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“Even with the strictest of gun control measures, Chicago still leads the charts with murderous shootings. What has Bloomberg’s background check expansion done for them? Absolutely nothing. Bloomberg needs to stay out of Wyoming.” – Wyoming Gun Owners’ Anthony Bouchard in Wyoming fails to send mental-health records to nat’l gun check database [at]

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  1. Bloomberg and his money need to not only stay out of Wyoming, but every other state in the Union as well, and he needs to stay in New York City and never, ever leave. No more, no less.


    • He put his little dick into Sheriff Clarke’s primary with his money. Being from Milwaukee I was offended that someone who’s likely never been to my home town was throwing cash at some random dude who was going against Clarke soley because of Clarke’s refreshing views on the constitution. He needs to not just leave Wyoming but leave every city including NYC….I’d say the best place for him would be in prison with Bernie Madoff.

      • And yet you probably feel the need to comment on border issues even though you don’t live in Texas near the border. F’ing hypocrite.

        • Psst……the national border is the national border, and therefore a national issue ,for all states, not just those states for which the national border happens also to be a state border.

          How about you think a few more steps down the path before you open your mouth and scream at people like a lunatic?

        • Jonathan, you are absolutely correct, but I read something somewhere on the Internet, maybe a million times


        • People who cross the border illegally wind up all over the country, they don’t stay in border towns. The elected sheriff of a county stays in that county. Your analogy fails miserably.

        • big difference… once they past border they are an issue through the country. ILLEGAL Immigration is everyones problem.

          what happens at a local level is not the Same. Besides the left making every little thing a national issue to distract from Hillary and our Traitor BOY King.

      • I would be fine with him leaving the planet. Thankfully at his age it likely will not be long before he is safely in hell where he belongs.

  2. Bloomberg needs to buy a deserted island and become a nation of one so he can write all the laws he wants to govern himself.

  3. Chicago is shall issue, no handgun restrictions, no gun permit, no gun registration and no duty to retreat. And the “universal” background check is to call in and verify a FOID (firearm owners ID) card before selling a firearm person to person. I know the FOID kind of sucks, but nothing like all the stated that need pistol permits (im looking at you North Carolina). Also a lot of people in other states will not sell a firearm unless the other party has a CCW permit (nice to know id the person you are selling is “legal” to own one) . So anyone who thinks Chicago is Bloomberg paradise is really smoking something.

    • ….and yet across an imaginary line lies the beautiful state of Indiana….once you leave the Gary Hammond area at any rate. We always thought Gary Hammond was an extension of Chiraq anyway.
      Actually, if you get rid of Chiraq and the stupid gun laws, I could handle down state Illinois. Randy Wakeman is OK.

    • The problem with Chicago is the revolving door justice system. Thugs do very little time, if any, and are out on the streets in short order. The cops catch them and the DAs let them plead down to trivial charges and the judges issue very light sentences. And when the sentence is appropriate they are released in small fraction of the time (e.g. serve two years for a ten year sentence).

      Why wouldn’t they steal or straw purchase a gun and then commit another crime? They do not get punished for thier misdeeds so there is not deterrent to commiting a crime.

      Maybe, just maybe, if the bad guys were serving time in jail they wouldn’t be on the streets killing people. Maybe, others would see that if you commit a violent crime you will do real time and that would deter them.

      • @Kevin: That is EXACTLY the problem with progressive politics. Lay the blame on the tools (guns in this case) and then put the guys using the tools right back out on the street. It is a way to shift the blame and try to make the politicians look like they are accomplishing something while, at the same time, coddling the criminals and thugs. Very hypocritical but the average Joe and Jane seem to buy right into their arguments. Which is why it is important that ALL of us keep on exposing those politicians whenever we can. Also work to keep defensive tools in our hands while giving the BGs the punishment they deserve and keeping them out of society where they can do more harm. I suspect that at least some of the lax sentencing is due to corruption fueled by drug money. The focus on gun laws is an attempt to divert the average voter’s attention away from the real issues and the real solutions.

      • The USA has more people in prison per capita than basically any other place on the planet so you want more in prison. It’s always amusing that ammosexuals want to imprison more “thugs” (read: “black kids”) but get pale and shake like a junkie in withdrawal whenever there is a discussion of increasing sentences for firearms offenses.

        • Actually, calling for enforecment of existing firearms, which increases the effective punishments for such crimes, is a ready and routine routine response by gunowners to power hungry Democrats demanding new laws. So there.

          Aside from that, reliable prisoner rate data is easily available in the U.S., so of course we’ll rank near the top. (Seychelles is #1, by far, not the U.S.) Other countries lie about their incarceration rates, just like they lie about their crime rates, if they even expend the resources to collect and maintain accurate data.

          Moreover, that’s only counting, at best, those who do end up in prison. Many are executed swiftly for a wide array of crimes and don’t linger in prison as here in the U.S. There are also countries all over this world where people just disappear. Someday they may turn up having been beheaded and dumped in mass graves by federal police, as in Mexico, but often they just disappear. These extrajudicial kidnappings and murders never even have a chance to appear in your cooked criminal justice books.

          Again, do a little more thinking and a little less knee-jerk America hating, and you’ll go farther and make more sense.

        • No TROLL, I don’t want more in prison. I’m all for hang them in the public square, starting with that treasonous sack of shit Obama. Now you have a real nice rest of the day.

      • The cops catch them and the DAs let them plead down to trivial charges and the judges issue very light sentences. And when the sentence is appropriate they are released in small fraction of the time (e.g. serve two years for a ten year sentence).
        From what I have read that the gun charges are the first thing bargained away in the plea deals. Chiraq can pass all the gun laws it wants, but they are not enforced on the gangbangers.

        • If society would concentrate on eliminating many of the motives for crimes it would go very far in reducing overall crime. Such as providing a living wage that allows workers to live with dignity, affordable housing, mental healthcare and taking care of our veterans like we always intended. There will always be crime, but if approached objectively with the big picture in mind, we could minimize the impact. It will take a commitment of enlightenment and action. The War on Drugs has ruined many lives, much worse than addiction; anyone who ever got busted for a joint or a pill is forced into a lifetime of menial jobs because they can’t “be trusted” with responsible duties. If America prosecuted everyone who drank alcohol illegally during the first Prohibition any gave them permanent records like we do with weed-smokers, we’d be in even worse shape than we are now.

          It will take REAL common sense when it comes to what America decides to outlaw based on anecdotal evidence – and not on the wild-ass assumptions of fear mongers and liars like MDA & Bloomberg the Idiot. Why can’t gun owners mobilize and act in a unified fashion? We are diluted (and naive/deluded in some ways) for sure, with varying degrees of commitment towards our rights. Too comfortable to be activists who make an impact, but not too sedate to troll the Internet forums and spout off from the keyboard. Our plight is one of too many fronts to battle the problem and no dedicated/coordinated intelligence or army to act on it – what most of us thought of as the NRA’s job. We pay our money and expect them to perform miracles, but they failed in 1986 and have never been the same since. They actually seem to be afraid of being proactive anymore for fear of public outrage which is from their own doing. Now they are caged tigers frozen in fear of the louder voices of the gun grabbers. Those voices should not be the loudest or most-effective soundbites. Their army is comprised of irrational fear mongers – how can we let them even allow them to get away with it? Just because we’re not irrational doesn’t mean that we can’t counter irrational behavior with more impressive logical/scientific arguments that blow them out of the water. Is it because we pay our dues to our NRA, GOA, 2AF, etc. and expect them to do all of the work, walking away from the problem and assuming they will do everything necessary to assure our rights are protected. We can’t let it go down that way. We have to take ownership of the problem and not settle for anything less than what is right by the Constitution, without infringement of any kind.

          If we concentrate efforts on the federal level and make a solid law that enforces the Constitution and outlaws any legislation in the land that doesn’t pass the Constitutional Test – without endless debate over the meaning of it – we might just have a chance in regaining our 2A rights, eliminating the NFA restrictions and enjoying the full potential of our Constitution. We all have to contribute to this effort – and not only by mailing a check to the NRA, etc. Are you committed – or not?

    • That’s because we’ve made a lot of progress in the last few years. Go back a couple years and you’ll find all the crazy restrictions Bloomberg gets a hard-on over.

      • @nemisis: Look at the Wiki article I referenced in an earlier post. Looks to me like Illinois still is WAY to restrictive in many areas. Especially in Chicago.

    • Well magazine size restrictions and their stupid lasersight ban but other than that yeah. Its amazing how much a Supreme Court Case and a US Court of Appeals case (McDonald v Chicago and importantly Moore v Madigan, Lisa Madigan and her father are both POS’s) can help pave the way to cleaning up the crap for real legislation. And yeah NC needs to throw out their pistol permit purchase system like the sack of rotting meat it is. We have an NICS system now NC! Its (resonably) safe to use it!

      • Read closely and you will see that magazine restrictions and more DO actually apply in Chicago even though the chart says they are not restricted. Also, the 16 hour class requirement for concealed carry seems excessive and more of a deterrent for many folks than a possible benefit to society. Everything you need to know can be easily covered in an 8 hour class, or less. And there should be a way to prove you know the facts and then take a short qualification shoot without taking the classes at all; like a written test. Illinois recognition of concealed carry permits from other states also seems excessively restrictive.

        • Read really really closely about the line about the magazine restrictions not applying when the are in conflict with state law

        • I-594 is horrible and it does demand going to an FFL for any sale/transfer. But it is most important to note, I-594 is being ignored and not enforced.

        • “But it is most important to note, I-594 is being ignored and not enforced.”

          Until they will (selectively).

          Dangle raw meat in front of their nose and watch how fast they bite…

    • Let’s face it, the problem with Chicago isn’t about background checks, magazine capacities, or “assault” weapons. It’s stolen guns and drug dealing felons. But let’s not confuse Bloomberg with facts.

      • Winner winner, and the sooner we stop saying that all the problems are from the firearms restrictions the better. It would be safer to comment on the influence of past laws, but not the current. The problem with Bloomberg is just not his anti-gun stance, he flat out wants to throw out the whole bill of rights and just turn everything into a police state.

    • I was wondering about that–it seemed to me that Chicago’s gun control laws have gone into the dustbin of history. Yes, there are still issues with the CPD interfering with CCWs, but that is a relatively minor infestation. From the way you describe it, it is easier to get a gun In Chicago than California (handgun or firearms safety cert [20 question test and a $25 fee], a background check [$25] and a ten day waiting period for every purchase), 1o round mag limits, bullet buttons on “assault weapons”, and CCW issuance dependent on the county on which you live, not a state-wide system.

  4. “Wyoming fails to send mental-health records to nat’l gun check database”

    when people ask for an example of liberal bias in the media, this is the example I use. when elected officials choose to permit that which liberals seek to ban, it is reported as a failure. when elected officials choose to ban that which liberals seek to permit, it is reported as a failure.

  5. Every time somebody brings up the whole “you have to give up some liberty for security” idea, I don’t argue. Social contract theory. Our nation was founded on it, and if can work well. However, the powers that be seem to think the liberty/security thing is inversely proportional… and it’s not. Our freedoms do leave room for Billy Badass to make bad choices. That’s what law enforcement and the courts step in, NOT when you restrict the GOOD GUYS because of the BAD GUYS with useless laws.

    I read recently that if you recall a time your entire class was punished because a couple kids screwed up, that’s kinda what it’s like to be Muslim. We’ll, in many areas, that’s kinda what it’s like to be into guns.

  6. So what’s the point? Ammosexuals are insane and admit it? And ammosexuals have no problem with crazy people like themselves owning firearms?

    That’s a formula pretty much guaranteed to cause the majority of the nation to demand stricter regulations to keep weapons out of the hands of y’all.

    • Depends on your definition of crazy and insane. Bolsheviks and Nazis such as yourself are playing to an end game such as Greece and Venezuela.

      • Funny how ammosexuals and other conservative fascists are in love with Putin and Russia these days. Thank God we have all of those FEMA camps going up. For many of you ammosexuals that’s the only place you can live once you leave your parent’s basement.

        • You know what’s ironic, god? You sit here, calling people names without providing a clear, thought out argument in favor of your ideas….basically acting like a spoiled brat who’s mommy didn’t love him enough and daddy loved him a little too much. Then you spout off about living in a parents basement.
          All of your name calling, we’ve heard a million times. Please, at least expend some energy and come up with something original, otherwise just go away and tuck your head in the sand like a good little progressive, brainwashed soldier of the DNC. Keep up being a good internet commando and carry on.

    • You are apparently oblivious to the legal definition of “crazy”, or more properly “insane.” Under the ancient M’Naughten, applied in most states, “”Every man is to be presumed to be sane, and … that to establish a defense on the ground of insanity, it must be clearly proved that, at the time of the committing of the act, the party accused was laboring under such a defect of reason, from disease of mind, and not to know the nature and quality of the act he was doing; or if he did know it, that he did not know he was doing what was wrong.” Under this test, the Aurora shooter, who is most definitively schizophrenic, is perfectly sane. Now, I have little doubt that yo would argue that since guns are inherently evil, and since gun owners do not recognize the wrongfulness of guns, they must all be insane; but the fact of the matter is that anyone who would join a defenseless flock, or stick his head in the ground thinking that if you don’t see it, it doesn’t exist. I would suggest, however, that denying or rejecting the reality of a the inherently violent nature of the human animal, is the epitome of insanity. Just because yo choose to be peaceful and nonviolent doesn’t mean that others will follow your example; and thousands of years of human history demonstrate beyond dispute that they will not. Without a streak of violence, our species would not and could not have survived–or maybe that is what you would prefer? Are you one of those with the ideology that humans are a plague on the face of the planet, and the world would be a better place withiout us?

  7. Fascism: “We know what is best for you. If you know what is good for you, you will NOT argue with us.

    Just once I’d like one of these Fascisexuals to point to one of those right-wing fascist countries they keep going on about. Historically every fascist government I know about has been decidedly left wing/socialist in political orientation.

    I refer those with some reasonable political acumen to Jonah Golderg’s “Liberal Fascism” – a VERY informative book.

    • I’ve been asking this same thing for years. Fascism in Italy was a form of socialism in that the state exercised control over the means of production. While they were ostensibly owned privately, if you can’t decide how you use something, then you don’t really own it.

      In short, left wing.

  8. ammosexual????


    For Pete’s sake, quit trying to invent words which have no meaning!

    We get enough of that from the gun grabbers who want to call their anti gun stance “safety” and “reasonable” when we know they want our firearms, plain and simple. They twist words and invent words to hide their true intent.

    If a person is not of sound mind, it means they are insane. Sad for them.

    If a person gets some sort of sick thrill in killing innocent people, they are a bad person and need to be dealt with.

    • David, I was being fasci-cious (facetious) in order to make a point about how foolish the whole ammosexual term is. Sorry you didn’t get the humor.

    • Inventing such terms gives the postosexuals something to post about so they can keyboardgasm.

  9. And maybe I’m being paranoid, but I’m starting to wonder if maybe RF isn’t inserting inflammatory comments under the pseudonym “God” just to drive up the comment count, some of which [comments] are quite well thought out and well written, I might add. (/sarc)

  10. Guys, Willy Lunchmeat’s pseudo-deity alter ego is really not worth answering any more, if he/she/it ever was. I mean, complaining that someone who doesn’t live on the Texas/Mexico border has no legitimacy making comments about border issues? As if there was no Arizona/New Mexico/California borders with Mexico? As if illegals don’t make it any father north into the country than the Rio Grande valley? As if moving a factory from the Midwest to the southwest to take advantage of extra-cheap immigrant labor doesn’t affect the Midwest? The attempted insults have reached the absolute nadir of mindlessness, utterly unworthy of response.

  11. Bloomturd,
    Please feel free to get on your private jet, set a heading for jolly ole England, and never come back. Enjoy the bangers and mash you tyrant.

  12. This just in!

    At 18, Bouchard impregnated a 14 year old girl, then divorced her three years later.

    “Bouchard married the girl when she was 15 and he was 19, when both were living in Florida. They divorced three years later, he told the newspaper.

    Bouchard’s ex-wife killed herself when she was 20, he said.”

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