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sig cohen pic

“SIG SAUER doesn’t dabble.” – SIG SAUER CEO Ron Cohen

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  1. oRly? I submit the whole “Diamond Plate” line, the 20+ versions of the P238, and the “Tribal” series as evidence you do. And you are systematically going through the back catalog of great guns and ruining them with the -A1(‘murica edition), first the P225 now the P210. I fully expect a SSG 3000-A1 with a $25 scope and cardboard thin plastic stock to be for sale anytime now.

    • Don’t forget the ultra-cool new “Legion” line

      “For thousands of years, one symbol has been a rallying cry for the world’s most revered warriors. And for decades, one brand of firearms has served more elite fighting forces than any other.

      WELCOME TO THE LEGION BY SIG SAUER” – From Sig’s Legion website

  2. I just stopped by their website. I stopped by the first 4 pistols in the product lineup and counted 51 different variations between them. There may be a bit of dabbling there….

    That said, a 227 is still next on my list.

    • That’s called commitment. Dabbling is being a 1911 maker who decides that to get some attention/publicity for Shot Show they will make a revolutionary new gun that nobody has ever seen before and call it a 6-shot .357 revolver. That’s dabbling.

      • 3 things…
        1) It’s not another AR.
        2) Pocket revolver with 6 shots of magnum instead of 5, snag free. Original maybe not but another option in a thin market.
        3) It’s not another AR.

      • I think it’s more like a company very focused on the bottom line, and very much aware of the costs of manufacturing metal parts to “close-enough” tolerances, doing a back of the napkin calculation of the margins available to the few remaining revolver manufacturers, compared to those on offer in the ever more crowded semi field.

    • FWIW In the photo above, Mr. Cohen was explaining the exhaustive torture testing inflicted on SIG’s new pistol optics before their release. Mr. Cohen wanted us to know that SIG doesn’t enter a product category lightly. They play to win.

      As for producing multiple variants of proven products, I don’t call that dabbling. I call that smart marketing. Whether or not it sucks up precious resources that might have been better spent in other areas, I have no idea.

        • Hey, I got one of those!
          It is the feature that made my p238 $150 cheaper than the rest, so in my book it is a good feature. Ah, and it is still prettier than a Glock 🙂

      • Does that apply to their optics only? Because both of the P226 pistols I purchased had issues, so I got rid of them. On the second one, I noticed that on the muzzle end of the frame, just below the rails, the frame was cut in a little bit, about an inch or so on both sides. I thought it was a manufacturing defect, so I called Sig. They said it’s normal. They called it a “pre-cut.” My only reaction was WTF? I don’t know if they still do that, but I thought it was ridiculous.

        And yeah, that whole tribal, diamond plate nonsense. They could have made a killer .22 target pistol instead, but no. Gotta appeal to the Ed Hardy d-bag crowd I guess. Or maybe they could lower their prices if they didn’t waste resources on all the kitchy stuff. I really tried to like Sig, but I’m just no feeling it.

  3. Nope they don’t dabble. They screw it up completely the first time. Pistols with no less than 5 protrusions off the left side, pistols with bore height measured in kilometers, rifles with unjustifiably heart stopping prices, labeling an obvious suppressor core as a muzzle brake, making the P220 a single stack for no apparent reason (for a single stack it’s as fat as Salma Hayek is hot). Now they’ve entered the LRF market and we’ll see how that goes. I’ll give them credit, they don’t in deed dabble. That doesn’t mean they produce good designs. They do seem to try to innovate a bit so I’ll give them that. Innovation is what you call one good and successful idea after hundreds of complete abject failures.

    • meccastreisand, the p220 has always been single stacked since 1975. Thats like saying, wow Kimber is dumb for releasing a single stacked 1911. If you want a double stacked .45, its called the p227. /facepalm

  4. Mr. Cohen, smart marketer or dabbler, is doing the job his shareholders pay him for as he just got me to happily spend $1284 for a P229 Legion when I had a perfectly good P229 already at home. That Legion trigger btw is amazing…

  5. You guys should check out Barnes Precision Machine at booth 3966. It’s another mom and pop AR shop but they have some sweet rifles

      • Gen 1 gen 2 bull, not getting the collapsible stocks out in a timely manner/screwing over a large number of backorders by putting said stocks on new products instead of filling 6+ month old orders, etc. mpx owners have good reasons that they’re pissed.

  6. I didn’t have a link to his full comments, so I’m not sure what he means. I took it to mean, though, that they by not dabbling he means they don’t half-ass it. That is, if they enter a market, it’s with the intent to dominate it, or at least become the benchmark against which others are measured.

  7. Agreed. That is not a good thing, however, when you lack focus and discipline in product management. Ammo, optics, silencers, air guns (wtf?), training (Academy is awesome BTW) , accessories and guns demonstrate a company that has lost it’s way in pursuit of revenue and share. Sig offers a menu like the 99. Lots of choices but the food is blah and never looks like the pictures when it reaches your table.

    On a side note. Welcome to the Sig channel. All Sig, all the time! Gonna have to find another website to hit between calls when working from home. Ugh.

    • “On a side note. Welcome to the Sig channel. All Sig, all the time! Gonna have to find another website to hit between calls when working from home. “


      There are presently two (2!) articles on the front page about Sig. There are also articles about S&W, LMT, Browning, UTAS, Kimber and two (2!) about Benelli.

      It’s ShotShow season. Deal with it.


  8. I really like the P226 and M400.

    Not too sure about other Sig products, though, I’ve heard they’re usually great or garbage, with not much in between.

    But, I would have no issues trusting my life with those, aforementioned, two weapons.

  9. Every time I pick up my SIG 556 I wonder when they’re going to finish design development of the stock, handguards and trigger, because apparently, the entire product line was shipped with sloppy prototypes.

  10. Nick looks like he is starving in this photo. He has the shape of a gulag prisoner. Protein and workouts my friend.

    • Put a hat, glasses, the right camera angle, a little make-up, 2 or 3 giant eagle tattoos on his back and calfs, have him slink down a little, and a 22 in his hand and I’d say he looks like 22plinkster or plinksters sister.

    • His transformation from fat guy to healthy guy has been cool to see, I think it’s pretty lame to mock him for having lost a lot of weight…

      Side Note: Nick, It IS time to change your wardrobe and haircut, though. All the ShotShow photos make me think you’re still trying to cover up a fat guy. You’ve done a badass job, show it off!

      • I think it’s pretty lame to mock him for having lost a lot of weight…

        I’m not mocking him for losing weight. I congratulated him for it in his “bacon” diet article. I’m just saying… maybe its time to stop losing weight?

        • I wonder what you’d think of me if you think he’s “too thin.” lol

          My suggestions to change wardrobe and hair style would go a long way toward accentuating his build as opposed to coming off a bit awkward. Regardless, it’s an awesome transition, and one that a lot of people find difficult. That “lifestyle change” that helps make one thin includes changing more than just eating and exercise habits.

  11. For the record;

    I’ve had nothing but top notch CS and quality purchases (over 10 models) from Sig for many years. EVERY time (and only a few) I’ve called Sig for assistance they have gone out of their way to alieviate the problem, with extreme professionalism, including but not limited to exchanging my XI for a MCX in .300 Blk due to problems with my XI. (case by case policy) I’ve had only ONE Sig handgun that needed a sight adjustment right out of the box, ONE out of many models over many years.
    Just reporting a few of my personal experiences with SS. I don’t by Glocks because I don’t like them, no special reason. I prefer Ford over GMC, not sure why. I don’t like Liver, I like Chicken, it’s just the way it is……………… I’ve never met anyone who was forced by anyone else to buy a Sig product. It’s a great country, isn’t it? ………………..

  12. As a owner of 16 sig handguns and 5 walther handguns,I will say I purchase only what works and has great reliability and performance. If sig made junk,the company would not continue to grow. I guess it’s just more fun to pissed and moan than to be proud of our gun community. We all know who the big boys are and the low quality ones also. Just kills me that we bash each other instead of coming together to fight against those who want to take our rights away. I am also purchasing a bersa uc .45 for the firs time. I feel it’s time to stream out and try other brands (not glocks,no use for them,no hate just no use)

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