAFE Act to over 10,000 now.

    These people are either evil or stupid. I’m voting for the former as no one could believe this would have any impact on stopping a mass shooter.

    • “Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not.” – Thomas Jefferson wished he’d said it.
      “An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.” – Benjamin Franklin (mostly ATG ‘according to Google’)
      WHO CARES – what is expressed is due its meaning.
      “If when Political objects are unimportant, motives weak, the excitement of forces small, a
      cautious commander tries in all kinds of ways, without great crises and bloody solutions, to
      twist himself skillfully into peace through the characteristic weakness of his enemy in the
      field and in the cabinet, we have no right to find fault with him, if the premise on which he
      acts are well founded and justified by success; still we must require him to remember that
      he only travels on forbidden tracks, where the God of War may surprise him; that he ought
      always to keep his eye on the enemy, in order that he may not have to defend himself with
      a dress rapier if the enemy takes u p a sharp sword”. (Clausewitz, “On War” pg. 137)
      While Clausewitz was obviously addressing the idea of conflict between varying levels of
      participants, the author here wishes the reader to recognize the fact that when the overall idea
      of conflict is reduced to its absolute simplicity, YOU (the reader) are “the commander.” [TERMS, J.M. Thomas R., 21012, pg. 26]

    • No kidding about the ammo choices, especially for uncommon calibers. If I were limited to stores that I could physically visit, there’s no way I’d ever be able to find 7.7mm Arisaka. It’s hard enough as it is.

    • With the exception of Congressman King voting for virtually every Republican is a common sense safeguard.

      • If you ‘live’ in a blue state, you may be part of the problem. If you have a (D) after your name, are a liberal, or a rino, the problem is part-of-you, you are permanently damaged and your mother owes us an abortion.

        Wake the f-up, take the blue pill, you are part of the reason the 2nd Amendment was guaranteed to the rest of us.

  28. After Aurora, I remember arguing with someone that was suggesting we put a 100 round (yes, 100) limit on ammunition sales per month. I pointed out that was 1 – 2 boxes of ammunition in most cases and that the average range trip for me was 100 rounds per week. Of course the conversation devolved into me being a baby killer and such, but angering people like that keeps me warm at night.

  29. So someone has to report more than 1,000 rounds in any five day period.

    OK. Whatever. Unfunded mandate much?

    Who is the information getting reported to? How? How often? How is it tracked? Who has access to the information? Is it a five-day running period? Or every five days meaning I could order 1,000 rounds on day 5 and then the next day, day 1 of the new period, order 1,000 more? How long is the information kept on file? What if I am having a birthday party at the range and I order enough for everyone in attendance (it could happen)?

    And these are only the questions I came up with in the first thirty seconds….. which is way more thought than whats-her-name in the picture put into this idea. All the space available behind that giant forehead apparently not being used for anything than holding up her hats.

  30. California already passed a law like this as to handgun ammunition, signed into law by gun loving republican gubernator Arnie. It was held unconstitutionally vague, a decision that is stuck in the court of appeals somewhere. A subsequent attempt to correct the deficiencies by applying the law to all ammunitions sales was vetoed by Governor Brown. The law would have mandated a photo ID license for purchasing ammo, which of course had to be obtained from the state and required a background check. All sales had to be face to face, which pretty much banned internet sales. At the time of purchase, the dealer was required to record name, address, phone number, etc. and to take a thumb print. Purchases of greater than 500 or 1000 rounds (I don’t remember) were to be reported to the CADOJ. FFLs had to be separately licensed as ammo dealers. How all of this was to be funded was never stated, but no doubt it would have been imposed on ammo purchasers by the licensing fees and the extra tacked on costs imposed by dealers to cover the cost of compliance.

    • Actually, that’s not such a bad idea. Once a year, spend a week in Vegas (or equivalent vacation spot outside CA), have 10-20,000 rounds of ammo delivered while there, then return home with CA forfeiting all revenue from the sale. If you have a pickup, check with your friends, maybe total 100,000 rounds, help pay for your vacation. These people are idiots.

  31. I used to have a stockpile, but my kids came to visit and I lost it all in a fire. Or actually, many many small fires.

  32. This lady completely fails as a parent, in a capacity of telling her sons what to do.

    So she runs for office so she can fail at telling more people what to do.

    If you can’t even raise sons that aren’t violent felons, maybe your techniques are lacking.

  33. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12) introduced a bill in the U.S. Congress on Tuesday that would require all ammunition purchases to involve an in-person photo ID check, and also create a registry of people who purchase more than 1,000 rounds in five days that will then be forwarded to law enforcement for “follow-up.”

    Ridiculous law.

    …would require all ammunition purchases to involve an in-person photo ID check…

    Last time I checked the stores, I didn’t find any ammo for things like… 7.5×55 swiss, 6.5×52 carcano, 22LR – yep, 7.65×53 Argentine, 303 British, 6.5×55 swedish … and the list goes on and on indefinitely.

    These above are typically purchased… wait for it… online! Because local shops don’t sell enough of it to justify the stock. This moronic law is going to hurt milsurp antique rifle owners.

    …and also create a registry of people who purchase more than 1,000 rounds in five days that will then be forwarded to law enforcement for “follow-up.”

    When has a mass shooter ever… ever used 1000 rounds in a shooting? Adam Lanza shot 154 rounds in 5 minutes. So – her law does what? Nothing! Except harass hobbyist’s that stock pile ammo for their next range session, or for a future sale after a democrat mentions gun control, or for whatever purpose pleases them.

    Lets harass gun owners who own a bunch of ammo (that is what this law is about). Does nothing to prevent or stop mass shootings or crime in general. It’s an anti-gun owner law – and they want a registry of these people too, so they can harass them? until they leave New Jersey. They don’t want any votes except democratic votes in New Jersey.

  34. I am preparing to compete and I am a firearms instructor. My wife and I shoot between 500 and 1000 rounds a week, and several weekends a year, we shoot as much as 2000 rounds. At this very moment, I have about 10,000 rounds sitting in my gun room, and because I shoot a lot, I am ready double that. I am certain I must be on some enemies list kept at the Democrat Party headquarters….and you know what, I am proud to be on that list. I hope my name is in bold so these people can see it without putting their reading glasses on.

    • There’s that story about John Hancock putting his name large and front and center on the Declaration as a show of defiance to the King. I heard that as a kid, but only as an adult do I fully understand the meanings behind it. To be scorned, suspected, and despised by tyrants and their statist slaves is a badge of honor.

  35. Idiotic and shows just how brain dead some people are about matters like this. If you purchase 500 rounds at a time and wait sufficiently before your next 500 round purchase, no problem. Come on, this will NOT stop anything at all and is a total waste of government money and our legislator’s time. Recall this woman as she has too low of an I.Q. to be a legislator.

    • Ah, but this is not about stopping crime. This is about stopping opposition. It will also get worse over time. The Democrat party will start with 1000 rounds in a 5-day period, and then the next bill will change the 5-day period to a 5-month period, then a 5-year period, and so on.

  36. So let me see if I got this right. Photo ID required to purchase firearm, photo ID required to purchase ammo, some states require additional ID to even touch a firearm.

    Requiring ID to vote is placing a burden on someone exercising a right.


  37. I love it! How about looking inside and figure out what you did wrong to raise to freaking criminals! How dare you try to parent me when you’re a failure as a parent!

    ::::TOP SECRET::::
    When FFL’s send the required multiple gun purchase letter to the local police department guess what they do? This is going to blow your mind! They open the letter and if it’s a multiple gun purchase letter they immediately put it in the paper shredder! WHY? Because it’s against the law to create firearm owner databases. Most states follow the federal law while a few illegally create databases and disregard federal firearm laws. So the only exceptions are states like New York & New Jersey, Illinois, etc that require special state registration and purchase licenses.
    ::::TOP SECRET::::

  38. I called her office to try and get her on the horn but had to settle for asking some hard questions to her admin assistant, who could not respond to my asking about why her boss was trying to fix a problem that didn’t exist, how putting this into law would have changed the outcome of any “mass” shootings and why she was using touchy-feely emotional reactions to make laws instead of logic & scientific analysis driving the legislative process, which results only in the infringement of law-abiding citizens’ rights while accomplishing nothing to increase safety or statistics on the subject. I also asked her how the 1,000-round number was determined to be most effective, what crime would be reported the purchasers would have violated in order to have their local LE pay them a visit and how she can justify violating not only our collective 2A rights but also our right to privacy, etc.

    I closed with saying that this legislation isn’t even trying to hide the outrageous title to stop all online ammunition sales rather than to regulate by monitoring and reporting purchases of over 1,000 rounds.

    Of course, the peon could not respond by at one point did say that the legislator could respond, but even though I grew up in NJ, her actions warranted the attention of all gun owners in America and in the age of the Internets, her work was being shared across the country and that she should expect similar reactions from citizens who have an opinion about her work. In the process, I did bring up her direct experience with criminals (in a family way) and that she should be aware of what does and doesn’t work in terms of legislation (which failed to keep her felonious sons from doing harm to others).

    I asked her to have the legislator respond to me via e-mail and/or cell phone, so I’ll let you know if I hear anything. I doubt anyone who has put forward such an ill-conceived bill would respect anyone from out of state, even someone who grew up there – and certainly not one who has a differing opinion, which is a shame because regular people who can communicate intelligently about important issues without screaming can be the most enlightening discussions for a politician who seems completely out of touch with regular folks.

    • what are you, some kind of domestic terrorist? (j/k).
      you will probably be getting a visit from SS or FBI in a week or two, asking why you questioned your betters…

  39. The “1,000 rounds purchased in five days notifies law enforcement for follow-up” portion is self-defeating. I have no idea how many people purchase more than 1,000 rounds at a time, but I’m sure it is far more than most agencies could ever hope to follow-up on. Such a law would quickly become unenforceable.

    • With just a tiny bit of coordination, it could easily become unenforceable in the first 15 minutes it was in effect. Just about any time, I could order 1,000 rounds of something, all I need to do is cue up the order and push the button at the appointed time. Multiply that by a million and the whole concept goes up in the smoke from the burning computer in her office.

  40. I spent some time with the infantry in the Republic of South Vietnam. My normal load was 15 magazines and 3 or 4 boxes in my pack. We spent more time than I care to remember fighting for our lives. I never went through all of that ammo. Rep. Coleman is an idiot. Hopefully she has stopped breeding because we don’t need more criminals roaming the streets.

  41. This makes perfect sense. She is understandably concerned that, given enough ammunition, people may start shooting armed robbers, endangering her entire family.

  42. If you think a 1,000 rounds is a stockpile you’ve never been to the range with my family and friends. A thousand rounds goes quickly. Especially with women! Yes I said with women. Somehow I always become the magazine loading robot! Hey I’m not complaining….the more my wife shoots the more aggressive she is later on….Be a gentleman and take care of your women, though teach them to defend themselves, show them they can be just as accurate as men with firearms, show them they are strong, show them all of these things and watch their confidence grow. 1000% Guaranteed!

  43. Normally I don’t like when shots are taken at a politician’s family. But it certainly is relevant here that she’s utterly failed to raise her children to be productive members of society and now wants to render us helpless against her brood.

  44. I have no doubt nitwits like NJ legislators like this will try again in leftist legislatures- NY, CA, WA. If only to get more attention, that the Reliable State Organs can spin along with the last ditch effort we are seeing among progtards and POTUS and his fellow travelers, for some kind of gun control, any thing- if only as a legacy.

    Its really about power, in the end, of the state over the individual. You can laugh at it, but if you dont resist it in your own state, or in federal laws, it will continue to be put forth by the left.

  45. I doubt the sponsors of this bill really think it can prevent mass shootings–but the logic behind that claim doesn’t work for me at all. If I plan to perpetrate a mass shooting ammo so I can run out ans shoot some folks and I’m going out to buy my I don’t need 1,000rds. If I plan to use my firearm for any of the “sporting and recreational purposes” we are told constitute acceptable use, then you need 1,000rounds of ammo.

  46. This is just more proof that a liberal is someone whose “mind” (such as it is) is so “open” that what few brain cells they might once have has have all leaked out!

  47. … Rep. Coleman (who has had two of her sons previously plead guilty to armed robbery) …

    You gotta be effing kidding me.

    No, of course you’re not.

  48. I have a lot of ammunition because it’s cheaper to buy in bulk when on sale. Don’t these people shop at Costco? Someone must have promised her some 501(c) money for the next campaign. I wonder who it could be?

  49. Wait.

    I thought having to produce an ID was racist?

    Well, that poo-poos this bill, it would disenfranchise the poor.

    (Yeah, we’ll hear that argument.)

  50. Wow, you would think this Coleman wierdo would be a little more concerned about the lousy job she did raising her sons, and a little less concerned with infringing on our Constitutional Rights!

  51. “How in the world can there be opposition to this kind of initiative?”

    Because many Americans still understand the concept of a free nation, you subhuman, fascist piece of shit.

  52. From 2002 – “Ms. Watson Coleman, who had aggressively campaigned on Mr. McGreevey’s behalf, had her named tossed about for various high-level positions, including secretary of state. By February, she was selected to head the New Jersey Democratic State Committee. ”

    That says everything you need to know about her. McGreevey was one of the most corrupt Governors NJ had had in a long time

  53. And just what else could one expect from a woman who thinks that being a good mother is raising two convicted felons? She probably knows full well that this just makes felonies safer and easier to commit for her felonious offspring. She raised them, after all. Chips off of the whiney old marshmallow.

  54. This woman should be required to have multiple random safety checks done at her home and office every month to make sure she isn’t a threat to herself.

  55. A woman who knows nothing about firearms, wants to infringe on and attack the rights of those who do, to make herself look good to ignorant constituents.

    This woman should have been more attentive to her sons upbringing, so they would not have turned out to be bank robbing felons. She should be introducing acts to deal with bank robbers, a subject she knows more about than firearms and safety.

  56. This would basically undo one of the more effective parts of FOPA. Registration of ammunitions sales was instituted by the GCA of 1968. Record keeping for rifle and shotgun ammunition was repealed in December 1969. All record keeping requirements for retail ammunition sales were eliminated with the passage of the FOPA 1986. The record keeping requirement was determined to have served no useful purpose in keeping ammunition out of the hands of ineligible persons or in providing information to investigators dealing with firearms incidents. None of that has changed. FOPA made it possible to mail order ammo.

  57. ok, maybe somebody already made this point, yet there are hundreds of internet sites setlling ammunition; what prevents me from ordering 1000 rounds from 10 different sites, or 20, or 30, or 40? no reporting takes place, and the only thing that will happen is the local fedex/ups driver will get a lot of excercise having to walk these packages up to the door.

  58. 1000 rounds? Hell, back before the .22LRs went up in price (and could actually be *found*), it was nothing to go through a brick of 500 in a day at the range. We didn’t need to “stockpile” because we knew that we could always pick up a couple of bricks on the way to the range at Wal-Mart or K-Mart for $7-8. Looking back, I wish I had bought a few hundred of those bricks at that price. I haven’t shot a .22LR in probably over 6 years. I can reload other calibers for cheaper than it is possible to find .22LRs these days.

    • jake, you might get sick to your stomach when i tell you i had an ‘accidental’ order about a month ago on 22lr. i saw some remington standard and it said 50 per box, so i thought, ok… hit the buy button, ordered 10 boxes thinking 500 rounds…. and i had actually ordered 5000/rounds…… each box was actually a brick …. omg

  59. who is she trying to punish? the innocent? she should be held for charges of treason against the constitution. any Representative charged of this, should be removed from their position, with no replacement, for the citizen of that district aren’t fit to vote for a dog catcher. as they voted for her. or they should instantly police their electoral process. being their elected politicians aren’t following the constitution to the word, of the written text. if there needs to be clarification, then i see a convention of states be brought about with guidelines set before it is opened. and the citizens of the states reside the convention.. no prominent members of society. no elected officials are allowed to reside in this convention of states. this would make the process expedient. not one social issue to be brought into the convention. only those rights drawn up by the founding fathers are of concern. as for civil rights, that should be an issue worked out within each state.

  60. TWO of Coleman’s sons went to prison for armed robbery of a Babys R Us in our county. Evidently her boys had no trouble getting guns or ammo. She is a racist and has made a career on that alone. Typical of what we have to deal with here in New Jersey.


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