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 Lane Morrissey, former MAIG man (courtesy

“I don’t want to put my family’s life at risk or my own life at risk if I can otherwise protect myself.” – Larry Morrissey wants concealed carry permit [via]

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  1. “Morrissey said he has had three death threats since being elected. He said the Rockford Police Department has supported him with extra protection after those threats. For now, he said, he doesn’t own a handgun. He wants the concealed carry license in case another threat emerges.”

    Interesting how your conviction changes with a little bit of motivation.

    • No government employee should be given tax payer provided security. If he needs a body guard, let him pay for it out of his own pocket. Government employees should live in fear of the citizens.

      • Agreed. Let politicians and government employees rely on the same police, fire and EMTs that all citizens rely on.

        This will make two points:

        1. Government will realize how limited police protection really is.

        2. Only the most motivated among us will run for these positions. Being a career politician will be much tougher.


    • “For now, he said, he doesn’t own a handgun. He wants the concealed carry license in case another threat emerges.”

      Wouldn’t it be a good idea for him to tool up NOW? Defending self & family does take 1) having a weapon 2) knowing how to use it 3) practice until sufficient marksmanship is automatic.

      • You forget–he’s in Illinois, where it takes an act of God and an exemption from local ordinances to get a handgun, and at least as of this moment, there is no CCW.

  2. One more person to stop drowning in the river of dnial, and take a deep breath of freedom.

    Congradulations sir, you have stopped thinking like slave and will shortly be a free man.

  3. NRA and SAF needs to put him front and center . . . . . this is our Saul on the road to Damascas moment . . . .

  4. good for him. I empathize with him. I’m also against “illegal guns”. I’m emphatically against turning my fellow law abiding citizens into criminals.

  5. This should be pointed out more. They aren’t against “illegal” guns so much as they are against gun ownership in general, even for law abiding citizens and even military/LE in their civilian lives.

    Bloomberg hates the second amendment and by using an anti-illegal gun front he’s able to chip away at gun ownership in general.

  6. While his intentions for joining MAIG were well-meaning, I’m surprised it took Morrissey this long to “get religion”. MAIG does little else but talk about banning handguns, “assault weapons”, and magazines holding more than 10 rounds, so it’s odd for him to not have had his epiphany earlier, say, right after he signed up. Call me cynical, but the whole thing seems suspect.

    I’d like him to prove me wrong, though.

  7. Baby steps. He says he plans to apply for a permit, not carry concealed. Either way this is a good first step and we should let the man walk out on his own. IMHO why wait to buy the gun? Sometimes by the time the threat comes, it’s too late. Take a class, get familiar, be responsible, exercise your right and tool up now, dude.

    • I wonder what he’ll say next week when Bloomberg’s accounting department gets his address right. Maybe they’ll next pursue a carve out for politicians on CCW and magazine limits.

  8. In a word, YAY!

    Everyone who jumps the SS Bloomberg makes it that much more likely to founder.

    Also, a burst dam with but a little leak can start – could be all others were waiting for was one to show some guts. Mayhap this is the Beginning o’ the End of Bloomer’s successes a turning the U.S. into Slave-onia.



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