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How long can our local police officers remain the only people qualified enough to wield firearms if they can’t get enough gun food to keep their skills sharp? Maybe they can apply for a DHS ammo grant. Think of it as stimulus.

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      • It’s sad, now they have to practice like the rest of us poor folks. They can thank the department of agriculture for hoarding 1.5 million rounds. Really the department of agriculture??? HLS, is really pushing the limits…They need to go back where they came from along with the BATFE…

    • I love the “they are afraid officers could get rusty” LOL. Most can’t hit a house, if they were inside the house and they are worried about rust? Oh brother. When something rusts that much, it’s just dust.

  1. Maybe they should get it from Cheaper Than Dirt, if they don’t mind selling some cruisers to get a couple boxes. And it is a good thing they don’t need 22 LR..I hear it’s though to find. On the other hand, I would gladly trade my ammo for some of their used equipment.

  2. For once there is equality between the “Only Ones” and the rest of us. They are finding it as difficult as the rest of us to get grub for their guns. While not the case with every PD, many were supporters of Mr. Obama’s Ideas, which is the Womb that created this situation we now find ourselves in collectively. Poetic justice.

  3. Don’t seem to have that problem here in rural NV… But then again, most of the cops here have their own stash at home and trust the government less than people on this site 🙂

  4. Wow. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes fact. Now even Forbes? It was not a billion rounds, it was 1.6 million rounds. Stop the lie.

        • Of course they train with hollow points. Ideally the training round should chamber and recoil just like a duty round to verify that the weapon is reliable. That’s why Speer makes the “Lawman” training round to complement the Gold Dot duty rounds. They do everything but expand similarly, but cost less because they don’t have the same terminal ballistic features. Hollow points also make nice semi-wad cutter type holes in paper targets 🙂

  5. DHS got congressional “authority” to procure 1.6 billion rds over 5 yrs. That was for budget planning. They claim they have not actually sourced that much. Yet

    • Provide a ref for that bit of info.

      The Senate demwits have not passed a budget in 4yrs (other the throwaway BS last week). None the less, the feds have been illegally (outside of the Constitution) spending like drunken sailors over the last 4 obumer years.

      • Been more than 4, son. Obama being bad by no means makes W good. The only reason Obama went as nuts as he did was the foundation of fascism and corruption laid down by the previous admin.

    • The NYPD has ~40,000 sworn officers. If they each use only 100 rounds per year for requalification that equalls 4 million rounds. If you count up all the FED LE officers that fall under DHS supervision and understand that they use considerably more rounds per officer for annual training, you can see how easily 15 million rounds a year can “up in smoke”. Still doesn’t explain the 1.6 billion total purchase option over 5 years though.

  6. Interestingly enough local PD here in Bozeman has been mentioned in these articles. They are actually running low on practice ammo because they actually practice. Like every other LE agency in my neck of the woods (I can’t vouch for the Highway Patrol) they have trainings every month.

  7. Well, if this keeps up,
    If this hits NYC and the area around LA, innocent citizens may get shot LESS! and maybe there will be less no warrant home invasions by the local SWAT, resulting in fewer homes being misidentified and fewer innocent citizens being flash banged and/or SHOT.

  8. There is no shortage, the prices just changed.

    What do they care,

    1. “other people’s money” is buying..
    2. train less.
    3. no new guns for a while.

    BFD, cry me a river. Go on and get all you can handle.

  9. “Maybe if all the ‘crazies’ would quit buying it all up and hoarding it for the apocalypse…damn gun nuts.”

    Well what about the 1.6 billion the DHS has purchase which would last the U.S Army 20 years in the Iraq War?

    “Oh God, the government is not out to get you damn conspiracy theorists, they buy in bulk because it’s cheaper…they even said so”

    So they get to buy in bulk because it’s “cheaper”, but if I try to buy a thousand rounds in bulk I’m “crazy” and building an “arsenal”?

    Sickens me how often I have this exact conversation.

    • yeah because everything is going to be just fine economically! the DOW jones is above 14K and unemployment is 7.8 percent! were recovered!

      *excuse me while I laugh myself to death

  10. That should make the bradys happy, cops without ammo, why even more “precious” lives can be saved then, Randy

  11. well i for one am delighted to see that the fact that the hoplophobes are seeing that this time “is different” too bad they can’t trade their unnecessary armored vehicles and camouflage for some rounds.

  12. Mixed feelings. I’d like my local police and sheriff deputies to be well trained.

    And if the Feds did decide to put the boot on America’s neck, it seems pretty logical that they would use a private thug army instead of the military and regular police. Go recruit a bunch of union thugs and bully boys from LA/Chicago/DC/Philly etc., give them pretty DHS uniforms, body armor, cool toys, and fat salaries with plush bennies (no Obama care for our bully boys). Having bought their loyalty, just turn them lose on the people our press and educational system has worked so hard to demonize and dehumanize, i.e., Americans.

    I don’t think it’s likely, but that’s the way I’d do it if I were an American neo-Bolshevik. That’s the way it’s been done elsewhere. Just to be safe, I think some congressional hearings on the militarization of civilian forces would be a very good thing.

    • Yes! Bystanders of NYC rejoice! I couldn’t help but think, “Awwww, poor babies,” when I read the headline. Lol

    • But if they don’t have ammo they won’t be able to hold their single required annual shooting day at the NYPD and they won’t get to shoot again until next year. Some of those guys were really looking forward to finally shooting a gun. I know they set their standards low but I think they can do better than 0 hits on target for the entire PD.

  13. So, how long until these government agencies start seizing or otherwise mandate that they get first dibs on the ammo?

      • About two billion rounds worth so far. Homeland Security is looking to buy an additional 1.6 billion rounds per year. DHS is gearing up for war it seems so much so PDs can’t even train. And we wonder why the deficit is rising.

  14. They only get 100 rounds per month. I shoot 2 to 3 times that every week. It still amazes me how little range time is actually expected by most departments.

    • I caught that too. In my Monday night pistol league we use 60 – 72 rounds depending on the course of fire. So we’re nearly using in a week what they’re maybe using in a month. And they’re the ones qualified to walk around armed and we’re doomed to fail?

  15. That headline could just as easily read “Nickbnumbers having trouble scrounging up sympathy for gov’t agencies inconvenienced by consequences from gov’t actions.”

  16. Keep in mind they’re talking about plinking rounds, not JHP defense rounds. Anyway, welcome to the real world LEOs!

  17. The government isn’t buying up 22LR or 45 yet it is in short supply. We have met the enemy and it is us. We are buying up every round in sight. Why do you thing there is plenty of ammo on gun broker? Speculators buy it up at Dicks and then resell it to people willing to buy Golden Bullets for $50 a brick. Stop hoarding and the shortage will be over.

    • It’s not all speculation. I had old ammo I wasn’t using and decided to sell some of it for the current going rate to:

      1. Buy more guns, gun stuff, and pay some bills.

      2. Help supply fellow gun owners.

      I’ve been down on the ground here watching people. You wouldn’t believe how many people pulled incredibly old bricks of .22lr in their closet to sell when they found out what it was going for.

      As for your admonition to “stop hoarding”, what? It’s sensible to have “a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.” It’s called being prepared.

      Since you’re fond of referencing the Soviet Union, might I add that you sound a bit like a Chekist? You’re an eyelid twitch away from ranting about wreckers and saboteurs.

      People could always stop buying ammo at the current price (which they’re starting to do) and it’ll come back down (which it is).

      • I personalize it for you. I started the crisis with about a year’s supply of ammo in most calibers. If I ran to the store to stock up with even more I would be hoarding. I don’t have a need for more ammo yet. I can get it by the box at my gun club when reach my minimum inventory level. But maybe I should have just run out to Dick’s or Walmart on ammo resupply day and bought up all I could and resell for a tidy profit.

  18. Here’s a bill for you:

    Any Federal agency other than the Dept of Defense that purchases small arms ammunition may keep no more than a 3 months supply. Supply qty to be based on the maximum usage during any 3 month period over the last 24 months. And stock or orders above this quanitity will be transfered, including cost of freight, to the Office of the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) at location to be designated by the CMP and at no cost to the CMP. Each agency will pay to CMP reasonable storage fees as determined by the CMP until all ammuniton is disposed of to the public. All transfer to be completed within 60days.

    The CMP may ration and sell, at current market price, up to 20% of this ammuition to local or county police departments. CMP will sell all other ammunition will be sold in small lots (box or case) by internet or mail order to private individuals at the price the gov’t paid to purchase from the manufacturer.

  19. Wish I could insert a gif of Brando flicking his chin after the horse head scene, as that’s pretty much my reaction…

  20. I can hear Janet Nappie now: “So, your little police department needs ammo? We will be happy to provide you with all you need from our stash of billions of rounds, all you have to do is allow us to station a DHS “advisor” in your chief’s office. She will serve as your “acting federal superintendent ” to make sure you are using the ammo in an appropriate manner. You haff relatives in the old country, ja?”


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