Waiving the bloody shirt
Cartoon by Joseph Ferdinand Keppler - Scan of cover, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=54658372
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Gun violence is a constant throughline of American life. It can impact any of us, at any time. But newspaper resourcing treats it like a rarity. We will re-prioritize gun violence in our newsrooms, carving out the appropriate time, staffing, education tools, and budget to make comprehensive gun violence coverage a reality. …

Coverage of gun violence in most American media ignores the disproportionate impact on communities of color; it treats shooters and victims differently, depending on their race; it foregrounds the narrative provided by law enforcement. We will put an end to this practice, including more often highlighting the voices of people in the communities most affected, and standardizing the terms and definitions used in our coverage.

— Columbia Journalism Review in Sign on to the CJR gun coverage commitment

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  1. In other words “Let’s see if we can gin up support for more gun control”. We don’t care exactly what the fall out is as long as it keeps the little people under control and takes more of their freedom away. While we’re at it let’s free a few hundred thousand more violent felons.

    • In other words…”We democRat Party pencil neck useful idiots in the media just cannot hide it anymore and may finally say something about the democRat Party stronghold Chicago’s weekend bloodbaths. But when we do it won’t be about any misguided people void of Content of Character and stuck on a democRat Party Plantation it will be all about Gun Control because Gun Control is a Jim Crow democRat Party Family Tradition.”

  2. Parallels what they’ve done regarding global warming climate change. Lie about something long enough and people accept the lies as gospel. The young are particularly susceptible to this form of manipulation.

    • They’re pushing the “you raciss”narrative in the Chiraq media. Just this week there was widespread whining that the po-leece targeted black & hispanic folks disproportionatly. Never mind they commit the vast majority of offenses(and white folks are fleeing da city).

    • I don’t know. What I find interesting is that the chart of causes of death versus the reporting of various causes. Deaths by firearms doesn’t make the list, nor does terrorism, but both together are over half the reporting, giving statistical proof to the “if it bleeds it leads” refrain.

      Also, suicides are 1.8% of deaths, and roughly half of those are by gun shot (0.9%). The rate for murder by firearm is about one-third of the suicides by firearm (0.3%). Nonetheless, we seem to be in the midst of an “epidemic” of gun violence, so says the press.
      I don’t think so, sports fans.

    • That was my thought, sure looks like they want to displace BidenHarris as the gun sales champion of the year!

  3. theyll continue on this journey right up until the point at which they start running into data thats “problematic”
    data that doesnt fit the narrative
    so…like…10 seconds…

    • I don’t know about that. Suppose, just SUPPOSE for a minute, that they actually find and interview a real violent gun?! I surmise it would be front page news worldwide! They’ve been carping on about “gun violence” for years, while people with sense have maintained there was no such thing as a violent gun. What if they captured one and brought it to Congress for questioning!?

      • “What if they captured one and brought it to Congress for questioning!?”

        Rather expect that gun will refuse to answer questions.

      • Won’t make it through Nancy’s metal detector, although his cousin the “plastic ghost gun” might! But then, his escorts would all be stymied by the lie detector that possum wants to have installed. Have to be interviewed on a Zoom call.

  4. Ah, yes. The scrappy band of resistance fighters known as the mainstream media.

  5. and standardizing the terms and definitions used in our coverage.

    Well, what a mockingbirdish idea. Us peons caught on to the “standardizing” and directed terminology a long time ago.

    • “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean- neither more nor less.”

      “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

      “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master-that’s all.”

  6. Each year seems to have its own major topic that’s thrown into our faces by the MSM. Gay marriage, trans rights, COVID/masks, OrangeManBad, BIPOC, racism…

    I do believe racism is now running rampant in this country, but not for the reasons BLM wants their minions to believe. The race hustlers have been stirring up the pot so much now and screaming “but muh people of color”, that whites are beginning to hate the mantra to the point that they are seeing blacks (and mostly blacks) in a generally unfavorable light. It’s wrong and it’s sad, but true, and something we must unfortunately deal with now.

    I never hear of Asians complaining. They work hard.
    I never hear of Middle Easterners (Persians, etc.) complaining. They work hard.
    I seldom ever hear of Latinos complaining. They work *really* hard.

    None of the blacks I’ve ever personally known have complained. But boy!…there sure do seem to be a lot of black “leaders” out there trying to rally the troops and convince blacks en masse that their lives suck and they need to revolt against Whitey. And the sad thing is that there are a lot of young white Marxists and SJWs joining the chorus.

    I wish all of this “racist” nonsense would just go away. We’re all human beings.

    Well, except for Possum…

    • Someone needs to explain to me how it makes sense to *anyone* to foment violent racial revolution against a population which outnumbers you 5 to 1 and controls most of the resources in the country as well. I think that would be “violent racial suicide”, instead.

    • They don’t talk about it but most attacks against asians are done by black criminals.

    • Wasn’t Liberia a country formed by freed African American former slaves? How did that work out?

      Liberia is more known for its constant civil war and a place to cheaply register cargo ships.

  7. This is how 19th century publisher William Randolph Hearst got everyone riled up. This was how he started wars, and had the United States invade and occupy other countries.

    He sold a lot of newspapers in this way. And in the 21st century this is how the modern news media will sell advertising and make their money. Fear sells. Fear generates lots of advertising revenue.

    And it doesn’t matter who was in political office at that time. Fear sold the Korean War. Fear sold the Vietnam War. Fear sold the Gulf War. Fear sold the war on Serbia. Fear sold the war on Syria.

    They say the military-industrial complex likes War. Well the news media likes War as well. They get rich off of it too.

    • Looks like perhaps *my* history courses were lacking. Just which other countries did the US invade and occupy? I don’t seem to recall that.

      • The territories of the Spanish Empire (Puerto Rico, Philippines, Cuba, etc.) conquered in the Spanish-American War.

      • I think the farther we get away from historical events. The less of them are taught in our schools. I have noticed this with my own daughter in our talks. I graduated high school in 1979. Back then history classes had talked about William Randolph Hearst and his Publishing Company. Most historians blame him for the whipping up of hatred against the Spanish. In the late eighteen hundreds. It was the explosion of the battleship USS Maine and the accusation in his newspapers, that the Spanish were responsible.

        There have been many subsequent investigations that have indicated that the explosion aboard the Main was accidental. In fact ships both military and civilian had a tendency to blow up. Because of the type of technology that was available at the time. As well as poor standards for operating and safety protocols.

        The Spanish-American War resulted in the United States having a permanent base on the island of Cuba. As well as a 100-year (+) presence of the US military in the Philippine Islands. Cuba and the Philippines both being Spanish colonies.

        His newspapers were also used to foment hatred against Germany which led to the United States entry into the first World War. And later in the 1920s the US military was dispatched to several countries in Central America. To supposedly defend American interests there. But those interests were in fact sugar in banana companies. Who were exploiting and mistreating the native populations there. The company workers revolted against this type of treatment. And these private companies managed to get the US government to intervene militarily on their behalf. Most of this was done by the Navy and marines.

        While the Army was used in Cuba and the Philippines. Not now but soon to be President Roosevelt and his Rough Riders. In Cuba. It was mostly colored soldiers that where used in the Philippines. And no it is not a racist term to use “colored soldiers”. It is historically accurate. And it’s not a put-down. They served with Roosevelt in cuba as well.

        This history used to be taught in American history classrooms. Nowadays the only times I ever hear people talk about it, are on libertarian podcasts.

        You can graduate from college in the United States and not be required to take an American history class. And it has become the same way at the high school level. Personally I believe this is a purposeful effort to change history in this country. As I said have before on TTAG. We us to have 2A education and rifle teams everywhere in the United States, in our schools.

        But not anymore. And there is an active effort currently to prevent 2A education and rifle teams being brought back into the schools.

  8. Once CJR sees that the facts do not support the narrative, this effort will disappear without even a whimper.

    • I have complete trust in the integrity of American mass media, and I do look forward to their daily reports on who is gun-violencing whom in Democrat-run cities across the nation.

  9. Translation: “Given a choice between balanced, factually accurate reporting or propagandizing our ideology, we pledge wholeheartedly to shitcan the former and prioritize the latter.”

      • While the other half believes and mindlessly repeats whatever some useless pile of plastic surgery and hairspray reads off a teleprompter.

  10. They’ve already changed the definition of a “mass shooting” and now, they’re reporting every little shooting that happens it seems. Chicago should keep them very busy.

  11. Soon as they realize that the minority’s in this country do most of the shootings, (usually on their own people) it will be a “STOP THE PRESSES “ , kind of reaction , change the narrative to its Trumps fault.

  12. The media already does and will continue to distort the “gun violence” narrative. Reporters already know who commits the vast majority of gun crimes, their protected minority group, blacks. Just look at the increase of violence against Asians. What the media doesn’t call out is who is perpetrating the majority of these acts, blacks.

    They’ll find a way to twist their reporting to fit a narrative, namely whitey is the root of all evil in America.

    • And that is exactly what this is — an attempt to get every “responsible” newsroom on board the same propaganda train.

    • Yes, exactly. A certain wealthy, “woke”, ivy-league, elitist, upper-class, pampered, privileged, preppy, Princeton princess I know keeps repeating on Twitter that all the attacks on Asian people by blacks, all the black-on-Asian violence, are really due to “white supremacy.” Yes, that’s what she says, all these blacks are attacking Asians due to white supremacy, so it’s all white people’s fault! So, all these blacks are are white supremacists? I’m shocked to learn that there are so many black white supremacists! How did these blacks become white supremacists? Why is it white people’s fault that blacks are attacking Asians?

      • And I’ll bet she TRULY believes the people of today MUST be punished for what others did decades and centuries in the past.

    • It’s kind of amazing to watch it in action, you can almost watch the human perpetrators fade out of the narrative completely. Listening to them, an outside observer might get the impression that there are fully sentient, autonomous guns stalking these neighborhoods, killing people without human intervention.

  13. Yeah, that’ll be the day! Ignorant wretches are NOT gonna like what that accurate reporting bears out. Like they have any intention of doing that anyway. Lying bastards.

  14. And I would bet $100 that not a single word will be written about how the black unwed mother rate is at 75+%.

    So in other words, ignore the big elephant in the corner of the room.

  15. Talking heads, they dont even care what their reading, they just read.
    Is not the media controlled by our government? FCC kinda makes me think, ” ehh, could be”

    • “Gun violence…or just WHITE gun violence…???”

      Is there any other kind that matters?

      • They conveniently call black and brown mass shootings “gang related”…so they don’t count them as mass shootings…or at least some places don’t…other do (when they want to pad the numbers)…go figure
        imagine a “mass” gathering…of 4 persons…hmmm

  16. I have seen a lot in my years, traveled the globe, and I have yet to meet or know of a violent gun. I have however seen and met many violent people of all backgrounds, ethnic groups and religious beliefs. And let me clarify, violent people that have a moral compass and empathy for others are not the problem. It is those who use unprovoked and senseless violence that are the concern. The moral application of violence is acceptable, as in the defense of self or others.

    So let us see the coverage of these violent people who are the real problem. Finding them will be easy since about 68% of homicide’s happen in just 5% of the US Counties and even then those Counties find the concentration in a small part of the County. Getting the mainstream medias researchers there should be an easy task. Now getting them to dig and investigate the motivation of the violence is another story.

  17. There’s lots to write about how entrenched Democrat administrations lead to high minority death and poverty rates, and that the perpetrators are also disproportionately from communities of color. Whether they’ll have the guts to follow through is to be seen.

  18. “……standardizing the terms and definitions used in our coverage.” Here’s a term to standardize for your MSM….DEFECTIVE CITIZEN VIOLENCE!!!! It’s the Defective Citizen Violence, not Gun Violence, Dummies!!!!

  19. As per a famous writer of the past wrote, which perfectly describes today’s media discourse:

    “The time has come
    The walrus said,
    To speak of many things.
    Of cheese and ships and sealing wax,
    Of cabbages and kings,
    And why the sea is boiling hot,
    And whether pigs have wings.”

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