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“We support the Second Amendment. We have gun owners in our organization. We know that many NRA members are responsible gun owners, and we are calling on them to help us create safe laws for everybody. The NRA leadership has just gone too far to the extreme.” – Moms Demand Action’s Kathleen Chandler Wright in Gun control advocates to protest NRA [at]

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    • I really dig that sad far off into the distance stare. . . . just like Shannon and clearly the sign of someone detached from reality.

      • Don’t forget, the “stare” must be accompanied by either a national monument, a national park, or children in the background to emphasize just how much they love America. I have yet to see the “trifeca” in a background shot, maybe in their movements death throes.

  1. At what point do they realize they no longer control the narrative and a lie repeated over and over isn’t going to create reality anymore?

    • But, golly gee, she was so nice looking—all buffed and polished and all surely what she says has to have more merit compared to what all these burly, cammo-wearing gun-crazies are saying. They’re just a bunch of big bullies! Notice how she emphasized how “reasonable” her gun-control agenda is, clearly implying that support for the 2nd amendment somehow just isn’t reasonable . . .

      This is pure agitprop. You can clearly see the inner workings of Bloomberg’s paid professionals here. It’s not by accident that the rep is in “entertainment marketing” (i.e, a flack) any more than it isn’t an accident that Shannon herself is a professional flack. What Bloomberg want’s, is advertising and marketing professionals to sell gun-control ideas to a largely disinterested public. He thinks gun control ideology is all about marketing which assumes that one idea is about as good as another idea. In the marketeers minds the difference, what causes people to form values about ideas, lies in how the ideas are packaged and presented . He thinks gun-control advocacy is like Fox News. That’s why he’s failing.

  2. She forgot the “but” after “We support the Second Amendment”
    Anyway, why the hell is the NRA not continuously illustrating the fact that they are primarily a grassroots organization and not a shill for the ballistic entertainment complex. They need to package actual facts in neat little sound bites that the low information listener can assimilate, otherwise the other side is going to win.

    • It is my belief that these folks have chosen the wrong target (pun intended).

      It is in fact those men who wrote and ratified the Bill of Rights they should be crying about. In what way is the terminology “…shall not be infringed.” NOT extreme? It was their intent that this should be extreme – an extreme limitation on the power of government to tyrannize the people.

  3. They always throw that “sandy hook” out there when the other side of that coin is that shandy hook could not have occurred without a mother failing her child and failing society.

    MDA should be renamed to “moms demand action on your part so we can continue to fail as mothers.”.

      • I suspect Lanza’s father “abandoned” THEM, quite possibly over differences over what should be done about HIM (Adam). Whatever the truth of that domestic situation, he was the mother’s responsibility at the time of the incident and she failed misrerably both in getting him the help he so desperately needed AND in securing her weapons in such a way that he could not gain access. In both of these categories the father, who was not present, whatever his reasons, cannot be held liable.

  4. “I have a narrative and I’m sticking to it.”
    – any Moms Demanding Assassination of Gun Owners in America chapter member

  5. I am sure they have a few “Fudds” In that group. The guys who have one rifle and/or shotgun and probably go hunting once/twice a year who can technically be called gun owners but could not give a damn about gun rights outside of the one or two times they go hunting.

    MDA will continue to message about safety while all the while they lobby to ban guns wherever they can.

    • Considering they never have more than 3 people at their rallies I’m guessing they don’t even have any Fudds. They have (Bloomberg’s) money not members.

      • Almost every big-time wannabe gun-grabber these days either owns a gun or has a hubby, uncle, brother, grandpa, etc who is an “avid hunter” and, coincidentally, has no problem with every gun-rights restriction that comes down the pike. I expect some of those “avid hunters” actually exist.

        • Of course they exist. This country is in the pickle it’s in because the country is full of people that couldn’t care less about other people’s rights as long as they get theirs. What they don’t realize is that if they let my rights be abused, there’s will be abused next.

        • Oh yes, Fudds definitely exist. I’m just not sure how many of the gun-grabber bigwigs actually have one in the family. I’m fairly certain a significant percentage of the “avid hunters” the grabbers claim as family members are entirely fictitious. But I’m sure some are real, too, as many Fudds as there are out there.

  6. Can somebody with boots on the ground visually confirm this “400 activists” claim? I have this… let’s call it a gut feeling, that it is slightly exaggerated.

  7. They always focus on Sandy Hook and never bring up Chicago or any other homicide riddied city where they got all those “common sense” passed and didn’t accomplish sh!t.

  8. From what I can tell, no-one is even aware of their presence in Nashville.

    “Sweet stench of desperation”, indeed.

    • Yes, as both an attendee and Nashville resident, NRA has basically taken over all of downtown, and despite the very liberal Tennessean’s desire to cover a protest of 5 or so members of MDA (which might even be kind of funny, mind you), their presence, if it even exists, has not yet been noticed in the sea of the huge gun goodness gathering.

  9. I’ve never looked at The Tennessean before, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the comments section was available and not an anti echo chamber. In fact, the comments there were very pro gun and logical with only three anti trolls. I just posted this comment.
    I still can’t figure out how their new laws will be any more effective on criminals than the other laws they are currently breaking, many of which are directly harmful by their very nature and have been considered wrong and criminal throughout human history. I personally don’t support universal background check and safe storage laws because they are impossible to effectively enforce without making every adult in the country an FFL holder.

  10. What the F is a safe law? Killing you is is illegal, is killing you with a gun more illegaler? If someone is desperate or insane (temporarily or long term) and they decide to rob/murder/rape you, do you think they aren’t gonna use a gun just because now that means an extra 5 years behind bars thanks to a new law?

    The threat of reprocussion works for children, not 18 year old gangbangers, but CHILDREN. The threat of a person refusing to be a victim and double tapping them in the CNS should be their incentive to move along, not 5 more years rent free in a criminal frat house just to be released into a life that is already ruined.

    These people with their laws and regulations arent making us or anyone safer, they’re playing into a bigger political game and they know it. Don’t convert them with numbers, convert them with reality. Ask them if they’d rather have a gun or a whistle when Methy the AIDS paitient is trying to penetrate them. The ones who whole heartedly believe the filth that pours from the antis’ mouth are forever lost, and a liability to their fellow man.

  11. How many of those “47,000” Tennessee MDA “supporters” will be protesting? they’re estimating 70,000 NRA members attending out of 5 million total which equals 1.4% of the members across 50 states. MDA is claiming 47,000 “supporters” is Tennessee alone. 1.4% of MDA’s numbers would be 658. For them to be taken seriously I’d like to see over 600 UNPAID, came and stayed on their own funds “supporters”, which just ain’t gonna happen.

    • ‘For them to be taken seriously I’d like to see over 600 UNPAID, came and stayed on their own funds “supporters”, which just ain’t gonna happen.’

      Aw come on, don’t you want to see Shorty bilked out of some more of his money? Give them free limo rides and a stay at a 4 star hotel and they’d be lucky to come up with 6, let alone 6 hundred.

    • You’re being far too generous in your calculations. Those 70,000 (yesterday I heard 80K) NRA members are coming from all over the nation, not just Tennessee. For a fair comparison, you’d have to calculate 1.5 percent of MDA’s (alleged) national “supporters.”

      Everytown’s LinkedIn page claims that “more than 1.5 million moms, mayors, cops, teachers, survivors, gun owners and everyday Americans have come together” in support of its efforts and are “fighting together for the changes that we know will save lives.”*

      1.5 percent of 1.5 million people is 22,500. Since, as they claim, they are fighting together to save lives, you’d expect a high level of participation at this protest. Yet even using their claimed 400 protestors, they achieve a turnout of a paltry .003 percent. And that’s rounding up. Three-thousandths of one percent.

      MDA and Everytown are paid ad campaigns grabbing free coverage from a sympathizing media. They are not movements of any kind except the type produced in the bowels of bovines.

      It’s time to type “- 30 -” on Everytown and MDA.

      *This despite the fact that only 384 people are following Everytown on LinkedIn, and 60 of them are employees.

  12. It depends on how you define extreme, its like how Bill Clinton defined sexual relations.

    If you define extreme as someone having a different opinion than you and acting on it, then the shoe fits. It may defy logic, truth and reason, but they left those ships behind awhile back so there is no reason to hold back.

    • Well, for someone afraid of freedom, which requires personal responsibility, maturity and the willingness to own your mistakes and learn from them; even if it means you may get injured ir killed in the process; of course they would they would see free people as being extreme.

  13. …and we are calling on them to help us create safe laws for everybody…

    What would those “safe” laws be? How would they prevent criminals from using guns? Where have they been tried, and how effective have they been proven to be?

    • Now, now, now, Chip. You just need to shut up with those logical questions. We’re trying to sell our isht with emotion over here!

    • I’m willing to help! Let’s start with Constitutional carry everywhere, making GFZs punishable by multi thousand dollar fines, and required carry for teachers. If you need more help, just let me know.

  14. I’d love to see a head count of their group.
    Let’s not forget, the tens of thousands of NRA members that go to the convention PAID to go.
    Are the “mom’s” getting paid?

    • I’d be willing to bet there are more posters on this thread than actual non-paid mda protesters at the convention.

  15. At the 2010 Charlotte, NC Convention, maybe 6-10 Brady Bunch and CSGV “protestors” showed up, they laid on the sidewalk with there signs. Know what happened? The most polite non-confrontational 70+ thousand attendees quietly stepped over them, said excuse me, offered them water, and made a quiet yet profound mockery of them.
    Heh. Good to see the tradition continues.

  16. Dear gun grabber Kathleen Chandler Wright: Sorry, no matter how sneaky you try to be or nice you try to act about it, you still cannot have my guns. Now, go pound sand.


    • it would really cool if the NRA sent a limo to her home, picked up her “husband”, drove him to the convention center, and put him up on the dais as a guest of honor.

  17. NRA extreme? Don’t make me laugh. They are barely helpful. They only succeed because their members make them act.

  18. Interesting, the Tennessean almost gave the NRA the last word in the article. They just had to “bookend” the article with Sandy Hook references, though, I see. BTW, most “chapters” of an organization have “members”; I find it interesting that MDA and its “chapters” only seem to have “supporters”. To his credit, the NRA spox referenced both 5 mil “members” and even more “supporters”.

  19. You know what this means, at least one Morons Demand Action for Things They Don’t Understand member joined the NRA to provide this talking point. They’re now helping to fund our cause.

  20. I thought we were all agreed on “shall not be infringed.” Now she seeks to enlist my help in further infringing freedom by curtailing constitutional rights?

    When she and the other moms demand some action toward licensing some of those evil religions, imposing waiting periods on violence-inciting speech, and perhaps background checks on some of those peaceable assemblies, then maybe we can talk about her even-handedness and longings for safety.

    Until then (and really even after then), she’s just another gun grabbing statist, who’ll be among the first ones who when the Big Day comes, and it will, and the government turns on us, cries out for help in dismay, disbelief, regret, and shame.

  21. Her organization had a chance to show that they themselves were not extremists with the background check initiative in WA State. Instead, they used the supposedly just a background check initiative to even criminalize introducing a friend to target shooting by letting him shoot your firearm in your presence, and likewise even for your own children once they are over 18. The NRA could, I suppose, poll its memebers to see what they think of this law and the organizations that pushed for it and that now refuse to let it be amended to address the law’s worst excesses, but why bother with the poll when the answer is clear as it is.

  22. I note from her profile that she is a PR and entertainment marketing professional, which leads me to question whether or not she is truly a “volunteer” (Tennessee football fan notwithstanding) or more along the lines of a Shannon wannabe.

  23. I’m sorry, demanding full use of my rights is not extreme. Your organization’s want to strip me of my rights is extreme.


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