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“A more satisfactory explanation for the unusually high rate of U.S. gun murders and massacres might lie in the fact that other countries have strict gun control laws that have limited gun ownership and use. And this, in turn, might result from the fact that they do not labor under the burden of a predominantly evangelical white Protestantism, committed to gun-owners’ ‘rights’ at all costs.” – Lawrence Wittner in Guns and the Godly [at]

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  1. One of the things I really appreciate about this site is that you guys have the stomach to read Huffpo, Wapo, etc. and cull out what the other side thinks and digest it for us. It’s important for us to know, but I couldn’t bear to read those rags. Hat’s off to you.

    • HuffPo, Slate, Salon and Daily Beast have become the the MoJo’s of the day…the outlet for the batguano nuts…opinion, and not even coherent thought, passed as journalism. Can you fill a couple of paragraphs? We’re the place for you…

      WaPo, NYT and LA Times still try to operate under the pretense of journalism, but make no bones about their liberal slant and belief that they are the smartest people in the room. They like MoJo and Rolling Stone are losing relevancy quickly as the blog based tripe fills the moronosphere.

    • “I don’t like the name Lawrence, only faggots and sailors are called Lawrence. From now on you’re Gomer Pyle.”-Gunny Sergeant Heartman

    • Whites are the problem? Has this guy never heard of Uganda, Rowanda, South Africa? Why is it always about America and other civilized countries and we NEVER see a report of the numbers of people shot or hacked to death with machetes in third world hell holes?

      (Except TTAG – thanks for the “Disarmed Populace” stories.)

  2. Wait… it’s a faith-based issue now? I thought it was a gun problem? Or was it a public health issue? No wonder they can’t debate. They can’t even make up their minds on what the issue really is.

    • They know what the issue is, we have firearms and as lapdogs of the statists they will make every attempt, no matter how ludicrous, to make us appear odd, crazy, fanatical, etc., to make the further encroachment and infringement on our rights appear “normal and sensible” in order to reduce any potential resistance to further tyranny.

  3. I think we should listen to this one. He’s making a slam-dunk point that has never, ever been made literally everywhere before. Plus, just look at that hair!

  4. Yeah! Becaus Mexico, Sudan, Tunisia, Iraq, Afghanistan, NYC, Chigago, etc. are perfect examples of how effective gun control are. Narry a peashooter to be found.

    • Bullshit again ammosexual gestapo thug.

      The US is not a 3rd world nation…but one could guess you fascist tyrants want this in the name of “feedum fur amurican!”

      States with lax laws have higher murder and suicide rates than states with stricter laws.

      Fact for gunnut reprobates: A gun in the home is more likely to kill you or a loved one than “protect” you.

      How are places like europe, austraila or japan consider a “tyranny” to you paranoid terrorists despite thier good economies, healthcare, low crime and social safety net?

      More NRA crap that you sheep love to be spoonfed with while denining reality.

      • LOL Willy. Thanks for the laugh. Keep drinking the Leftist Koolaid and use your spell checker next time. You are one person who should definitely NOT have a gun. Funny how facts get in the way of your view of reality. Yet you refuse to believe them. That study that said you are more likely to be killed by a gun in your home than use it to protect yourself was discredited long ago. The guy that originally wrote that even admitted it was false. Look it up. Oh wait, NVM, you won’t look it up or believe it if you did.

      • Ah yes. The person that stands for tolerance, the acceptance of “multi-culturalim” , the embracing of other cultures different than your own without judgement or hatefulness. Although I did hear from an honest individual, the tolerance is only for immigrants, cultures and traditions from other countries not of america.

        Towards patriotic, proud, native born traditional Americans that believe in the constitution, the second amendment and the freedom to practice the traditional right of keeping and bearing of arms, all the hate and intolerance that one like yourself can spew, as you have shown, is perfectly acceptable.

        I have to admit W.L., the level of hate, judgement, the shear ugliness of your felling towards people that you disagree with is ….disturbing. I worry about your mental stability, the hate that burns ones soul. If you believe that you have one.

      • Oh Vienna Sausage…you and your alto egos Divine Being and Wee Pee Pee Yee are too much…

        So Europe…that bastion of civil liberty that hasn’t made it a century without coming apart at the seams since the days of Rome…that’s a real yardstick..or Japan…barely a generation away from a feudal monarchy, with a rich history of respect for the value of human life…and still refuses to acknowledge the crimes against its neighbors….oh yeah…aspire to be just like that…

      • Some more of that wonderful liberal tolerance from Ol’ Willy Little Meat.

        Man, I love this guy. Platonically, though. Don’t get too excited, Little Meat.

      • States with lax laws have higher murder and suicide rates than states with stricter laws.

        Care to explain how Vermont, with the most “lax” firearms laws in the nation, is always one of the top three states with the lowest violent crime rates in the United States?

        That’s right Willy. Anyone who is 16 years old or older and is not a violent felon can carry a handgun openly or concealed anywhere they want (except for schools) in Vermont. They do not have to pass any government screening, licensing, permitting, etc. Anyone age 18 or over can purchase any rifle or shotgun they want without any government screening, licensing, or permitting. Anyone age 21 or over can purchase any handgun from any licensed firearms dealer as long as they pass a federal background check. Beyond passing that background check, there is no other screening, licensing, or permitting involved. And yet Vermont is one of the top three safest states in the nation.

        In other words your statement is a baldfaced lie. And that is no surprise since you have no facts to back your position.

      • Come hang out with me and I’ll take you around some nice places in California, we have awesome gun control, all the universal background checks you could want, an assault weapons ban, 10 rd magazine limits, and 10 day waiting periods, not to mention great bans on things like hollow point rounds in certain jurisdisctions…I can take you to at least a handful of small-medium sized cities were you’ll hear random gunfire every fucking night.Yeah, that gun control works great.

      • Willy Lunchmeat, you are mental, deluded, mis-informed, hateful, angry, ignorant, un-educated, a hoplophobe and the least tolerant person in the room. I made my point without swearing at you once. Don’t bother replying or my many friends and compatriots on this board will feed you your lunch and give you your opinion. Open your mind and your politics.

      • japan consider a “tyranny” to you paranoid terrorists despite thier good economies, healthcare, low crime and social safety net? The Japanese just love to commit suicide in droves, must be a happy place.

      • States with lax laws have higher murder and suicide rates than states with stricter laws.</i>
        Actually if you comare same region same demographic states, as real socialogists do, states with lax gun laws and more guns have less murder and the same sucide rates as states with few guns. EG Maryland copared ot Virginia.
        <i>Fact for gunnut reprobates: A gun in the home is more likely to kill you or a loved one than “protect” you.</i>
        Only if your are a member of a gan, a person with five or mroe arrests or a convicted felon. If not, woning a gun make syoru home almost 25% safer than unarmed homes
        <i>How are places like europe, austraila or japan consider a “tyranny” to you paranoid terrorists despite thier good economies, healthcare, low crime and social safety net?</i> Japan has a 41% hiher murder+sucide rate than the US has., If you are not a felon or gang member your risk of being murdered inthe US 21% bleow the European average murder risk and 26% below your murder risk in Australia

  5. “Similarly, the murder rate in the American South — where the white Protestant Bible Belt is located — has long been the highest in the United States.”

    Everyone knows about the alarming rate at which white protestants kill each other in the south.

    I understand they kill each other at incredible rates in Chicago, Detroit and DC too.

  6. That’s because everyone else is NOT EQUAL. If they were, they would: 1) not have to ask for equality which can not be given, bestowed, nor “granted”; [paraphrased, TERMS, J.M..Thomas R., 2012] 2) they would not have to beg for equality in such a lame ass backward/bachanded way.

    Keep tellin your kids and grandkids they”re not equal you idiot, so we can have another 400 years of this sh_t.

    • God made everyone equal. Some people forgot, some of those people are still forcing their progeny to wear the title.

  7. What a lying sack of excrement. Statistics based on fact disprove his claims. How many times do we have to pull out the facts and prove these fascist monsters are lying before they shut up? Frustrating!

    • You just have to keep in mind the Extreme and Far Left does not care one bit about the “facts” or “truth”. They ONLY care about advancing their agenda to destroy the U.S. Constitutional Republic, individual liberty and the free market economy. They define “free speech” as the freedom to say anything that advances their goals including outright lies and slander.

      • Also mass murder. Just look at Stalin, Hitler and Mao.

        Bill Ayers, Current Ivy League Professor, unrepentant terrorist (“I didn;t do enough”) of the Weather Underground in the seventies, friend and mentor to Obama, planned to murder 25 million Americans (after their marxist overthrow of the American government) that they figured could not be “re-educated”.

  8. guess Black High Income, Well Educated Southern Baptist Christians are just SOL, huh?

  9. Just about everyone I shoot with between the ages of 20 and 40 is not interested in religion in any shape or form. God is just a hobby some other people practice not worthy of scorn, praise or any measure of consideration.
    Besides, isn’t the US below most Euro countries for participation in churchiness and churchy things? Or is the significance to be found in protestant religions vs non-protestant religions?

    From my perspective it seems the churchy ones are the OFWG’s and Fudd’s the left loves to parade out in support of asinine do-nothing restrictions. Bash’em one day and break bread with them the next? The Fudd’s should be offended by so blatantly being used as useful idiots. Of course they won’t be because they are.

    • The US is actually the western world, compared to western Europe, with the highest percentage of people that believe in G-d and actively go to church.

      In the old days, it was the “useful idiots” that practiced the “opiate of the masses” that allowed Christianity to be used by tyrants to rally the masses and committ wars of agression and mass murder.

      For the last hundred years, the tyrants now use people that believe in no G-d as the “useful idiots” (per Stalin) to rally the masses in tyranny and committing mass murder, as in Stalin, Mao, Hitler, and those that generally support the mass murder of those waiting to be born.

  10. I think that anti gun articles are just mad libs. It’s the same tired shit over and over and over again. The writers do zero research and pontificate about feelings and what they think, rather than trying to back up their ideas with data, statistics, and analysis of information. They do zero critical thinking when they create their junk articles, which in turn, makes those articles unreadable.

  11. Well Larry…we can’t all be blessed to be so ugly that we scare away all armed thugs.

    • Beat me to it. Didn’t I see this guy in the background of a couple of “walking dead” episodes. And apparently being retarded is a great weight loss program.

      • I’m guessing he’s so weak from his all-vegan, no-carb, gluten-free diet that his posture is permanently destroyed.

  12. Well, “for the schoolkids” has stalled out for the moment, “protect the LEOS” has not taken hold (kinda hard, when half the time you’re saying “cops are trigger-happy racist murderers” and the other half you’re saying “we need to pass these gun controls to protect our police officers”), most folks can see that the streets of suburbia really are not awash in gunfire-induced blood. So let’s try some “white guilt” and anti-religious bigotry… Lord only knows what they’ll come up with before “the children” takes over again.

  13. Anti – Gun, Anti Religion, Anti God, Anti freedom of thought, and choice! all Anti American and what the founder;s of this nation stood for! Sorta Begs what do they stand for? I know the Koran, Sharia law, Treason, Sedition, Racism! perversion of all kinds! do anything that will get them ahead or maybe it is Behind! get ready! their will be trouble when the silent majority says enough!

  14. And this, in turn, might result from the fact that they [other countries] do not labor under the burden of a predominantly evangelical white Protestantism, committed to gun-owners’ ‘rights’ at all costs. – Lawrence Wittner

    And yet the United States, which “labored under the burden of a predominantly evangelical white Protestantism, committed to gun-owners’ rights at all costs”, yielded the extremely low murder rate in the United States between 1910 and 1920 … or more recently in the United States between 1945 and 1955.

    No Mr. Wittner. Evangelical white Protestantism does not cause people to go out and commit violent crimes. Rather, it causes people (who are often white Protestants) to build hospitals, schools, universities, etc. etc. etc.

    • It was also the Protestant work ethic that built the greatest, economic, industrial, scientific, society with the highest level of literacy rate in the world that once, log ago, walked on the moon.

      Now that the liberal/progressives have been in control of our schools, universities, old media and popular culture for the last sixty years, we have fallen behind, I believe, Bangladesh in literacy, falling down the list in science, and we have generally accepted we have reached our peak and are on the down slope of post industrialization as China assumes the mantle of the new world leader in industrial growth.

      All under the watch of the liberal/progressives that worry more about if one has “self-esteem’ rather than if one can read their high school diploma they just received or fill out a job application.

  15. No. It is because Americans are “free”. We are not tightly bound by social chains that rigorously limit us physically and mentally. Read the award winning book “The Samauri, rhe Mountie, and the Cowboy” by David Kopel. So Americans , like free molecules, “bump” into each other more often. In the UK and Japan people are rigidly fixed in place. So the “bumps” occur internally and appear in statistics as suidides not assuults. The total dearh rate is lower in nations with rigid social structures but the residents do not enjoy the benefits of Liberty.

  16. Hey Lunchmeat…. you are also more likely to drown if you own a pool….. let’s ban them. I really don’t mind trolls if they want to debate but when they spew dribble like this it actually does more damage for them so troll away.

  17. So in that fact free opinion piece did he give any breakdown of the number of shooting as a percentage committed by evangelical white Protestants?

    • OR-did you truly expect something substantial from lunch meat? Guy’s nothing but SPAM….

  18. U.S. gun murders and massacres

    Note the language. They use the adjective “gun” before “murders” as opposed to other types of murders. They know that banning guns doesn’t reduce overall violence at all, so they stick the word “gun” in front to stay logically consistent.

  19. This is why academics who aren’t criminologists or economists should stay out of those areas. Literally every single “fact” he uses in this article is wrong. This fool has no idea what he’s speaking about.

  20. They always go with the quantity of murders, and not the rate. This country is freakin’ HUGE! Sure, we’re 8th in total murders. We’re 110th in murders per 100,000 persons.

    These anti-gun lunatics are just looking for anything at all to deflect attention from the fact that every single place in America with a high murder rate is run by their fellow travelers.

  21. How original – a libtard do nothing college indoctrination leader attacks white AngloSaxons, Christian, the Constitution, and gunowners. Way to stick your neck out there. Stepping out and really leading the college lounge lizards into unexplored territory.

    Now in the twilight of life and he realizes that he has done/accomplished nothing other than act as a KGB stooge.

  22. Luv me some with coffee in the morning. Then time to drop my Ruger LCR .38 p+ snubby and pocket size Mace canister in jeans pocket, and head out for morning & mid-day pet sits, because I live in the real world.

  23. I always read that Kipling poem as an exasperated sigh at trying to uplift people that aren’t upliftable or aren’t worth the effort. Why sacrifice the sons of Albion for savages, eh? Wittner looks like something dragged out of a spider-hole in Iraq. His bio says he’s from Brooklyn, so probably something close.

  24. The primary difference between the US and other developed nations is our entrenched gang culture. This alone accounts for our higher murder rate. [trigger warning for the terminally dense] Since most gang members are black or Hispanic perhaps the solution would be to expel these elements from the country so only the white God fearing Protestants remain. Ok, we can allow Catholics and Jews to hang around as well.

      • What was the UK murder rate really like when they had a serious “gang problem” in Ulster. I don’t think they counted victims of IRA and Ulster Defense League violence in their murder rate.

        • So what. The same could be said of the US. I believe more Americans have killed in traffic accidents than in all of our Wars. I bet if the Brits counted the dead from sectarian violence during the 70s and 80s in the domestic murder rate it would have been equal to the current US murder rate.

    • Meyer Lansky wasn’t exactly a slouch at violent crime, nor was his associate, Benjamin Siegel.

      • Meyer didn’t dirty his hands and he helped three Navy during WWII with counterespionage . The rewarded him by getting his son into the Naval Academy. He was literally a rocket scientist and retired as an O-6

  25. Arg I had to bite the bullet(pun intended) and read this cretins diatribe(well-some). Take out places like Chiraq,Baltimore,Newark and a profoundly different picture appears. But WE know that…

  26. Just one look at this kook told me all I needed to know.

    “predominantly evangelical white Protestantism, committed to gun-owners’ ‘rights’ at all costs.””

    No religion here, not even a little bit. Just a love for life, liberty and the tools that secure it.

  27. The only reason why Jews exist in America is because white Protestants suffered their bullcrap. The Catholic nations of Europe have already made their preferred outcome for Jews abundantly clear. African nations have made their preferred outcomes clear as well.

    Since this academic, left-wing Jew wants to carp about white Protestantism, here’s what this particular white Protestant has to say on the subject:

    I’m done. I’m done putting up with Jews. Period. All you Jews who want to live a life without white Protestantism? I’m absolutely fine with that. Let’s ship all the Jews who have a problem with us white Protestants back to whence they originally came (the middle east, where white Protestants are in a rather short supply) and then Jews can negotiate for their future with the Muslims.

    I’m highly curious to see a professor of “peace studies” gets along with the Salafists…

    • I get rather tired of the International Bolshevik Jews myself. If they think we conservative Protestants are so dang bad, they can go back to the Middle East. I Think the slogan “Next Year In Jerusalem” should really apply to them. You don’t hear German-Americans say “Next year in Berlin.” Good reason for that as while Germany is wonderful for some things, when it comes to the concept of liberty and freedom, the Vaterland just plain sucks. We also do not stick German plates on our cars as do the Mexicans. If they want a Mexican plate and want to speak Spanish so dang bad, they can just go back to Mexico.

    • The Catholic nations of Europe have already made their preferred outcome for Jews abundantly clear. Oh, let us remember the Catholic regions of Germany and Austria while we are on this subject. Anybody want to guess what regions of Germany had the initial Nazi support?

      • We don’t even have to bother with the WWII era of Catholic Europe, which is plenty notorious.

        All we need do is go study the history of the Inquisitions (NB the plural), when the Roman Catholic Church was at the zenith of their power, and they burned Jews at the stake, sometimes by the hundreds at a clip.

        My point to these idiot Jews is that Protestants literally invented religious tolerance. The term didn’t exist, much less the idea, until Protestants laid down their lives by the hundreds of thousands in sectarian wasr against the Catholic church and supporting monarchies in Europe, then the Protestants finally said “up yours” to the Papists and sailed across the Atlantic in search of religious freedom, landing their lilly white posteriors here in America.

  28. The self hating homosexual or self hating Jewish person or self hating atheist or self hating Christian have disarmed mostly black people for the own good. Did you get the results you wanted?

  29. Just what does the Protestant have to do to be called something like… I don’t know… Religion of Peace by these people… Hmm…

  30. And this, in turn, might result from the fact that they do not labor under the burden of a predominantly evangelical white Protestantism, committed to gun-owners’ ‘rights’ at all costs.”
    I agree. I think that since this Bolshevik Jew is so burdened by Protestants; he should go to the Islamic State where he can be assured of a lack of White European Evangelical Protestants.

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