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John Kent Lewis (courtsy

“Thanks to the monstrous National Rifle Association leadership, cowardly and/​or paid-off politicians and errant Supreme Court exegesis — the Second Amendment has been transmogrified into a perverse theological commandment: ‘Thou shalt bear arms.’ Any who question the unrestricted access to firearms — even the parents of murdered innocents — are declared apostates to the one true faith of the Gun.” – Duquesne University adjust law professor John Kent Lewis in Citizens are sacrificed on the altar of guns [via]


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  1. I think every home should have a gun. National security. Who will invade if every citizen has a gun?

    • I tend to believe many more homes have guns than is known. And make no mistake, I feel confident a number of those are in homes where the owners would report they do not.

  2. Look at all them fancy words he be using. He must be smarter than us dumb people, bow down before his greatness.

    • Somebody is trying too hard. Wonder how long he worked to get the very pointed metaphor with the use of exegesis while comparing an interpretation of the constitution to religion. That word just fits way too well.

    • He can’t be very smart.

      Luke 22:36 “‘But now,’ He said, ‘take your money and a traveler’s bag. And if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one!'”

      Kinda sounds like God is commanding us to bear arms, not just the NRA.

      • But that’s the hateful child murdering religion saying that, not a peace loving one like islam.

        /pukes a little in mouth

        I’m really having trouble recognizing a lot of members of our government as fellow human beings. You can’t be a thinking lucud individual and spout that kind of stuff.

        • “I’m really having trouble recognizing a lot of members of our government as fellow human beings.”
          Careful B, dehumanizing a group of people is one of the seeds of war being sown. Even if they earn less than animal status as your next comment is proof of that corrupt transformation.
          “You can’t be a thinking lucud individual and spout that kind of stuff.”

          The man who said-“We have shown them that WE can reason like men, now lets show them WE can fight like men.” would be disgusted that his future countrymen became the cowards he warned US about.

        • There is a difference between dehumanizing someone or a group, and having the sound judgment to realize that they have dehumanized themselves…

          Don’t be afraid of having sound judgment just because it’s a rare trait and those who have chosen to be your enemy hate you for having it…

  3. The country has an endless supply of leftist nitwits.

    They are being churned out by millions every year from the university indoctrination centers.

    Yet, supposedly with all the gains of Republican controlled state legislators, the leftist machine keeps getting funded. I am a member of the Stupid party.

  4. “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.” (from Henry the Sixth) It appears that some sentiments never seem to change. Perhaps he should demand that Shakespeare be banned.

  5. And what’s wrong with that? It isn’t perverse, though. There are numerous verses in the bible encouraging, promoting, and seemingly (to me) requiring one to be armed and be ready to protect themselves, others, and the community.

  6. ‘Thou shalt bear arms.’
    That must have been one of the 11th to 15th commandments, you know, on that third tablet Moses brought down from Sinai. I saw him drop the third tablet in a documentary once.

    Source: History of the World Part 1

  7. Funny because if you change a few words, the same demand for theological purity can be applied to anyone that dares dissent on same sex marriage. I don’t think Mr. Ivory Tower will be calling out his ideological allies the same way he channels his blind hatred of his ideological enemies.

    One demand for purity and SCOTUS activism is good, while following the actual words of the Constitution is bad. There can be no coexisting with this mindset.

  8. That’s actually Cameron Frye. His father tortured him for Ferris Bueller’s crimes. It’s no wonder he turned out this way.

  9. “Monstrous NRA”? “Perverse theological commandment”? So I am a NRA member and I’ve OC’d a pistol for the last seven years. To him, I’m a monster and a pervert.

    So the dehumanizing of those that believe differently than the “educated elite” continues apace.

    This has always been the prelude to government lead mass murder of those dehumanized.

    So to this ….person, the Founding Fathers were monsters and perverts as well.

    Like they say, those that point a finger and accuse a person of something, have two fingers pointed back at themselves. I will accept the statement that he has made about himself and who he is; a monster and a pervert.

  10. What he really means to say is that the only thing keeping the government from killing all the non-believers is the fact that a lot of Americans have access to firearms. Once they get rid of the firearms, then they can get rid of the right-wingers…

  11. Someone should point out to this loon that the country would not exist without rednecks with guns, which essentially describes the 18th century farmers with their arms that fought in the revolutionary war.

    Said rednecks did not want a future government to tell them how to live their lives, tax them to death and oppress them and so states insisted on the BOR including the 2nd Amendment.

    Supreme court has affirmed that this is an individual right and does not require one be in the army to have access to a firearm.

    He just doesn’t like it… but I’m sure he loves other complete nonsense rulings in which the SCOTUS has effectively legislated from the bench because THOSE rulings affirm things he does believe in.

    Someone should also point out to him that the worst attacks on US soil against innocent civilians…. none of the top 3 used the firearms he is so terrified of.

    Methinks he would be so much happier in that bastion of freedom, the UK, which has effectively turned into a police state.

  12. Yes, it is in fact a commandment in my house! It is my duty as a husband and father to prepare my children for the evil they WILL face in the world. It helps me sleep at night knowing my little boys and girls can karate chop and sling lead if it comes to that. Any less than that is just poor parenting.

  13. Everyone prepare. We are about to bring a tyrant to power. It will be done with thunderous applause. Guns and freedoms will be confiscated for the safety of the people. Do not be so nieve as to think this country is above the path of history. This is going to happen.

    “Those who sacrifice freedom for safety will gain neither and lose both”- Benjamin Franklin

  14. Little Johnny has a gift for expressing his bigotry and prejudice with flowery phrases. It is comforting to know that a legal professional with 4 decades of experience in federal administrative law has no better argument for gun control than this vile slander.

  15. If, as our Dear Leader says, ideologies are defeated by better ideas this schmo has a lot of work yet to do.

    • I think that’s the one thing with which I agree… Obama is right; ideologies are defeated by better ideologies. He’s just confused as to what “better” means.

  16. I don’t think courageous means what he thinks it means. Being courageous is act in the face of adversity for moral and ethical reasons. Ignoring the Constitution and an explicitly described right is tyranical not courageous.

    would the author also agree that it would be courageous for a politician to stand up and take away his First Amendment rights?

  17. Why lawyers? Why the law?

    Satan (portrayed by Al Pacino)

    Because the law my boy puts us into everything.
    It’s the ultimate backstage pass.
    It’s the new priesthood baby.
    Did you know there are more students in law school then there are lawyers walking the earth?
    We’re coming out!
    Guns blazing!

  18. “Duquesne University adjust law professor John Kent Lewis”

    shouldn’t that be “adjunct”…?

    • It is adjunct, and he is a judge in Mine Safety as well as having a Masters in Theology. Still, he managaes to be a twit. Too bad he can’t do a little research into criminality and review the steady decrease in violent crime over the past 40 years (UCR)

      • Well, a Masters in Theology. That explains a lot. Another over educated professor who knows more than the rest of us but has NO common sense.

  19. It seems that, all things considered, there’s a greater deal of orthodoxy at the Alter of Disarmament. Bodily attacking those who disagree and advocating others to do the same, choosing to trust in anecdote over statistic, demanding the removal of “heretics” from the bodies politic and journalistic…And to top it off, a lovely helping of self-righteousness and moral superiority.
    Essentially, a belief system that encompasses all the worst bits of pre-Reformation Christianity and none of the good ones.

    • “there’s a greater deal of orthodoxy at the Alter of Disarmament. Bodily “

      Well said.

      There’s an even greater deal of orthodoxy at the Alter of Academia. Leftist, Progressive dogma is preached with great vehemence, even outside the classroom.

      Once saw some chemistry professors, upon hearing of Nixon’s death, say they needed to plan a party. Yes, these “tolerant” hard core left wingers (one was from the Utopia of Boulder, CO) were planning a party to celebrate the death of a human being.

      And, it’s not like he was in power or had any influence on politics or their lives at the time…it was just…strange.

      When I voiced my opinion of their “celebration,” I think the word I used was “disgusting.” They looked at me like I took a dump on their breakfast. It was all very strange indeed.

      The ‘collectivist’ mind processes the world quite differently. They don’t really have any value at all for individual lives. It really IS the “good of the whole” that is all that matters…quite literally.

      They can’t seem to process the simple fact that the “whole” is made up of individuals…

    • … demanding the removal of “heretics” from the bodies politic and journalistic …

      Noah forgot to mention that Progressives demand the removal of “heretics” from academia as well as government and big business.

  20. “Thou Shalt Bear Arms”…I kind of like it. Would make great wall plaques, bumper stickers, Caps, T-Shirts and Banners, with a snappy logo featuring several favorite, well known arms and some Stars and Stripes bunting or an Eagle. I am no artist, but if someone makes one up, be sure to send an assortment to this Professor as a “Thanks for a great idea” gift.

    • I may have to have that engraved on my guns. You know… the ones at the bottom of the lake I lost them in in that boating accident.

    • Sounds like a great idea. Though not sure where to put such a sign? Don’t want it on my car as it may tip off thieves when I go into a “gun free zone”. On a T-shirt it may tip others off that I am carrying concealed. Any ideas where I could put a sign like this ?

      • On the wall of your Man Cave or a banner at a Gun Show Booth. I wouldn’t wear it in public or stick it on my car for the same reasons you cite. I’d regard it as a mocking inside joke among POTG and it might annoy the hell out of the so-called “Professor” who coined it…neither of which would be a bad outcome.

  21. Wait a minute, I didn’t think it was a religion, I thought it was supposed to be a sexual fetish. I keep getting called ammosexual. Maybe If we just embrace ammosexuality, they’ll have to honor and respect our right to own, bear and love guns. Right?

  22. “Thanks to the monstrous National Rifle Association leadership, cowardly and/​or paid-off politicians and errant Supreme Court exegesis — the Second Amendment has been transmogrified into a perverse theological commandment Amendment.”

    There, I fixed that for you Mr. Lewis.

    The only thing that has been transmogrified into a perverse theological anything is government, which wants us to view it as The Almighty Government … above any notion of God or religion.

  23. Basically, the 2a is the bible, and liberals have to make sure no one in the future will read or follow it. Then they convince us to divorce our guns in large numbers (because they oppress us with their hurtful little slights) and stop going to the range, the community goes to hell and our kids end up in prison. Happened before.

  24. Someone needs to ask this tool box who’s idea that is besides his, cause who ever came up with that is sick in the head and needs help.

  25. “I’m really having trouble recognizing a lot of members of our government as fellow human beings. ”

    Don’t fret, it might be a matter of eye-relief? (they cover optics here pretty thoroughly).

    • That was an intended response to “B” above but it jumped. Anyone else have funny NSA stuff happen while posting. Goodnight secret squirrels.

  26. Once again, whether some on this board like it or not, It’s the big bad NRA that these libs fear. Not saying don’t join other groups…but you should join this one…here’s the discount link i used..

  27. Anyone using “transmogrify” instantly reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, and is therefore dismissed.

  28. Unnecessarily wordy. When writing, the most important rule is to write to your audience so your words are understood. Concrete, clear and concise. He misses all these points. I recall a hospital I worked at where an administrator instructed us to stop using so many medical and note-approved writing skills in our chart notes as people may not understand what we mean.

  29. The societal trend tends to lend greater respect and trust to those as academic achievements increase. Though there is no rationale to disrespect those of us fortunate to have acquired these, it is ignorant to ignore the simple words of wisdom passed by a person with no formal education whatsoever. This is a failing of our current society and where we lose more than we gain.

  30. On the contrary, I fully support the rights of anyone to hate guns and not carry one. I only ask that they do not do so out of blind ignorance, and that they understand the consequences of laws that would restrict and criminalize those of us who do choose to go armed for the benefit of society.

  31. Maybe everything would be cleared up if we use a double negative?
    Thou shall not, not bear arms!

  32. That there is a special kind of stupid. Libtards and their non-logic. No matter how desperate I was I WOULD NEVER HIRE this MORON as my attorney. It would guarantee me 20 to life for a speeding ticket.

    And he is a professor teaching you minds full of mush to be lawyers. Lord help us all.

    With people like this around no wonder Communism, Nazism, Dictatorships and the like take root. These morons water the roots and provide the Miracle Grow.

  33. Well, it’s just that everyone seeking to restrict the right to keep and bear arms — including parents whose children were killed with guns — are apostates of liberty, and of The People.

    I hate to say it that way, but at the end of the day, it is what it is.

  34. “…even the parents of murdered innocents…”

    I hear this kind of crap all the time, but nobody has ever explained to me what exactly it is about knowing someone who got shot that makes you an expert on Constitutional law and human rights. Look, I feel for you and your loss, but making public policy based on your grief is a stupid idea.

    I’ve lost several loved ones to cancer, does that mean I can start prescribing chemotherapy drugs?

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