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“That is not a man who makes me feel safe.” Shira Goodman, executive director of CeasefirePA, quoted in Police chief in profane gun video uproar: I’m not a ‘delusional lunatic’ [via]

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    • FINALLY, it’s NOT someone from AZ doing something stupid. Have fun PA, YOU’RE IT!

  1. Well done Chief Kessler! F–K the Libturds & they the rest of the PC chumps who don’t like to be told how it is.

  2. I posted this on my FB page yesterday with a warning to my friends: Note to my friends with “sensitivities”: If you don’t like the F* word and can’t handle rifle action, do not watch the video.

    About 1/2 of them did anyway. And then said something nasty. To them, I copy and pasted my warning, then added : Did you click? Then don’t complain.

    The rest of my friends, like me, thought it was hilarious. Could you be any more politically incorrect? and classless? but that is what makes it funny!!

    • And that politically incorrect and classless cop has now just become the face of all gun owners. How funny do you think it is now? I don’t know why you’d think it was funny the first time. This idiot is going to hurt us all with his antics. He’s giving the media exactly what they want. A foul mouthed goof on video with a gun.

      • If there is one thing I learned from advocating for pit bulls over 20 years, you can’t take responsibility for the dumb-asses. The minute you do, you become accountable for things you cannot control.

        Can you control your neighbors behavior? the guy down the street’s behavior? Surely you don’t believe any of us can control this guy’s behavior.

        Laugh, point and enjoy the spectacle. Don’t take any responsibiity for it. He no more respresents you than does a guy two towns over just because he drives the same car you do.

        Anyone who tries to make lump you in with this guy is trying to shame you for his behavior. Are you really going to acquiesce to that? Not me.

        • +1 on the pit bull analogy (and thanks for advocating for them), as with gun owners, people seem to focus on the negative. My AmStaffs have never eaten a baby or attacked anything larger than a squirrel, but people still cower and avoid me when I walk them. I own guns, and although I found the guy’s video moderately entertaining due to the NFA items, I don’t feel that he is a good representation of the average pro 2a person, or the average LEO. But of course the media or whoever will see this and say “OMG! This is what pro gun people are like! OMG!” to use the TTAG Headline Boilerplate…

        • I always cringe when the “individual liberties” side starts arguing that we need to be more mindful of how we present “our side.” It’s as if there is a manual or committee somewhere that we must pass muster with. Somehow, individual liberties are good, unless used in the pursuit of individual liberties.

        • >> It’s as if there is a manual or committee somewhere that we must pass muster with.

          There is, and it’s called “electorate”. Like it or not, but those people can deny you the ability to exercise your rights. Realistically, we’re talking about electing people to office who will enact more gun control laws. But even in an idealized world of 100% compliance to the Constitution, with enough votes, amendments can be rewritten or removed, and if you get enough people pissed at you, they might vote to take your RKBA away.

          So, yes, you should be mindful of how you present your case. It won’t do you any good to rant about how your right is “natural” and “inherent” when they come to take your AR away.

      • I understand your concerns, I cringe too, but after listening to the Leftists repeated personal attacks and outright lies since the 1960’s, I no longer exercise any condemnation when otherwise good people vent their spleens over the outright oppression the Crypto-Commies impose on the good citizens of this nation.

      • I am sure your solution is to let pro 2nd Amendment guys like Manchin or the Gun Rights and Responsibility PAC defend the 2nd Amendment.

        • I’d rather not have wingnuts like kessler being the poster child for a movement. There are a lot other good representatives for our movement and kessler is not one of them. This guy is a loose cannon? How many of you have ever been to Gilberton? I have. I know exactly who this guy is and how off his rocker nuts he is. He’s going to do a lot of damage, a whole lot of damage. Wait till he starts talking about Mexicans – it’s coming.

          In a few weeks you’ll be trying to distance yourself from him. You’ll see and you’ll remember this post a an “I told you so” moment.

        • Who says this guy is the poster child for the gun movement?

          My god – please – are you really going to the other side dictate the terms of your platform, too?

          Why not just surrender now?

          IF YOU LET THEM HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE FOR THIS GUYS BEHAVIOR YOU LOSE. Hopefully you will try to understand that.

          If not, I have no sympathy. You dig your own grave. No one else. You.

        • Whether you like it or not, kessler has become the face grabbing the most attention. His tirades are on every nightly newscast and every website. To anyone watching, he’s the face of gun owners. It doesn’t matter if you accept that or not. It matters what the on the fence crowd sees and thinks. This is the guy they’re seeing. This is face of the gun rights movement. Not exactly the kind of guy that’s going to swap people to follow him and his message. This is not the guy you want being portrayed as who we all are.

      • I thought it was both funny and a proper response. He is not in the business of making a coterie of weenie-washers feel “safe”, or anything else. If he doesn’t speak for you, so be it.

        Maybe, however, you should check into a deprogramming center, because they’ve done a number on you, my “sensitive” friend….

  3. And this, folks, is why you can’t write off the entire north east as being a lost cause.

    • The same can be said for CA. Not all of us are gun-hating idiots, though there are alot of them. That some people on this site can’t see that irks me to no end. There are good people fighting the fight in every state. Is this guy the best spokesman for us? Nah. Am I glad he’s on our side? You bet your ass I am.

  4. “He’s been the chief, an appointed position, since 2001 and makes $24,000 a year. He used to have two officers working for him but is now the borough’s sole cop because of budget cuts.”

    I think he spent his entire year’s salary just on the ammo he shot! 😀

    Seriously though…. $24k a year? I hope he’s got a 2nd job.

      • You can buy a house in Gilberton for about $15k. It’s one of the most depressed areas of PA.

      • I’m sure he’s fleeced the taxpayers (are there any?) of his town to pay for his guns and ammo. Either that, or the same feds he’s cussing probably gave him money to form an elite anti-terrorist squad to defend Gilberton.

  5. What’s the shooting supposed to prove? For that matter, what’s the profanity supposed to prove? That he’s a juvenile twit?

    • He lives in an area where people are trapped. They are mostly uneducated and don’t really get out of their own area much. The coal region is a different place. It’s kind of like going back in time, back to 1994. Everything up there is beat up, old, and worn out. The houses look like they are ready to fall over and the people look beaten down and sad.

        • Holder is not a cop, he’s the attorney general. While I’d love to see Holder gone and out of office, his resume is quiet impressive despite his twisted view of the law. Kessler on the other hand, doesn’t do anything. He’s the chief of a one man department in a shrinking town where most people barely earn $25k/yr. It’s like Mayberry, only more poor, more dirty, there’s no Barney, and he does even less than Sheriff Andy.

          I think the Gilberton PD still has a 1986 Malibu as a police car.

  6. Gilberton, Pa is a dying coal town. Like so many other little towns in the coal region, the police department exists only to cover up the crimes committed by the family members of borough council and the mayor. Kessler’s department does nothing. The PA Universal Crime Report shows that Gilberton PD issues about 10 citations a year for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. I’m not quite sure how this little town of just 800 affords to keep a full time police department or how the borough can justify using the few tax dollars it collects to allow Kessler to buy full auto firearms for what’s really his own personal use.

        • Bloomberg’s Police Commissioner etc. are worth 12/hr for the whole damn lot of them. Same thing with Rhamnbutt and his Commissioner.

      • This is your standard argument. If you don’t agree with a nut then you’re against us. This guy is not all there, he’s really not. He acts then thinks – not a winning combo. He’s not helping us at all, not one bit. Wait till he goes on some TV show and makes even more of an ass of himself.

        Sadly, the media attention he craves, he’s getting. His videos are going to be more bizarre and he’s going to ratchet up the threats. Just wait till he talks about the invading Mexicans and he shows his true feelings towards them. It’s going to be really ugly, really nasty, and he’ll grab even more headlines. Even the Oath Keepers have distanced themselves from this guy.

        I’d rather have guys like Colin Noir grabbing headlines. I rather the media show more of Sarah Merkle. We need more guys like Aaron Weiss standing up and speaking out.

        • Tell that to the people watching the nightly news. Like it or not, he’s being made out to be the face of the all gun owners. The media loves to portray us as all being toothless violent foul mouth uneducated hillbillies. Anti gun news editors love this guy more than you “all or nothing” crowd does. Kessler helps fulfill every negative stereo type about gun owners.

          I’m telling you all this now. His videos are going to get much much worse and you’ll all be working to distance yourselves from a guy you seem to look up to today.

          I live here, I work here, I know exactly who and what Kessler is about. You haven’t seen the full effect of him yet, it’s coming.

  7. I saw this on the news and my first thoughts was “Why can’t I live one county over!?”

    • I’d rather go down in a blaze of glory than be regulated into nothingness. Sometimes we need people like this. Besides he’s a cop. Progressives love cops. Remember, they’re the only ones who are supposed to have guns.

      At least he’s not like everybody else, and apologizes for what he says. This guy’s got balls. Who doesn’t like that?

    • Thank you, Ralph, for both posts. As for you hand-wringers at TTAG, you hear what the chief is saying? The message is for you, too.

  8. The good:

    Respecting 1st Amendment
    Respecting 2nd Amendment
    Scaring the he’ll out of the liberal establishment
    Good olde fashioned swearing

    The bad:

    Anti-gun progressives have an easy target in saying that gun owners are lunatics. In this case, they may be exactly right (although it doesn’t intially appear as if the chief has done anything wrong or inappropriate under the color of authority).

    The aftermath:

    IRS audit, jail time, visits by the Secret Service, and/or a new gun gun control law in his name, Holder seizes his guns and sends them to Mexico

    I respect someone who definitely seems that they will challenge the multiple malfunctions and anti-freedom actions of the federal government, I just wish he would do it with a whole lot more class.

    • People must hide in the closet in case they upset Bloomer and his Goon Squad.

      Besides, anyone with a ccw license or NFA item is an easy target for the leftist regime.

      • Nah, we should just all make looney profanity laced and threat laden videos and post them on youtube. On the fence people will see those videos and they’ll join our cause.

        • Or, we can just publish inane criticisms of Kessler anonymously. Now that takes real he-man b@lls.

        • In a classy move. He’s blocked youtube comments. How do you know that I have not personally and publicly criticized his actions? You’re making some pretty wild assumptions.

          Professionally, this guy is a hack. There is a very good reason that he’s working in Gilberton, a borough that does not do a psych test before hiring, and is one of the lowest paid full time cops in the state of PA.

  9. Just a quick note this guy is not part of the organization Oath Keepers anymore. Because of shit like this.

    • Thank you, Ralph, for both those comments. We need hot-blooded people on our side, not a bunch of overly-analytical lounge lizards.

      You know what the chief is saying in this video? THE MESSAGE IS FOR YOU, TOO.

  10. Being a southerner…the accent was damn funny! Aside from that…not sure how I felt about this, I applaud the stand he took, but in the end I don’t know if it helps our cause.

    • His accent is not that thick, compared to others in the region. There are others up there that almost sound Irish – they area was heavily populated with Irish immigrants seeking jobs in the coal mines. The coal region history and accent are very unique and has not changed much in the last 100 years. People in that area don’t leave and few newcomers move in there. It’s a very closed community.

      • “Few newcomers”? ROFL. What person in his right mind would move into such a darkly depressed area? The chief may not have a lot of police work to do, but then again, he has time to respond in kind to his critics. Including some fence-sitters at TTAG.

        If they’re not fighting for or with you, they’re working AGAINST you. Which side are you on?

        I’m waiting.

      • Well, just to be pedantic, ‘loose’ can be a verb, e.g. “Loose the hounds!”

        But in this case you’re correct.

  11. Why is the naughty language something to applaud? I don’t understand. Like spraying bullets from an AK, it is something anyone can do, without adding anything fruitful to the conversation. At least the bullet-hosing has the benefit of being something the other side abhors. But foul language? ???

    • The foul language just shows that kessler can’t express himself with his limited vocabulary, so he resorts to profanity. Profanity is the crutch of a conversational cripple

      • Beats the f*ck outta me, too. There is a time for measured, logical discourse. There is a time for the rest, too. Turn, turn, turn….

  12. I love this Sheriff. I love the fact that he used both the 1st and 2nd Amendments to their fullest extent ! Gee, it’s just great to be an American !

    • I’m with you all the way. What a special time to be alive. If you don’t feel blessed to be right here, right now, you’ve got some adjusting to do.

      LET’S ROLL, people!!!

  13. “That is not a man who makes me feel safe.” Shira Goodman, executive director of CeasefirePA.

    What fvcking planet is Goodman from? She’s a major feminist libturd who needs a big, strong man to make her feel safe — does that make sense?

    Here’s a hint, beyotch: If you want people to make you feel safe, get elected President and you’ll be surrounded by them. Otherwise, hang something from your bony hip and take responsibility for your own safety. Then STFU.

    • ” She’s a major feminist libturd who needs a big, strong man to make her feel safe.”

      Personally, I suspect it’s a big, strong woman. Or perhaps SHE’S the big, strong woman in the pair, who knows? WHO CARES?

      Time to stop worrying about these people and elect those who will put her in her place.

      Oops. I said, “elect”. I’m not at all sure elections are the answer. Look where it’s gotten us, so far.

      My pet cause is to get “none of the above” on the ballot in all 57, er, 58 states. It’s what they fear, what keeps them awake at night. Why not lay their fears in their trembling laps?

      They fear it because one day, probably not too long from today, “none of the above will WIN AN ELECTION, and all their validation, all of their SELF-VALIDATION, will vanish like a fist when you open your hand. It will invalidate the entire sham system, even better. It’s a no-frills vote of NO CONFIDENCE.

      And the only thing that props these cardboard cutouts up is a shared, perceived confidence, which their sham elections only serve to support.

      It’s absolutely the best cause you could ever attach yourselves to.

    • Here’s the post I made yesterday on FB:

      “This is completely out of the mainstream,” said Shira Goodman, executive director of CeasefirePA. “That is not a man who makes me feel safe.” So? The hidden demand here is that we must all pander to the feelings and emotional well being of the most fragile among us. I think that is precisely the point that the police chief here was trying to make – in his coarse, vulgar and really funny way. “

  14. “… his remorse was a put-on before firing several automatic weapons and mocking “libtards.”
    Gun-control advocates were appalled by the frenzied display.”

    You know what? He’s right. I am tired of tippy-toeing around the delicate sensibilities of people who want to terminate my civil rights, and want to trash the Constitution. F*** them, and the horse they rode in on. And if that offends anyone on this website, good. Your “reasonable gun control” efforts offend me.

  15. As a Pennsylvanian, I am embarrassed that this guy is a chief of police in the state, I don’t care if it is a small town no one ever heard of. I agree with the concept of what he said, but he really REALLY needs to find a better way to communicate. If this guy is a You Tube star, allegedly representing the average gun owner, than we will never win the hearts and minds of folks sitting on the fence about the Second Amendment. He comes across as a being part of the lunatic fringe that the liberal gun haters are constantly warning the country about as being unfit to own guns. I am embarrassed, but I can only wonder how much more embarrassed the folks in his town are.

  16. Jeepers, I just looks up where this guy is, he is only 70 miles from me….. I had no idea that we had this kind of folks that close to home. That is a little scary for me.

  17. I saw this a few days ago on Salon (of course a lefty outlet), and cringed. My main question is has this guy jumped through all the hoops to personally own those full-auto weapons or does the police department own them? If the department owns them, I think there may be problem here. If it’s all his personal guns and ammo, I guess it’s his dime. I could give a %$#(#*@%) about his foul language, although it does make him seem like a moron.

    Also, he has his website where he’s using his exalted position to sell shit and promote himself. Dubious at best.

    I don’t think cops should be forced to be neutral on political issues. Whether left or right (usually right), cops are usually authoritarians, big surprise. However, the shoot a libtard out of a tree shit crosses a line. What’s next, a mock lynching? A LEO threatening, even in jest, a certain group of people is beyond uncool.

    Of course, this guy will now be the face of pro-gun America for the next 15 minutes. The media will go for the loudmouthed knucklehead every time. Same goes for coverage of the left. Why interview the Harvard-educated lawyer when there’s a crazed anarchist hippie available?

  18. ENDO had this yesterday, along with two other videos, including the first one, the one he’s “apologizing” for in this one.

    For my part, when I watched the first one, and the second word out of his mouth was ‘libtard’ and then he said it twice more within 20 seconds, all I could think was, “Pat, is that you?”

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