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YHM has been making silencers for ages, but they’ve been mainly in the background since the silencer surge a couple years ago. SilencerCo, Gemtech, AAC, and now SIG SAUER are the big names, but YHM still makes some nifty stuff. Their latest can is a pistol silencer, which has some great features and clocks in at nearly $200 cheaper than anything AAC offers.

The YHM Sidewinder is a monocore design pistol silencer, which means that the baffle stack is a single piece of metal that has been milled out to create the blast chambers. This design means that there’s a bit of first round pop (1 dB more) but is insanely easy to clean. Slide the thing out, hose it down, and slide it back in — no stacking, no muss, no fuss. That makes the can very appealing for not only 9mm or 45 ACP (what it is designed to suppress) but rimfire calibers as well. Oh, and 300 BLK works too, if you only use subsonic ammo (or supersonic ammo about 5 times).


MSRP on this can is $699, and ships with one mount and a disassembly tool to remove the end cap for easy cleaning. Additional mounts (including a fixed barrel spacer) are available for $65 a pop.

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  1. YKM is a great innovative shop. Anything they get involved in, you just know will push the envelope.

  2. I have both the YHM Sidewinder in .45 and the Titanium in 5.56. They both exceeded my expectations with their quality and cost.

  3. will it came in , on Nov 21 16 an iam so happy with it, this is one awesome can an love it.

    thank you Y H M

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