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Yes, this is more like it. Yesterday’s positive meme was obviously a fluke. What is this, like the 9th one we’ve posted that’s aimed at Springfield? That doesn’t count the handful of inappropriate ones I laughed at but didn’t post.


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  1. As the owner of a Springfield Saint 300BLK and an XDm 10 mm 5.25 and a .45 cal 1911. Suck it!

    • +1 for the .300 BLK. Mine’s not a Springfield, but I love that cartridge.

      However, as soon as our CA AWB is finally and permanently knocked down via Miller v. Bonta, I’m gonna get a Springfield Hellcat. Probably two, seriously.

    • You’re readily admitting you support a company with a well documented history hostile to your 2A rights.

      And also the cringiest marketing known to man.

      And terrible QC.

  2. my xdm elite 3.8 osp in 9mm
    from fit and finish
    to overall build quality and ergonomics
    is probably the best pistol in my collection
    the others are made by sig colt glock ruger smith and wesson and walther
    even the magazines are of higher quality

    • Just wait until you get one of them Henry revolvers, you’ll change your mind about your Springfield being the best.

      • I was fleetingly interested until I saw the brass back strap and trigger guard. What a way to ruin a good idea. It conjured up images of cheaply made Italian westerns.

    • Could turn things around like S&W did with going full on with affordable functional AR production (makes up for the Hillary Hole still in use for me) so see what happens.

  3. lol it’s true.

    The XD-M elite’s are pretty much the only ones we won’t raise an eyebrow to. I actually bought one for my step father because the price was right and it serves him well.

    • I love Mopar too.

      Oh, you meant the P365’s step brother that suffers from craniodiaphyseal dysplasia… yea…

      • Nah. Recoil on any metal-framed 45 (even aluminum) should be a firm shove directly into your forearm. If it isn’t, it wasn’t properly built or it’s too small for your hand.
        Then again, I may be biased as my go-to is an alloy framed Commander with 16 rounds and 6 lbs loaded.

      • A trick I found on the Internets:

        Obtain 5″ “Tactical Model” XD .45

        Put in Wolff 20 pound recoil spring

        At least with Winchester White Box ball, it shoots almost perfectly flat, almost perfectly straight back, with almost no muzzle rise. It’s a pity the trigger is so mushy, and that it doesn’t feed cast lead SWC–either with the twenty pound spring or the stock spring. I like the way it feels, the way it points. The stock irons are very usable. Thirteen plus one in .45 ACP is very comforting. But gawd, that trigger, and gawd, those feedway stoppages.

  4. When I switched to striker fired carry, I wanted a grip safety. So I ended up trying an xdm elite (got 3 free mag on promotion which was appealing and they are nice magazines)…kind of waiting for S&W to put out more equalizer models because I assume they will eventually have night sights, 4”, with 15rd+1. As it is I’ve been carrying 4.5”, 20+1, but as you all know nobody sees nothing no matter how bad you ‘print’. I am pleased with the xdm-e, but eventually would like to reduce down a bit. XDM-e 100% reliable so far, pretty good trigger, shoots very well. I thought the small grip on the 3.8” would annoy me so I went bigger. I can carry it that big, but 4”, 15+1 is better imho.

    • You must be speaking of the Harrington & Richardson Garand, certainly not those other Garands. lol

  5. I like my XDm Elite.

    But my M&P is better, I have to admit.

    Still, as a leftie with a rightie spouse, at least the XDm Elite is ambidextrous and we can both use it.

  6. Had a Springfield XDs Mod. 2 which I liked but which was pretty snappy with a plenty-stiff recoil spring. Last month I traded it for an S&W Equalizer NTS, which also has a must-have grip safety. The S&W is a little balkier but has a slightly larger capacity and a softer recoil spring. So… racking it is easier on my fingers.

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