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President Obama at Benedict College in South Carolina (courtesy

“Our homicide rates are so much larger than other industrialized countries, by like a mile. Most of that is attributable to the easy, ready availability of firearms, particularly handguns . . . As long as you can go in some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book, there are neighborhoods where it is easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable, as long as that’s the case, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence” – President Barack Obama [via]

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    • Yes, but…

      As long as there actually are neighborhoods such as BHO alleges it kind of argues that the people (even the “bad” people) believe that it is important and even necessary to be armed.

      • What neighborhood is that? Not mine, that’s for sure.

        Perhaps Mr Prez could be a little more specific on where those neighborhoods are, or the demographic breakdown…

    • No worries. He’s a constitutional scholar. He knows of what he speaks.

      ( and yes, my fingers started to tremble, and then to spasssssmmmm as iiii typed thisssss.)

      • There is no real proof of that. He was an adjunct instructor for a few courses in Chicago. However, we don’t know if it had Constitutional law or constitutional history at Columbia U or Harvard. We do know he claimed ot ‘clear his head’ by going to commie seminars. He said that in his book and the audio version (ghost written by Bill Ayers). The fact is, his grades at Occidental, Columbia nor Harvard have ever been made public. We know that Dubya and Kerry were C students and Gore was a marginal B student but Nadda about Barry the Wonk.

    • Oh believe me – he gets it. He understands that the Chicago Machine that underpinned his rise to liberal stardom and the Presidency garners its political clout from dependency of the local population. All “progressive” urban centers are like this (Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, and on and on…).

      This is why the Democratic politicos in charge of these districts steadily promote welfare programs and state control (i.e. you should rely on the police for protection, not firearms ownership) to promote dependency. Without dependency of the populace, they lose their power.

      Obama is just trying to take this strategy nationwide.

      What worries me more than the lefties that nakedly understand this and don’t care is the ones so dense that they truly believe government is always benevolent and if it just *did more* all our problems would disappear. They’re arguably more dangerous.

  1. that explains the background check i had to complete prior to my purchase of arugula.

    I’m partial to arugula as an everyday vegetable, but to be frank, I prefer the stopping power of kale.

    • so to keep the cost of onions down today, I should buy a big sack to spread the background check fee around?

    • I wondered what the vegetable equivalent of the 4473 would look like:
      1- Are you the actual consumer of these vegetables? Warning: You are not the actual consumer if you plan to feed deer and subsequently kill and eat them.

      2- Are you under indictment for a crime of stench for farting on a long car trip or elevator?

      3- Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, Bean-o?

      4 – Have you ever renounced soy products?

      5 – Have you ever unlawfully discharged farts and set them on fire?

      6 – Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic abuse involving a Dutch Oven?

      7 – Are you subject to a court order restraining you from farting within 25 feet of an intimate partner?

      • Winner. Not only a great analogy, but also because the FDA is trying to shut down gamily farms through regulation.

      • They already use swat teams to raid farms that have raw milk. Farmers Markets must look like a somali weapons bazaar to the .gov.

    • I’ve found Kale contributes more to “going” power than stopping power. Cheese has some stopping power…

    • Well, like, to be like, fair, Mr. 57 states probably like only gets his firearms information, like, you know, like from Hollywood movies, like and professional athletes like.

      • What else do you expect from a man who apparently has zero idea what his administration is up to, unless he reads / sees / hears about it from ‘the news’?

  2. 2 questions…

    1. If cheap handguns are the problem, why does he want to ban expensive sporting rifles used in less than 2% of all gun crime?

    2. The neighborhoods he is talking about are impoverished, inner city ones with low literacy and graduation rates where people are often living on government subsistence. So why should I be punished for what others do and lose my rights and property?

    • Because liberals would rather bend you over and arsfark you than admit they are the ones that farked over the black community.
      Inner city communities he refers to are are almost entirely anti-gun and have the highest murder rates in the country.
      Eliminate black and brown gang related murder and the murder rate in the US is on par with Belgium and Germany.
      Just eliminate the libtard dominated anti-gun urban areas from the stats and the US is among the lowest in the world.
      Stats from the 2000 election are interesting. Murder rates for counties voting for Bush 13. I suspect you’d find similar numbers for Bummer.

  3. As Bill Whittle noted, this claim is a lie, disproved by Wikipedia of all things. USA ranks #111 on world homicide list, and would be close to the bottom if we exclude: New Orleans, DC, Detroit, Chicago, LA, and NYC from the list.
    Note that those aren’t 6 _states_ that need to be excluded. but rather 6 _cities_, with a combined total approximating less than 10% of the population of the US. That would strongly suggest that the other 90% of us don’t have a crime problem.
    A simple majority of counties (IIRC) in the US experience no homicides in any given year, which suggests that the ones that do have homicides are the ones with the problem.

    • I’m so sick of the America is Violent narrative… Utter nonsense from the disarmament society. Even here in “dangerous” St. Louis crime is a fraction of other developed Nations.

    • Unfortunately the lie you speak of is only a lie if you don’t take the full sentence. Obama said number 1 of industrialised nations whereas wikipedia says the US is 111th. Unfortunately for the people wanting to cry about a lie the 110 above are not industrialised nations. You can debate the list of countries this refers to but it still puts the US in the top 3 and way ahead of the vast majority of these countries.

      Personally, I think the problem is depressed neighborhoods and illegal access to guns not the ease of legally buying a gun. There is plenty to tear into Obama about without wilfully ignoring what he actually says. All that does is remove credibility from the rest of the argument

      • Yep. Something like 60% of all murders are committed with hands, feet, clubs, knives etc. which would still leave us with a murder rate of around 2.0 per hundred thousand. This doesn’t include those that would still murder someone even if all guns suddenly disappeared tomorrow. Which would push it up back towards the high threes or even four per hundred thousand.

        What would really bring down the murder rate more than it already has is legalize drugs and stop the liberal progressive support and empowerment of the “Gangsta Culture”.

  4. He should have just paid all their mortgages and bills like he said he would while he was running. Now they’re obviously just upset at him. Make it right Obama, just give the inner cities unlimited cash and you’ll have a vibrant and safe society.

  5. So the 12 year olds that were stomping one another to death in Tampa when I was doing high-risk security at low-income housing complexes should’ve just bought guns?

    • The huge gaping hole in Obummer’s argument is that violent criminals would still kill violent criminals in large numbers even if no one had ever invented firearms — the U.S. would still have a higher murder rate than Australia, China, Japan, Germany, France, etc. In fact, if you look at all murders where the attacker did NOT use a firearm, the murder rate in the U.S. is still higher than all of those countries.

      Thus, Obummer’s claim that we could finally reduce our homicide rate to a “normal” level if we eliminate firearms is patently false.

      • Murder rate != homicide rate

        And that’s the dirty little secret. Homicides include suicides, which account for 2/3 of US homicides. When comparing murder rates, the narrative changes drastically. (Refer to the Bill Whittle video posted here in the comments.)

        • That is an excellent clarification!

          And we must remember that there is a non-trivial number of annual justifiable homicides — I believe almost 1,000 annually when you add police and non-police justifiable homicides.

          Thus homicide does-not-equal murder actually enhances my points even further.

    • So the 12 year olds that were stomping one another to death in Tampa when I was doing high-risk security at low-income housing complexes should’ve just bought guns?

      Who said that 12 year olds should have just bought guns? Guns are not the solution here, but guns are not the problem either as you have just indicated they were using feet to stomp people to death. Morals, education, the family unit. Those are lacking! You cannot fill those with gun control and think that anything positive is going to come out of it.

      • Need to look at why there is no incentive for these folks to form solid families and educate their children well. Could be that government has set it up to make that almost impossible, no matter how much any of them want it. And, of course, not all of them do, even if they understand the problem. How many understand the problem? And how many have bought into the Uncle Sam entitlement club… for generations now.

        How do you form solid families, teach children integrity and peace… if you have no idea yourself? And that goes for people in every race, creed and situation.

        The only thing any politician or political entity could do to remedy this would be to get rid of the barriers, get out of the “control” business, and go find an honest job. We all know that’s not happening if they can prevent it.

  6. Ahem, the reason for the homicide rate in these neighborhoods is in fact the ABUNDANCE of “fresh vegetables,” wandering the streets. Did the NRA put them in single parent homes? Tell them to stop going to school, and church? Convince them it was OK to regularly assault one another and sometimes police officers? THIS is why that hearsay based Ferguson report is so important to them, it adds a new layer of helplessness to the finely crafted liberal armor of perceived victimhood. The police are now OFFICIALLY racist scum who are, with the help of other “white space” orgs like the NRA, to blame for exploiting these communities, and not the liberal tyranny of low expectations. Classic jiu jitsu.

  7. “…unnecessary violence”?

    Hmmm, unlike all of the invasions and drone murders and “wars” all over the world? I’d call all or most of that unnecessary. But I guess this cretin believes that all government initiated violence is somehow “necessary.”

    Those who want to disarm us do so because they want to do things to us that we won’t allow as long as we’re armed…

  8. I think that more realistically, he should have said that as long as we subsidize and morally accept raising children in fatherless homes, we’re going to continue to see unnecessary violence. Someone above pointed out that our murder rate would not be bad at all if we ignored certain metro areas. But, even more specifically, if we excluded certain neighborhoods in those cities – the places where the out-of-wedlock birthrate is the highest. And, it is high because it is subsidized, and no moral opprobrium is placed on those young women who bring children into the world and raise them without the help of the kids’ fathers.

  9. Bingo Bruce!
    Same old argument … blah, blah, blah. The criminals in the neighborhoods he’s referring don’t walk into the legit FFL gun dealer and buy a handgun. Further restrictions on 2A rights will have ZERO effect on black market gun sales to criminals.
    Your president knows this but he desperately needs ‘cover’ now. It’s the same old play; ramp up his base as polls show diminishing trust in this guy as scandals heat up and Middle East policies fail. So he falls back on one of the top old leftist favorites that is sure to distract. The liberal press will jump all over this old dead dog of a “story” and totally dismiss Hillary Gate and the rest of his failures.

    What’s the real answer? Over and over we hear “we need to have a conversation”. Here’s what we really need to talk about.
    “A Change in the Culture of Poor Neighborhoods”. Good luck with that.

  10. Another epic fail from the ranking member of the Chicago political machine. One of the few members that haven’t seen jail time.

  11. Is this actually true anywhere? The lack of context is deafening.

    This is going to be an incredibly annoying “thing” that people say isn’t it… SIGH

  12. “Our homicide rates are so much larger than other industrialized countries, by like a mile.”

    Because other industrialized countries are fudging the numbers of their homicide rates, the U.K. being a prime example. We count and report crimes based on initial data. The Brits count and report crimes based on the outcome of the investigation and trial. So, the British have an unsolved criminal homicide? It is not added to their homicide count. The British successfully solve a murder but the legal system fails to convict? It is not added to their homicide count.

    We discussed this at greater length in forum a few months ago.(Note: I wish to apologize to the others there in our forum. I said I would write an article about how the U.K. milks their data to produce an artificially low homicide rate and submit it to be published here. Unfortunately I have suffered a number of personal issues with my life and have been unable to write much.)

  13. I think he got his notes mixed up and got guns confused with his wife’s school lunch program.

    But, I’m pretty sure bad neighborhoods have some kind of grocery store, and NOT a gunshop. So i don’t think availability is an issue.

    It’s because you can’t bust a cap in someone’s head with a brussel sprout, do drive by potato-ings, or aggressively point a carrot in a rap video.

  14. “… As long as you can go in some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book”

    I’m not sure what he’s trying to say? The rest of us *not* in those neighborhoods can keep our firearms? Or we *all* have to give up our firearms because someone else, somewhere else, did something illegal?

  15. Funny no mention of race in that statement. I guess Eric Holder was right, we are a nation of cowards. If you can’t even identify the problem out of political correctness, you’ll never fix the problem. Same goes for RADICAL ISLAM.

  16. Want to know why our crime rates are higher than other industrialized countries of the west?

    Because their population doesn’t contain Obama’s racial cohort. That’s it in an nutshell, and it is easily proven very quickly by looking at the UCR.

    The reason why Wyoming is positively awash with guns, but we have lower crime rates than (eg) Vancouver, Canuckistan?

    Because we’re overwhelmingly white.

    Once you take the black-dominated urban areas out of the US crime states, the US looks quite civilized indeed.

    • Ann Coulter has said if you control for the black population, the US homicide rate is on a par with Belgium’s. Ann has a talent for hyperbole, but she also has a great store of knowledge. Truthfully, I wonder which class that statement falls into. But I have to point out, “Obama’s racial cohort” is the same as that of our comrade Dirk and others who are with us in spirit here. There are other factors in play.

      • No, there aren’t. Just as not every white person is an angel, not every black person is a criminal. There are exceptions to the general trends.

        But generalizations are the correct way to talk about entire cohorts as a whole. And the crime rate among blacks in the US is higher in most crime categories than other racial cohorts. What’s more, the vast majority of the victims of these crimes are also black.

        The hypocrisy in the US is that politicians (and especially black politicians) are in high moral outrage when one black is killed by a white, but these same media whores are perfectly happy to ignore dozens to hundreds of black deaths at the hands of other blacks per year in the same areas. Somehow, black lives “matter” only if those lives are ended by whites. Black lives ended by blacks? From words and actions of the current black leadership, those lives don’t seem to matter.

        The way that black-on-black crime predation in the US is ignored is a travesty, and the efforts by black politicians to prevent the law abiding segments of the black population from owning any effective means of self-defense is utterly galling – and consistent for the last 100+ years.

        Gun control hasn’t helped the black community, and it wouldn’t help any other racial cohort in the US either. It is just one more nanny-state “solution” that is effectively patting blacks on their heads and saying “There, there, we big-government liberals know what’s best for you. You want what’s best for you, don’t you? Of course you do. Here’s some free money and swag. So when election time comes, you know which lever to pull, right?”

        This sort of nanny-state pandering is condescension at it’s worst. I don’t condescend. I spell out the facts, however harsh they might be.

      • I would also point out that the one SCOTUS justice who I’d like to see replicated eight times is Clarence Thomas, the only justice on the court who hews to originalism in interpretation of the Constitution. Justice Thomas is, without a doubt, the strongest justice on the subject of the Second Amendment, bar none. No one comes close to his unapologetic and robust defense of the Second Amendment.

        Now, with that given, what is the general black population’s commentary on Justice Thomas?

        Right there is all you need to know about generalities and exceptions on this topic in America.

    • Dyspeptic Gunsmith,

      Please note that ethnicity is not the root cause of violent crime. No race has any inherent propensity to commit violent crime any more than any other race.

      The primary root problem is lack of a healthy family structure and raising children with sensible values to be responsible adults.

      • Well, let’s have a look-see, shall we?

        I’d say that there’s something ethnic about sub-sahran Africa.

        It isn’t popular to bring up, but then I’m not here to win popularity contests. I’m a “just the facts” sort of guy, and the facts harsh Obama’s narrative.

        • Interesting graphic–but again, there have to be other factors in play, at least to some extent, otherwise sub-Saharan Africa would be more uniformly colored, as would the Western Hemisphere south of the Rio Grande, don’t you think?

    • Dyspeptic nails it, although I would broaden his argument just a bit to include all inner-city crime, to include gang-related and illegal immigrant crime.

      For instance, I’ve investigated approximately 500 hit and run traffic collisions. Of those, the victim spontaneously reported the suspect to be a Hispanic male in about 80% of the cases. Of the suspects located, approximately 80% were illegals.

      There are racial patterns to crime, pregnancy rates, etc.

  17. I tried buying a book at Barnes & Noble but they only had e-readers and overpriced toys. Their cafe sandwiches had vegetables though so I’m not at risk of becoming a perp.

  18. Dumbest chief executive in the entire world. The ONLY chief executive that actually HATES the nation he “leads”.

    But demonstrates the value of a modern “liberal arts edumacation”.

    • I wouldn’t call Obummer dumb at all. In fact I consider him to be quite cunning and crafty.

      The main problem, as you stated, is that he hates the traditional values of the United States of America and instead embraces a two-tiered society consisting of the ruling class and the working class. In other words he is just like the Clintons and all other Progressives.

    • Obama isn’t dumb. Not by a long shot.

      He’s venal, corrupt and as self-serving as the day is long, but he isn’t stupid. He knows exactly what he’s doing.

      • I don’t consider him to be particularly intelligent. His lies and propaganda and completely obvious to anyone not blinded by their own race or by anyone with the ability to accomplish rudimentary fact checking. I stating buying ammo in bulk in ’07 when he was on the campaign trail, and his empty speeches were garnering thunderous applause.

        • You’re right – they aren’t. Especially to those of us who are well-informed.

          I’d been largely blind to his actual intelligence for his first term. Since 2012, however, I’ve figured out the he is actually quite intelligent – but not in what we’re used to thinking of as intelligence.

          Obama’s intelligence and acuity is knowing just how big of a lie he can peddle, just how far can he diverge from the truth before his cadres say “Uh, wait a minute boss, that’s not actually true…”

          Obama is also cynical. Obama has a finely tuned BS detector in reverse. He knows, to about the 85% confidence level, just how big of a lie he can sell on any issue. He knows how poorly informed the general public is. He knows how vapid and self-serving the press is. Look at how shabbily he treats the DC press corpse… but how well they keep shielding him from actual accountability.

          Obama’s intellect isn’t of the book-n-papers type of smart. He’s smart like a street hustler is smart. He knows just how how much money he can bilk out of any of his individual victims, and for long he can run his three-card monty game before the cops will be called and they roust him from his street corner. That’s his intelligence, amplified to the politics of DC.

          Overseas leaders now know that Obama is a paper tiger. If one reads the foreign press, even the left-wing foreign press, one sees plenty of critical comments about Obama. Obama knows that what, only 2 to 5% of the US population seeks out reporting in the foreign press? Pfah. We don’t matter. As long as Obama can keep the NYT, Post and NPR in his corner, he knows he has the ability to steer national press opinion.

        • Kind of like how a defense-lawyer friend of mine once described his clientele– “They aren’t exactly smart, but they’re crafty”. It’s a different, malevolent kind of “smart” I guess.

  19. Where are these mythical neighborhoods? Obama has built a career on arguing against straw men. He’s a pathological, control freak liar.

  20. And all the gun control laws in the world aren’t going to change that. [muffled rap music playing in the distance]

  21. Show me a city run by Democrats, and I will show you a city with a sky high homicide rate and strict gun control.

  22. Remember all those businesses in Ferguson? I wonder if any of them sold books and vegetables before they were looted and burned by black rioters?

  23. Guys, I can’t disagree with Obama’s statement, as quoted here. I think Obama is essentially correct, altho not at all the way he thinks he is or is trying to imply. The thing is, it isn’t the guns that created those neighborhoods. It is the neighborhood that created the demand for the [black market] guns. And destroyed the demand for books, so that no one in his right mind would open a bookstore there. And drove the green-grocers out, by theft and vandalism and the occasional burn-down-the-neighborhood collective temper tantrum. The big question is, what created that kind of neighborhood–and the answer is a damn sight more complex than “guns”, or any other single inanimate object.

  24. Sounds like that neighborhood needs a grocery store or a bookstore. Common sense solution to this problem.

    • Except no one who actually expected to turn a profit would open a bookstore or a grocery store in the kind of areas he’s talking about.

      • Bingo. That’s absolutely correct.

        Lack of morals, education, the family unit. Obama’s solution? Gun control.

    • Yea, and I pointed out then, as I’ll remind people now, that he sat on the board of the Joyce Foundation.

      The Joyce Foundation is well known for funding anti-gun proposals and “research” since the early 90’s. To me, his seat on the Joyce Foundation was a clear and unequivocal tell of what he would say the first time he had an opportunity on the issue. I was not surprised when the man showed his true colors.

  25. “Most of that is attributable to the easy, ready availability of firearms, particularly handguns.”

    Yet another steaming, stinking pile from the greatest B.S. artist ever to bescumber America and the Constitution.

  26. “… As long as you can go in some neighborhoods and it is easier for you to buy a firearm than it is for you to buy a book”

    Which neighborhoods are those precisely? Could they perhaps be inner city in one of your liberal sh!thole enclaves? Pretty sure those “buy a firearm” events aren’t occurring between two legal parties to begin with and having a UBC law would only make their transaction double plus illegal, which they would double plus ignore.

  27. That’s rich coming from a guy whose administration has increased extrajudicial killings of American citizens overseas via drones, not to mention the weddings and birthday parties that have been bombed on his orders.

  28. Urban food deserts are a serious problem, maybe he should work on that instead if trying to tear down the 2A.

  29. “There are neighborhoods where it is easier for you to buy a handgun and clips than it is for you to buy a fresh vegetable”

    This is text book Obama magic, he somehow connects firearms with perishables and covertly “suggest” that firearms are perishable so that by restricting fresh firearms entering the society will somehow reduce the number of firearms in circulation. Which is… pretty insane.

    Unfortunately, his technique works pretty well with his audience.

  30. Oh man so much fail here. I’ve been in all of those odumbo neighborhoods. After the riots of 1968 lots of grocery stores left(or were burnt down). Hard to get fresh food if you risk being robbed,raped or murdered just to have a store. So you have a bunch of spanglish,palestinian or Indian/paki owners. And most are CLIP jointsLOL…

  31. The irony of a professed mass murderer crying about homicide rates.

    “I’m really good at killing people” – Barack Obama

  32. Our homicide rate (concentrated in inner cities) is exacerbated by restrictive drug, business, and labor laws. Legalize drugs, remove the red tape involved in starting a business, and promote self-defense with firearms and the homicide rate will plummet, but then the government would have to get rid of their fun swat teams and their toys. So you know damn well that won’t happen.

  33. First and foremost, I hate that Anti-gunners throw around the term “industrialized” without thinking. I somewhat get a kick out of it simply because they are trying to frame their statement to fit their argument…
    But when you call them on the hidden bigotry and how ‘industrialized’ is just another way of saying (mainly) white people and how they are painting brown people as uncivilized, unable to control themselves, giving in to their baser instincts… well, their heads explode and you may get hit with flying dung because you dared expose that part of them.

    I’ve not run across an AG’er who hasn’t lost their minds when called on that.

  34. I don’t know what is more laughable…the things Obama claims to learn about via the news, or the things he professes to be an expert on.

  35. “Our recognition of individual freedoms is so much larger than other industrialized countries, by like a mile.”

    Fixed that for ya, fuhrer.

    Also, no violence problems around here. Why don’t you compare Democrat controlled cities and states to Republican controlled, and see what the real cause of violence is? Didn’t think so.

  36. I have to find me one of these neighborhoods where people can get clips so easily. People are overcharging on K31 strippers right now.

  37. If an anti gunner said, “Hey. I’m willing to listen to your side. Tell me how flash hiders and adjustable stocks don’t increase the ARs lethality you’d gladly explain. So please give this some generous listening.
    There is a 1% point difference between white and black drug use, sales, violence that are associated with poverty.
    There is poor white trash and poor black trash. They both are on welfare have equal uses of food stamps and are equally producing children to unwed mothers. The fact that blacks make up 12% of the entire US population means that their are more whites on welfare, doing poorly in school, and making bad life choices.

    When you single out “Obama’s children” you sound racist. There are no facts to base your statements. I believe that these folks white and black are stuck in a loop and few see their way out. Dems don’t help them and Repubs don’t help them.

    I don’t see white leaders saying let’s help these poor white folk. Nope. The problem is Class not race. You don’t want Billy Bob living next to you with washing machines in the yard and cars up on blocks anymore than you want LaQuanda with cars with 22″s and music blaring that you don’t like.

    Both groups have a component about 2% that are extremely dangerous. The next 2% are followers. The rest are just trying to make a living and enjoy life. White and black are under high stress living with the 4%.

    Lets call it what it is. Don’t believe any of this? Use this computer and search with an open mind. Read something that doesn’t agree with what you think to see if there is truth there.
    Remember Sharpton gets the same benefits that Limbaugh gets by being outrageous. $$$$$$

    The more you know the more you know. At least you will no more about your enemy, if indeed he is your enemy.


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