9/11 Memorial 9-11
Courtesy 911memorial.org and Kevin Hagen

Frenzied pounding on the front door woke me; pounding, blended with shouts to turn on the television. It wasn’t even seven in the morning yet in Washington State, and I was alone because my young SAR dog was spending a night being neutered at the emergency veterinary clinic where I worked.

Head muzzy with not enough sleep, I answered the door only to have my visitor push into my living room and flip on the television himself.

The Twin Towers went down.

When it was over, 2,977 innocent lives had been brutally, evilly extinguished.

September 11, 2001.

You remember where you were. Where your loved ones were. We all do. It’s been 17 years, and for some the memories have yet to gain the soft-edged haze typical of most decade-plus-old recollections.

In 1941, FDR referred to Pearl Harbor as “a date which will live in infamy.” Sixty years later, President George W. Bush stood atop the rubble in New York and proclaimed, in response to an onlooker’s yell that he could not hear the president, “I can hear you! The rest of the world hears you! And the people – the people who knocked these buildings down will hear all of us soon!”

President George Bush on Rubble Pile 9/11
courtesy dailymail.co.uk and Reuters

Say what you will about George W. Bush, but at only eight months into his presidency, he took the defiant stance necessary to respond to what happened on that day.

Too few Americans have held onto the righteous anger and fury of 9/11. As the years have passed, parents have failed to educate their children – the public school system certainly won’t participate – and we have become a nation concerned not with defending our homeland against all comers, but one wringing its softened hands in fear of offending the very group that attempted to take us down 17 years ago.

The group that danced in the streets, laughed in convenience stores, and crowed with delight at our massacred brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, friends, and fellow countrymen. Delight displayed on our own nation’s streets, nonetheless; delight quite literally rubbed in the faces of Americans in shock and mourning within minutes of the attacks. And yet we don’t dare draw cartoons, make speeches – or even offhand remarks – let alone social media posts, or, God forbid, pen articles that might somehow offend Islam.

On September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush firmly stated “None of us will ever forget this day.” Seventeen years later, we are a nation of amnesiacs.

We have forgotten, and we should be ashamed.

You only have to sweep through your newsfeed on Facebook to find examples of supposedly offensive behavior. It isn’t limited only to Americans, either. We have the dead of incidents like Charlie Hebdo, the Bataclan, Nice, Ft. Hood and other smaller attacks for proof of terrorism based on behaviors deemed Islam-offensive.

With terrorists wanting only to murder people in countries all around the globe – all in the name of Islam – you’d think there’d be more outrage. Molten rage. White-hot fury. Instead, we cower. We cower, and we toe the line.

There is something wrong with a nation that’s willing to bury its head in the sand, literally bending over and taking it from those who have murdered its citizens. Murdered, that is, not in ones and twos or even dozens or hundreds, but by the thousands. All in the name of Islam, at the end of guns, the press of a suicide bomber’s trigger, and the bloody, rusty tip of many beheading blades.

A piece of the blame for this willful amnesia goes to the media. Today’s culture is ludicrously dependent on the mainstream media for its information, soaking in whatever is doled out with disturbing complacency. In the wake of 9/11, the media quickly began censoring the images deemed disturbing, using the type of logic being utilized with rising frequency; see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Evil hadn’t just knocked at America’s door, it had kicked it in with one swift blow. Even so, the media became the heavy blindfold many citizens sought out. “It’s okay,” the media machine croons, “it was all a bad dream. There are no monsters in the closet, no terrorists under the bed.” And the nation tuned in at 6 for the 9/11 lite version of what was and is a truly bloody reality.

One image in particular quickly disappeared, an image that should rightly be permanently imprinted on the minds of Americans as a symbol of the cold realities of 9-11. It is a photograph titled simply “The Falling Man”, taken by AP photographer Richard Drew, and although its title accurately describes its content, it fails to encompass the whole of its importance. It was taken at 9:41:15 AM, and in it, the North Tower fills the background – the North Tower, by then filled with the smoke and flames created by American Airlines Flight 11 crashing into it at roughly 440 mph at 8:46 AM.

Searing heat boiled from the tower at temperatures as high as 1800 degrees Fahrenheit, and inside, Americans were trapped, flesh bubbling, hair singeing.

Small wonder some jumped from the tower rather than endure the horrific agony inside. Small wonder some chose to take matters into their own hands in one final display of control.

The man falling headfirst in Drew’s photograph is believed to be 43-year-old Jonathan Briley, an employee in a restaurant on the 106th floor of the North Tower. In the famous image, which is one of twelve shots taken, his back is straight and one leg is bent in an almost casual manner. He is falling to his death, and he is only one of two hundred to perish in that manner on that day.

9/11 Falling Man
courtesy esquire.com, Richard Drew and AP

“The Falling Man” received some press early on, but after being criticized as “disturbing” it quickly disappeared. It shows the horror of 9/11 in a way few captured, and it was deemed too upsetting for public consumption.

The general public apparently needs to be handled with kid gloves and not be shown anything that might hammer home the reality of 9/11. Heaven forbid any American be forced or even nudged in the general direction of cold, hard reflection on the evil of the terrorists responsible for that day, and heaven forbid we offend them now.

There are those who suggest rather insistently it’s intolerant to suggest Islam is in any way, shape, or form a problem. After all, some would say, people have been killing in the name of various religions for hundreds – thousands – of years. And while it’s true there cannot be an all-encompassing classification of any group in any one way, it’s also true in cases such as this that silence is as good as consent.

It is past time a change be made. Past time for the truly horrifying, and, yes, disturbing images of 9/11 to be shown again on national television, not only on 9/11, but on a regular basis. This is not just about the failure of adults to remember just what went on 17 years ago, it’s also about the next generation.

We are raising a generation of children who fail to even remotely grasp the gravity of the day, children who watch their elders’ every move and see only a mass of followers carefully working not to offend the very ones dead set on taking our nation down to its knees.

This is not about the classification of an entire group as good or bad, right or wrong. This is about terrorism, plain and simple. This is about remembering our dead, honoring their memories, and fighting for what is right.

It has been 17 years since 9-11. Have you forgotten?


  1. My Uncle was in the second tower, watched the first one get hit and hit the stars. Made it down 30 flights when his tower got hit. He made it out “unscathed”.

    • Smart man. I wonder how many in second tower were capable of independent thought and just kept watching. The second one hit was the first one to go as I recall, as it was hit lower and more weight was on the compromised vertical support structure. Remember the day as if it was yesterday. no work got done, everyone was glued to PC screens. Unsettling feelings for those lucky enough to not be near any of these planes. For those like your uncle, must have been a horror and I would not blame anyone connected to harbor ill feelings for the rest of their days to certain cultures-justified or not. My grandpa hated the Japanese till his dying day for some of the horrors he saw on the islands, particularly the aftermath of certain villages they conquered, and I never quite felt like getting on my high horse enough to correct him. Simply accepted some things would not change and time does not always heal.

      • “Smart man. I wonder how many in second tower were capable of independent thought and just kept watching.”

        Or they listened to the announcements on the PA and returned to their offices?

        • hence my comment regarding “independent thought”. Not saying they weren’t told “all is well” nor saying those that heeded PA were idiots, just commending someone for using some critical thinking and saying “damn, that’s a huge bldg in VERY close proximity to MY huge bldg that is burning with thousands of gallons of jet fuel, maybe I should pop smoke before that bldg collides with mine” and ignore the “nothing to see here citizens” PA stupidity. Even without benefit of knowing of a second jet strike he thought remaining in the other tower was a bit questionable. Massive axial loading mixed with tremendous heat thing is no bueno, but that is just logic talking. I stand by my original comment commending that man’s uncle for independent thought. That was not all luck that saved his ass.

    • I have not forgotten 9/11….I ALSO haven’t forgot 9/10…The day Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon had ‘lost’ 2.3 TRILLION dollars. Then, 9/11 happened, and it was never mentioned again. Me? I’m wondering what happened to all that plane debris from the Pentagon? No wing tips? No tail? Its almost like it wasn’t a plane at all…

  2. The other side of this story is people who commit atrocities (not tragedies) to make a political point desperately want to be remembered.

    So, with that in mind, I learn towards ‘kill all who support them, and may their lives be soon forgotten’.

    But no, do not forget that there exists a large group of people which wants to kill all whom it cannot enslave.

    Some free fictional reading for those who might be inclined:

    • I strongly second reading LTC (ret) Tom Kratman’s book Caliphate. It’s free on the Baen.com website.

      I remember. And I have no damn use for Isalm at all.

    We were all afraid that day, some of us got motivated to change the world, set conditions to insure that this never happened again.
    Unfortunately while the pragmatists went to war the politicos used the puppets’ fear to strip the delicate finery that the Constitution is made of.
    We have forgotten, the steel stomachs and resilient backs of Our Forebearers.

  4. I too was in Washington State that morning. One image sticks with me from a local TV newscast. They closed that night with a lovely picture of Elliot Bay and Puget Sound at sunset.

    As a destroyer sailed back and forth protecting Seattle against air attack.

    That was when I knew things had truly changed forever.

    • I live in the middle of the San Francisco bay area. Close to Oakland airport and SFX. Mineta is just down the freeway. One of the busiest airspaces in the world. Never a moment without aircraft, large and small in sight or hearing.

      Spooky as hell when all aircraft were grounded and our skies became quiet. I think I dealt with war better than I did that strange silence.

      • “Spooky as hell when all aircraft were grounded and our skies became quiet.”

        That evening, about 6 PM I heard planes. I went outside and looked up, and it was a pair of F-18s.

        My next-door neighbor also came outside at the sound of the noise, and as we looked up I said “I never thought I would ever see the day of a combat air patrol over this little shit city”…

  5. The media and the left have not forgotten the attack, they have joined forces with Islamists in their efforts to overthrow America. (the enemy of my enemy is my friend)

    I have talked with leftist (followers) who are true believers in the “religion of peace” BS perpetrated by CAIR and reject any evidence to the contrary. They will live to regret their ignorance if the country continues on this path.

    anarchyst quote: “All one has to do is to look at that “sh!tty little country” in the middle east that is the source of most of the world’s problems.”

    I assume you refer to Saudi Arabia; it is not so small. It has been the source of much trouble but it is not the only one by a long shot. The tribes of the Middle East have been warring with each other for thousands of years. In more recent times they have extended their activities across the world because they have gained the financial means to fund it. Nothing will stop them until western politicians take a WWII attitude to defeat the enemy; give the military orders to go win, give them the means to win and stay out of their way so they can win. Since that is very unlikely to happen we will end up fighting them on our own streets.

    Be Prepared !

  6. Democrats have made us like this, afraid of own shadow (because Government will take care of you),
    The history of the US is not truly taught ( the good the bad and the ugly), instead we the people have too kowtow to anyone that threatens us! used to be God, guns and guts, Now its no guns, kiss opposer ass while he is killing you,and Tech in place of God! Say what you may about POTUS at least he’s putting some spine in country!

  7. I haven’t forgotten. My son spent lots of time in Iraq and the middle east. Now he works for DoD. My country embarked on endless Asian adventures spending trillions,killing and maiming thousands of Americans and “nation building” for Moose-lims. Oh and electing The Worst President© in history B. Hussain Obama who loves him some Moose-lims. Did we don kimonos and lederhosen after December 7th,1941?!? A salami lincoln…😦😩😡

    • All miraculously caused by the mild impact of a plane strike, and couple of small, brief, low-temperature office fires.

      All explained in the NIST report, right?

      • “All miraculously caused by the mild impact of a plane strike, and couple of small, brief, low-temperature office fires.

        All explained in the NIST report, right?”

        Enough of it explained by elemental metallurgy and physics, 16V.

        The temperature of the fire was high enough to soften and weaken the steel in the horizontal floor trusses holding the heavy one-foot-thick solid concrete floors up. Thus weakend, the steel tore from the vertical beams supporting them, and they fell onto the floor below.

        The floors weren’t designed to withstand the impact of a one-foot thick concrete slab dropping on them, so those horizontal floor trusses failed as well, initiating a progressive collapse.

        (The buildings were designed to withstand the impact of the largest airliner of the time, the Boeing 707. And they both withstood the inital impact of a larger and heavier aircraft, the Boeing 767-200ER fully loaded with fuel for a trans-continental flight.)

        Physics (and material science) took care of the rest.

        Boom, boom, boom, boom, down it went.

        And as Dave Bromberg sang in ‘Send Me To The ‘Lectric Chair’ :

        “The rest, you already know…”

        • I was an 30 year old attorney on that sad day. I watched the entire thing all day on TV. I still have a clear recollection of what I saw and heard. There were numerous explosions in the buildings which were reported by first responders and others inside and outside the buildings. I heard those explosions clearly on the live news feeds that day. The NIST report denies explosions and explosives. They didn’t even test for explosives …
          I clearly remember seeing molten metal pouring out of the buildings before they fell and hearing reports of pools of molten metal in the depths of the buildings for weeks afterwards. NIST denies that there was any molten metal at all.
          Jet fuel doesnt burn hot enough to melt steel into liquid metal. Only thermite does .. and NIST didnt test for thermite. However, the presence of thermite in the atmosphere has been documented by investigators.
          Building 7 didnt even get struck by a plane that day and it fell in the same exact manner as the other 2 buildings. NIST concluded office fires caused the metal to buckle in Building 7 causing the collapse even though that has never happened before in the history of the world.
          On that day, everyone who saw the collapses reported that they were like 3 controlled demolitions. Later after they got their stories straight, we were told not to believe our eyes and our common sense.
          They want us to never forget 9/11 … they just dont want us to remember all those inconvenient facts.
          Young people .. please do your own research on 9/11. Wanting to know the truth used to be thought of as a good thing. It still is in some people’s minds.

        • @nca….the more you try to provide cover for the official narrative, the more laughable your posts become. You seem to take an establishment position with all the watershed events, no matter how ridiculous your arguments are. Paid to troll this site? I’ve noticed the occasional auto-bot trolls here, but you seem to have some skin in the game defending important official narratives here.

        • Paid establishment troll!?!? Shit, where’s my check then? I’ve also been labeled as viciously anti liberal to the point of being rude, which is true. I’m very rude to liberals. If I were an establishment troll would that be the case?

        • Geoff, not even close to being explained by metallurgy, let alone basic (or complicated) physics. You’re a smart guy, so the only thing I can figure is you have a pension/grant/money to protect – I get that. If not, I would just offer read the NIST report, it’s not that long (in relative terms), nor is it terribly complicated.

        • So, whats your deep rooted explanation why building 7 went down? Also, if it was caused by what you claim the towers would NEVER have come straight down the way they did, they would have toppeled to one side for certain. This was a set-up from the begining….one that killed a lot of innocent Americans. One more thing, I’ve NEVER seen ONE picture of AIRPLANE debris in ANY pictures or footage from the Pentagon. No wing tips, no tail section, no engines NOTHING, and there are multiple first hand accounts of people claiming to have walked out of the hole on the ground floor. 9/10 Rumsfeld holds a press conference to announce that 2.3 TRILLION dollars has gone missin from the Pentagon then this happens the next day? Do you know where the goverment had a lot of their finacial (and some black CIA) offices? Building 7. It was a work, from the start…one BIG job on the American people. The Military Industrial Complex at work…Eisenhower tried to warn us.

  8. Hear, hear.

    I haven’t forgotten and I never will.

    17 years later and demented, putrid liberals want to open our borders and think Islam is chic.

  9. now good ole boy g.w. bush is letting the head muzzy obama’s back-door buddy play with his trowser trout on national television at a FUNERAL go figure.

  10. We’ve been fighting those people for well over a thousand years. In that time, leadership deteriorated from that of Charles “The Hammer” Martel to Obama “The Weasel” Obama.

    9/11 began to swirl down the memory hole once identifiable remains were buried and the debris had been cleared. The Muslims’ victory became complete with the election of one of their own as President. And it’s getting worse.

    H. L. Mencken claimed that “[e]very normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” Unfortunately, vast swathes of America are no longer populated by normal men. Or any men at all.

      • Kat, the ‘Falling Man’ picture is iconic.

        There is another one, a picture of a man and woman, holding hands while falling…

    • Our nation has been fighting Islamic Terrorists since the time of Thomas Jefferson. The lefties still seem to think it is just fine to let people come here from countries that allow these terrorists to organize. The sad thing is that there is nothing to prevent another group of Islamic Terrorists from coming into the country and attacking us again, and worse the Democrats would secretly celebrate, just like they dance in the blood of children every time there is a school shooting.

      • One of the First Colonist of Galveston, Texas. Was “Estevanico” (i.e. Esteban de Dorantes, i.e. Mustafa Zemmorouri) a Moroccan-Moor Slave in 1528. Who died in Hawikuh (i.e. Zuni, New Mexico) in 1539 as a Free Man trying to save Two Spanish Roman Catholic Missionaries. Keep in mind that Morocco was the First Country to Recognize the New Nation of the United States of American in 1783, before the British and France (i.e. America’s Allies)…

  11. I was a senior in HS on 9/11. I woke up for school and the TV was on which I thought very odd since it almost never on and I couldn’t remember a time it was on in the morning.

    I saw a plane hit the WTC and I said “Holy shit how could an accident like that happen!?” To which my mother simply said “Watch”. Then the second plane hit (time change to mountain time meant the second plane had hit about 20 minutes before I got up) and I realized this wasn’t an accident. I wasnt angry, I was stunned. Went to school that day with fighters screaming overhead all day.

    Fast forward some years and I graduated college in 2009. I took a 100 level class on the Vietnam war just for credits. They had to start the class with a section on 9/11. I was appalled and asked the professor about it. The explanation I got was that they don’t teach 9/11 until college because it is considered too traumatic for high school kids to be taught about…

    No, I haven’t forgotten that day and, unless my memory fails with old age, I doubt I ever will.

  12. What a difference in cultures. Everyone around me remembers.
    My phone started buzzing yesterday evening, with my brothers and sisters in arms still deployed, sending me notes on 9/11, as soon as it was the 11th where they were. It hasn’t stopped yet.
    Now our children, who were not born when the twin towers fell, will be joining the military and deploying to Afghanistan. That has never happened before in our nation’s history, that an army is being fielded with solders who were born after the war started.
    And by and large, it’s our children who are deploying.
    We didn’t forget. We didn’t forgive.

  13. I did not forget. I reviewed this event briefly this morning while driving a car full of children to school. And I used it as an opportunity to enlighten these children to the full depravity of evil people in our world.

    I also used this event as a reminder that evil could strike their school — and what to do if such evil strikes.

    • Uncommon_sense, I would bet as you were talking to that car full of children about the atrocities perpetrated by Muslims that some of them were wondering why you were taking them to a place where something similar could happen and leaving them there defensless. I, too, have done the same. But if I had the opportunity to do it over again I would never subject my children to the dangers of a school situation. Especially, public school. Or as I like to call them, govt./socialist/liberal indoctrination centers. This is only food for thought. Have a great day!

      • Texican,

        I have the same thoughts routinely and take no offense whatsoever at your comments.

        I have come to the following place in my head:
        (1) I am not with my children to protect them 100% of the time. They do go on group activities (without me) which are very valuable and constructive.
        (2) My children know to run away to cover/concealment at warp speed if someone starts an attack, whether they are with me or away from me. Given their ability to quickly recognize an attack, how fast they can run, and how far they can run, this is a nearly 100% effective survival strategy for them whether or not I am there to protect them.
        (3) The only significant chance an attacker has of significantly harming my children is if he/she strikes my children first. And an attacker who suddenly starts stabbing, bludgeoning, or shooting my children is going to succeed in significantly (if not fatally) harming at least one of them before I can intervene. (The attacker who is determined to maim/kill and has the element of surprise will ALWAYS succeed in maiming/killing at least one and possibly as many as a dozen people before an armed defender could possibly intervene.)

        The net result: the typical school attacker who is determined to maim/kill and uses the element of surprise is guaranteed to achieve at least a minimal body count and would achieve that result whether or not I was armed and present to respond. Therefore, I might as well relax and let me children go to school, knowing that the outcome of an attack is likely the same whether or not I was there.

  14. Haven’t forgot how buildings collapse on their own foot print, with jet fuel being able to melt steel I-beams… or that videos of the pentagon were confiscated from nearby businesses and freeway cameras, pristine middle eastern IDs were all too conveniently found in the rubble of the twin towers which became a re-occurring trend in the following years.

    The pentagon is missing the one thing that is present in every other plane crash in the history of plane crashes, the plane. Usually a plane crash is accompanied by seating, bodies, large chunks of the plane, yet the the only “plane” is some tin foil that could fit in the back of a pickup.

    Haven’t forgot that the 9/11 investigation was under funded, stifled, and all of the rubble sent over seas before it could be properly examined. I remember how Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and Sadam was an imminent threat to America, I remember the lies from the MSM, the bombings of journalists and the criminal acts of treason very well.

    • The kid who made the whole “loose change” nonsense, admitted his whole “documentary” was a fake. This film is what born the Truther movement, ironic, as the movement is founded on a admitted fake documentary. The footage he edited is also now so prevalent, it’s often used as evidence these days, by unsuspecting Truthers when they don’t even realize the footage has been edited. In fact, this has occurred so much it’s *very* difficult for the average person to find unmolested 9/11 footage. “Truthers.” Ha.

      • I dunno. The only “truther” movement that I know, is the one where people who design, (and build) skyscrapers wonder how one building fell, let alone two. People who know how steel fails, who know how much heat it takes to even significantly weaken it. People who know that a plane strike is a joke compared to the wind load the building sees regularly, especially when you understand how a plane dissipates it’s energy.

        Even with all the genius at NIST, even they couldn’t come up with an even tacitly plausible model of what happened. The report says so.

        Believe what you want. But the narrative of collapsing a building into it’s own footprint by simply hitting it with a plane, then starting an office fire, holds no water for anyone who designs buildings, works with steel, does demolition, or a host of other fields.

        • I’ve read a lot of so called “experts” online claim “I’ve been doing this my whole life and I can tell you (INSERT CLAIM HERE)” about the event. I have my sincere doubts about the vast majority of these anonymous online claims.

          It also fails the logic test. If the US government wanted to create an attack to blame Saddam on, then why, why in God’s name would they fabricate an attack that was entirely based and funded out of Afganhistan and Saudi Arabia, with no evidence of support by Saddam in the least bit. You can’t claim that Afghanistan was a primary target of the government. Afghanistan offers zero strategic or resource importance any US foreign policy doctrine.

          You know what’s much more likely? A crazed billionaire jihadist, with a bone to pick with the west, finally succeeded in something he’d been trying to do for decades.

        • 😂 Really!?!?!? THATS you’re retort!?!? Some random YouTube “expert”… ok!

          An “Expert” who thinks a cardboard recreation is a proper comparison for real life, complex steel buildings made up of tons of diffferent of materials. Ok then! If that video was supppsed to make me a believer you better try a hell of a lot harder then that bud.

        • 16V,

          You do realize that a typical loaded commercial jet weighs on the order of 100,000 pounds and was travelling near 500 m.p.h. when it struck each building, correct?

          While a commercial jet is somewhat squishy, so is a lead bullet and yet a lead bullet will whiz right through steel plate if its velocity is high enough. Thus, even though those jets were somewhat squishy, they were moving at a fairly high velocity which could have easily caused some structural damage to a skyscraper that was not designed to absorb commercial jet impacts.

          And we also have to consider the fact that the impact of each jet probably created an extremely high temperature (since the building transformed each jet’s SIGNIFICANT kinetic energy into heat) on some steel support members. (Use a hammer to pound a nail into a piece of wood and see how hot that nail gets. Now magnify that about ten million times.) That significant heat could have caused those members to fail.

          On top of possible structural damage from the high speed impact (and associated heat created on impact), each jet suddenly added an extra 100,000 pounds of load to each building. And that load was NOT evenly distributed across an entire floor but was somewhat concentrated to the impact area.

          When you look at all three dynamics, I can easily see how the upper floors of those buildings collapsed on the floors below — increasing the structural overload — and caused each building to collapse on itself.

          And I have not even mentioned how any resulting fire from the jet fuel might have compromised the buildings.

        • He’s Makes a lot more sense than you. At least he’s not asking me to ignore the laws of physics. You just conveniently ignore that and on.

        • Uncommon sense, use some common sense. Only a gullible, dumbed down public believes this. These planes would have sustained sustained structural failure flying at that speed at that altitude….let’s ignore for a minute the alleged pilots could barely fly a single engine Cessna….and to date no official explanation of free fall speed for 3 buildings struck by 2 planes….because without another energy source it’s literally impossible. Physics 101.

        • Yes the laws of physics that only exist in your head. Just like your anti vax porn. You simply believe in conspiracies because you have no other God to believe in, so you attribute the most powerful thing on earth, the American government, with supernatural like powers.

        • Yawn….says the troll who who asks people to believe steel structures can fall at free speed with 90,000 tons of supporting steel and concrete below them. Funny stuff.

        • Right. Again with your flawed math and physics and crying about me being a troll. I think I merely upset you because I don’t just give in to your stupidity like many fools on internet do. You can say you know this and that to be fact, but just because you read something that confirmed your prejudiced beliefs on Reddit doesn’t make it fact.

        • Ok 16V and PG2, time to put up or shut up. Which university did you get your degree in Mechanical or Civil Engineering? Any engineering? Or was it physics? What grade did you get it your statics classes? Material science? Since you’re such experts at the laws of physics, care to provide a calculation of how much the structure of 1 floor will decelerate the mass of 30 floors above it that has accelerated 5 meter under the pull of gravity? How much will the next floor decelerate the mass of 31 floors traveling and the new velocity? The next floor being hit by 32 floors?
          Perhaps you’re an expert at explosive demolition instead. How many charges would you need to place to demolish the one of the towers? How many structural points would you need to cut or pre-weaken? How big of a crew would be needed to carry out the work and be able to keep a secret (or silently kill of without anybody noticing), and how long would they take? How would you preload sections to remain inside without stringing cables about? How would you synchronize the timing of the charges? Was shock tubing hidden all along the suspended ceilings? Why wouldn’t anybody notice this going on?
          Maybe you can explain this one: on April 30, 2007, a gasoline tanker carrying 8,600 gallons of gasoline crashed at the I-80/880/580 junction in Oakland, CA, and the resulting fire collapsed the concrete and steel highway above it. Since you claim it’s impossible for burning petrochemicals to melt steel, what happened? Those of us who are familiar with the material properties of steel know that it will become plastic (technical word for deformation and taking a new shape, not that it becomes made of the same petrochemical material as your action figures) at temperatures much lower than its melting point (the temperature where it becomes a liquid). For details and pictures: https://www.nytimes.com/2007/04/30/us/30collapse.html

        • uncommon sense, uhh yeah, I know what the jet weighs, its fuel payload, etc. That is pathetically basic stuff.

          So is calculating the energy transfer, the typical wind load, knowing how planes break up, knowing the plasticity temp of A36 and 242, knowing how office fires behave, knowing what temp jet-A burns at not matter how hard you blow on it, the rate of burning, what happens to aerosolized jet-A, understanding thermal transfer in steel, understanding what happens to concrete at temp, how steel structures fail if they ever do get to plasticity, I could type a very long page of time tested engineering principles, materials science, and failure analysis science that you can’t answer.

          Because after (what was it 6 years?) the cornucopia of geniuses at NIST still couldn’t come up with an explanation that was even plausible to a high-rise architect, a high-rise demo guy, let alone a materials scientist. Years of their own modelling couldn’t even come close to the scenario that many people have unquestioningly accepted as “fact”.

          Some folks need to believe a story, not follow the science. I don’t know who did it, who helped, or to what ultimate end this all was meant to serve.

          I would just offer that the most incredible structural failure of a skyscraper, ever, in human history, has not been subjected to the same scrutiny as a routine plane crash. If that doesn’t give you pause, I don’t know what would.

          Anymouse, yeah I’ll post my CV and bonafides on the web. Right. Please see ‘Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth’ for a list of hundreds of credentialled folks who know the science, and have the same questions I do.

        • 16V,

          Are you claiming that the jet impacts did not cause the World Trade Center towers to collapse? Then what did?

          If someone is going to claim that demolition charges caused the towers to collapse, how did the installers of those charges guarantee that those charges (and their ignition system) would survive the airplane impact and ensuing fire? How did those installers guarantee that those charges would detonate at the same time? And how come we did not see/hear any explosion from said said charges the instant before each tower began collapsing?

          And you still have not addressed the massive heat that the simple impact of each airplane would have caused. Just like a hammer makes a nail VERY hot, the impact of the fuselage with the internal support members would have made them VERY hot — I can imagine quite easily to the point of failure.

          Finally, you still have not addressed the massive concentrated load that these airplanes would have introduced to the building structures. It is one thing to gently and evenly distribute an additional 100,000 pounds to the 86th floor of a skyscraper. It is another thing entirely to slam, at something like 400 m.p.h, that 100,000 pounds to a concentrated area.

          Remember, the impact of those airplanes did not have to compromise the entire structure of an entire floor of each tower. They only had to compromise a few structural members to start a domino effect.

          As for the towers being able to handle wind loading, that wind loading would be a distributed load across much of the face of each skyscraper and the structure would have distributed the associated forces throughout most/all of its structural members throughout the entire building. That is an entirely different scenario from a highly concentrated load applied to a few structural members.

        • uncommon, there were many reports of multiple explosions from emergency personnel and people in the buildings. The burden of proof is on the you, or the people who believe a theory that literally defies physics. He’s not saying he knows what happened, he’s saying the official story is bunk. Let me know when you explain how 90,000 tons of supporting steel and concrete can evaporate, while the mass on top of it is also evaporating, allowing it crumble at free fall speed. NIST to this day can’t explain it…but you can?

    • And the hijackers passport that allegedly survived the impact, the explosion, and complete destruction of a steel and concrete building only to be be conveniently found in near perfect condition in the rubble days later…..

        • Lots of steel, metallic objects survived the blast. Passport is made of paper. Nice try. And the watch barely survived . The paper passport was a little dusty. Good one though.

        • Your going to need something more convincing then That and your little video to convince otherwise.

        • Lol, no, you’re asking me to believe a comic book scenario that no rational person would take seriously without laughing. You need to present some more convincing evidence than a miracle passport that survives unscathed in the rubble. Funny stuff troll.

  15. I cannot forget. And I’m still angry that we took the wrong stance even then, passing needless freedom restricting legislation.

    Freedom is best preserved in the exercise thereof. Always will be.

    So go live. That is how you beat terrorists.

  16. Kat, I truly understand the point of your article, but as a veteran of the war that followed, I’d like to share with you what I think happened, (and always happens) in course of history with events like these.

    Most people teenaged and above, at least in America’s heartland didn’t forget, and didn’t forgive, and still don’t. Even many (older) New Yorkers, don’t. After the attacks, many of us signed up in droves for the enivitable war that followed. Many so called “gen Xers” And early “mellenials” understood what this was, and knew what had to be done. And we did it. At least for awhile. Think back to, I’d say 2-3 years after 9/11. The mood in this country and the military was much like during WW2. And we were winning.

    However as time went on, the democrats needed something to rout wildly successful Republicans on. And that would be the Iraq war. Becoming the “anti war” party, Afghanistan was forgotten by many and lumped in the mess Iraq was. As time continued to wear on, this process lead many to largely forget about why we’re still fighting America’s longest war.

    Another process at work, the cyclical tide of history came into play. It happened after WW2 as well. After so many years, the next generation starts to take hold, and to them the event isn’t personalized. It’s just dates and names in a book. Further, the conflict of earlier made society stronger, just like WW2, however that success would lead to safety and abundance, creating a generation of people who are softer then their elders. In short, it goes like this:

    Hard times create hard men. Hard men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create hard times.

    • Okay, genius. What was the purpose of WWII? Now compare that with whatever purpose you can conjure for the ‘war’ in Afghanistan. War is the measured use of violence, and its purpose is to make fighting more costly to your enemy than just doing what you want them to.

      • You really, really, really missed the entire point of my post there, genius. I mean you missed it by a light year. Re read what I wrote and try again.

    • I think you may have your rose glasses on. As I recall by FRIDAY of that week, the demtards were back to being anti-America. So about 3 days without their standard shit.

  17. I almost lost my father on 9/11. He had a morning meeting in the north tower on one of the floors above where the first plane hit. At the time I had come down with a bad case of pneumonia, so he spent the night caring for me and, since he was extremely tired, cancelled the meeting. As a result, he narrowly averted death, and inadvertently saved several lives himself. But you know what is odd? We are Muslims. And dozens of those victims killed on that fateful day were Muslims too. Radical Islamic terrorists do not care about other Muslims or human life in general. Our collective anger cannot and should not be directed towards all of Islam, which is a broad, ideologically diverse faith. It needs to be focused on the Wahhabi Sunni ideology that motivated those evil men on September 11th, and has motivated virtually all of the Islamic terror attacks on the west we’ve seen since then. Interning Japanese Americans during WW2 was one of America’s darkest moments. Denying rights to American muslims, who have largely rejected Wahhabism, is the same thing morally speaking.

  18. I was working as a terrorism analyst at the Washington Navy Yard when it all happened, and I can remember how busy that day suddenly became. We all watched it on TV, and about 7:30 pm I was driving home past the Pentagon, through the smoke of the still smouldering building, and I smelled the odor of burning flesh, something I hadn’t smelled since Vietnam, when charred napalmed people were called “crispy critters.” My daughter watched the twin towers fall from the rooftop of the building where she worked in mid-town Manhattan, and had to walk home to Brooklyn because the subways weren’t running. No, I’ll never forget – 9/11 was my “Pearl Harbor” event. We should never forget, and godspeed to all who fight terrorism wherever in the world they may be. Especially here in the U.S.

  19. They still remember.

    I work for a government entity that routinely sees criticism on this site. I am a trainer and as such have a unique perspective of those who hire on to the agency. At first it was veterans and adult civilians, all of whom remembered what happened on 9/11 with idyllic memory. A curious thing began to happen over the years, however– That pool of new hires became younger and younger, sometimes straight out of high school, diluting the populace of the older personnel and their clearly defined purpose. These people weren’t even in Junior High when 9/11 happened, and yet…

    …They remember.

    One of them related a story to me today about how they where in third grade; how class simply stopped while their school became a frantic mess of crying teachers and those desperate to phone loved ones. Another nearly the same age told me how class had been cancelled, but they had been left at school because all transportation stopped. Young and naïve, he remembered watching along side the teachers as the buildings burned and people jumping from them in desperation.

    If you’re doubtful that the current generation has forgotten its way and doesn’t remember what it meant to lose a piece of yourself the day those two building fell, or that evil exists in this world, take heart. The young still remember.

  20. I haven’t forgotten either. And as an ardent supporter of freedom, and particularly the 2nd Amendment, it rankles me beyond words that I and my ilk at places like TTAG are seen by the leftists as being a greater threat to our nation than the terrorists who flew those planes.

  21. As a retired firefighter, yes, I remember. I remember the 343 brothers I lost that day. I remember the sounds of the PASS alarms screeching in the rubble, knowing each one represented a life likely lost. I remember the flag draped remains being taken out of the pit.

    Yes, I remember.

    I remember being a Ground Zero ten years later with hundreds of firefighters, some of them survivors. I remember the gut wrenching emotion of that day in 2001, the feeling of utter helplessness, of anger.

    Yes, I remember.

    I will never forget.

  22. I was 7 years old. Living in between the airspaces of Dulles and Reagan. Everything was on lockdown. The only planes in the air were the fighters scrambled from around the region. Everyone went home from school. My best friend’s dad was a pilot for American, scheduled to fly into LGA that morning. My buddy down the street didn’t hear from his dad until his family got a call from the hospital. A girl I went to high school with never saw her dad again. For many of us who lived in northern Virginia at the time, it’s scarred into our memories. The fear of not knowing if our parents would make it back to us. The pain of our friends and family who lost those they hold dear. I was very young but that’s not something that just leaves your memory over time. As for myself and the kids I grew up with, the emotions we felt are still very clear to all of us, even if the details around it all are a little blurry for some of us.

  23. I have wrestled with what to write here after reading so many impactful replies. I think I can say that I understand the feelings of almost everyone that typed something here as of 2pm today. (9-11)

    I guess I’ll start with:
    I was at work and remember a commotion in a hallway. People were talking in hushed, hesitant tones and that got me and a buddy/coworker out into the hallway. The next thing I know, we are in the break room of the shop floor huddled around a small color TV watching and listening. Absolute silence with the exception of an occasional gasp.
    I still remember the fear and dread I felt then. I feel it as I type now actually. It has never left me, just been pushed away. I think the best word to describe the feeling in the room at the time was disbelief. People looked at each other and no words came out. A few people cried and I remember people coming in and out of the room over the next half hour. At some point management came over the intercom and told the work force that if they needed to leave they could.
    It wasn’t until then that I started thinking about MY OWN family. The vast majority of them live in the northeast, namely New York and Vermont at that time. I didn’t even own a cell phone back then so I decided to go home to call my folks. The ride home was surreal for me. My head was swimming with thoughts and concerns and as much as I wanted to floor it to get home I didn’t. No one did. The roads were light on traffic and everyone drove in a subdued manner as I remember it. I only saw 2 planes in the sky that day and they were fighter jets. I was glad they were there.
    I got home and tried several times before getting through to my mother. She informed me that everyone was OK but our family had a close brush with the attack. My cousin Mikey was supposed to be on one of the planes that went into the towers but he missed his flight. I hadn’t seen him in 15 years but I couldn’t help but wonder how he must have felt and hoped that he would be able to deal with the guilt he would likely feel when it showed up.

    That event was a turning point for us as a nation that we can never recover from I believe. I watched Bush’s speech and I sat on my couch and I cried and I silently raged at “the enemy”. Everything was different after that. Work was difficult for a couple weeks afterward for everyone and tensions between different people grew around the office. I had an argument with a friend and coworker from Senegal about Afghanistan and the Taliban. He was trying to point out what we now know as we are still there. I didn’t want to hear that then, I wanted blood. Punishment, justice. I was 32 years old.
    Then the terrorists got what they wanted in my mind. The Patriot Act was put into place and I honestly believe to this day that we allowed ourselves to have our core understanding of what Freedom means changed. We have seen over the years how invasive it and its’ ideals of “safety/surveillance” have become. It has effected our daily lives and how we go about them. I feel that we as the people of this free nation failed ourselves when we allowed this to be the new normal. It hasn’t gotten better over time.

    For a time, as other have said, I felt that our nation came together and we grew stronger despite our fears and knee jerk reactions. I had hope and ….. I had my first daughter. As things begun to change I had a second daughter and then began realize the effects of societies’ liberal views and attitudes creeping into the experiences that my children were having in school. There was very little room left for free thinking, reasoning and personal responsibility anymore in their education system. Hysteria, over protectionism and all the other ills of the liberal mindset were becoming common place.

    Now, 17 years later I see my country devouring itself from the inside. Diametrically opposed sides that will not give an inch or listen to the other side are shown to us on the “Media” every night, day and every other time in between. Outright lies and misinformation are matter of fact in all forms of mass communication.
    We have at least 2 generations of Americans that have been fed a completely different view of what Freedom meant to those before them or how that vision of Freedom shaped this country which many of them seem to now hate. We have politicians actively seeking to create socialism/communism as our governmental system that are being hailed as heroes. We have delusional fascists that THINK they are anti-fascists getting away with violence and intimidation in different forms on a regular basis and being backed by government cronies at times. We have people who are sure that the second amendment is antiquated and unnecessary. They want to take away MY RIGHT to defend myself and my family because they don’t feel safe.

    While I am not naïve enough to believe that none of this existed BEFORE the towers came down, I can say that after the towers came down our country changed and I don’t think it was for the better.
    Now, I worry about what life my daughters will have. I worry about what their America will be, for them. Now, I’m 49 years old. I still love my country passionately and I believe in the ideals that our flag is supposed to stand for. I really do.

    Every time this “anniversary” comes around all of this comes up to the surface for me again. I’ll never forget where I was that day and what happened to my America afterwards.

  24. I didn’t “forget” anything because I don’t remember anything. I was 4 when it happened and I don’t have a single memory of anything before 5 years old.

  25. Nope, haven’t forgotten the Patriot Act either, no WMD’s found, Fast and Furious or Benghazi, Iran/Contra, Vietnam…

  26. Lots of Islamophobia and “hurr imma infidel!” in this article. Take a chill pill. Not every muzzie is a jihadi, and if you really wanted to make some progress in the War on Towelheads, we need to start buy halting all support for Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, and the UAE, and stop toppling “modernist” Muslim regimes like Gaddafi, Morsi, and Assad. Sure, Gaddafi was a commie and the big bad boogieman of the 1980s, but he turned Libya into one of the best countries in Africa. This “world police” warhawk shit has got to stop.

    And never forget that W was the one who came up with the “religion of peace” shtick.

      • Blaming every Muslim for every jihadist attack simply isn’t logical. I knew a Muslim kid who had debris raining down on his rooftop on 9/11. You think he supported that? You think people enjoy having acid thrown in their faces or being blown up and shot by jackasses who claim to be representing their own religion? The Koran and the Hadiths can be used to justify literally any action a person could make, good or bad, as long as you put it in a soundbite. If Europe would simply have border security, stop taking in all the illiterate welfare leeches, and stop propping up Turkey, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia, these problems would sort themselves out, without an infinite counter-insurgency.

  27. I was 11 years old on my way to school. My stepdad was a radio DJ and did the morning show, so we listed to it on the way to school everyday. I remember him saying “There’s been some sort of accident in NY. A plane has crashed into the WTC, but details are still coming in.”. At first I thought it was a joke, as my stepdad was known for his humor on his shows, but my mom told me “he wouldn’t joke about that.” For school we went on a field trip to the Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson KS. I don’t remember seeing much of the museum, because the news was being projected onto a wall, which we sat and watched. At the time I didn’t really understand the impact on what had happened, but looking back I realize that American society as I know it was shaped by it. Ill always remember it, and it will always be my generations December 7th.

  28. I told my little 9/11 story a bit prematurely in the comments here:

    Other things I remember:

    – The Militia (They Showed Up. “They” are Us.)

    First responders ran into those buildings. All honor to them. 0th responders also worked to get each other out. The Navy of New York self-organized to get people and gear in and out for days. (Not so different from how they later gathered the people from that plane that water landed. Nobody drowned.)

    With a little digging you can find a report on the fighters scrambled to intercept Flight 93. No missiles; empty guns. As they climbed out of take-off, they divvied up what they’d target on the incoming plane. Target with their own planes: that’s all they had. All honor to them. Famously, the militia formed up in that plane, and the fighter pilots didn’t need their hasty plan. All honor to them, too.

    When the anti-people ask why some of us are so prickly about individuals right to arms, this is why. Those people aren’t worthy of any means they choose to protect themselves and others? Try that one again. Maybe Flight 93 would have come out a bit better, had the militia there been a bit more “well regulated.” I’m thinking modern muskets — you know, parity with standard military small arms.

    It’s not like these are the only times. The Cajun Navy is a militia, and good thing they’re “well regulated”, meaning properly equipped and trained. That bonehead who wanted to license, then command-and-control them? Doesn’t look like they need any of that. Nor did the 0th & 1st responders, the Navy of New York, pilots with only their planes, or the passengers of Flight 93.

    BTW, anybody who can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys. The bad guys plot for years to fly planes into things to kill as many people as they can manage. The good guys respond in moments to use the planes they are on,to save other people. The bad guys die to make other people dead. The good guys die so other people can live. Any questions?

    – My Friend, Muhammad

    One particular Muslim friend, I met in Bethlehem – the one in Pennsylvania. He is a gentle soul. Yet, he couldn’t talk about the people who treat his sacred things as excuse for doing horror. Literally, sputteringly mad, he’d get.

    My friend just quietly lives the faith he’s come to know. When we worked together, people around him, people in the tradition that named that town “Bethlehem”, quietly make room for his practice. When I asked about using the small conference room furnished like a den that nobody seemed to use much, they took pains to tell me: “Just don’t mess with anything in there.” I had to ask, “You mean don’t sit in the chairs, or what?” for them to tell me: “Leave the rug in the corner alone; that’s Muhammad’s.”

    It’s pretty typical decorum from the dominant culture there that they wouldn’t mention it’s a prayer rug, or Muhammad’s particular faith. Be polite and mind your business. Also, live your faith, whatever that means and everything that means.

    My friend Muhammad, born in Pakistan, is as American as anyone and more than many. His wife joined him here, eventually. Their kids were born here. We’re all better off for their being here.

    – The American Covenant

    We are people of The American Covenant. The covenant is that our lives are our own, and we want to live them. We’ll work together to hold space where we can each do our own thing. So, we commit, when it comes to people trying to rule us, we’ll work together, thick as thieves, to hold space where they can’t reach; and we’ll go back to mostly ignoring each other.

    That seething, righteous anger over 9/11 is peculiarly American: What the hell are you doing to our deal? That is was more than anger, but intended to take down the gears that make our country work, just makes it worse. That the end goal is to impose, without us agreeing, “Live this way.” really, really pisses us off. That’s literally the opposite of The American Covenant.

    Everybody who stepped up for someone else on 9/11 was serving that American Covenant. All honor to them all. 9/11 was a propaganda exercise that kinda backfired. The point was to demonstrate the “power” of Bin Laden’s creed. Maybe, maybe not. I think years of planning defeated by people wielding airplane service trays makes the planners look a little … weak? Maybe god’s not so much on your side? Just sayin.

    Worse, it showed the covenant in stark relief to its opposite. People stepped up for strangers. Who’s the idealists here, paid loser assassins, or people with jobs, families, literally everything to lose, who lose it for an ideal?

    When someone steps up against random thuggery vs. organized whack-jobs, that’s The American Covenant, too. The cc-guy who stopped the p-oed banger shooting up that “peace picnic?” The militia, and good thing, too. Well regulated. And he was simply living up to The American Covenant. All honor to him.

    The American Covenant is open to anyone: it runs broad as well as deep. I don’t remember anybody counting up nationalities or religions among the dead on 9/11. (Starting weeks later in some of the press, yes.) It wasn’t “2,500 Americans among the 3,000 dead including 500 Muslims, but they don’t count.” You were there. You were with us, when the jackholes came; you’re one of us. That they killed you among us is as if they killed one of us. Worse, really. You were our guest.

    Some words from St. Crispins day capture a part of it:

    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he to-day that sheds his blood with me
    Shall be my brother; be he ne’er so vile,

    Anyone who steps up so someone else can live as they please is enacting The American Covenant. All honor to them.

    • You said a lot of stuff better than what I was trying to say and thanks for that! I forgot to say how proud and thankful I was to see the boats, the helping hands, the guys handing out water to wash off the ash, the American dream working during the dark times. You said it so much better than I could.

      • Thank you for the kind words.

        The first trick to writing well (-ish in my case) is choosing something worthy to say. Then you let it take you. I’m constantly astonished at people who try to write well about crap. How do they think that’s going to work?

        The second trick is steal from the best. That above has echoes, not plagiarism, from a bunch of excellent pieces around and about 9/11. The trick that elevated it is the structure: “Militia”, “My American Friend, Muhammad”, and “The Covenant.” Finding those beats is inspired by “The 13 American Arguments” which I’m reading now. And maybe Battlestar Galactica, which has similar arc of beats when you look at the whole show as one story: Disasters & Heroics, Characters In Tension, What It Means.

        Another trick is when people have energy and stories, put it in a frame of ideas. When they have big ideas, weave a story. The same stuff as big ideas and stories, both, is what gets traction. (There’s a story in each section — did you notice?)

        I wasn’t sure about the catechism: “All honor to them.” Maybe too much. Maybe too on point. But for this topic, saying stuff like this, there is no too on point. The other way to go at the same notion is Wayne & Garth: “We’re not worthy … but we can try to become so, should our turn come.” <- That may be worth working in.

  29. I remember it very well, like it was yesterday. I was 45 years old and had started my work day at 8:30 AM that day. My job was less than 50 miles from New York City. We had no TV’s or radios in the office where I was working. The shop guys called down to us to say what they had heard on their radios. Going on the internet got us some info, but it wasn’t long before the local internet was overloaded to the point it ceased to function. Cell phones ceased to function, and eventually it was difficult to make a long distance phone call on a land line as all circuits were busy. We had family members that were watching it at home calling the office to let us know what was happening. The CEO sent us home at noon, because the local radio stations were warning that all the bridges across the Delaware River into PA might be closing, and many of us lived in PA. I had visions of the movie “Red Dawn” running thru my head, so I stopped at several stores on my way home to buy canned goods, bulk rice, and matches, batteries, etc. knowing that I was risking not being able to cross the bridge into PA. Once I was across the river, I stopped at Walmart to buy some ammo. I stood in a line of a dozen guys all buying ammo too. The sales clerk was asking each customer why they needed the ammo, and every single one of us said that we needed to sight in our hunting rifles for deer season. There was no rationing of ammo, but it seemed everyone needed 2 or 3 boxes of rifle rounds and 2 boxes of centerfire handgun ammo, no one got greedy. I bought some 30-06 and some 9mm. I then drove home and remember my daughter walking towards the house at around 2:30 PM from the school bus stop and her eyes showing surprise at me coming home so early. She was in grade school and I’m not sure how much she understood at the time, because she had only been in the USA about a years, coming from the Philippines. We watched the news on TV, and I remember watching the thousands of people quietly walking north out of Manhattan and the boat lift taking thousands more off the southern tip of the island, and the news of the crash into the Pentagon, and central PA. We all waited for news of more attacks in other cities and I was greatly relieved that didn’t happen. The “Red Dawn” scenario in my head would have included Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angles, St. Louis, etc. The following week was very strange as just about all aircraft flying west out of JFK, Newark, and LaGuardia normally fly over where I work. Normally we didn’t notice all the air traffic, but we sure noticed it when it was gone. No airplanes at all, not even the little single engine planes that commonly fly in that area. I assume the fighter patrols were much closer to the coast than where I was. I remember the squadron of tow trucks that went to the local car-pool lot in Clinton, NJ and took out all the cars of the dead people that weren’t coming back.

    I won’t go into the various theories as to the how and why the towers fell. I just know that they fell and in doing so, destroyed my peace of mind that I was living in a fairly safe country with minimal risk of a terror attack. I used to watch the anniversary shows the first few years but I would end up in tears and just as angry as I was that first day. And I was VERY VERY VERY ANGRY that day! The kind of anger that is not healthy for me to have. The kind of anger that demands that every single last Muslim on earth needs to die. The young, the old, the liberal and the extreme, women and children all dead, because I feel they want me and my Christian family and friends dead for being infidels. I fight that anger often because I know it lowers me to their level. I fight that anger because it goes against everything I was ever taught. I fight that anger because I know that not all Muslims are bad. Some of my neighbors are Muslim, some are Jews, some are Hindus, and we all get along. It is a tough time of year for me.

    • It sounds like you live not far from where I spent the second half of my childhood.

      Pleased to meet you, neighbor. Are the schools there still closed on the first day of deer season, because nobody would be there, anyway?

      • Yessir Jim, Schools at least in my part of PA are all closed the first day of deer season. When I was still working (now retired on disability) in northwest NJ, we could count on about half the PA guys not coming in the first day. Nothing was ever said about it. I’m in the Poconos, about 25 miles from the NJ border. I grew up in NJ, but escaped one night evading the bridge trolls and have been living in PA for 30 plus years.


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