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Overall, 39% of Americans say they live in gun-owning households, while 45% say no one in their household owns guns. Sixteen percent (16%) are not sure.

The FBI reports that there were nearly 40 million background checks for firearms purchases in 2020, an increase of almost 11 million from 2019. The surge of gun sales has contributed to a widespread shortage of ammunition.

Blacks in gun-owning households (45%) are more likely than whites (35%) or other minorities (32%) to say someone in their household has bought a new gun in the past year.

Whites in gun-owning households (46%) and other minorities (49%) are more likely than blacks (38%) to report they’ve recently had difficulty finding ammunition for their weapons.

— Rasmussen Reports in 35% of Gun Owners Bought More Guns in the Past Year

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  1. Betting there are a lot of illegal guns out there as well…that people are not going to admit to.
    Plus people that won’t admit to owning guns…for whatever reasons.

    • OPSEC

      I limit my conversations about my guns and/or ammo to only the topic currently being discussed. If someone else has a handgun and we’re talking Glocks, I mention only my G17 (one of them, anyway). If they have a G19, I mention only my own G19 (one of them, anyway). If it’s an AR, then only one of my ARs. If it’s ammo, then only then ammo in the caliber in question, etc, etc.

      BTW, in regards to this article, I got another full set of components to build another Polymer80 recently. Haven’t done it yet and don’t know if/when, but I have all the things necessary. Just in the nick of time, too, as most sites were out of stock on P80 frames, and it won’t get any better now that the Commander In Thief President BidenHarris has ordered the AFT (snark) ATF to go after 80% home assemblies.

      • “I limit my conversations about my guns and/or ammo to only the topic currently being discussed.”

        You certainly didn’t here…

    • Hmm. My previous comment is *still* waiting for review before being posted. I haven’t seen that in a very long time. Have no clue as to why. No “buzz” words, same username, IP address, MAC address, etc…weird.

        • “Take the hint.”

          Eventually, you will.

          If you don’t, what happens then will be even more amusing. 😉

          Other people here have said this about you here :

          “Some random guy on the internet hurt your feelings once and you just can’t get past it. You’ve been doing this for well over a year. What is wrong with you? Seriously you have a psychological problem. I hope you find the help you need.”

      • I really don’t think you should worry about your IP and MAC addresses. It could be the words in your comment, the algorithm must not like something.

  2. What I’ve learned from Rasmussen today:
    -whites are minorities
    -blacks are having the easiest time finding ammunition

        • See more black privilege, my food stamps won’t even buy beer and it’s a cereal malt beverage.

      • What’s this Black and White stuff? Is the 2A an all inclusive Constitutional Right or not?

        • Debbie,

          You seem very fixated on race as indicated by relentlessly referring to Jim Crow. If some other poster wants to mention race, why is it that they can’t, but you can?

          It’s also obvious that they are joking and making light of the article – maybe you didn’t read the article?

        • Guth,

          Go FYS. Debbie W. is spot on with her criticism, whether you like it or not.

          Also, she’s a consistent contributor to comment sections like this. And, most often she presents a unique point of view which causes me to think.


        • It is not exclusive, it is a natural or God given basic human right that accrues to all people. The article itself is where it was initially brought up. The article is what broke out the statistics for different races.

          I think possum is closest to the truth; satisfied with 1 box. Most of the black people I know had a fear of guns back in 2019. Certainly not all, but a vast majority. In 2020 many of those reconsidered and became 1st time gun buyers. Some with my assistance and encouragement. Among 1st time gun buyers of all races, there is a different view of ammo and magazines than among gun nuts. New people seem to think 1 box of 50 rounds is just fine and the number of mags that came with the gun is what they should have. Getting them to see why they need more of both is often as hard a battle as getting to get a gun in the first place. Plus many of them will never become gun nuts. Many of them will only ever own the one gun they bought in 2020.

          None of the people of any race that I helped in the past 12 months has gone back to the range without me. None has a joined a range or club. It is not a new hobby to them, it’s just a tool to protect themselves and their families. They treat it like a hammer; Put it somewhere out of the way and take it out when you need it.

        • PS;
          I am reminded of an argument I had with an anti gun coworker sometime before 2017. There was a local news story about a man who bought a revolver and then went and shot his wife. The police found a box containing 44 rounds in the glove compartment of his vehicle. My coworker was apoplectic; “What was he going to do with 44 more bullets? How many people was he planning to kill.” I looked at him like he was a window licker on the short bus and said “He had bought a revolver and 1 box of ammo. Pistol ammunition comes in 50 round boxes and the typical revolver holds 6 rounds. He loaded the revolver and then went and did his dastardly deed. What the police found was just the remaining contents of a standard box after the gun was loaded.” The takeaway was that as a non gun person, and an anti gun person at that, he had no idea how many rounds of ammunition was “a lot”.

        • “What’s this black and white stuff ”
          Salt and pepper, I use it in equal abundance.

      • David,
        I see you went straight to getting nasty. But you fail to answer the question or truly defend Debbie. The question remains: why does one get to talk about something but another cannot? Come on, don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone.

        • David,

          I heard that there are some indefensible statements, such as yours and Debbie’s.

          Is that correct?

  3. Who answers a poll honestly especially if they ask you about your guns? Hell, who answers the cell anymore. If they aren’t in my call list I don’t answer, there is just too much spam from the house flippers to the idiots who dial every number in an exchange set.

    • Depending on my mood I’ll pick up and let the scammers know what I think of them. For instance, the other day I told a nice gentleman (purportedly) from Discover card to stick his head up his ass and take a big whiff. For some reason he hung up. I figure these people should spend most of their day being insulted.

    • spam from the house flippers to the idiots who dial every number in an exchange set.

      And the car repair warranty assholes, at least three calls a day from them…

      • I always go through their spiel, all interested and all, then tell them I’ve got a RollsRoyce and a Bentley.

  4. 16 percent of people don’t know if they have a gun in the house. WTF?

  5. Pretty sure the correct answer to “do you own a gun?” is “What’s your social security number?” F*** off works for both questions when randos ask too.

    • What clueless bas-tards dont’t know who gotta a gat in the last year and lives in their abode?!? Or answers a random pollster(what is this gun you speak of?). Or claims they had no trouble getting “enough”boo-lits?!? Duh…

    • I feel the same way when I’m asked for my phone number at the register when I buy a quart of oil or can of pet food.

      • Smile at the person asking and give them one of the “555” numbers reserved for Hollywood movies…555-0100 through 555-0199. Works for me everytime.

  6. Back to making excuses for an ammo shortage.
    I guess they can make gunms quicker then they can make bullets?

    • Exactly…
      There is no “ammo shortage”…. this is “BIG BULLET” caving to the secret demands of the commies who are currently, right now, as I write this, taking over the upper echelons of government in the USA….

    • Seems like primers are what’s really clogging the line.

      Also, in unrelated news, there’s shortages of computer chips and chicken. Who could have imagined that if we all took months off work to hide from a mild flu bug that it would lead to shortages?

    • *Beep beep*
      Hello, I’m someone you dont know and We’re taking a survey. Do you have any gunms in your house?
      ” I sure do, and I work Monday through Friday. Go to work at 7 get home at 18:30, go to bed at 23:00. Saturday’s I’m usually fishing or at the gunm range, Sundays I’m home most all day. If you happen to drop by when I’m not home the keys under the rock that say ‘ KEYS’ on it.”

      • There is legitimate discussion going on about door to door covid shots.

        My question is…why would I let some random drug dealer inject me?

        I don’t even get the fun of a date with that drug.

      • Pollsters from both sides kept pestering me in the run up to the 2020 election. I just hung up. Didn’t say a word.

        • I bet you were recorded as answering every question with the precise correct answer (the one being paid for).

  7. Didn’t buy a gumn last year or this year, and no ammo either so no one can blame the shortage on me. I won’t be back in the market until availability and price are more reasonable and even then, just to restock what I have burned in practice at the range.

  8. Don’t care what Rassmus or any other poll says. I don’t need them to tell me what the state of the country is. I only need to watch what dotgov is doing or not doing about all the trouble in this country from daily riots in Portland to the weekly body counts in every city and the flood of illegals coming across the border.

  9. “… nearly 40 million background checks for firearms purchases in 2020..”

    I think we can do better than that.

  10. I’d have to go back 18 months since my last gun or ammo buy. In that time the points on my Cabelas Black MasterCard are up to $1002.82.

    Which maybe means that wandering the gun counters in a Cabelas and a Bass Pro would be a timely activity. See what they have that is in a caliber I’ve stockpiled.

    Buying another gun just to have a wall hanger or safe queen just doesn’t feel all that satisfying. Ammo situation being what it is, that limits the guns I’d be will to hand over the credit card on.

    • “In that time the points on my Cabelas Black MasterCard are(is) up to $1002.82.”

      Wow….$1002.82! Exactly how much money did you give to the peddo’s at The Lincoln Project?

    • Don’t need any. Have thousands of rounds for ever caliber I own.

      Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance, and, failing to plan is equivalent to planning to fail…both common Marine Corps sayings.

      • common Marine Corps sayings.

        Funny, you won’t be “defined” as a Marine, yet you declare (and are apparently influenced) by what you learned AS a Marine… OOOHRAHH.. Semper Fi…

        • Actually, my identity is rather torn between two…first, a Marine Infantry Officer…second a Ph.D. Graduate from Baylor College of Medicine in the Texas Medical Center in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, now retired with 30 years of medical research experience.

          For a moment, please, consider how completely different the mental orientation must be to be both simultaneously. I assure you it’s a struggle.

          My wife says I have two personalities. She’s a nurse. So, she prefers the Dr. part.

          But we had some vandalism in the neighborhood in the recent past where the vandals quite literally chose to torch vehicles. I set up night watch.

          Do I need to tell you the rest of the night’s activities, or, can you imagine how I reacted when I caught up with them? With bruises, two of them are still awaiting trial and I’ll gladly testify.

          But, again, it’s a management chore to handle two personalities. There have been insults and slights during my medical training that (I have a very high IQ) that enraged the Marine in me. And, I had to walk away from a fight in which I’d have preferred to engage.

          It simply became complicated. That’s all.

          Semper Fi, fellow Marine.

        • She’s a nurse. So, she prefers the Dr. part.

          Funny, MY wife is an RN (over 30 yrs in cancer oncology) and SHE prefers the fearless Marine side of me… Semper Fi

  11. “Semper Fi”

    Brothers can differ.

    The only problem with that is when one Marine brother due to hurt feelings won’t mount his rifle on the parapet and do his duty.

    Although I’ve seen it, I’ve never had that particular problem. I’m certain you’re the same.

    Again, Semper Fi. The brotherhood is everything!

  12. Yet another race distinguishing article. You’ll never achieve equality this way.

    • Please elaborate.

      These commend sections aren’t exclusively about condemning someone else’s comments or someone else’s thinking, but rather, about the exchange of ideas.

      So, please elaborate on your point. I’m eager to hear your point of view. And, I’ve tagged this exchange such that I can receive automatic notifications of replies.



        • David, last I heard that option does not actually work. Dan? Anyone?

          Works for me, just check the boxes and then every comment is sent rght to my email in-box…

    • Take care, Matt. David doesn’t actually want to exchange ideas. Stray a little into what the good doctor might consider wrong-thibk and he’ll tell you to, how was it David? Go F-Y-S?

  13. Still doing my part. Ran across a beautiful Colt 1903 today, stainless, faux (I think) ivory grips, 3 barrels, one of them threaded with an extension, 3 magazines. Thank goodness this shop has layaway. I could have paid the whole thing today but would rather spread it out a bit. Had to leave an FEG PA63 on the shelf though (sigh). I hope that one is still there in two weeks.

    Anyone seen any .32 ACP for sale?

    • My girlfiend has a PA 63, she likes it, says it fits her hand and doesn’t recoil that bad. Told her I’d trade her the tt33, no luck on that, says it’s to heavy.
      When she bought it was $283 tax included. I’d imagine they’re a bit higher now?

  14. The second the lockdowns were announced, I knew the economy would be in the toilet and Trump was at danger of not being re-elected. While everybody bought toilet paper, I bought more guns. And uppers and lowers. I stayed ahead of the curve.

  15. Matt in Oklahoma said:
    Yet another race distinguishing article. You’ll never achieve equality this way.

    What’s all this about equality? We are all different, and as a result, equality is impossible to achieve.
    You can whine and cry about it all you want, it will never change the facts.

    I don’t worry about it, since I know positively that I’m the best, smartest and most handsome man there is…. :-)… and I also shoot pretty well….

    • Damnit , I thought I was the most handsomous .
      Well like my mom told the horse trader, “Have you seen all the horses in the world.”

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