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“There’s a united front of sportsmen that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them. That kind of unity among sportsmen is going to be big, and unfortunately for those of us who live here, we’re going to suffer the consequences of this misguided legislation.” – Chris Jurney, VP, Colorado Outfitters Association in Hunters Strike Back, Begin Boycotting Colorado Over New Gun Laws [via]

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  1. dont forget boycotts of NY and MD as well. Wifey was pissed but I told her no crab season on the MD shore and no visits to NYC for broadway shows. Sorry – but I refuse to spend $$$ on people who are racist and discriminate against me.

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      I’m with you Dirk even if I am thousands of miles away. In the past, groups such as those advocating gay rights boycotted states (ie Colorado) and businesses (Disney Land). Gun owners need to stop vacationing in places such as NY, CA, MA, IL, and businesses (NFL) and people (ie actors Jim Carey) that have declared themselves opposed to our rights.

  2. “There’s a united front of Americans that are tired of having their freedoms and liberties and fundamental rights taken away from them.”

  3. I wish I could agree.

    Unfortunately, most of the hunters I’ve met have zero qualms with the government banning “black rifles”. They don’t need more then 6 rounds , so who needs 30?

    • Yeah, until it is their high power, long range, sniper rifles they come after. Wake up and smell the coffee. As Biden said, “this is only the beginning.”

        • Doc, was Harrisburg the location of the Eastern Sports and Trade Show? Anyway, ST may not be completely off base. There is no shortage of Elmer Fudd / politically correct hunters that don’t see a difference between a fishing pole or rifles and shotguns.

        • That’s still a pretty recent development, let’s hope hunters have learned their lesson, and that of Martin Niemoeller.

      • I am really afraid sportsmen like hunters are lost to us; they suffer from both tunnel vision and normalcy bias.

    • Although recent legislation in NY and CO should be setting the example that it is not going to just be black rifles that are impacted. The CO laws may impact pump-action shotguns and the NY law bans certain kinds of lever action rifles.

      The theoretical threat to hunting rifles is no longer just a theory. I can be seen clearly on the horizon.

      People who don’t like guns because they are “icky” would be perfectly happy to ban ’em all.

  4. The politicos that passed the magazine capacity limit legislation, are the same folks that think Bambi should only die of old age. They will be elated if sportsmen ignore Colorado.

      • No, no they will not. Many anti-gun and eco-terrorists live in a reality distortion field.

        Bankruptcy, meh, who gonna care? Unchecked wild game, no problem, the Fish and Game Dept. will take out their AR’s to cull the herd and everything will be fine.

        Far too many in US have no clue what is happening in their own backyard, they will not care until it is WAY too late.

        • Pascal,

          I wish I didn’t agree with you, but the disconnect with reality being shown by our politicians and those who voted for them is a frightening thing. I’m disgusted by how many still consider nature to be a peaceful place. The ecological world is incredibly violent. A coyote catching a fawn is not peaceful.

          Yet we are seeing the results of emotional, “tolerant,” and “common-sense” thinking that pulls power from the people and concentrates it in the hands of big government.

        • I too am highly disappointed that the educational system and (more importantly) parents have failed to teach kids what nature really is – bloody.

          I dunno if it’s the anthropomorphism of Disney, or just the utter ignorance of people who think food comes from the supermarket.

          The real disconnect to me is that we got Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom and some PBS stuff once a week, these kids have entire 24 hour cable channels of animals killing each other.

        • It’s really easy to have a distorted sense of reality when you sign in laws without even reading them, or even worse when you think your representatives actually care about representing you.

  5. We must be fair and BOYCOT every state and law being ramed down are throats! These asshat polititions wont listen to are voices. Time to have them listen to the only thing they seem to care about, are wallets!!! If we hit these jokers with a nation wide boycot of greenbacks in these anti gun, anti American states, and vote PROGUN every voting chance we get, it will change. Remember this, the most powerfull weapon we own, is are vote!!! And the asshat Obama’s very scared of how many of us there are with more rigistering every day, its a war he cant win. And when its all said and done these guys in NY, CO, WA DC, will never be in office again, and will be known through time as the ANTI AMERICAN PARTY THAT HAD TO BE OVERTHROWN. What a horrible way to be remembered, as the folks who tried to break the back of FREE AMERICA!!!

    • As a native and resident of Colorado it pains me to say this but you are correct – boycott away. Not only that, make sure you let Colorado know you are boycotting and why. Inform the Governor, the Legislature and the Colorado Tourism Board that you are not coming and why. If you are a Democrat, (relax, I’m not gonna bash on you) it is even more important that you voice your displeasure. I’ve already made my voice heard but I’m not part of the “base” for our current crop of politicos so they don’t give a crap about what I have to say (they have made this clear). So, for those of you who are changing your plans to come to the Centennial State, make it known. Economic repercussions may either help to change minds at the state house or get some of the bad apples booted in future elections. Colorado is not a lost cause yet, we can get it back and, perhaps, use it to serve as an example of what happens when you piss on people’s rights.

  6. I also will not spend any money on any arms/ammo/accessories from any company that remains in a gun grabber state. If you stay there, to me it means you voluntarily pay for the gun grab with any taxes your company pays.

  7. The NRA purged it’s leadership of fudds a long time ago because they were not pro-gun, only pro-hunting. I know guys who have been hunting deer, moose and elk with their Remington 700s since they were kids. They recoil from an AR like it was a rattlesnake. And handguns? Don’t make me laugh. They’d be perfectly content to have every handgun turned into scrap metal.

  8. A couple days ago I posted about this on, and was attacked for my position of cancelling a hunt for 4 people to Colorado this fall. Several posters there said the current proposals don’t affect them or their guns, so why should they care? Unfortunately, it appears they have a narrow field of view. I politely described why they should care, and that how their hunting rifles, even single-shots, could/will be next if the current crop of proposals go into law.

    But not everyone has their head in the sand. The Outdoor Channel announced they will not be hunting or filming in Colorado until/unless the new regulations are overturned.

    If you are interested in what some hunters are thinking, the thread is “Boycott Colorado Hunting,” started by Allen. There are several posters who appear to be hunting guides, etc, who are trying to shoot down the boycott, but they are thinking short-term only. Why we can’t learn from history is beyond me.

  9. Unfortunately, those of us from other states cannot really help the good folks from Colorado, so they need to help themselves. They need to really get on their representatives. Colorado has already lost Magpul and the Outdoor Channel. Business owners, including outfitters and guides, must bring pressure to bear on their legislators. If they can be recalled…do it. Fire them all if that’s what it takes, including your dimwit governor. We’re pulling for you and out here and hoping for something more than a scream for help. Organize and make your legislators fear for their jobs. They’re supposed to be representing you not taking away your rights because they think they know what’s good for you. I live in MN and I’m on the phone almost daily and I send a lot of e-mails. We are also being pushed but we’re pushing back harder than they push us and we’ve been winning so far. Don’t give up and don’t get tired of fighting. That is exactly what they want. Stand and Fight. Good luck!

  10. I have to push selectively. My state representative politely told me to pound sand-he voted for all the anti- measures. My state senator didn’t even give me the dignity of a response, and he voted for all the measures. They both had token opposition at best during the last election. Hickenlooper’s office generated a canned response, and we all know what he did.

    However, you can bet your sweet *ss I’ll be doing everything I can to help swing the legislature in 2014, even if not in my district.


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