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This little interchange—between Jim Carrey’s Cold Dead Hands and Reason TV’s rebuttal—highlights the cultural divide between the two camps. On one hand you have an ad hominem anti-gun broadside “inspired” by the Sandy Hook slaughter; a video that’s basically an extended dick joke (with some condescending “southerners as stupid rednecks” thrown in for good measure). On the other, Reason’s crafted a mostly fact-based condemnation of Carrey’s hypocrisy on child vaccinations (pointed out by several TTAG commentators underneath our original post on the comedian’s dietribe [sic]). Does it matter that gun rights advocates take the high road while their opponents throw poo from [what they perceive to be] a great height? Yes it does. Tone matters. But at the end of the proverbial day, it’s fingers on triggers that’ll win this war. And I mean that in the nicest possible way.

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  1. Mr. Colion Noire has already created a fine rebuttal @ you-tube. I myself have not seen, nor will I waste time watching the video created by Carrey the @sshat. As Colion states at the end of his response “ain’t been funny since Living Color” Nuff Said…….

  2. LOL, good rebuttal… almost as good as Mr. Noir’s.

    I do like this video points out Mr. Carey’s worst offense, though… his anti-vaccination, anti-science crusade has harmed waaaaaaaay more children than Sandy Hook did.

    • REALLY? Why doncha google “Autism and Vaccines”; or “death from vaccines”? Or “seizures and vaccines”? My own daughter had a VERY scary seizure right after a vaccination – HER LAST.

      I’m calling this a win, until you can come up with some deaths from measles, mumps and chicken pox.

      • William,

        I hope that you at least realize that the reason there are no deaths is because of widespread vaccination. Your daughter will benefit from herd immunity, but if enough people continue on this path, we could see a resurgence in these formerly common diseases.

      • Not all vaccines are created equal. The idea itself is sound, but it is open to abuse and human failings.

        Jim Carrey is without a doubt a paranoid blowhard. He blames vaccines for his child’s autism when the most likely culprit came from his loins.

        • Carey got on the autism/vaccine connection bandwagon b/c he was banging Jenny McCarthy. The washed up whore has a son with it, and instead of saying $hit happens or exploring her own personal proclivities, she is like all liberals, looking to blame someone.

        • He is not the father of Jenny’s autistic son. God knows what kind of chimeric entity that mating would have produced.

      • Wow, have you actually googled autism and vaccines? If you had, you would realize the only study to link the two in any sort of causal relation was proven fraudulent a decade ago. The doctor who performed the study was brought up on charges in the UK.

        By the way, we vaccinate for many more serious illnesses than the mmr vaccine (and the measles is a very serious disease). Ask your grandma what living without them was like…

      • In 2011, over 150,000 people died from measles, mostly in places like sub-Saharan Africa where vaccinations rates are extremely low. In areas with inadequate medical care, a measles oubreak can easily have a 10% mortality rate.

        Even Europe has occasional flare-ups of measles, though it’s generally less deadly thanks to better medical care. Still, there were six deaths in France in 2010 due to measles. Thanks to widespread immunization, it’s pretty rare in the U.S., but in the rest of the world, it’s no joke.

      • Ya’ll need to lay off William. He sounds like one of them scienticians to me, and he’s got the kind of knowledge you can set your watch by. You know, like the following:

        X happened after, or around the time of Y. Therefore X caused Y, no questions asked. My alarm clock goes off, and half an hour later the sun goes up. Therefore my alarm clock caused the sun to go up. Duh.


        Key facts

        Measles is one of the leading causes of death among young children even though a safe and cost-effective vaccine is available.
        In 2011, there were 158 000 measles deaths globally – about 430 deaths every day or 18 deaths every hour.
        More than 95% of measles deaths occur in low-income countries with weak health infrastructures.
        Measles vaccination resulted in a 71% drop in measles deaths between 2000 and 2011 worldwide.
        In 2011, about 84% of the world’s children received one dose of measles vaccine by their first birthday through routine health services – up from 72% in 2000.

        Do the math – the increase in measles vaccinations from 2000 to 2011 saves 387,000 children every year. Learn to google.

      • Google?? How about the original FRAUDULENT study. I suggest you do some actual research before opening your mouth and removing all doubt that you are a fool.

      • As a Emergency Nurse, I have seen children drop dead from eating cheese. I guess we should outlaw Dairy too? I am sorry for you loss, but I have Six Children and 5 Grand children… and they have all had their vaccines….. and it HURT, made them FEEL BAD, and they HATED THEM> But they are healthy, happy, and living well.

        Just because your child did not live does not mean that everyone else’s should die. It’s not all about you (or Jim unCarey)

      • You guys need to see the clear parallel here. An extremely emotional event took place that has blinded an individual to the facts that pertain to the population as a whole because of an isolated incident they were personally involved with. Therefore to that individual immediate action must be taken that would actually greatly endanger the greater population.

        In this example vaccines are parallel to guns. This is exactly what happens to create the anti-gun arguments we are so familiar with that actually make no sense. They don’t have to make sense, they’re emotionally driven.

  3. Only thing good to come out of this is knowing he will will never see another dollar from me in any movie he is in nor anything he supports. I wish they would all come forward and share their beliefs. Nothing like making money off the public and stabbing them in the back.

  4. Carey is nothing more than Shiney Keys to prevent you from seeing what is happening under your nose.
    Your school system is being sovietized.
    All those 1950’s Red Menace Movies?
    They are comming true.
    On a Massive Scale

    • Blank verse! NICE!!! What “communists” are you referring to? Name me some that weren’t just totalitarians CALLING themselves communists.

      I could call myself a giraffe, but that doesn’t mean you should believe it.

      There is NO difference between Hitler and Mussolini, on the one hand, and Mao and that Korean lilliputian tinhorn. DICTATORS. TYRANTS.

  5. I also didn’t watch the first one (and won’t) and thought this was him (Carrey) with a follow up to his first. Glad I went ahead and watched it, the guys good!

  6. Well done! Mr. Colion Noir did his usual outstanding rebuttal, but answering this Hollywood fake intellectual in his own coin is good too.

  7. Do not respond to comedic commentary with reasoned arguments. It only gives veracity to lunacy.

  8. Instead of being a coward and attacking a deceased acting legend, Carrey should have gone after someone living like Ted Nugent. Now that would have been entertaining, watching the Nuge rip into Carrey! I guess that’s why he went after Heston.

    • That would not happen. There is too much danger in a blowhard taking on a live person, that person may just respond.

  9. carrey is a nobody, his opinion means nothing, he seems to feel that his take on things is actually relevant, Randy

    • Jim Carey’s first Big Time Movie appearance was as a Billy Idol Type making a MTV music vid back in the 80’s in a Clint Eastwood movie.
      Carey played a totaly self absorbed manufactured 1 dimensional satanic “Rock Star”
      who was murdered in the 1st Act.
      Carey did a terrific job, it was perhaps Too True to himself.
      Ahh, Hollywood

  10. I seriously need to quit listening to anything these Hollywood actors say off screen. The more I listen to them the less of my DVD collection I can stand to watch again.

    • That’s because on screen they’re reading lines other, actually intelligent, individuals wrote. Have you watched Jim Carrey’s standup? He definitely wasn’t picked up for films because of his written material (hint: it was because of the punishment his face could take).

  11. Jim Carrey is a Canuck. Born north o’ the border. Hence his distaste and lack of understanding for our Constitution and 2A rights. ‘Nuff said.

    Ps. How shameful is his “comedy” these days?! Surely not living up to the otherwise high bar set by other Canadian comics. Bob and Doug MacKenzie, he is not.

    • As much as I enjoy making fun of Canucks (I live in WA state, so we see plenty), many of our Canuck brothers from a common mother enjoy firearms and wish dearly their rights were as respected as they are in the good ‘ol USA. I think we can cut the rest of Canada-land slack for Mr. Carrey’s crimes of ignorance.

        • Understood, and agreed in principle. Much respect to the friends in arms north of the border who are supportive of our causes. However from what I’ve seen in the media coming from the north, it has been quite a bit more majority demonstrating lack of support…and my reference is to what I think is the root of that sentiment, I.e. lack of them living under our Constitution and 2A. They have a different view due to that and while understandably so – I view that as a critical difference which renders their opinions and feelings to be, effectively of no value or import. Happy to receive the positive support from those Canucks who want to give it, but ultimately having people, the media, etc. worrying about or giving credence to what other nations and international cultures viewpoints are relative to our unalienable Constitutional rights is in part what has gotten us to this awful climate in the U.S. and where we stand today. So again. Happy to have the support, much love to those in the north who give it. But the others, like Carrey – STFU. Or FOAD. Their choice.

        • And again, for the record, nothing Carrey has done approaches the hilarity or genius of “Strange Brew”!

    • That’s your decision. I kinda feel like it’s an arrogant, first-world-enabled decision that a couple billion people would like to even have the opportunity to make, but it is your decision. I (and BILLIONS like me) have seen the same evidence you have, and drawn a vastly different conclusion. Don’t infer from that that I am uneducated. I can’t speak for the billions of other people who feel the way I do, but for my part, I’m not speaking from ignorance; I feel I have enough education on the subject to make an informed decision.

      What I do know is this: First, I have noticed that many of the people who I have seen who have jumped on the “vaccines = autism” bandwagon are “causeheads,” in that “v=a” is not the only non-mainstream view they espouse. I’m not implying they don’t truly believe what they’re saying; I’m simply saying that they are more persuadable or perhaps more emotionally reactive than most. Second, with specific regard to “v=a,” many of the loudest proponents of this theory are parents whose children have suffered seemingly random, inexplicable health problems. While I feel for their pain, it seems to me that many of them are stuck in the second stage of grief, that of Anger, and are looking for someone, anyone to blame, because that makes it easier to deal with. They have an “enemy” to fight, and that makes their grief more bearable.

      • Again, educate yourself. If your child is healthy, it’s unlikely they will suffer harm from a vaccination. There is just nothing to be gained from giving it to them. They were a really good idea, they just don’t work as advertised. Also, herd immunity is a myth. A small amount of actual research confirms this.

        • Also, herd immunity is a myth.

          I’m not sure how you figure that. If an infected individual is surrounded by a population where 80-90% are immune to that affliction, that dramatically limits the potential of that affliction to spread versus in a largely non-immune population. That’s not even science, that’s just math.

        • Go through some of the old cemetaries. Prior to the mid 1940’s you will find large numbers of headstones for kids that did not make it to 5. Large numbers. That started to change in the mid 40’s. Now most kids that are born are expected to live. What changed?

          And why are so many parents wishing to turn back the clock to a time when their kids faced death on a dailey basis?

        • A child that is healthy does not have the same level of strength in their immune system as an adult, meaning they will be more susceptible to the affliction when in contact with an uncontrolled sample. That is confirmed in innumerable stacks of research. Their being “healthy” does not make them immune, vaccinations do with little risk. A vaccination is little more than a virus definition update for our bodies, you may never come across that virus while using your computer but you will be glad when you’re actually protected.

          “A small amount of actual research confirms this” means someone spent quite a bit of time picking variables that would meet their argument. Spend enough time and pick the right variables and you can make any data show anything you want. The reason majority rule works best with research is that multiple sets of variables all corroborate the same story, making it more likely to be true.

        • Jesus H. Christ. Are you kidding stateisevil? Matt hit the nail on the head with his rebuttal. A myth? You just made my brain hurt.

  12. Really if you want to get a bit of insight to this entire Jim Carrey thing you need to go look into the ‘Rules of the Internet’. Specifically Rule 14.

    14. Do not argue with trolls — it means that they win.

    That’s all that Jim Carrey is. He’s just an attention hound with a need for attention that teeters on the edge of pathology. Once upon a time he was reported to have staged a fake knife attack against a tour group. No planning or anything. He just did it just for fun.

    This entire incident started with him baiting gun owners, getting them all worked up, and then making full on fun of them in a very public manner. And if you get all bent out of shape about it then you just played right into his hands.

    My advice to everyone, in this matter, is to just flat out ignore him and encourage EVERYONE to do the same.

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