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“In an autobiography published last year, [Texas Senator Ted] Cruz recounts how after he moved to Austin in 2003 to serve as the state’s appointed solicitor general, he became concerned about leaving his wife Heidi at home alone while he traveled,” the AP reports [via]. “The couple had previously lived in Washington, where each had jobs in the administration of President George W. Bush.” Here’s the relevant bit from Cruz’s book . . .

Worried that an intruder might come through the window, I placed a hatchet beneath our bed, and started to tell her to grab the hatchet if anything happened. As I was saying this, it struck me … this was stupid. Heidi is five-foot-two. The last thing I wanted was for my beautiful, petite wife to be trying to swing a hatchet at a large, menacing robber coming through the window.

So Senator Cruz bought his beloved a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver for a bedside gun — at the age of 42. And? And it appears that the Smith was Mr. Cruz’s first self-defense firearm. It may be his first ever firearm. And? And that means he’s a Johnny-come-lately to gun rights, apparently. But wait! There’s more!

According to his campaign, Cruz also owns a 12-gauge Beretta Silver Pigeon shotgun for bird hunting, though a spokeswoman declined to disclose when he bought the weapon. The campaign also declined to say whether he holds a permit to carry a concealed firearm.

So Senator Cruz may have taken up hunting in his middle age — the article researched his hunting license applications and discovered them all recent. And? And maybe he did so as a sop to the pro-gun, pro-hunting part of the population. I mean, Ted may not even carry! But wait! There’s more! Sherman set the Wayback Machine to 2008.

As solicitor general, Cruz helped file a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of Texas and 30 other states in support of Dick Heller, a Washington resident who challenged the city’s gun ban. In his book, Cruz details the case at length and slams the Bush administration for arguing in court that reasonable restrictions on gun ownership are constitutional if they protect “important regulatory interests.”

“I was dismayed with the Bush administration’s attempt to water down the Second Amendment and incensed with D.C.’s attempt to write the Second Amendment entirely out of the Constitution,” Cruz recounts. “… Unlike the Bush administration, we did not believe that laws infringing Americans’ right to ‘keep and bear arms’ become constitutional whenever a federal judge finds them ‘reasonable.’ That’s not what the Constitution says; instead, it says ‘the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’ In my view, ‘shall not be infringed’ means exactly that.”

In his written argument to the justices, however, Cruz took a more nuanced legal position. Responding to concerns expressed by the government that striking down DC’s gun ban could jeopardize other gun control laws across the country, Cruz listed numerous “reasonable regulations” on guns he argued were constitutional, including state prohibitions on felons possessing firearms, as well as bans on owning machine guns and sawed-off shotguns.

I guess that’s all meant to prove that Senator Cruz isn’t as pro-gun as he seems. Or . . . it could prove that Senator Cruz was positioning his amicus brief to have maximum impact on the Supreme Court, to help the Second Amendment Foundation win the Heller decision, which established the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right.

Cruz’s firearms-related political theater — cooking bacon on the end of an AR-15 (mistaking it for a machine gun), hanging out with Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson, etc. — may seem cynical to some. But the Texas Senator has always been pro-gun rights. Hit pieces like this only prove that Senator Cruz has gone from rank outsider to serious contender. I reckon Ted is a friend of ours. You?

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  1. I guess that because I was raised in an anti gun household and didn’t get into guns until a few years ago means I am not pro second amendment either. I mean, I buy a gun at a rate of about 1 a month, but because my parents didn’t place a gun in my cradle I don’t have the 2A cred.
    What a pile of crap. Who cares when he saw the light, the fact that he did is a plus for people like us.

        • I’m with you HandyDan , I went through a couple two or ten of those ‘ one a week ‘ spells , and you’re absolutely correct in your assessment of how a lot of gun owners act about what I call ‘ the birthright syndrome ‘.
          I was able to buy a lot of guns and fun gun stuff when I stopped smoking weed and cigarettes , drinking all alcoholic beverages and soda , and all the other vises that drain our bank accounts . I don’t own a cell phone and I don’t go to doctors , I very seldom eat out and I earn extra cash working on small OPE for folks on my spare time . It really is usually about priorities right ?

      • Like Dan, I didn’t grow up in a shooting household. I bought my first gun in my early 20’s. The Marlin 60 was all I had for about a decade. Then, I bought a Mosin in my early 30’s. I didn’t get a “modern sporting rifle”, or a handgun until my late 30’s. Over the last five years (ages 37-42), I’ve made up for lost time, adding a CCW, several rifles, several revolvers, multiple pistols, and two shotguns. Now, I’ve built up a pretty decent collection. There are still a few more that I want to add.

    • Historians warn us that it’s wrong to attempt to impose contemporary values on past events. Nonetheless, people and politicians do this all the time. Just sayin’ . . .

    • Anybody but me find it hilarious that the liberal talking head was so eager to point out that the semi-auto was , in fact, NOT a machine gun, when usually they try to give the opposite impression ? i.e. that all guns that LOOK like machine guns should be called “assault rifles”. So they CAN tell the difference, huh ?

  2. The good news is that Hillary is no hypocrite: She has been working with the Brady campaign to ban and confiscate guns since at least 1994.

    • While I get the impression he is very 2A friendly, I don’t get the impression that he can get anything done about them. He’s also subject to party whims and striking deals to protect the interests of party extremists.

      Trump on the other hand doesn’t have a perfect 2A record, but has openly stated in very plain speech what he intends to do an how. I also don’t see Trump having to compromise with anyone because of party issues.

      I’m placing my money on immenent action rather than grand standing and empty words from career politicians.

      Cruz also strikes me as a man whom lacks real backbone, although I have no basis for this assumption. It’s just a gut feeling I get. That he’s in over his head and that he’d have no problem selling us out. Just a hunch.

      • Other than using his position as commander in chief to effect military base carry, what does Trump plan to do that would be within his power? And if it’s not in his power- i.e. making laws- what is the difference between him and Cruz?

        If gun control gets passed, I have no doubt Cruz would veto it. That’s about all the power a president has.

        • ^ and USSC nominations, I suppose, but I don’t see there being a huge difference on the issue of guns between the two. Cruz seems to care more about the constitution than Trump anyway.

        • He can reverse past executive orders banning the import of guns. That would be something.

          Maybe even issue an executive order for the BATFE to stop being a PITA to law-abiding Americans.

      • NO He ISN”T .
        You must be confusing him with Rand or Marco or someone else . Everyone in DC hates Cruz for do doing the very thing you say he does do .
        Talk about deal making . If that turns you off , you had better steer clear of ‘ the Don ‘. This is the biggest deal maker we have ever had run for the big house .
        Trumpsters admits , even braggingly , that he donated to both Dems and Repubs in the same districts and capacities and if this isn’t illegal it is without any doubt , unethical . This is the very sort of nonsense that Tea Party people have wrung their hands over , I can’t believe real Tea Party people are going to cast a vote for
        ‘ The Don ‘. Unbelievable !

      • “I also don’t see Trump having to compromise with anyone because of party issues.”

        Considering that the president doesn’t get to make laws, President Trump would have to find somebody to compromise with, if he intended to actually do anything other than run his mouth. The Democrats aren’t going to play ball with him, which just leaves him to ask the Republicans for help. Which would entail…compromise.

        Trump’s bluster may be appealing to some when he’s giving a speech, but that shit goes just about exactly nowhere when it comes to the actual sausage-making of government. Nobody clings childishly to a grudge harder than politicians do.

      • Sell us out you say.. So let me get this correct, the guy that shut down the federal government, has at least made an attempt to keep every promise he has made, and pissses off everyone in Washington for your rights, is somehow going to change for no apparent reason.

        On another note trump talks, cruze does.

  3. Whatever you think of Cruz, legal documents are made to argue legal points and sway judges accordingly, not to provide sounds bites for media promulgation or gotcha quotes. Anyone using them for such have to know most people don’t speak legalese, and do so despite that knowledge.

  4. If you have any doubts whether Senator Ted Cruz is a genuine, staunch proponent of the Second Amendment, just watch the Senate hearing where he buts head with Senator Diane Feinstein over military style semi-automatic rifles.

    Try this link for example:

      • I watched it on cspan at the time and I was impressed with his full throated defense when the climate at the time was one of ‘fait acompli’ Sandy hook was still headlines and I was so sure, along with democrats, no one would have the guts to vocally oppose them. Cruz, and millions of gun owners, proved me wrong

      • Thanks for posting that.

        Cruz hits is out of the park, and with authority at that.

        Also, props to LaPierre.

      • These alone make me believe he is the real deal. When people are forming the mob telling you one thing and you stand to your principles.

        • There is actually so much more than these two clips but these are powerful , Cruz is the real deal and it is proven out by how much the progressives in all walks of life get weak Kneed when they imagine a Cruz presidency . It would mean a rollback of a hundred years of plotting and conniving and trickery in progressive God haters attempts to change a muddy the straightforwardness of our founders words in establishing a constitution that protects the citizenry from government , a truly unique and Godly inspired concept .
          A Cruz presidency is the only real protection against a Supreme Court that would finally be capable of decimating our God given constitutionally protected , Bill of Rights enumerated freedoms that no other nation on this earth can come close to .
          Every other candidate running for the Presidency , except Cruz , Dems , third party , and republicans alike , give me hesitation when it comes to the nominating of Supreme Court judges . I fear all others would bend to pressure and nominate another progressive , and one more of these slim balls on the bench and our Constitution is corrupted .
          The single greatest issue of this election is this , the nomination of Supreme Court Judges .
          The economy can collapse , the boarder can be over run , the price of oil can plummet below $ 10.00 a bbl. or climb to $200.00 a bbl. , the sock market can explode , the housing

        • Got cut off right about at the sock market section , any hew , the point is , elect Cruz , save the world , elect anyone else , say by by .

    • “he buts head with Senator Diane Feinstein”.

      Taken literally, that would mean a his head would have had to touch hers. In physical contact.

      Ick. This is my vomit from revulsion face.

  5. What BS… I grew up hunting as a kid, but then got distracted by a career for 40 years. Bought my first handgun when I was 55, now have a nice collection > my age. Bought my first shotgun, last year…. although I have 2 from when I was young. Am also a certified NRA Instructor (pistol & home defense) as of last year. Plus life member NRA, GOA, SAF. Sounds like Rachel is an age-ist. IMHO, Ted has total SA credibility with me.

      • “Donald on the other hand…”

        Trump stands a better chance of being the nominee, at least at this point, in my opinion.

        I’ve read recently Trump stands a good chance to snatch 20 percent of usually Democrat voters.

        That could be *huge*.

        I could be fine with a Trump/Cruz ticket, if it ensures the Dem candidate looses.

        • Yeah, at this point, it’s ‘whoever can beat Hillary’, and I’ve been impressed at the number who would jump sides to vote FOR Trump.

          At this point I’m almost willing to see what a real supervillian can do, at least for a couple years.

        • “I could be fine with a Trump/Cruz ticket, if it ensures the Dem candidate looses.”

          I could be fine with sheep fudger/clown puncher ticket if it ensured the Dems loose.

  6. I didn’t buy my first gun until age 52.
    Alot of us were late to the party, doesn’t mean we were anti 2nd.
    Didn’t really see the need until a couple of road rage incidents. Now I enjoy having handguns for self defense and recreation.

    • Also consider the fact that Ted was living in Washington D.C. for a number of years. It is very difficult for residents of D.C. to buy firearms. I’d cut him a bit of slack for that.

      I trust Ted more than anybody else running for president. Hillary, Sanders, Trump, Bush, etc. don’t impress me much.

  7. Except for maybe Rand Paul, Cruz is the most consistent candidate on the constitution and the Bill of Rights. He would make a great SCOTUS justice, and as president I think he would appoint good judges.

    With the way judges affect our lives so directly, the appointment of judges who respect the Bill of Rights is probably the most important thing a president can do. Please keep that in mind when you vote. The next president will be appointing SCOTUS justices who’ll determine the fates of our children and grandchildren.

    • “He would make a great SCOTUS justice, and as president I think he would appoint good judges.”

      The Left would consider Cruz a nightmare SCOTUS associate, they would pull out all the stops to deny him the Senate votes.

      • Too bad for the democrats who invoked the “nuclear option” with respect to Senate matters … turnabout is fair play.

  8. I didn’t get into shooting until I was in my 30’s. I know a lot of non gun owners who nevertheless support the 2A and oppose additional gun control. Can a straight person not be for gay rights? Can a white guy not work to help foster better outcomes for minorities?

    Ted is legitimately pro 2A.

  9. I’ve always enjoyed shooting and believed in the RTKBA, but I wasn’t able to actually acquire my own until I moved to the ‘burbs in my late 30s. Doesn’t make me any less passionate.

  10. The shourt answer is yes, Ted is pro 2A. But don’t worry about the Rachel Maddow piece, on her best night about 14 people saw it and that includes her camera crew.

  11. Two years ago I made my first firearm purchase. And it was the first handgun I ever owned. I was content with a few family hand-me-downs before then. I’m probably not pro-2A enough for some people.

    Anyway, who’s the guy sitting behind the counter in that video?

  12. I bought my first gun at 47. Home defense didn’t have much to do with it. The Government compelled me to. Got my first AR the next year. Skipped a year and splurged on ammo. And just yesterday took a used Mossberg 930 JM PRO off my LGS’s hands.
    Thank you Mr. President for kick starting my exercising the RKBA!

  13. This may be ad hominem, but I really don’t care….am I the only one that can’t stand Maddow’s smug? The freaking condescending tone, the look of self absortion. How do people actually watch her?

    • I’m sure the left feels the same way about Rush Limbaugh and any number of other conservative pundits.

      Only difference is, Rush has an audience.

      • Actually, I feel just about the same about Rush. And I agree with him 90% of the time. It’s his intonation, his cadence, something about the way he talks that requires me to shut him off after a couple of minutes. The biggest difference is I can’t SEE him while he does it.

  14. So Maddow is trying to convince all the pro-2ndA viewers she has that Cruz isnt pro-2ndA enough?

    Of the four viewers she has I guarantee you none of them are pro-2ndA even to a dismal Fudd degree.

    • The more the Libs ( progressives , socialist , communist ) go after Cruz , the greater his support among the constitution loving and protecting Americans will grow . They know this too and they can’t stop themselves . They just can’t help stoking the fire even when their non replaceable fire wood supply is running out . It is a common trait and it amuses me to no end .
      Keep it up left . Listen here folks , Cruz is so squeaky clean , they even ran a story this morning about police picking up his wife in 2005 for walking down the street and a bunch of made up malarkey , next they will pull out the ‘ drove with his dog on top of his car in a dog crate story ‘ ………………. oops , that was Romney , well what about all those ducks he has killed ……………. what about that …………….. evil hunter Cruz .
      Funny stuff .

      • Two days later now and the progressives are doing EXACTLY as I predicted earlier , finding old college mates that have gone all progressive and are willing to say something against him .
        So what’s their big headline against their former college patriot ?
        He was mean ! oooooooh , WOW , that’s news worthy and funny as HE double L , and HE double L isn’t funny .
        Next revelation will be an old girl friend who says he broke up with her , oh wait , they can’t find any old girlfriends to dish on him , so the headline might read ‘ Is Cruz gay ? ‘
        Come on folks , just try and compete with real ideas and straight up , OH ! they can’t . Bummer .

  15. Who cares when someone gets their first gun, it only matters if they support the 2nd Amendment, or not.

    Oh, and Ted, get that rifle into your shoulder more, it’s jumping around when you fire it because you aren’t holding it against your body properly.

  16. As someone who lived a good portion of his adult life in Chicago and DC prior to the Heller and McDonald decisions, I am pretty sympathetic to Ted not owning a gun until he made his way back to Texas.

  17. I think all this proves is how scared the socialists are of Cruz, well that and the whole entire smug, liberal fart thing too.

    • I don’t know how many times I have said to friends and family over the last few months that the left is completely pee-in-their-pants scared of Ted Cruz. Having someone in power that actually believes in the Constitution is the greatest threat that Liberalism can imagine.

      • AMEN !!! 100% to the point correct . He scares the bejesus out of all of them and if Cruz gets the nomination look out for a crazy guy with a gun ( lefty ) to try and change history .
        This is their MO , always was .

  18. any private sales or gifts in Texas would not have had a record of sale. and while living in DC it would have been Very difficult if not impossible to buy one there . what a nothing burger from madcow.

    • Even if he bought a new firearm from a dealer (in Texas) the only record would be the 4473 kept in the dealers file cabinet. You’d have to know the serial # to trace it to the dealer in order to see who bought it. There’s no way to search an individual to see if he bought a firearm, in fact there’s a federal law that says there can’t be one.

      • There’s no way to search an individual to see if he bought a firearm, in fact there’s a federal law that says there can’t be one.

        Right. And we can take that to the bank because … um, who exactly is auditing literally every single activity of Big Brother for compliance?

        • Let me rephrase that, there’s no way for a private citizen or journalist to look up whether someone bought a firearm. It is probably technically possible for certain individuals in the federal government to do that, but if in fact it is possible it is illegal not just to use that registration but for it to even exist. Not that federal agents never do anything illegal (and get away with it).

  19. I doubt anyone running for president these days would be the type to grow up around firearms. Everyone involved in politics or rich enough to run has been raised in a very wealthy household, where regardless of politics, they never felt the “need” to own a gun for defense, and likley would never do any REAL hunting. The fact that someone like that would come around to our side after having a very different background actually speaks volumes about their character.

  20. Hey, MSN got something right about guns.

    That wasn’t a machine gun, it’s a regular, semi auto AR15; good job.

  21. ‘…the Heller decision, which established the right to keep and bear arms as an individual right.’

    The Heller decision didn’t ‘establish’ any right, it was the first time the SCOTUS recognized your God given right to keep and bear arms as an individual. The SCOTUS has never ruled that the sky is blue, that doesn’t mean it’s not.

  22. My first handgun was/is a S&W .357 686p. I bought it around the age of 44. Prior to that I spent a lot of time overseas and moving constantly stateside. Prior to my first handgun purchase I had a shotgun but stored it at the in laws because I was always moving. But I have always supported the 2nd. I may not go to your church but I support your right to worship as you please. I don’t agree w you but support your rights to free speech. See how that works?

    • If the sign of an educated mind is the ability to entertain an idea without accepting it, then the mark of a free mind is being able to reject an idea for yourself without automatically rejecting it for everyone else.

  23. I don’t have a problem with his later in life first firearm purchase. Aren’t we always encouraging both newbies and reaching out to women and minorities? Score the Cruz family as a success on both fronts.

    He’s put his political career on the line for firearm freedom, a career that the abundantly talented Senator doesn’t even need. He’s in office, as they say, to do something, not to be something. He and his wife could easily say screw you to the scrutiny and invective, and just go make millions in law and banking.

    As for suddenly hunting, yes, that’s political theater to sway some Bubbas his way. I don’t hold that against him because fundamentally he’s pro-2A. It isn’t a campaign pose intended to deceive voters. It’s like kissing babies on the campaign trail. It just highlights your overall image.

    His work as a Solicitor General of Texas was exactly that: work. He worked for the state Attorney General and his client was the State of Texas. He can’t pick and choose either clients and cases like in private practice. While there could very well be some overlap between his personal political views and his professional legal arguments, you can’t simply assume they’re identical.

    • Exactly. Most of the candidates who want to do well in Iowa go on that pheasant shoot with Rep King. It’s part of the ritual. I’m glad Cruz is learning to hunt birds and who cares if he’s learning it as an adult.

    • He hasn’t put his career on the line. He’s a Texan Senator trying to win the Republican primary nomination. Being anything but pro-gun would be putting his career on the line.

      • He’s running for the GOP presidential nomination now, but he wasn’t in 2013 when he was leading the post-Sandy Hook defense against further infringement. Cruz isn’t a go along/get along guy, like D.C. loves. Cruz was putting the 2A ahead of his ambitions long before this race.

        It’s his spirited defense of the 2A, among other contentious topics, that has arrayed the entire Washington Cartel against him.

        It’s why no senator has endorsed him. Granted, it seems like half the Senate is either running for president themselves, or else expects to be selected for V.P. or Secretary of something, but still.

        It’s why the big GOP Establishment money has gone elsewhere. Look at Jeb. He’s outraised Cruz 2 to 1, 4/5 of which money comes from PACS.

        It’s why the GOP will likely try to primary Cruz in 2018. Expect Dallas area Congressman McCaul to try, with plenty of GOP money backing him.

        No, sir, Cruz’s stands and their timing have been consistent and courageous. It’s these other jackwagons who just suddenly got religon about RKBA in the primaries and started handing out pardons and promises like candy.

  24. Didn’t make my first purchase until late 30’s. Had two hand-me-down rifles (m1917 and Mossberg 22LR bolt action), that I never shot.

    4-5 years later, fully into 3 gun competition with all the toys (some 12 guns later), with 4 handguns, and 7 rifles/2 shotguns. 1 SBR, another in process. Dedicated CC gun. Suppressor plans. Turns out this sh!t is fun.

    You can come late to the party as long as you make up for it.

  25. I went for years without a gun in the house. Then I got a job where I had to qualify. So I bought one do practice with. Then my son finished college and I bought a lot of guns.

  26. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize there was an expiration date on exercising a Right. Do they go bad if you let them sit too long, or something?

    • LOL. Made me picture a rotting head of lettuce..

      But it is actually leads to an interesting question: can a right go “stale”?

      I’d suggest that any right not exercised – often and obviously – is a right that is at risk of irrelevance, which could then easily translate into simply not needed any longer, which then makes it very easily abridged.

      If I take that to it’s logical conclusion, I clearly must purchase a .50 BMG powered sniper rifle. Because I can. Hmmm…. something to ponder on this end.

      • “I’d suggest that any right not exercised – often and obviously – is a right that is at risk of irrelevance, which could then easily translate into simply not needed any longer, which then makes it very easily abridged.”

        See any supposed POTG that “opposes” Open Carry and calls it “stupid” or refers to OC-ers as “dumba$$es” for why your statement is not only spot on, 100% correct, but also very important to keep in mind.

  27. Supporting a right so that it can be exercised by others does not require me to be a member of that community. Can someone support the 2A that is not a gun owner? Of course. I am not and never will be a Nazi party member, yet I support their right to exercise the First Amendment, no matter how much I despise their ideology.

    Personally, I trust Cruz to defend the true Constitution as much as anyone I have ever seen run for public office in my entire life. I could give a rats ass whether he owns guns or not, or how many he choose to own, or when he bought them. I don’t care how he chooses to exercise the 2A or not. I care only for how he will support MY rights under the 2A.

    This is typical Maddow bullshit: much ado about literally nothing. Move along folks.

  28. I think that Ted will be our best choice to preserve the 2A. Hopefully, he will get the nomination.

  29. What it means isn’t the narrative BS the article spews, it means that less than 3 years ago he started planning to run for president and some advisor told him that he needed the gun vote so he better buy a gun. Nuff said.

  30. Funny how these “journalists” are now reading the Republicans’ biographies – yet nobody read Obama’s. Anyone for a second helping of Fido for dinner?

  31. He just bought all his guns thru the “gunshow loophole” or in a parking lot at the gunshow. I may have just bought an AR pistol in 7.62×39 yesterday WITH a not-a-shoulder thingy, in a parking lot or not. It’s mercia!

  32. What is this guy Maddow trying to say? That just because somebody doesn’t own a gun they are not truly pro-2A? You know, if I don’t own a bicycle, doesn’t mean I hate bikes or that I’m against transportation.

  33. You can’t trust a politician period. Everything they say is what they think you want to hear and will get them elected.

  34. I really really like Ted Cruz. I do think he’s a political creature, which I detest, but he’s the best one I’ve seen so far, and I think he’s a genuinely good man, which is more than I can say for most politicians. So Like I said. I really like him. I do count him among the friends of the freedom lovers.

  35. This is just another liberal snipe hunt.

    Frankly I am surprised Maddow got the difference between semi auto and full auto correct. Whoever researched that for her should provide her with research on the concepts of satire, sarcasm, and humor. Cruz’s “Making Bacon” ad might make sense to her then.
    If these “Gotcha” gun facts are the best they have got they are in serious trouble.

    There is a serious flaw in Maddows argument. She seems to think the Second Amendment is the right to bear guns. As all of you know Maddow is wrong as we have the right to bear arms. Cruz had a hatchet and he upgraded to a gun. Maybe he had knifes, a baseball bat, a cross bow, or any other number of possible weapons.

    Bottom line is when Cruz choose to purchase a gun, he was exercising his rights as he saw fit. IMHO this is what drives liberal crazy- People exercising their rights in a way that works for them personally instead of first asking permission from some central authority who ”knows what best” for you.

  36. The Brady bunch has two nightmares. A Cruz presidency ( although even Jeb is pretty good on guns) and a Cruz Supreme Court appointment.

    Next to the guy from
    Duck dynasty( maybe) or Rand Paul, Cruz is the most pro gun out there.

  37. Gee whiz-I bought my first gun at 57 but shot some as a kid. I was never an anti jerk. I just wasn’t interested. And I’ve lived in Chicagoland for 33years so it’s a mite harder. If a 14 year old BOY hates Ted that’s good enough for me. He has done more(by far) for MY rights than anyone-including the unelectable Rand. TED CRUZ for President(or Supremes)-but screw the VP slot.

  38. I got my first gun at age 12. My hunting rifle which served me well for a decade. I was given a shotgun when I was 18 and then didn’t buy another gun until I bought my first handgun at 30. Then I messed around a bit more and bought 2 Mosins and an AK. I didn’t know the AWB had expired so I thought they were still banned. I also started my trek from Fudd to 2A absolutist after I bought the AK and evil 30 round assault clips! Now I have a healthy collection and I’m almost 40. Just because you start late doesn’t mean you aren’t a true 2A beliver.

  39. So what? I was late to the party too…. progressive democrat until my mid-40’s (now tea party conservative) and gun owner and 2A enthusiast at age 50 (5 years ago) and not looking back. Shame I missed so much, but making up for lost time. Back to the range this weekend!

  40. Wow, that’s just stupid. My dad got his first gun after he came to the US while on his green card and didn’t buy another gun until he was in his mid-40’s when he found out I was into guns so that was something we can bond on.

  41. Ofwg stereotype here that could care less if Cruz owned as much as a BB gun im voting for him. His support for the constitution in its entirety has earned my vote.

    • Breaking news! Sarah Palin screws Ted Cruz and endorses Trump(I guess she wants to make some $). So much for the Tea Party…

  42. OK, using Maddow’s own logic, if I always supported gay rights but never had sex with another woman, that means I’m really against gay rights? LOL The twisted logic of the left never ceases to amaze.

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